This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch

  • Published on Feb 1, 2016
  • Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country. They pop up in our inboxes, and standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what happens when you reply? Follow along as writer and comedian James Veitch narrates a hilarious, months-long exchange with a spammer who offered to cut him in on a hot deal.
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Comments • 24 716

  • Addy Bookstaber
    Addy Bookstaber Hour ago +1

    I know none of you searched this .

    KAMANTHA Q. KLYMAXX 4 hours ago +1

    I think TED Talks are absolute fun and so interesting. This was funny but really created for effect emails so far from true more boring story with the scammer. Look at the "supposed emails" he shows as "screen grabs" on projector. Those are not sent and received emails, anyone can compose an email and type away, then do snippit/cut/paste and send it to you gullible people to believe dude is showing you the actual hilarious email with you idiots feel stupid yet? On other hand, this should have been done as a huge Comedy concert from Netflix....come on now.

    JUDY STERNWELL 5 hours ago


  • Stiff Boynana
    Stiff Boynana 6 hours ago

    Well well well, looks like I've been played.

  • SeerOfTime
    SeerOfTime 10 hours ago

    This guy is spectacular!

  • Smit S
    Smit S 11 hours ago

    I really hate the bots

  • TheHuma0815
    TheHuma0815 14 hours ago

    Of you like stuff like this you should really check out Kitboga- he is a pro scambaiter

  • Aditya Bahali
    Aditya Bahali 14 hours ago

    one woman was enjoying him a bit too much

  • Hide The Pain Henry
    Hide The Pain Henry 14 hours ago

    When the disables kid starts to breakdance

  • Chal Bhai
    Chal Bhai 19 hours ago

    Same old lame jokes in all of his spam email videos.

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 21 hour ago

    😂😂😂😂 I rolled on the floor laughing at the email he sent back

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 23 hours ago

    I can spot this dudes jokes a mile away!!! Nexttttttt! 👎🏽😴

  • Chimp Scape
    Chimp Scape Day ago

    "One love" xD

  • Jo Smith
    Jo Smith Day ago


  • Chief Kiif
    Chief Kiif Day ago

    0:58 is that Luna Lovegood?

  • Jack Hopkins
    Jack Hopkins Day ago

    "One word: Hummus" - James Veitch

  • dichaelovic
    dichaelovic Day ago

    Lmao his facial expressions are the best.

  • GODofGrace1
    GODofGrace1 Day ago

    i would only have one reply to such emails..forwarding it to police departments. I'm sure they are alot more interested in it than i am, lol.

  • Anand Shete
    Anand Shete Day ago +1

    Pot twist : He is SOLOMON

  • Anand Shete
    Anand Shete Day ago +4

    Plot twist: Solomon was sitting in the crowd crying from inside

  • Shaz
    Shaz Day ago

    This guy reminds me of David tennant

  • Aanishka Sen
    Aanishka Sen Day ago

    This guy is literally god

  • Amy Ding
    Amy Ding Day ago +8

    am i the only one who finds it funny how everyone’s eyes just flicked up to the screen in 8:00 ??

  • Swagath S
    Swagath S Day ago

    chaotic good.

    code of bob marley songs thrived

  • Shadow Flame
    Shadow Flame 2 days ago +2

    TED Talks
    Ideas worth spreading

    This up here is an idea worth spreading

    ELINAM KING 2 days ago +2

    8:00 bruh, the way they all turned their heads at the same time was pretty cool.

  • JJN2153FiveSix
    JJN2153FiveSix 2 days ago

    James veich reminds me of David tennants doctor in doctor who

  • TripGuerri!!a
    TripGuerri!!a 2 days ago +5

    Question: When will Ted show up at his talks?

  • Brendan Geormer
    Brendan Geormer 2 days ago

    Come with me on my stupid fucking journey

  • A & J
    A & J 2 days ago +1

    Solomon Odonkoh: *Exists*
    James: Seems legit

  • ThunderStrok459
    ThunderStrok459 2 days ago +2

    James kinda seems like Doctor Who to be honest

  • 700 CLUB
    700 CLUB 2 days ago

    He hasn’t changed a bit, we were in different schools together

  • Neil Degrasse Tyson
    Neil Degrasse Tyson 2 days ago

    Where’s Ted?

  • Carlos Del Cura
    Carlos Del Cura 2 days ago

    7:59 WTF?? Robot!!

  • Ç Ř Ø Ņ Č H Man

    Whats heavier, a kilogram of gold, or a kilogram of hummus.

  • Ružno Pače
    Ružno Pače 3 days ago

    Searched for "guy who likes hummus" and found it XD

  • AshtonIsShrek
    AshtonIsShrek 3 days ago

    this is always on my recommended

  • Tammy Stockley-loughlin

    I watch this whenever it pops regrets. I laugh every time.
    Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other

  • Lucaevers1
    Lucaevers1 3 days ago

    Who thought about Solomon from gta 5

  • J Stocks
    J Stocks 3 days ago

    Total wastage of my 9 mins screen time !!!
    Why do TED call someone who don't have anything significant to teach ???

  • Tobias Svedberg
    Tobias Svedberg 3 days ago

    Guys just don't listen to new rock music. What they do to reduce their bank economy is this: take two needles, put them together. You have now created a Zombie, one that can dance, sing and swim about.
    Now try to say something to the zombie, go ahead, don't be shy. Is it an A or a B? We don't know but your zombie won't make life easier for you. You made him to your new rock-dj!

  • NhatAnh0475
    NhatAnh0475 3 days ago

    I miss him :')

  • Johnnie Dilang Cruz
    Johnnie Dilang Cruz 3 days ago

    I was hesitant to click this recommendation for fear of getting a virus. xD

  • Katie Boo's Cell
    Katie Boo's Cell 3 days ago

    Longer lolnger!!!

  • Katie Boo's Cell
    Katie Boo's Cell 3 days ago

    I want more of this from James Veitch!!!! More spam stories! They are my fav of him.

  • hanwei wu
    hanwei wu 3 days ago

    I see so this is idea worth spreading huh?

  • Vanessa D Music
    Vanessa D Music 4 days ago +3

    Who else secretly wants to receive spam emails just so they can try this

  • Izzy
    Izzy 4 days ago


  • Ray Rum
    Ray Rum 4 days ago

    I love it x D

  • Emiliano
    Emiliano 4 days ago

    Now that i want to reply some spam, i don´t receive any.

  • Ada Aguilar
    Ada Aguilar 4 days ago

    This was too funny

  • VariaPandora
    VariaPandora 4 days ago

    I used to get like 5 spam Mails per day, regarding the same topic. I replied once, suggesting they could sck their fathers dcks. You know, I thought that I was writing to some sort of bot and didn't expect a real human to read my reply. Now I get 20 spam mails daily. After seeing this I realize I could've done a lot better, lol.

  • Rocskatu
    Rocskatu 4 days ago

    This man tried to make a fake pyramid scheme based on gold

  • Chicken McPimpin
    Chicken McPimpin 4 days ago


  • Arhum Zia
    Arhum Zia 4 days ago +1

    Imagine the FBI agent.

    ANGELA THOMPSON 4 days ago

    I wonder if you have a lovely lady of whom you are involved with. You intrigue me. Any professional thing like love can we start with 4 grams?

  • Random Dragon Furry
    Random Dragon Furry 5 days ago +5

    A scammer called me once and when I realized it was a scammer, I said, oh, you're probably looking for my mom... I gave him the phone number for the local police department

  • Morgan Clark
    Morgan Clark 5 days ago

    This guy is pure comedy gold!!!

    C.J.PLAYZMC 5 days ago

    I wonder if the spammer watched this video

  • iibrightstxr -inactive-

    idk there were hyenas in the audience