Kobe In 1 Day: What To Do And Eat In Kobe | Japan Travel Guide

1 day Japan travel itinerary guide on what to do and eat in Kobe. Kobe offers much much more than just Kobe Beef!

Kobe is under an hour away from Kyoto and Osaka, so it makes the perfect day trip as well.

Kobe is very well known for their famous Kobe Beef, however this city has much more to offer than just that. In this video let me show you how to travel around Kobe efficiently and visit the must see places in just one day.

1 day in Kobe is enough to see the main areas of the city, however if you want to do more activities like hiking, going to the onsen or more hands on cultural experiences then a few days would be better.

Also, If you have more days to spend here then I definitely recommend checking out more of the local areas and back streets!!!

Things to do in Kobe city, Japan:

JR Shin-Kobe Station
Shin-Kobe Ropeway
Nunobiki Waterfall
Nunobiki Herb Gardens
Kitano District (Ijinkan foreign residents houses)
Sannomiya Station
Steakland Kobe Beef
Nankinmachi Kobe China Town
Meriken Park
Kobe Great Hanshin Earthquake Memorial Park
Kobe Maritime Museum
Kobe Port Tower
Kobe Harborland
Kobe Cruising
Mosaic Shopping Mall
Kobe City Hall 24th Floor Free View

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Автор Ilko Allexandroff ( назад)
Really great video! I've been loving in Kobe for 9 years already, but still found a lot of interesting things! Cheers~ by Ilko

Автор Thomas Julie ( назад)
I really liked this video. I'm planning my honeymoon in Japan, and I was wondering if you could recommand blogs/vlogs in Japanese about traveling in Japan? I'm looking for "off the beaten path", traditional, not too touristic stuff. I'm also studying for the JLPT n2 so blogs in Japanese would be helpful. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Автор David Woo ( назад)
I am going to visit Kobe soon, this is really helpful. Thank you for the good work! ;)

Автор Paul Crimmins ( назад)
you're videos are terrific and very informative and you are adorable in them. Keep up the great work!

Автор Jefferson Louie ( назад)
I think I would need a tour guide !!

Автор Prem Chhatri ( назад)
awesome place .

Автор CommunistRaccoonDog ( назад)
Thanks for showing some of the lesser known places. When I go to Japan I wish to see it instead of tourists.

Автор Kartika Leimana ( назад)
I've been watching your video since last week, and really enjoyed watching it. The information if very helpfull, but i've been wondering if i'll survive in japan for 12 days because i cannot speak or read japanese. 😂

Автор Andy S ( назад)
Love your voice :D

plus the Video :P

Автор Killer Croc ( назад)
You are very beautiful :)

Автор Thomas Fährmann ( назад)
Wow, great job with this travel vlog, all thumbs up!

Автор kenji BANZAI ( назад)
As a Japanese-American, these videos are so informative and nostalgic. One of the cities I didn't go to when I went there was Kobe! Thank you for making such a well-made video. Also, your accent is so cute :D

Автор way2smart ( назад)
I love your channel and I love you forever! 😄😘

Автор Maiku Tsukino ( назад)
For a one person vlog, you are without question very talented. I just bought a video editor so I can put up the videos and photos of my 2 weeks in Japan (Nishinomiya, Kobe, Osaka, Omachi, Lake Kizaki, Matsumoto and Karuizawa), but I can see what I have for footage and what you have are much different. Yours look great! Mine kinda stink. But I was in the Harbor area to check out the shops and ride the ferris wheel. I was there during the day and now regret not staying to see the lights at night. This is the first video of yours I have seen. I will subscribe and watch all your work. Looking forward to them all!

Автор Unknown User ( назад)
Very informative as usual. I have question, my flight arrival is at 7.00 am at KIX airport, probably will arrive at namba around 9.00. (My airbnb host said that I can check in at 11.00) Is there any restaurant that I can enter with luggage? (Suitcase) thanks in advanced.

Автор S VY ( назад)
Hi there! I'm just back from japan! This video reminded me Yokohama! U should visit now as they have the ' Golden Necklace Yokohama Festival'. A lots of flowers display there & it's so beautiful~ Imagine when sakura bloom too! Of course the must visit their Chinatown, Redbrick Building & Cup Noodles Museum! Waiting for the video about it ;)

Автор JumpDareBoy _ ( назад)
Wow the Herb Gardens is beautiful! I love looking at nature and gardens like these. This video was really nice btw. And I see your subscribers are really starting to pick up too. You'll be at 100k subs before you know it Angela. :)

Автор Flown87 ( назад)
So we almost did meet in Kobe, that would have been awesome :) I wish I'd seen your video before I went.

Автор Myat Noe Thiri Kyaw ( назад)
i really like to watch your videos. I am planning to visit japan next year and your videos help me a lot . Thanks!!! x)

Автор dimm0k ( назад)
darn, wish I saw this earlier... during my short trip to Japan I made a trip to Kobe from Kyoto for lunch only...

Автор optical shot ( назад)

Автор Anditrx27 ( назад)
Can I marry you ? xd

Автор Sonny Koh ( назад)
Lovely city. I actually did almost everything that you showed on the video on my 1-day trip to Kobe as well! I would be interested if you ever have the chance to do something similar for Fukuoka. It's not talked about as much and it'd be interesting to get your opinion on it and hidden spots etc.

Автор Saudamini Singhania ( назад)
the earthquake museum cafeteria is amazing <3 great Chinese

Автор Lamp Desu ( назад)
Just came back from Japan, It was the best ever, next time I think ill go to Kobe :D
We had Hida Beef when we were there :D

Автор Nur Can ( назад)
I'm thinking about to study in Kobe, so this video gives me more reasons to do so :)

Автор chrispkreme ( назад)
Angela - if you have an iphone6s check this site https://www.apple.com/support/iphone6s-unexpectedshutdown/ enter your iphone serial# and if it matches, apple will replace your battery for free. I had the same issue and now my phone is like new!

Автор There is no name ( назад)
Kobe is Amazing.
Your voice sounds a bit tired. Is everything okay?
Also, question: What do you think about Japanesepod101?

Автор skyblue hippie ( назад)
i watched a culinary vlog abt kobe and the host said there wasn't much to see in the city. but thanks to you i now think it's very worth visiting. since i'm going to japan in september. do you think the herb garden is still worths visiting? thanks.

Автор Anne Nguyen ( назад)
Thank you for posting this Day Trip video for Osaka! I also like the fact that you did this on foot instead of taking the bus around the city and provide the time line for where you were at at each location. :)

Автор dkb ( назад)
Hi! Can you pls recommend websites or apps that have good reviews or ratings for restaurants in japan? I've heard of tabelog but I can't understand japanese. And it would also be helpful if you could teach us the easiest way to reserve restaurants in japan since the line is usually very long. Thank you!

Автор Blablito86 ( назад)
Your videos are so inspiring!! I recently was blessed to visit Tokyo and Kyoto with my husband I loved your city and the my favorite part the people! You are all so kind and polite! Hope we can return some day!! Although I discovered your videos after my trip I love them wish I discover your channel before!!!

Автор Blep blebhebhelbhe ( назад)
3:15 is that a hashtag in the bottom left????????
edit: it's a thing on twitter hahaha

Автор MrBaldSUPERMAN ( назад)
I had the same exact problem with my old iPhone. More than likely the battery is corroded and you just have to get a new one for your battery to start working like normal.

Автор andy hsu ( назад)
Thanks Angela! Could you please do a Hakone video next?

Автор andy hsu ( назад)
Thanks Angela! Could you please do a Hakone video next?

Автор Mulatto In Japan ( назад)
Kobe looks beautiful! I'm def gonna have to visit when I move to Japan! you've inspired me too! thanks Angela :)

Автор Miguel Deleon ( назад)
Awesome video. I'm upset at my cousin who lives there (Rokko Island) he didn't show me half the places you featured on the video! :-). Did you have a chance to visit Rokko Island? Lots of internationals there. Very nice and friendly community....as is the rest of Japan, of course.

Автор Hiroki Noda ( назад)
Your videos are informative and fun to watch. Thank you.

Автор Marcus McGowan ( назад)
I had Kobe beef in Tokyo. I spent like 80 NZD on it. Tasty but not cheap!

Автор Marcus McGowan ( назад)
Haha "What more could I ask for on a... What day is it?

Автор Jd Correa ( назад)
how hard is it to travel around japan, without knowing Japanese.

Автор DogaTv ( назад)
Your music choice is always on point! Teach me, Sensei!!

Автор Carlo Delano ( назад)
You look Lovely!!

Автор Moustache D. Luffy ( назад)
Great video! I'm really looking forward to more videos in the 1 Day Guide series. Also, did anyone else feel like really relaxed after seeing those nighttime scenes? xD

Автор jenny mai ( назад)
Happy Birthday.

Автор pbyfr ( назад)
Great video. It make me want to visit Kobe! I need to review my planning!

Автор Der Zurechtweiser ( назад)
8:41 I once went to such a weird restaurant where you watch the cook do his job. It's a weirdly gay thing, I felt pretty uneasy. Do you look the guy in the eye, look away while he is heating your food right in front of you? Reminds of those weird japanese hotels I once saw on a youtube video where you can get a prostitute to hug you and use a q-tip in your ears

Автор nadeshiko2015 ( назад)

Автор Doni Suprapto ( назад)
that was amazing video. sugoi !!

Автор Theatre Walker ( назад)
Ah! How did you know?! Your timing is perfect! I am about to visit Kobe for a week, and this video is immensely helpful. Also... properly chuckled aloud in places :) #romanticlovebell

Автор Jamal Mohamed-Isa ( назад)
looking forward to future kansai vids as I will be living in Toyooka :) Have you been to Arima onsen? Not far from Kobe

Автор astsang ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for making it. The only thing I saw on my 1.5 day trip to Kobe that was not listed in your video is the large Tetsujin-28-go statue (Gigantor). It is in Wakamatsu Park which is a short 5 minute walk from Kobe's Shin-Nagata Station.

Автор dammbleth2 ( назад)
If it's beef and it's in Kobe, then it's Kobe-beef, right? Angela, would you say that you were mislead about that? A little false advertising, maybe? Feel free to be blunt.

Автор Mark Matsuoka ( назад)
Can I make another request? How about Nara? Everyone knows about the deer, but maybe you could talk about the lesser known stuff, such as the guy who is famous for making mochi super fast at Nakatanidou?

Автор xxchris ( назад)
Love the video as always ❤

Автор vicktor vic ( назад)
I guess you need to replace your iPhone battery 😅

Автор Kevin Yong ( назад)
thank you for sharing your videos! its lovely. If i was in japan, i would gladly help you film!! thank you for giving us a piece of beautiful japan every week. :) -kevin from malaysia-

Автор brielle8383 ( назад)
What an absolutely beautiful place. Thank you so much for sharing this, it was very informative and inspirational. I never thought of going to Kobe before, but now I think I would like to visit there.

Автор gelato2005 ( назад)
Hi. Good video. If you have an iPhone 6S, there was a battery defect with some batches of phones. Apple will pay for the battery exchange. This happened to me and Apple exchanged my phone battery for free. Check with the Apple Store.

Автор jwrappuhn71 ( назад)
informative and fun vid Angela.

Автор Leandro Grechi ( назад)
Holy schmuck i loved the herb garden. definitely adding it to my list. thanks for adding it on time for my travel!

Автор Reformatt Show ( назад)
fantastic video, as always! keep up the amazing job, you are an inspiration

Автор Johnny Gu ( назад)
The battery thing happens to my iPhone as well. It means that your battery has reach the end of its life.

Автор ちーくん-Chihiro ( назад)

Автор MuscleWatching ( назад)

Автор TimTo Goho-M ( назад)
I love the format of this video! Please do more like this!

Автор Konan Kun ( назад)
we should date. 😘😘😘

Автор Ji F. ( назад)
Angela, I always enjoy your sense of pure wonderment and surprise that is so real, so adorable. Keep up the great work! 8-)

Автор Eric Pelkey ( назад)
Thank for everything.  Me and my family just returned after our week vacation in Tokyo.  You and your videos helped us plan and really enjoy our trip.  Planning next year already.  Tokyo is too big.  Impossible to see even half of it in a week. Food and people was awesome. BEST THANKS

Автор BeachsideYeti ( назад)
Totally made my day. Thanks for mellowing me out.

Автор Jason Fontanoz ( назад)
Awesome vlog! Thank you.

Автор Jon Lenvik ( назад)
When i took that shinkansen, i made mistake of not reserving a right hand seat. so i didn't see Fuji. :-\

Автор karismatichick ( назад)
Very informative! Great video!

Автор AzuMentch36 ( назад)
4:40 - 5:07 Oh, the follies of relying so much on gadgets to navigate through the country. That's another bad thing about Touchwiz and- Wait, did you say IPHONE? Now I'm completely lost! Erm...Go for the Kyocera Duraforce Pro? I know the Verizon Wireless version has a sapphire display and 3 gigs of RAM. I don't know which Japanese network has that version.

Anyway, this is a good itinerary for one day in Kobe. I'm not the type who would get near the Kobe beef but the Kitano district is highly recommended! I still think one needs to book a hotel in Kobe. There's a lot of great things to see and do in this city and its environs. I'm wondering if a baseball game in Koshien Stadium counts, as that is just outside Kobe.

Автор silent_rev ( назад)
I am going to Kobe next month! Can't wait! Great timing with the video. :D

Автор Travel Panda ( назад)
Just wanted to let you know I featured you on my channel. I really enjoyed watching your videos. The information that you provide is very concise and transparent. Thank you. :)

Автор Chịp Kino ( назад)
Do you often go to idol concert? Recently there are more and more idol groups from Korea to Japan to hold concerts, can you tell us about how people see and enjoy those ?
Btw, I just bumped into your channel 2 hours ago and already loved it. Keep it up your work ( ' v ' ) /

Автор astra686 ( назад)
What is japan like for a solo traveler?

Автор Tina Do ( назад)
Awesome video! I am planning to visit there. I have a question: you used the bullet train from Tokyo, did you have to buy a ticket to go back? Is there a JR ticket office in Shin-Kobe station or do I need to buy a return ticket for a specific time at whatever station I bought the initial ticket from? I am planning to go from Osaka station but I am a little confused about the return process using a bullet train especially when Shin-Kobe station is "smaller" than Osaka station. Thank you!

Автор Joseph Carangui ( назад)
Beautifully edited video! Kobe will definitely be a 町 I check out when I visit 日本!

Автор sumit pawar ( назад)
please make travel video of Kyoto 🙏

Автор Michael Hernandez ( назад)
Really loved the night view. Keep up the good work!

Автор yoseph japhar ( назад)
AMAZINGGGGG Video. much of effort, and much information.

Автор Iván Gutiérrez ( назад)
Awesome! You're getting better at editing and taking video. Congratulations Angela! Saludos from Tijuana, Mexico. :)

Автор Moon Cake ( назад)
Indeed beautiful Kobe. I always thought Kobe was just farm lands. Everywhere is so clean and well dressed up. Great travel tips. Thanks Angela.

Автор xAA7 ( назад)
Why is the price to travel from Tokyo to Kobe so high?

Автор robbie025 ( назад)
kobe is awesome. we went there last year, on our way to Osaka.

Автор Nikolas Suarez ( назад)

I'm traveling to japan in September/October and love watching your videos because it so helpful for me to learn things and get ideas of place to travel.

Автор AristotleStagira ( назад)
What more could I ask for? To see you in a black spandex bodysuit!!!

Автор camila, mina e edu Nakamura ( назад)
Great job! Beautiful places , I will definitely put on my list to visit Kobe next time ! Thank you for all the tips on this video !

Автор Zipp4Everyone ( назад)
Yeah $2.400 for a kilo of A5 wagyu is definitely expensive, however if thats the price you have to pay for the best meat in the world...

Автор franksrealsport ( назад)
You need to get a battery pack for your phone. Loved the vid!

Автор Erin Marie ( назад)
Wow this video is simply fantastic. Such beautiful shots and useful travel information. Awesome job Angela!

Автор Yippie ( назад)
Wow, you have a lot of energy. You did so much in just one day. ;)

Автор Mike C ( назад)
nice work on the video! Kobe looks like a good place to visit

Автор L ( назад)
Perfect timing! I''ll be doing a day trip in Kobe as part of my trip in a few weeks :D

Автор soundrolling ( назад)
The Kobe Tourism website has vouchers you can print off to get discounts to all those attractions. I'm using it when I go to Kobe in April :)

Автор Maria Le ( назад)
My phone would die at 50% too! You need to go to the Apple Store and have them replace the battery. There was a defect in one of the batches they made starting October '15.

Thank you for your videos! I'm going to Japan in July and I'm super excited!

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