[HOONIGAN] Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground

  • Published on Sep 13, 2016
  • Hoonigan and Forza Horizon 3 proudly present Ken Block's Gymkhana NINE: Raw Industrial Playground
    A VR/360 Experience of Gymkhana NINE - Coming Soon: ruclip.com/video/TAsh3kQMe6s/video.html
    Forza Horizon 3 demo for Xbox One available now: tinyurl.com/z5x8tjs
    Hoonigan Racing X Felipe Pantone Collection: www.hoonigan.com/gymkhananine.html
    More info and photos: blog.hoonigan.com/?p=2312&preview=true
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  • Александр Яковлев

    Машина на вертодете? Нахера? Откуда и зачем такие бюджеты? Какая цель этого видоса? реклама? просто дрочка? Какие соревнования выиграл этот Кен Блок? Чем он так знаменит? Джимханой?

  • Chris Poppelier
    Chris Poppelier 2 hours ago

    2:53 welcome to the new horizon showcase

  • Dark Galaxy
    Dark Galaxy 10 hours ago

    Insane driving my dude

  • Christos Antonopoulos
    Christos Antonopoulos 11 hours ago +1

    Maybe If we all knew how to drive like Ken and this drifting course was our license test there would not be so many idiots and accidents on the road lol.

  • Ian Mcintosh
    Ian Mcintosh 15 hours ago

    Like my wife on the school run running a few minutes late 🤣

  • Android 890
    Android 890 18 hours ago

    You're a legend bikers say a car's aboring this proves not 👍

  • Jonh jacob Balatbat
    Jonh jacob Balatbat 23 hours ago

    Please give me cp

  • Traxxas kid
    Traxxas kid Day ago +1

    Hyperdrive: ...

    If you dont know what hyper drive is, it's on Netflix.

  • ihlbit1
    ihlbit1 Day ago

    If anyone needs a getaway driver, contact Ken Block

  • Иван Щербаков

    Щяс бы на полном приводе дрифтить

  • Thomas Pifer
    Thomas Pifer Day ago

    imagine ken running from the cops

    • Hoonigan
      Hoonigan  Day ago +1

      They wouldn't stand a chance...

  • David
    David Day ago +1


  • suraj kashyap
    suraj kashyap Day ago

    Bhai tyre ki maa chod de tune ek baar me

  • james fournier
    james fournier 2 days ago

    Id love to see a car chase.
    One of a cop in his cop car trying to catch ken while driving one of his cars.
    See how long it would take him to loose the guy.
    How many tuna before he’d disappear!

  • Big Chungus Kitten
    Big Chungus Kitten 2 days ago

    Is that focus or fiesta

  • Egorka Clash
    Egorka Clash 2 days ago +7

    70% Ken Block
    29% Hoonigans
    1% Forza Horizon 3

  • Glenn S.
    Glenn S. 3 days ago

    Rally driver with ebrake system... 🤣🤣🤣. Thats pro.

  • el wn de la esquina
    el wn de la esquina 3 days ago +1

    Ken block Is a fucking legend in the drift 😱

  • Steven Seyfried
    Steven Seyfried 3 days ago

    Bro I’m in fucking love with this cat

  • AC/DC ______777______


  • Emiliyan Yankov
    Emiliyan Yankov 4 days ago

    We got it from the 1st time - he's an awesome driver. I'm just tired of seeing this same old Toy Story Ford...

  • Juggernaut Z
    Juggernaut Z 5 days ago

    Simply Bad azz!

  • Александр Григорьев


  • Дмитрий Чугуенко

    Интересно сколько дублей было?

  • Lewis Dawson
    Lewis Dawson 6 days ago

    That's gotta be somewhere in detroit surely?

    • joshua miller
      joshua miller 4 days ago +1

      Lewis Dawson New York says at the end

  • Andrey Larionov
    Andrey Larionov 6 days ago

    Задолбали пидары своими рекламами

  • Christopher Hylton
    Christopher Hylton 6 days ago

    KB sick as F*CK

  • XxFacundoxX -_-
    XxFacundoxX -_- 7 days ago


  • Jeka Music
    Jeka Music 7 days ago

    Как я еду домой с работы

  • esteban morales
    esteban morales 7 days ago

    to much bull shit...😡😡😡

  • Роман Ефремов

    Ваааааааа аааа огонь за. Е. Б о. М б а

  • _its_weezy_
    _its_weezy_ 8 days ago

    bruhh this is hardcore af

  • A B
    A B 8 days ago

    Че за дичь?

  • Фёдор Сумкин

    no train driver was injured during the filming! though two helicopters and fifteen Fords crashed, well, and the bridge no longer descends! )))

  • MrToshi
    MrToshi 8 days ago +5

    I was worried for the car tires.. and parts thinking if it was mine it could cost me a lot of money..

  • Провинция Channel

    Да я на своей девяточке!

  • 윤희준
    윤희준 9 days ago

    I bet there are at least twenty cams in that car

  • Игорь Личканенко

    Ждал, когда он с моста ебанёт, но так и не съехал...

  • Omare Dwyer
    Omare Dwyer 9 days ago

    This guy is playing games with his life.

  • Omare Dwyer
    Omare Dwyer 9 days ago +5

    I can't even do this property in a video game and he is doing it in real life as if it's nothing.

  • Valera Usov
    Valera Usov 9 days ago

    OMG nice driver taxi :))))

  • дмитрий сидоров


  • Женя Кисель

    Просто пиз.ец...

  • Andrew Paschenko
    Andrew Paschenko 9 days ago

    7минут полного безумия!

  • A Angelus
    A Angelus 10 days ago

    It s great 👍

  • Hephaestus Godoffire
    Hephaestus Godoffire 10 days ago +6

    I drift this good on need for speed no limits

    • Nate Reid
      Nate Reid 5 days ago +1

      I drift this good when I am thinking about drifting

  • Ирина Синицина

    Всё, конечно, рассчитано до долей секунд, но когда выезжал в начале, можно было кусты и не цеплять!

  • Dmitriy Sergeev
    Dmitriy Sergeev 11 days ago

    Что за резина у него, я такую же хочу

  • Mos Kito
    Mos Kito 11 days ago

    where do they find locations like this? Detroit?

  • mike cafano
    mike cafano 11 days ago

    How can you dislike this ? Probably liberal politicians not liking the carbons admission

    • Samson Gentry
      Samson Gentry 11 days ago

      mike cafano I showed my dad this and he said the same thing darn libs

  • jamal ifill
    jamal ifill 11 days ago

    This is some the most entertaining s#!+ I've seen

  • ilham Mardiansyah
    ilham Mardiansyah 11 days ago

    GG (Y)

  • om rai
    om rai 12 days ago

    Ghost rider

  • مخاوي الديب
    مخاوي الديب 12 days ago

    ممكن تحط مع المقطع اغنية حماسية اجنبية

  • Андрей Сухарев

    Если бы он в один раз проехал так, а не нарезками, это все видно даже, в одном месте ясное небо, потом затянуто тучами, потом ясное небо вдруг опять

  • omu Channel
    omu Channel 12 days ago


  • MiK_From_Lviv
    MiK_From_Lviv 13 days ago +2

    When you step on it to work but use a new route

  • ___Юр068___
    ___Юр068___ 13 days ago +1

    Резина наверно Кама евро или даже Белшина.

  • NikeshBaghel
    NikeshBaghel 13 days ago