Eurovision 2016 - Full Jury Voting | only 12 Points

  • Published on May 18, 2016

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  • Hazar Ergutekin
    Hazar Ergutekin Month ago +4

    2:45 Rrrrrrrrrussia

  • Billie Eilish is my Mom

    Politics at its finest!

  • Антон Ярочкин

    It is a fake competition

  • thesultan 5757
    thesultan 5757 2 months ago +6

    When you realize the UK got more 12 points than Bulgaria

  • Timothy C
    Timothy C 2 months ago +1

    Thank god Australia didn’t win!

  • Britney Jean IGGZ
    Britney Jean IGGZ 2 months ago

    Armenia ;( deservedd

  • Sara SJ ELF
    Sara SJ ELF 3 months ago +4

    Ah yeah this year was when Australia and Russia were robbed

  • Bir Noobun Hikayesi
    Bir Noobun Hikayesi 3 months ago +2

    so Australia is in Europe... ok ok

    • YooHooYT Gaming&MORE!
      YooHooYT Gaming&MORE! 2 months ago +2

      Australia is not in Europe... But we are here to stay! 🇦🇺 We are associate members but we were given exceptions.

  • Daniel Popa
    Daniel Popa 3 months ago +4

    Australia should have won but got robbed

  • Water Melonyyy
    Water Melonyyy 4 months ago

    wait I always wonder what language is that la swed 12 pua or whatever XD

    • Water Melonyyy
      Water Melonyyy 2 months ago

      +YooHooYT Gaming&MORE! ooooh ok thanks I thought that German was mostly spoken there but it's not thanks for the info

    • YooHooYT Gaming&MORE!
      YooHooYT Gaming&MORE! 2 months ago +1

      +Water Melonyyy because Eurovision originally started in Switzerland. The dominant language there is French... Back then no English was spoken during the contest only French. In order to preserve tradition some French is spoken.

    • Water Melonyyy
      Water Melonyyy 2 months ago

      +YooHooYT Gaming&MORE! why French?

    • YooHooYT Gaming&MORE!
      YooHooYT Gaming&MORE! 2 months ago

      It's french. - _-

  • דנה פוקס
    דנה פוקס 4 months ago

    אפריקה שלי

  • Kim Alien
    Kim Alien 5 months ago +3

    Australia didn’t do bad.

  • trk krkmz
    trk krkmz 5 months ago

    This Bitch ( Petra) :
    - ukraine twelve pts.
    Why this Bitch is the Best host? Racist dog.

  • Antonio Fernández Lorenzo

    This os my top 26
    1. Ukraine 🇺🇦
    2. Australia 🇦🇺
    3. Russia 🇷🇺
    4. Malta 🇲🇹
    5. Armenia 🇦🇲
    6. France 🇫🇷
    7. Bulgaria 🇧🇬
    8. Spain 🇪🇸
    9. Israel 🇮🇱
    10. Belgium 🇧🇪
    11. Lituania 🇱🇹
    12. Azerbaiján 🇦🇿
    13. Italy 🇮🇹
    14. The Netherlands 🇳🇱
    15. Hungary 🇭🇺
    16. Sweden 🇸🇪
    17. Serbia 🇷🇸
    18. Latvia 🇱🇻
    19. Chequia 🇨🇿
    20. Georgia 🇬🇪
    21. United Kingdom 🇬🇧
    22. Cyprus 🇨🇾
    23. Croatia 🇭🇷
    24. Poland 🇵🇱
    25. Austria 🇦🇹
    26. Germany 🇩🇪

  • Eurovision Yuniiis EM's ESC


  • ImTekaru
    ImTekaru 8 months ago


  • Domze Lt
    Domze Lt 8 months ago


  • Jorgecrushing321
    Jorgecrushing321 9 months ago

    australia to belgium and belgium to australia?

  • NotSoDerpy
    NotSoDerpy 9 months ago

    1 Point for Germany?! Wtf

  • Оленка Тереняк


  • Mykolas Mykolas
    Mykolas Mykolas 10 months ago +2

    Lithuania 🇱🇹 🇱🇹 🇱🇹 Lietuva Lietuva Lietuva

  • korniszon Noob
    korniszon Noob 10 months ago

    My votes :
    - 8 points go to Malta
    - 10 points go to Australia
    - 12 points go to Ukraine

  • Ming Nguyen
    Ming Nguyen 10 months ago

    Anyone Else suprised about that Denmark gave Ukraine 12 points?

  • Geography Luxembourg
    Geography Luxembourg 10 months ago

    I like how the host says the countrys names "united *KINGDOM* 12 points" "u *KRAINE* 12 points" " arm *ENIA* 12 points" " *ISRAEL* 12 points"

  • jorman mapper
    jorman mapper 10 months ago

    Why no one gave a care to isreal

  • Ira Bekish
    Ira Bekish 11 months ago

    Бо ти не під ростес ні ні ні ні ні ні ні ні ні

  • RIcky 17
    RIcky 17 11 months ago


  • Proud OutLoud
    Proud OutLoud 11 months ago +5

    Woho, someone actually gave Spain 12 points, that's rare sight haha (Considering Spain has no allies)

  • Quantum
    Quantum 11 months ago +5

    4:33, what is this guy talking about

    • Arlind Hoxha
      Arlind Hoxha 5 months ago

      TNGRQuantum the producer of Russia’s entry is Greek

  • Διονυ Λ.
    Διονυ Λ. 11 months ago

    Why is this bitch announcing Greece’s Jury Voting? Bring back Helena PLEASE

  • Clément L.
    Clément L. 11 months ago +2


  • Airis Airis
    Airis Airis 11 months ago

    Tell me someone, why jury is spelling just 12 points, but forgetting 8 and 10 points? In the last year, 2015 , jury told 8 and 10 points

    • Airis Airis
      Airis Airis Month ago

      +pawuc but it is more interesting. I hope it will be bring back

    • pawuc
      pawuc 10 months ago

      new rules cuz it was taking too much time

  • Ernest G.
    Ernest G. Year ago

    10 points for Georgia, Lithuania srsly?

  • Kapi Api
    Kapi Api Year ago +1

    poor Poland

  • Amanda Actriz
    Amanda Actriz Year ago +1

    Italy giving us 12 points is really what I live for

  • - - LOVE - -
    - - LOVE - - Year ago +2


  • Typical Ukraine
    Typical Ukraine Year ago +3

    In 2004 Israel gave Ukraine 12 points
    In 2016, Israel gives Ukraine 12 points yet again... Is there some relationship with Ukraine and Israel? (Not romantic. But like a friendship thing)

    • Capyba King
      Capyba King Year ago +4

      Jesis christ that's a year difference of 12 years. Neighbour voting exists in Eurovision but in this example you're just reading too much into things.

    • Shmul .A
      Shmul .A Year ago +1

      there are a lot of ex USSR imigrants in Israel, most of them are jewish but not all of them. so thats why Russia and Ukraine get a lot of times high points from Israel.

  • airhome video
    airhome video Year ago

    Russia should won but cold war with europe

  • Sylveon Gamer
    Sylveon Gamer Year ago +1

    armenia and azerbaijan and norway

  • Senan Gulmemmedli

    FAKYU armeniya

  • TJ
    TJ Year ago +1

    Wtf is Australia's one wearing lmao

  • Harun Qazaxov
    Harun Qazaxov Year ago

    i dont like 12 point.before voting like 8 10 12 😬

  • Harun Qazaxov
    Harun Qazaxov Year ago

    i dont like 12 point.before voting like 8 10 12 😬

  • Eloygy1234 Plays
    Eloygy1234 Plays Year ago +1

    Why did australlia goes to Europe

    • Wiebel
      Wiebel Year ago +3

      Eloygy1234 Plays It's EBU, not Europe. Countries like Morocco and Jordan can also participate if they want. Australia got invited in 2015 and they're here to stay.

  • Belle Marielle
    Belle Marielle Year ago +12

    Bulgaria or Australia Should have won.

  • Mariami
    Mariami Year ago +3

    Hahaha 12 to Georgia :D Thanks UK :D it was unexpected for us too LOL

  • Umid Rehimov
    Umid Rehimov Year ago +2

    12 austrilia
    10 poland
    8 belgium
    5 ukraine
    4 france
    3 russia
    2 lithunia
    1 israil

  • зелёный чай с мятой

    -Lithuania!! .............Aaaaa jdjdjxbshjsndhcnsksomsvdydb

  • Sunset Rookie
    Sunset Rookie Year ago +20

    5:24 animation show where 12 points go before announcer of country say it lol

    • ESCKamilPL
      ESCKamilPL 9 months ago +1

      the juries vote on the dress rehearsal the day before. so the scoreboard is ready even before the final ;) a person who was making it work on the night failed and showed these 12 ponts from Estonia too early. Same with Netherlands giving 12 points to Belgium in 2013. A belt with "Belgium gets 12 points from The Netherlands" was shown on the screen before the spokesperson said it.

    • Andrija Nikolic
      Andrija Nikolic 10 months ago

      Sunset Rookie so esc is fake 😂

  • Nathan27
    Nathan27 Year ago

    Iceland I thought he was going to say uk

  • Stig Sandberg
    Stig Sandberg Year ago +18


  • James Flanagan
    James Flanagan Year ago +9

    And 12 points from the UK go to... Georgia *deathly silence of bewilderment*

    • Amelia and Miguel
      Amelia and Miguel 10 days ago +1

      James Flanagan *_~-IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO FIND IT-~_* 4:14

  • Ld Slo
    Ld Slo Year ago +12

    1 point to Croatia
    2 points to Serbia
    3 points to Azerbaijan
    4 points to Latvia
    5 points to Australia
    6 points to Bulgaria
    7 points Ukraine
    8 points to Russia
    10 points to Malta
    12 points to Poland
    From Austria

    • Matheo Descharles
      Matheo Descharles Year ago

      12 from France

    • Matheo Descharles
      Matheo Descharles Year ago +1

      1 from Belgium
      2 from Georgia
      3 from Australia
      4 from Greece
      5 from the Netherlands
      6 from Sweden
      7 from Germany
      8 from Poland
      10 from Czech Républic
      12 from Francesco

    • jett lewis
      jett lewis Year ago +1

      I'm sorry ur 15 months late of voting

  • Daniel García Martín-Romo

    Ukraine winner

  • Suren Alchangyan
    Suren Alchangyan Year ago +2


  • Kwstantinos Tsiampalis

    astralia was first?

  • Emma Hickey
    Emma Hickey Year ago +5

    the presenter's voice pisses me off so hard

  • xavono _
    xavono _ Year ago +1

    did the Icelandic jury puss anyone else of. He went '12 points go to the U-Netherlands' I thought he would say UK

  • Gisse Isse
    Gisse Isse Year ago

    We gave sweden 0 points😂😂

  • Permanent Vacation
    Permanent Vacation Year ago +19

    Hungary in 2016 was so underrated☹️

  • emilia zarembska
    emilia zarembska Year ago +22


  • Wiktoria13
    Wiktoria13 Year ago +22

    Poland ? 0😟😰😬😩

  • Hermanas
    Hermanas Year ago +3

    Why they skipped others points? Because from 2016 they are not saying 8 and 10 oints..

  • Konstantinos Bistas
    Konstantinos Bistas Year ago +6

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Greek Spokesperson was awful and annoying?

  • Krim Steinbelt
    Krim Steinbelt Year ago +18

    12 points to Georgia because fuck everybody else

  • ShroomWalrus
    ShroomWalrus 2 years ago +64

    "hey im the greek spokesperson you know greek greek greek greek greek" like shut up

  • Michalis Cy
    Michalis Cy 2 years ago

    So only Cyprus and Greece gave 12 points to Russia?

    • CRAG
      CRAG 3 months ago

      absolutely robbed. Just get arid of the juries already.

    • Engin Bolat
      Engin Bolat 9 months ago

      Michalis Cy Belarus & Azerbaijan gave too

    • ESC Angel
      ESC Angel Year ago


  • xavono _
    xavono _ 2 years ago +1

    thank you Malta for 12 points!

  • Kisiel
    Kisiel 2 years ago +17

    7 PK POLAND you jury? 😠😡🇵🇱🙁

  • Alex Lancaster
    Alex Lancaster 2 years ago +39

    I felt ashamed to be British when our jury gave 12 points to Georgia. Were they all high??!

  • tzatzikialldaylong
    tzatzikialldaylong 2 years ago +45

    Australia and Belgium always exchanging top points to each other, I love it. Have a feeling the same will happen in 2017, since both are sending quality songs. A new alliance has been born! xD

    • Ben Toghill
      Ben Toghill Year ago +1

      Australia gave us (uk) 12 points

  • Apstep Music
    Apstep Music 2 years ago +212

    sweden in 2016 is so overated

    • GRYNE
      GRYNE 18 days ago

      I mean it came 9th in jury votes so not that overrated?
      But I really hate it too I think Oscar Zia should have won still to this day

    • Philip Wester
      Philip Wester 11 months ago

      I hate the song and his smug face (and I'm Swedish), but it was the breakout hit of the 2011 contest. It was the highest charting song of the contest and charted in the most countries. Almost unique among Eurovision losers at 5th place, it even managed a decent charting position (61) on the UK singles chart.

    • Excited Gamer
      Excited Gamer Year ago


    • Belle Marielle
      Belle Marielle Year ago

      I am from Sweden and i dont like our entries at all. 2012 was good but the other was bad.

    • CR 7
      CR 7 Year ago +1

      ΛPSTΞP Music yep

    ESC FAN 2 years ago +84

    That Greek spokesperson really pissed me off!

    • Mr. Elveszett
      Mr. Elveszett 8 months ago

      ESC FAN yeah, i agreek

    • den 32
      den 32 11 months ago +3

      Yeah, Greeks are everywhere, without them eurovision wouldn't even exist and the world would be destroyed and everyone would die and the universe would collapse

    • Quantum
      Quantum 11 months ago +1

      ESC FAN Typical Greek person

    • Kazamafraz - ESC
      Kazamafraz - ESC Year ago

      Yiorgos Christoforos where was he? That guy was taking credit for the Russian entry

    • Yiorgos Christoforos
      Yiorgos Christoforos Year ago +15

      ESC FAN we normally have mr. Kostalas who gives the points from Greece ... his voice is magic and his attitude very gentile

  • User Ubb Usertfth
    User Ubb Usertfth 2 years ago

    sweden gave 10 point to Azerbaijan?!

    • Emil Albinsson
      Emil Albinsson 2 years ago +1

      User User sweden has been working alot with other contries, IT was a swede WHO made the russian entré in 2015, and all the backsingers for Azerbajdzjan where swedish in 2011👌🏽👌🏽 (sry for bad english)

  • Manila Chronicle
    Manila Chronicle 2 years ago +1

    De svenska tolv poäng går till ... Australien!

  • Winner !
    Winner ! 2 years ago +34

    my top 3 from Russia: 1 Armenia 2 Bulgaria 3 Czech Republic

  • Nicholas Bykov
    Nicholas Bykov 2 years ago +14

    why did you skip latvia?

    • trambus1144
      trambus1144 11 months ago +8

      I'll forever wonder whyyyyyyy ~

    • Kristian *
      Kristian * 2 years ago +1

      Nicholas Bykov yeah, I also wonder why

  • danielle.
    danielle. 2 years ago +1

    can you upload the Georgian postcard?

    • danielle.
      danielle. 2 years ago

      +Tingujte Kohes oh, alright :c

    • Tingujt e Kohes
      Tingujt e Kohes  2 years ago +1

      +xDanii Postcard has been a posted, but has been deleted, because copyright EBU. thanks for Coment