This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How He Did It)

  • Опубликовано: 12 янв 2019
  • Danny decided to try to hide from his boss all day. There's one catch: he had to be in plain sight the entire time. Can he do it?
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Комментарии • 3 174

  • BuschSniper
    BuschSniper 21 час назад

    My dads been doing this for 12 years.

  • Yuru Wu
    Yuru Wu 21 час назад

    Jamie: DANNY DANNY
    Danny: ... **whispers** yes boss...?
    Jamie: HIDING!?!?
    Danny: **whispers** yes boss...
    Jamie: WHERE ARE YOU!?
    Danny: ...
    *1 DAY LATER*
    Jamie: **plays dead**

  • sardul gill
    sardul gill 21 час назад

    I saw Danny the entire time

  • Jose A Cruz
    Jose A Cruz 21 час назад

    U just told someone that could be a robber a good place where someone can be hiding there valuables

  • Ally Hatter
    Ally Hatter 21 час назад

    Next up! Really or danny

  • Memphish
    Memphish 21 час назад

    Subtitles remind me of Skyrim

  • EB Bertolini
    EB Bertolini 21 час назад

    Wait so is Jamie the real boss of Vat19 or is he a pretend boss?

  • fancy gal
    fancy gal 21 час назад

    The can safe is actually pretty genius

  • Twili P
    Twili P 21 час назад

    Jamie seems like the coolest boss ever. I wanna work at Vat19 XD

  • Celine Fang
    Celine Fang 21 час назад

    Danny smokes?!?!?!

  • Spongebob_
    Spongebob_ 21 час назад

    Suddenly, Danny was the camera man all along...

  • HalfCount
    HalfCount 21 час назад

    i spotted him before the boss did

  • Merlin Boi
    Merlin Boi 21 час назад

    This whole video is just a weird flex on how big there office and building is.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 21 час назад

    I’m allergic to silicone and adhesive. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

  • Lord_Screwed
    Lord_Screwed 21 час назад

    -Getting the wrong can- -Plops into the pot in the water- Ummm what?

  • Team Limxeeb Mancubs
    Team Limxeeb Mancubs 22 часа назад

    Well now we know wut your billing looks like

  • Vienna Braun
    Vienna Braun 22 часа назад

    You should do more

  • Isaac Wallace
    Isaac Wallace 22 часа назад

    Disliking video due to lack of arrows in thumbnail

  • _ryaB
    _ryaB 22 часа назад

    Thought he was the camera guy tbh

  • Alexandra Amatulli
    Alexandra Amatulli 22 часа назад

    At first I thought he was disguised as a co-worker..... I was sort of right....!

  • stephen
    stephen 22 часа назад

    I stg I saw “ rick” The whole vid

  • Gameplay Guy
    Gameplay Guy 22 часа назад

    She’s driving

  • The Network
    The Network 23 часа назад +1

    Fortnite version:I hid in a bush.

  • The Network
    The Network 23 часа назад +1

    Your fired,period.

  • Legenda
    Legenda 23 часа назад

    The thing is with hiding in plain sight the person looking for you usually looks too hard for you

  • Radio Pencils
    Radio Pencils 23 часа назад

    *rick’s* smart

  • Owl Mations
    Owl Mations 23 часа назад

    The part he saw danny it started seeming like a movie trailer

  • Brain Suckers
    Brain Suckers 23 часа назад

    Hi so it’s the next day, you should totally do Danny finds Jamie! Like if you want them to see this comment

  • Abdullah Ansari
    Abdullah Ansari 23 часа назад

    Okay but now that everyone has seen this a thief will go looking through all of your cans for valuables

  • Can we get 20000 subscribers with no videos ?


  • Gingerbread Boi
    Gingerbread Boi День назад

    Yay I’m the boss

  • Zurtron D
    Zurtron D День назад

    I don’t need to fecking buy a can safe, I can flipping take a can and modify it, that’s a scam

  • When I'm Depressed
    When I'm Depressed День назад

    What if the bugler was looking something to eat coz he was hungry and took all the cans with him and then this happens

  • YouTube Manager
    YouTube Manager День назад

    *5 minutes, everyday, go idle!*

  • XxNiteRaidxX
    XxNiteRaidxX День назад

    Is Jamie a millionaire

  • kermit da frog
    kermit da frog День назад

    Ok youtube are you happy i watched it

  • Creamy Milk
    Creamy Milk День назад

    Soooooo, is this buzzfeed number two?

  • Akki1001
    Akki1001 День назад

    Who else was looking for skip ad in beginning

  • George Washington
    George Washington День назад

    Plot twist he is Danny in a jamme suit

  • Egg L
    Egg L День назад

    (Gone sexual)

  • Iggy Thetiger
    Iggy Thetiger День назад

    Click bait assholes

  • hi mom
    hi mom День назад

    Omg it's like undercover boss but employee edition

  • donut girl
    donut girl День назад

    can you please put more happiness disasters online thanks

  • Dickymo10
    Dickymo10 День назад

    Second time he popped up in the video I figured it out

  • Cathy Tarzia
    Cathy Tarzia День назад

    I was NOT expecting Danny to be that disguise a.k.a. Rick

  • Reece Grucza
    Reece Grucza День назад

    When he kept popping up I knew it was him

  • princess luna is the best princess in mlp.

    2:20 that one time when your mom/dad calls for you and you know there going to spank you

  • UL855
    UL855 День назад

    make this a series

  • Queen Su
    Queen Su День назад

    Am I the only one who noticed that they used "The Walking Dead" names??

  • Wyatt Nolan
    Wyatt Nolan День назад

    Do this with someone else

  • Boardy
    Boardy День назад

    Don't do this vat19 it's 2019! Those days are OVER

  • Maryam Mohamed
    Maryam Mohamed День назад

    2:19 if danny was here he was gona be dead😂😂😂

  • The Woody and Buzz Channel !
    The Woody and Buzz Channel ! День назад +1

    Legends say if you say the youtubers name 3 time they’ll pin you
    Hope it works.

  • Jakiboy 123
    Jakiboy 123 День назад

    The only ad company who has more interesting ads than the entirety of Japa

  • MrAbc345678
    MrAbc345678 День назад

    Where is Danny in this pic with o’s

  • MrAbc345678
    MrAbc345678 День назад


  • MrAbc345678
    MrAbc345678 День назад


  • ReXo Storm
    ReXo Storm День назад

    why does their company called vat19 why 19??

  • Santiago Suarez
    Santiago Suarez День назад

    I just realized that I’ve never seen one black person in a Vat19 video...just putting that out there👀

  • Vapor
    Vapor День назад

    I'm more impressed the boss knows all of his employees enough to know when someone unfamiliar is around. Nice job lol

  • Hernandez
    Hernandez День назад +2

    I came here to see a middle aged man get into a shelf and his boss not notice as he’s on the phone. I don’t like clickbait. I came here to see shelves, where are the shelves..

  • Thelma
    Thelma День назад

    i have one of does

  • simon justsen
    simon justsen День назад

    why do u gotta buy a can safe when u make u own

  • Lasha Kharbedia
    Lasha Kharbedia День назад


  • Maksims Kakitis
    Maksims Kakitis День назад

    Somebody: Hey What Type Of Cheese Is That?
    Me: *Nach* o Cheese!

  • Emma Foster
    Emma Foster День назад

    This is like a tour

  • RexRelja YT
    RexRelja YT День назад

    i think i saw him behind jammie 3:18

  • Scorp1on
    Scorp1on День назад

    Jamie’s car number s “mp6*kot

  • SlyCooper494 ._.
    SlyCooper494 ._. День назад

    when vat19 turns into a buzzfeed ripoff

  • yourmomhatesyou 1221
    yourmomhatesyou 1221 День назад

    How old do you need to be to work at vat19

    ICE-FIRE-BEATS День назад

    Is anyone else just repulsed by RUclip thumbnails like this one

  • Buggy Bragg
    Buggy Bragg День назад

    Walking dead names his fake name is Rick and two of the carts had the names hershel and michonne

  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed

    This guy used an advert for a title

    *youll never guess how he did it*

  • Life of Aylin
    Life of Aylin День назад

    I actually love Jamie the most

  • Fact Teller
    Fact Teller День назад

    Pull yourself a snake and be in a box

  • Kya Baker
    Kya Baker День назад

    Can you please do more of this it's so funny I really want to watch him hide again from you and then you try to find him so funny

  • Eikbanden
    Eikbanden День назад

    Haven,t watched the video yet i think he was home all day

  • Nova Dirtbikes And More
    Nova Dirtbikes And More День назад

    PLOt twist Danny was filming🤣

  • Brendon DeSalle
    Brendon DeSalle День назад +1

    I thought it was in add for the first few seconds lol

  • coolrick92
    coolrick92 День назад

    If you need a Rick, I'm your guy.

  • Abbi and Georgia 123
    Abbi and Georgia 123 День назад

    Anyone else notice that it was him

  • Nocturnal Wabbit
    Nocturnal Wabbit День назад

    U should of just hid at home and say if he calls u “ what do u mean I’m at work”

  • AttisGT
    AttisGT День назад

    0:34 he can't move from his hiding space? *Continues to walk the whole storage unit*

  • Corey Michael
    Corey Michael День назад +1

    If you still have a boss, then you need a better career choice. 😶

  • Great Man
    Great Man День назад

    The clue was at the first part of the video: that guy - who ends up being Rick, who ends up being Danny, that let out a muffled, mischevious laugh while pushing a cart at the end of the aisle.

  • Dr Wolf
    Dr Wolf День назад

    "He can't be in a wall"
    *proceeds to search in walls and hidden places*

  • Xsuprio
    Xsuprio День назад

    6:25 Is... is that supposed to justify moving around...? Cus... no.

    Christ MODERN.SOLIDER День назад

    can you do a wild west video ?

  • theGeekOut Girl
    theGeekOut Girl День назад

    Is he the camera guy? Or working from home? Lol

  • atriss family
    atriss family День назад

    is your gummy halal

  • 50/ 50
    50/ 50 День назад


  • Jackie Cat
    Jackie Cat День назад

    You guy's are too cool

  • Als ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Als ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ День назад

    They make more money from the views on RUclip then their actual store

  • Melinda Simbul
    Melinda Simbul День назад

    Hid not hide hahaha ×3

  • De Straattijgers
    De Straattijgers День назад

    Imagine he was just filming the video

  • Pretty Tarot
    Pretty Tarot День назад

    Really??? 🤣

  • Funny gamer
    Funny gamer День назад

    CLICKBAIT the title says “guy hides from boss all day” that made me think the boss didn’t know he was hiding you know what u did

  • Swift Noobi
    Swift Noobi День назад

    Like if he should get a 1day off for this video idea

  • T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.
    T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit. День назад +1

    *I have infrared sight. I would find you... then terminate... your employment contract*

  • Ryan Flores
    Ryan Flores День назад