The Meaning of Happiness in Panama

  • Published on May 4, 2015
  • Panama was selected as the happiest country in the world in 2015. This video by CCTV goes in depth into why Panama is so happy and into some of the reasons why Panama might not be as happy as portrayed by the media.
    See the Article I wrote concerning Panama being the happiest country on Earth.

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  • Ken Bray
    Ken Bray 8 days ago

    Starting in this video at 5:00 minutes is a place called Casco Viejo and it's on Calle 3rd it's where I lived when my parents divorced in 72 ! On the other side of the street there is el Parque Simon Boliviar, across from that is el Teatro Nacional and La Iglesia San Francisco, a couple blocks away there's a place called Las Bovedas and it's where I'd go play with my friends and it's right on the water, actually I'm shocked I can remember all this lol, but at the same time I constantly go to Panama ! I love the place that run down neighborhood has all been restored and remodeled and it's full of restaurants and bars, Clubs ect. You must try it out you won't regret it I promise..... Que Xopa Pasiero ? Vas a glaze te lo huro..... 😜 🇺🇸 🇵🇦 It's my second home....

  • Ken Bray
    Ken Bray 8 days ago

    I'm half Panamanian and lived in Panama from 72' to 75 when my parents got divorced, I love the place so much I still go twice a year to see my family down there ! Everyone speaks English and it's great because they use American currency, the beaches are awesome. Playa Blanca, Coronado and the Islands Taboga and Contadora are all great places to get away to, try it out you won't regret it !

  • RPG 808
    RPG 808 Month ago

    So, basically Panama is just a hole in the wall where residents cruise at work so they can party over the weekend. This is like a New Orleans downgrade. Let the Chinese buy you out.

  • Nique Cherry
    Nique Cherry Month ago

    They need to keep the Panamanian culture Rich. Not all tourist want American food. Some of us actually enjoy and want to experience the culture of different places.

  • Franklin Gobern
    Franklin Gobern 2 months ago

    a second video should be made. A follow up. Things have only gotten worst. We might be better off than other countries but there is a lot to fix here.

    • Randy Hilarski
      Randy Hilarski  2 months ago

      Sure, but folks can move to any other country in Central America and see how good it is there. I am quite happy in PTY. if you think it is rough now, wait until the infrastructure projects are completed.

  • Martin Reinhardt
    Martin Reinhardt 3 months ago +2

    Great. A look from the other side of the mirror. But is it today in 2019. Is there progress?

  • Arky Fer
    Arky Fer 3 months ago

    👍🏽 🇵🇦

  • trstets
    trstets 4 months ago

    Drug money

  • Shell Blossom
    Shell Blossom 4 months ago +1

    No more. Thanks to Varela

    • eduardo a
      eduardo a 3 months ago

      accurate comment, unfortunately

  • EnjoyLifeNow24
    EnjoyLifeNow24 4 months ago

    Lo selectiva que es la prensa alrededor del mundo. Por que no ha hecho CNN, UNIVISION, NTN24, TELEMUNDO, La BBC de Londres, la ABC, la NBC, y la CBS un reportaje sobre la realidad panamena? Por que solo se enfocan en Venezuela las 24 horas del dia y decir mentiras? Siempre he escuchado en la cadena CNN y las que mencione anteriormente que Panama es el pais de mayor crecimiento economico en America Latina y que es el mas feliz del mundo, pero crecimiento economico y felicidad para quienes? Eso no lo quieren publicar estas cadenas de TV que solo son la voz de las oligarquias mundiales. Nunca critico ni reportaron la corrupcion del gobierno de Ricardo Martinelli en la absoluto las cadenas de TV que hoy atacan al gobierno de Venezuela. Solo vi una entrevista que le hicieron a Ricardo Martinelli en una estacion local de Miami la cual fue una entrevista amigable y no le hicieron ninguna pregunta que incomodara al ex gobernante panameno que ha sido el mas corrupto en la historia de Panama pero estos corruptos todavia siguen mencionando al ex general militar Manuel Antonio Noriega y hasta levantan falsos sobre el gobierno del ex lider panameno Omar Torrijos Herrera quien hizo mucho mas por Panama sin tener las divisas del canal de Panama ya que en ese entonces el canal estaba bajo el control de los EE.UU. No confien en la informacion emitidas por la prensa controlada por las multinacionales ya que solo sirven como medio propagandista de los oligarcas alrededor del mundo. Esos que han dicho que son felices siendo pobres estan mintiendo porque no he encontrado a ningun ser humano que sea feliz cuando su sueldo de jubilacion no le alcanza ni para comer. Los han programado a aceptar su miseria con felicidad. Todos esos edificios mostrados en este reportaje estan habitados por extranjeros acaudalados que de verdad estan viviendo la plena felicidad gracias a los gobiernos que vinieron despues del 20 de diciembre de 1989. No me extrana del porque en Panama el gobierno otorga el doble o el triple de los dias feriados mas de los que otorga los EE.UU, Europa y los paises Asiaticos. Todos esos dias de festejo son para cedar al pobre y repetirles de que no hay gente mas feliz en el mundo que ellos aunque vivan en la pobreza. La pobreza mata, atraza y le impide al ser humano a vivir una vida digna y plena. Es crecimiento economico cuando hay una gran disparidad entre los ricos y los pobres? Es esto bueno para la supuesta democracia, libertad e igualdad? Se le puede llamar a una nacion como Panama una nacion democratica y donde se practica la igualdad y donde todos cuentan con las necesidades basicas para vivir? Lo que ven en los noticieros es pura farsa y mejor dediquense a investigar por su propia cuenta de lo que sucede alrededor del mundo.

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess 4 months ago

    cont’d. New Canal built by Spanish, clearing more forest / using city’s water in this new Canal.

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess 4 months ago

    “About to get even happier with another canal”...that adds more billions to their debts!

  • Mari Rodriguez
    Mari Rodriguez 5 months ago

    This was a good documentary...If you do another one...Please ask more people how they feel and like others...Have mentioned...What about Colon??! Panama City doesn't represent all Panama.

  • Byron Pierre
    Byron Pierre 5 months ago

    I am Panamanian an always will remain a Panamanian.
    If any of you phoney hypocrites will continue your vicous goal of maligning my beloved Panama then I suggest in your perpetual racist U.S.A. and go F--k yourselves --PUNTO FINAL!

  • EyesInTheDark1
    EyesInTheDark1 5 months ago

    Ouch. Sounds like Panama is looking for 1 honest politician. I can't think of a Spanish speaking country that doesn't have a corrupt government.

  • Melissa Scott
    Melissa Scott 6 months ago +3

    They are happy because the weather is warm. Ask the indigenous in northern Canada who have no place to sleep in the winter because the European corporations have eviscerated the territory way up there. The people need food. Housing. Not happy.

  • Jermaine Reid
    Jermaine Reid 6 months ago +7

    i am panamenian and most of government oficial are a bunch of thief and crooks all about money

    • RPG 808
      RPG 808 Month ago

      Get over it. It's the same way all over the world. Look for the Chinese to buy out everything like the Japanese did in the 80's.

    • Cornelis Verhoef
      Cornelis Verhoef 2 months ago

      Thailand same story. Crooks, thieves, liars, cheaters. In short; scumbags.

  • Mill Garcia
    Mill Garcia 7 months ago

    3 years later people is really unhappy, we are worried and even thinking of leaving the country. The previous president was extremely corrupted and he still can get back into a political power position.
    People from Venezuela still comes here thinking that we have enough money and resources for them when we do not (this is not USA). They come here and take jobs from Panamanian people, make everything more expensive and life more miserable.
    China now wants to be "our friend" when all that they want is to destroy the Darien forest and take away all our minerals and resources. The current government and the Chinese residents are agree to destroy and sell the country just for money....
    We had so much potential a few years ago but with USA leaving the country on 1999 and France black listing us and talking shit about us recently.... we barely have a future now...
    It is sad...

  • oneKhalil Miah
    oneKhalil Miah 7 months ago

    List of happy countries , panama, bhutan, bangladesh , ..

  • Michael Corbin
    Michael Corbin 8 months ago

    Colón, villa Luisa 🇵🇦

  • Veronica Morgan
    Veronica Morgan 8 months ago +5

    I appreciate your effort but the only place that everyone will be happy all over the place , all the time is in Heaven my friend. Good journalism, yet compared to the crap and racism and ridiculous issues we are now facing in North America ahora.. I’m still coming for Panama 🇵🇦. Every place is going to have faults. Go to Haiti 🇭🇹 which I have been and ask them about their government.. you have to take the good and bad anywhere yo voy. 👀😳🤠🙋🏽‍♀️👄

  • jessie cody
    jessie cody 8 months ago +2

    As history proves 99% of all admin. in Panama are corrupt. The same is true currently. The people want socialism and the politicians want more payoffs. They hardly ever lock one up. Still better than the U.S. under O'bama.

  • boston paco
    boston paco 8 months ago +2

    I just came back from Panama, after being in most countries in Latin America, Europe, Canada and USA I can say that I found many Panamanians very unfriendly and uninterested in tourism.
    They won’t even reply to: Buenos días! 😂.
    Im not interested to go back at all!!!!

    • boston paco
      boston paco 4 months ago

      Meg Miranda ok 👌🏼

    • Meg Miranda
      Meg Miranda 4 months ago

      Well, I am sorry you had that bad experience, but there are nice and not nice people in every country, I understand you, if you back visit the interior of the country.

    • Buentaste
      Buentaste 6 months ago +1

      boston paco I am Panamanian I entirely believe you....

    • boston paco
      boston paco 7 months ago

      Mill Garcia I speak fluent Spanish also... even the locals complained about themselves... for being unfriendly and unresponsive and

    • Mill Garcia
      Mill Garcia 7 months ago

      @boston paco Its also a matter of the accent. People here is just scare to talk in English. If you don't sound like a Panamanian they avoid you.

  • Michael Flavel
    Michael Flavel 10 months ago

    I go there all the tyme..its now getting expensive..PanamaCity is bonita..the people are very healthy..happy?? I guess but Costa Rica is much happier

  • Aaron Gerassy
    Aaron Gerassy 11 months ago +7

    They should make a second video and they will see that people are not that happy anymore since the government of Martinelli ended. Now that Varela came into office he is destroying this beautiful country, it's so bad that if you ask people they will tell you that they want him out

  • C R03
    C R03 11 months ago +1

    Eh mo, manda ese cuara pa qa que aqui no hay toque por un paso, aqui se paga fren jajaja .. pobre pero feliz con la ayuda de dios, familia y salud!

  • Monica Foster
    Monica Foster Year ago +1

    LIES LIES LIES!!! what a sad country

    • 7 Points Music
      7 Points Music 7 months ago +1

      @Monica Foster I am black and from Colon, and part of what you said is true. Colon was indeed the prettiest city and it was not the West-Indians that destroyed the city, but rather the people moving from the rural areas and other provinces with a lack of love and respect for the city's history. However, in the midst of all, people in Colon are generally happy people. I was poor and happy, and so was people around me. A lot of the problems of Colon are caused by the people themselves. People in Colon don't take care of the infrastructure. Panama is far from being a sad country, tho. Anyway, God Bless you and thank you for commenting!

    • Monica Foster
      Monica Foster 9 months ago +1

      This is why more than 50% of the population live in poverty and will stay poor because of people like you scapegoating the black people in Panama. Guess what sweetheart you are black too. Real white people knows who is white and guess what? Panamanians are NOT white.

    • Chrissy Torres Perivancich
      Chrissy Torres Perivancich 9 months ago +1

      what in the world are you talking about? You just hate on Panamanians thats all.. Video explains it all.. WE are in general Happy people!! Beautiful people, beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, beautiful Panamanian women, And No honey... Colon got DESTROYED by the Jamaican descendants that brought crimes to go up and gangs.. Not saying they are the only ones in Panama, but sweetheart ITS THE TRUTH and everybody knows it.. The Blacks in Colon need to get it together with their culture, and upbringing... The government has given them everything and I've seen projects created in Colon get destroyed by their own residents......... Luckily the rest of Panama is a true paradise all over and the people are warm and welcoming to ALL !

    • Monica Foster
      Monica Foster 9 months ago

      You are a bunch of sad people in denial trying to be white but only getting the SCRAPS of white people. SAD SAD people and country, I'm embarrassed for you and by you!!!! Colon used to be the prettiest city but you could not let black people have nothing. Shamemeful deplorables

    • Chrissy Torres Perivancich
      Chrissy Torres Perivancich 11 months ago +1

      What the hell?? No Lies even the poorest Panamanian are VERy Happy people.... Maybe not so much in the Colon city which is a Jamaican descendant town but in the Countryside of Panama EVERYONE is happy whether rich, middle class or poor,.....

  • bapluda
    bapluda Year ago +10

    The evictions are to sell property to chinese tycons who want to launder their money. It's happening all over the world. New Zeland has already blocked real estate purchase to foreigners.

  • Gelis Lee
    Gelis Lee Year ago +3

    im surprised that i never saw ths documentary before and think is really informative and usefull every panamenian should see this video

    • Mari Rodriguez
      Mari Rodriguez 5 months ago

      I wish he would have asked more people...How happy they are. :))

  • Carlos
    Carlos Year ago +20

    Another video about Panama that leaves out the city of Colon. Go to Colon and see how it is. Panama is not all about the capital.

    • Tim Chaland
      Tim Chaland 4 months ago

      Colon has had a travel advisory for as long as I can remember. I was on a ship passing thru the canal in 1997, and they said do not go to Colon. And that same warning is still in effect today. That is probably why he has omitted Colon.

    • Xstation VR
      Xstation VR 7 months ago +5

      Hahaha I hear what you're saying, but it's the same for most countries, in Brazil its 99% of the time Rio, in Japan its Tokyo, in the UK its London, in Australia its Sydney, etc. It's just how it is, people hardly recognise the 2nd and then some largest cities.

    • shahani lewis
      shahani lewis Year ago +2

      Carlos that is so true, thank you

  • Winstard Robinson
    Winstard Robinson Year ago +2

    Interesting looks like a good place to go and camp out

  • Jessie lovers
    Jessie lovers Year ago +3

    Viva nuestro Panamanian 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I would love to see this country , my grandma us from Panama de Nuevo Arraijan no good por 30 ayos so yo se que VA ser deficil ver que tan different es to do.todo es different I wonder if is expensive? Siganos en nuestro channel, es amazing la comida

    • Eva Beuttennmueller
      Eva Beuttennmueller 10 months ago

      Jessie Girls n

    • Michael Flavel
      Michael Flavel Year ago

      Jessie Girls im from here its nice..Panama City just like Miami casinos food and clubs all night

  • Paul C
    Paul C Year ago +1

    Hi Randy, thanks for the good work. I am thinking of visiting Panama looking for a winter hide out and maybe somewhere to invest some cryptos. Could you point me to a crypto friendly area? Here is my steemit blog:

  • PAnon - Sama
    PAnon - Sama Year ago +1

    As a panamanian I feel they did a excelent jop in this documentary talking about the good, the bad and the ugly things in Panamá.

  • ajvent68
    ajvent68 2 years ago +6

    Very well done. I know a lot of expatriates tend to overstate the good points. They very fairly showed two sides of the coin, while still demonstrating the virtues of the country.

  • DCenerentola
    DCenerentola 3 years ago +1

    Wow what a great documentary! Thank you for making it. I think i will share it. Panama is beautiful country just the bad thing is awful traffic wvery single day that exhaust so much and little salaries. All the rest is fine. Ahhh yes i need to mention big temperatures that are also so much unbearable hehehe

  • Randy Hilarski
    Randy Hilarski  4 years ago +17

    *The Meaning of Happiness in Panama.*
    This was a well done documentary. Sure it just scratched the surface, but overall they did a great job.
    A 2014 Gallup global poll called Panama the happiest place on the planet, but does it live up to the title? The Central American nation has experienced unprecedented growth and development in the past several years. The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been thanks to a spike in foreign investment and a boom in construction that has transformed Panama City’s skyline.
    The expansion of the Panama Canal, the country’s main source of income, is steaming ahead with the potential of doubling the volume of the ships using it every year. Some say these indicators paint a very fragmented picture while the country’s poverty, inequality and corruption show the complex reality the survey overlooks.
    Others point to a cultural component to the Panamanian state of bliss. “It must be because of our nature,” a local told correspondent Gerry Hadden. “We Panamanians tend to forget our problems very quickly. If we can find a quick fix to our problems we do so, then we party all week-end and go back to worrying about them come Monday.”
    In fact, researchers at Gallup point out that all Latin American countries score pretty high on the “happiness scale.” Apparently, it’s an indication of a culture that accentuates the positive.
    Follow Americas Now correspondent Gerry Hadden on his journey to discover the meaning of the Panamanian state of bliss.

    #Panama #GallupPoll #Happy #EscapetoPanama