Higher Time Frame Forex Trading Tips

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
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    In this Bangkok Forex trading vlog, I share with you my 5 best tips for higher time frame trading. Vlog #441
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Comments • 29

  • Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

    What are your best tips for higher time frame trading?

  • Christopher Khoo Chee Hoong

    I get less anxious trading the higher time frame & as a result, i tend not to do irrational decisions. Thks for sharing 🙏🏻 If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur next time, allow me to bring you around my beloved city. Cheers

  • Col Grant
    Col Grant 6 months ago +1

    Trading is much better when you don’t feel pressured to trade!

  • Patch
    Patch 6 months ago +1

    Great video the longer time frames have taught me to be paitient, from being trigger happy at $2 profit, to understanding the trend and letting $400 profit continue to build for a bigger reward. Love the motivational videos keep them coming!

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 6 months ago +2

    I find the higher time frame gives you more time to analyze which is good ( less pressure) but it also allows for peralysis of analysis that's baddoes it meet the rules or not.

  • Dan Okero
    Dan Okero 6 months ago +1

    Hey Etienne..that we super helpful

  • Observer
    Observer 6 months ago +1

    It's ironic that I just lost a week's gains gauging a bounce or reversal.

  • KyuFxTrader
    KyuFxTrader 6 months ago +1

    This is already what i do i just leave the trade and let the market do the work while i am also working on my day to day job. Great video E

  • Anthony Heyns
    Anthony Heyns 6 months ago +1

    Another great video with some good pointers.

  • fried IT
    fried IT 6 months ago +1

    that expectation tho lol

  • rashad1saifullah
    rashad1saifullah 6 months ago +1

    Thanks Etienne good tips

  • Wavemaker
    Wavemaker 6 months ago +1

    Since you are trading on the daily chart, how big is your stop loss?

    • Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE
      Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE  6 months ago

      Yes that's why I created this script: www.desiretotrade.com/trading-assistant

    • Im learning to trade
      Im learning to trade 6 months ago +1

      @Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE Some nice advice dude! With the 1hr TF do you have to set up multiple alerts so that you do not miss setups signal candles between checking of your charts? Thanks

    • Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE
      Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE  6 months ago +1

      It varies between 40 and 150 pips

    • Wavemaker
      Wavemaker 6 months ago +1

      Thanks for the reply. How about the 1hr and 4hr charts? What stop loss do you use?

    • Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE
      Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE  6 months ago

      I trade only 4hr and 1hr but if I were to trade the daily chart, it's around 100-400 pips

  • A Alharosh
    A Alharosh 6 months ago +2

    Thanks for sharing, May i know who is your first mentor name, if you do not mind. thanks