Couples Break Up For A Week • Safiya & Tyler

"It's Friday night and I'm getting a burrito... because burritos are for winners."

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Tyler Williams

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Длительность: 3:4
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Автор Nicole Noel ( назад)
It's not couples when there is one..

Автор chedj98 ( назад)
Saf looked totally bummed without Tyler. Love her new channel.

Автор Rosa Maria Lama ( назад)
Tyler is half Asian 😱😱

Автор Goop Gop ( назад)
All I can think about is "BUT WE WERE ON A BREAK"

Автор Jaime Dollaga ( назад)
So...they were long distance for a week?

Автор Riddle ( назад)
lLol, tyler is like "yeah im good, im with family, you know i have some time -plays with the dog- he is the best family member.."

Автор Alice Scyphe ( назад)
tbh this video was just kinda sad

Автор Taylor Cady ( назад)
I've been pronouncing Saf's name the wrong way for a year...

Автор Faith Whatevers ( назад)
If I got a week away from my boyfriend... Wow. The house would be beautiful. *asks bf if he can leave for a week*

Автор Pari ( назад)
Safiya is so much prettier without make up omg

Автор CuriousCindy n ViciousVivian ( назад)
My favourite couple is Ned and Ariel!!!! 😘😍😘😍😘😍

Автор Patrick Jury ( назад)
didn't the girl leave??

Автор luna sol ( назад)
I met them in real life

Автор Ravenclaw_girl 1104 ( назад)
Aww poor Saf and Tyler

Автор Alejandra Iannone ( назад)
This video was uploaded just three days before Safiya's channel video where they are together on Tyler's parents house talking about his baby pictures, so, yeah, I think this is fake.

Автор Renna Hajhamad ( назад)

Автор MrLastermers ( назад)
That burrito looked delicious...

Автор Brenda Hernandez ( назад)
Tyler's dog

Автор Brenda Hernandez ( назад)
my grandma has the girl virgin of the dog

Автор Abishai Alfred ( назад)
2:10'what type of sunglasses are they called????

Автор CINNAMON883 ( назад)

Автор Nicole Velasquez ( назад)
is saf filipino

Автор Jillian Howell ( назад)
They are my favorite. Literally.

Автор Jessica O ( назад)
Sanitation does not need makeup!!

Автор Jessica O ( назад)
I ship them so hard!!!

Автор Crystal Hope ( назад)
Its just a week. My boyfriend goes out of town for a month to visit his family and he sometimes doesn't talk to me for a week. It doesn't bother me. I don't see the big deal in this video.

Автор Chara Wilkins ( назад)
Then there is me

Автор Freya Chandra ( назад)
I like this concept, but I do think it's a bit dramatic. It's only seven days. I get that you miss your significant other. I miss my current bf when I don't see him for awhile, but he and I only see each other like once or twice a week. And we have gone a week without seeing each other. It's not a big deal. But it was interesting to see how other peoples' relationships are different

Автор Rachelle Rae ( назад)
Watching this video makes it a little harder on me. Safiya && Tyler are my favorite couple && seeing them away from each other is hard. But try three months. My husband is away at military boot camp && it's only been two weeks. I'm dying. I have family to talk to like it's not the same happiness I have when I'm actually with my husband. I hope that once I get to see him I'm be just as happy as I was when Safiya && Tyler were once they're back in each other's arms ❤️

Автор Lola Lela ( назад)
saf and tyler are the definition of couple goals

Автор becca walker ( назад)
safiya looks like emily prentiss from criminal minds!!

Автор Juliann Nicole O'Donnell ( назад)
why even do this....

Автор Vicky Dinh ( назад)
I think boldly is the new buzzfeed

Автор Antonio de Freitas ( назад)
are Safiya and Tyler married or dating

Автор Potato Head ( назад)
Safiya: I'm not able to sleep properly, I'm not feeling well, I miss tyler.
Tyler: There's so much room to sleep :D

Автор Pink Heart ( назад)
Marry Already Please!!!!

Автор Boyet Rele ( назад)
When I was scrolling down I saw the thumbnail without the title. And since there was a big X over Safiya and Tyler kissing, I panicked 'cause I thought they broke up

Автор Helene Strand ( назад)
chase PC purpose urge production stare happy.

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
they are kinda the typical old couple. they go everywhere together.

Автор kynaamin IAAU ( назад)
somehow i dont like safiya...

Автор Claudia Masclans ( назад)
They are so cute together!

Автор Kosue Kirishima ( назад)

Автор StaffyLover2005 ( назад)
Who else thought it was Tyler from Twenty One Pilots before it started and then thought "wait, dat aint Tylers gf"? No? Ok...

Автор Tony H ( назад)

Автор Juan hernandez ( назад)
"I hate to break it to you, but what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard Morty then it slowly fades leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are going to do it. Break the cycle Morty, rise above, focus on science."

Автор coffeegirl18 ( назад)
Aww aussie 😁😁😁😁 I have an aussie mix that I rescued

Автор Andres Flores ( назад)
This is basically me when I have to work 5 days in a row

Автор PurpleMoonlight812 ( назад)
Kinda lame. They know they'll get back together and they know they still love each other. It's basically living without each other for a week, which is easy in the grand scheme of things. It's nowhere near a real breakup.

Автор LexiDreamsBIG ( назад)
Aewwww!!! So cute!!!

Автор Maja O ( назад)
They're so cute. Both so beautiful

Автор Anne Nguyen ( назад)
Anyone else in a relationship with food?

Автор David K ( назад)
What ethnicity is Tyler's mother? Tyler appears to be mixed Asian and Caucasian, but what ethnicity is his mother?

Автор FanaticFANGIRL 17 ( назад)
My boyfriend doesn't even know me.................MIN YOONGI AND PARK CHANYEOL I HATE YOU~.~

Автор Sakura Mikan ( назад)
awww reconfirmed that they r so cute

Автор macey ( назад)
where are your friends?

Автор Roxy NYC ( назад)
there r so dramatic it was a week do they spend every moment 2gether she went shopping for food Omg I'm a cat lady now, come on and now that he not with her is when he decided to spend time with his parents please

Автор lisa yasmine ( назад)
wait i thought safiya is a muslim.

Автор Sara Obeid ( назад)

Автор amazingphanistotallynotonfire ( назад)
Why are there so many buzzfeed account???

Автор Jasmin Beauty ( назад)
Welcome to the singel life hahahah

Автор hunters. paradise ( назад)

Автор hunters. paradise ( назад)
Safiya was the only reason I wanted to watch Buzzfeed .

Автор hunters. paradise ( назад)
We want Safiya back !!

Автор Wander Lust ( назад)
Are they still together?

Автор Classy_Weirdo ( назад)
Title gave me a heart attack 😖

Автор Goals Lol ( назад)
Right now I'm in a long distance relationship with my fridge, it's far from my room😂😂

Автор Tigerrsnow ( назад)
I ship Safiyler xD...

Автор Erin Detlefsen ( назад)
Get over it, it is 1 week!

Автор Lilsexybaby ( назад)
I wouldn't be able to live without the one I love , I need to see him EVERY DAY, hes like my WHOLE LIFE!!

Автор kat wright ( назад)

Автор Amina Ahitour ( назад)
Her voice reminds me of Victoria Justice

Автор Lenys Green ( назад)
Safiya is such a cute name! Never heard that one

Автор - Nova - ( назад)
MY FAVE COUPLE YESSS (and Ned and Ariel as wellll) 😊❤️❤️

Автор Bassant Hassan ( назад)
Lonely I am so lonely I have no body 🙃

Автор Xirro Essrig ( назад)
is tyler half-filipino?

Автор Zøe Hamner ( назад)
Awe they are so cute. They need each other and it's amazing.

Автор Josephine Tran ( назад)
Awwwww, I love them

Автор Aeto Mota ( назад)
she is the hottest girl on Buzzfeed

Автор Skylar Curran ( назад)
how do you break up for a week

Автор Michael Boland ( назад)
Even though they were "broken up" and kept saying they were single when they really weren't, one would've been so mad if the other slept with someone else claiming they were single for that week as their defense hahaha

Автор Erika Morales ( назад)
Im trying to figure out where Freddy got that burrito from lol

Автор Lyndsey Knipe ( назад)
Saf looks soooo good with thicker eyeliner!!! 💗💗😍

Автор maya slays ( назад)
Why'd she leave?

Автор Advika Churiwal ( назад)
Wait saf left Buzzfeed?

Автор martti zenos ( назад)
The guy looks like Zac poon if any of you know who he is

Автор Kboyallday ( назад)
You should correct the title to "Couple Break Up For A Week • Safiya & Tyler"

Автор Coty Pairone ( назад)
im crying can in be in a relationship as good??

Автор Nina A. ( назад)

Автор Tae Bae ( назад)

Автор Cindy Shawn ( назад)
TBH I only watch vids if they're in it 💞

Автор Crystal Torres ( назад)
You picked well Safiya.

Автор Ally McGee ( назад)
i thought this might be interesting but alas, it wasn't.

Автор Jewell Tries Life ( назад)

Автор Miranda Flores ( назад)
engagement going soon. Excited for it.

Автор federchen federleicht ( назад)
The Guy just didnt care to not be with his girlfriend :D Kind a sad XD

Автор Sugarr Cake ( назад)

Автор Sugarr Cake ( назад)

Автор Sugarr Cake ( назад)

Автор Sugarr Cake ( назад)

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