MY BLOODY VALENTINE (2009) Ending Explained

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • #mybloodyvalentine #endingexplained #valentinesday
    It's time to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with MY BLOODY VALENTINE starring Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) and Tom Atkins (Night of the Creeps, Halloween III). A small town is haunted by the memory of a deranged killer, who seems to have returned after a decade as more bodies pile up that fit the miner's style. But is it the same killer returned or a new copy cat killer taking his place? Find out everything you need to know about the story, who the killer is, explaining the twist ending as well as comparing it to the different outcome of the 1981 original.
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  • Vanilla Bean
    Vanilla Bean 2 days ago

    man, this movie is *heartbreaking*

  • Kyler Kimble
    Kyler Kimble 7 days ago

    Just an ordinary guy, right of a coma, and he can throw a pickaxe, with one hand, penetrating the windshield of a car 30 ft away. Damn

  • D lens
    D lens 8 days ago

    This is an extremely good and funny review

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky 12 days ago

    The major issue with this version is that Tom is imagining the Miner. But when he kills, he is dressed as the miner. Yet he gets in and out of the suites, as if he has no idea he's the miner. But if he doesn't know he's the miner, and the miner is a crazy killer, why would he either a.) not notice he's wearing a miner suit when he comes to, or b.) why would the miner take off the suit?

  • First Name
    First Name 14 days ago

    My bloody Valentine is the one where my girlfriend have her periods

  • CoolWeeaboo 88
    CoolWeeaboo 88 14 days ago

    Oh geez. The miner looks like he's from SAS.

  • katluver09
    katluver09 16 days ago +1

    When axel asked Tom if harry was living in him, and Tom "harry" goes "oh I'm right here" I literally screamed out "he's possessed!!! Someone grab the salt!!! Burn the pickaxe and mask!! Burn it!!" Lmao!!! I've watch too much supernatural!!

  • Ryu Amio
    Ryu Amio 20 days ago


  • cummus amungus
    cummus amungus 22 days ago

    never trust a man with a gas mask

  • Creepy Kat
    Creepy Kat 22 days ago

    AYY guess what Supernatural is actually ending can’t believe it my favorite TV series called Supernatural actually ending after this season wow it’s been on since 2005 jeez that’s long but this was a good movie+Video ❤️👌🏻

  • Lucas Bieber
    Lucas Bieber 25 days ago

    I love how Tom picks up and leaves. It totally works with the whole Supernatural time line.

  • Alex F
    Alex F 29 days ago

    Because of Jensen Ackles this just feels like another Supernatural episode

  • Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ

    They should do another movie!

  • Kelly Ballinger-mountford

    Love watching your ending explained’s please keep them coming ✌️

  • MrWolfieNuno
    MrWolfieNuno Month ago

    Do Cabin Fever!!! 😩😩😫

  • Gina Pott
    Gina Pott Month ago

    Neverending 😢 until this last season 15

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki Month ago

    Thank god scooby doo and the gang caught this guy and had him arrested

  • Thefee London
    Thefee London Month ago

    I was lisining to music in my liveing room and I looked down to see the image 3:01

  • Clone Commander Sixer

    tom is Dean from supernatural

  • Sammi M
    Sammi M Month ago

    "Never ending series Supernatural" Confirmed: FoundFlix killed Supernatural

  • Lava Blasst
    Lava Blasst Month ago

    The pervy laugh and the "this is a mouse, thats not dirty" killed me 😂😂😂

  • Crow Rat
    Crow Rat Month ago

    You say Tom and i scream DEAN HIS NAME IS FUCKING DEAN!!!!!

  • a113sabertooth
    a113sabertooth Month ago

    Steps on how to fall in love:
    1)Dig a hole
    2)Name it as love
    3)Fall into it

  • Reverse Fuhrer
    Reverse Fuhrer Month ago

    Why do you need an explainer anyways? It is so damn obvious. Any My Bloody Valentine fan knows that.

  • Catsquidcat Overlord
    Catsquidcat Overlord Month ago +1

    Dean went out on a hunting trip, and he has not come back.

  • Bork Kills One Leg Man

    This was a great supernatural episode😂

  • Squishyy Kat
    Squishyy Kat Month ago

    This was a hilarious episode, lol. "Yeahhhh im an adult"

  • I Vids18
    I Vids18 Month ago

    Not related, but subscribe to pewdiepie

  • Fieza Fieza
    Fieza Fieza Month ago +1

    First we have a christmas slasher movie,then a halloween slasher movie now a valentine's day slasher movie,the last thing we need is an easter bunny slasher movie

  • Natalie Wood
    Natalie Wood Month ago

    I fcan't stop laughing is Jensen supposed to be a teenager in this i mean seriously he was 31 when this was made.

  • Ronald Achille
    Ronald Achille 2 months ago

    The blonde naked woman carrying the gun (and wearing earrings) had a chance to kill the killer with a bullet straight to the mask (after seeing the guy who had videotaped having sex with her get killed). Instead, she did something way better: she hid under the bed.
    Well....that's unfortunate.

  • Kalvin Koolaid19
    Kalvin Koolaid19 2 months ago

    Y am I more interested looking at his movies than the video

  • Emrick Barajas
    Emrick Barajas 2 months ago +1

    Explain the movie “US”
    Like if you would like to see him explain the movie

  • N O
    N O 2 months ago +1

    Supernatural is ending

  • Damion Meyerhoff
    Damion Meyerhoff 2 months ago

    If I’m too lazy to watch a long movie, I just come here and absorb all of it in like 20 minutes

  • *C[]\/\/B[]Y SPECTRE* MiLEZ SpectrE

    Foundflix and Good Bad Flix kinda day

  • Fiery_Stanimations YT
    Fiery_Stanimations YT 2 months ago

    Anyone else getting Jason vibes?

  • Rachel gormiti forever
    Rachel gormiti forever 2 months ago

    Dawwww! Throughout the whole movie I expected Sam to jump in, angry at Dean that he went solo on a WEREWOLF hunt.
    Oh well. At least mah man, Jensen, did good in this movie!

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky 2 months ago

    So, I recently saw the original movie, having never seen the remake, and man, I was so impressed with how it was made. It makes you suspect it was both men until you see one with the other, but the water fake-out is what really made it a WTF ending. I love the original so much now.

  • Kikicat 1705
    Kikicat 1705 2 months ago

    YOU RANG? i died

  • Destiny Aquilum
    Destiny Aquilum 2 months ago

    Geeze, Deano, bad luck with dads, hmm?

  • Shaye Was Here
    Shaye Was Here 2 months ago

    "Oh no! What can i do!?! The laundryyy!" 😂😂😂

  • Josh Rhodes
    Josh Rhodes 2 months ago

    I love this movie

  • Trevor Hensley
    Trevor Hensley 2 months ago +1

    I always get Sam and Dean confused. Someone wanna help me here?

  • Exotic Shots
    Exotic Shots 2 months ago

    The murder looks so cool

  • MWH12085
    MWH12085 2 months ago

    Best part, 10 solid minutes of full frontal nudity. You really doesn't get used alot anymore.

  • Marlow Morbid
    Marlow Morbid 2 months ago

    "Halloween H2O" u ok????

  • The Cheese Assassin
    The Cheese Assassin 2 months ago

    Always the Canadians

  • Ehrunz
    Ehrunz 2 months ago

    jensen, a middle-aged man still looking fresh: plays a "hooligan kid" role

  • Kathy Pappas
    Kathy Pappas 2 months ago

    How about explaining the ending of , " The Children "?

  • LittleBlu Sofia
    LittleBlu Sofia 2 months ago


  • LittleBlu Sofia
    LittleBlu Sofia 2 months ago

    00:45 Is that the actor of Dean Winchester??

  • Jon Loc
    Jon Loc 2 months ago

    I remember going to see this in high school with two of my friends and it wasn't playing around our area so we had to go into the "city" to see it. There were maybe 10 other people in there with us and all I can remember is we were dying from laughter when the hooker got killed at the truck stop because a some dude like 2 rows up yelled "OH DAMN HE GOT HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!" And after that the mood of the theater switched to MST3K it was pretty great.

  • 9 fan 4 life
    9 fan 4 life 2 months ago

    Hey, FoundFlix, can I make a request? If so, I'd like to recommend you do the movie 9 by Tim Burton, Shane Acker, and Timur Bekmambetov. It's a great movie and it's right up your alley.

  • Kryptus Year 1
    Kryptus Year 1 2 months ago

    I love these series I can't wait for you to do the brightsight movie when it comes out.

  • candy sweetheart
    candy sweetheart 2 months ago

    I loved it

  • Tyesha Coleman
    Tyesha Coleman 2 months ago +1

    It really annoyed me that she just glossed over the fact that they left Tom for dead.
    Sarah: You need to move on, like I did.
    Me: I'm sorry I didn't realize you watched as your girlfriend and so called friends just drive off while a killer is coming at you. Let the man shut the mine down if he needs to, damn.

    • katluver09
      katluver09 16 days ago

      Ain't that the truth I was like... bitch you left him!!! Yall left him to die! He suffered more then you.

  • Laura Shuford
    Laura Shuford 2 months ago


  • soft cream
    soft cream 2 months ago

    left in a dryer

  • Ethan John
    Ethan John 2 months ago

    Dean has bee through worst

  • Raff
    Raff 2 months ago

    donnie darko!! #endingexplained please!!!

  • fredy
    fredy 2 months ago

    So they made Dean into a little pussy bitch, and has a "psychotic break" over being slapped around a little bit and having a pick axe pointed at him. Even though the chicks experienced the same thing, if not worse, got over it just fine. Damnit. I don't like seeing te mhe best demon Hunter being madeunto such a pussy bitch

  • sexy mia owens
    sexy mia owens 2 months ago

    I guess sometimes love hurts

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 months ago +1

    Supernatural miner :P HAHAHA!

  • Black Watch
    Black Watch 2 months ago

    But my question is how did he get hurt? Did the psycho mindset cut "Toms" are to seem like he got attacked?

    KPOP IS LIFE 2 months ago


  • vaughn ferrier
    vaughn ferrier 2 months ago

    James and found fix are the best

  • Nega-Kwite
    Nega-Kwite 2 months ago

    8:59 is she really right tho? He got an axe stabbed inside him and she got away Scott free. Also they left him with the killer.

  • Sven Lechtenberg
    Sven Lechtenberg 2 months ago +2

    Yeah investigate 😂😂

  • Tyler Joseph
    Tyler Joseph 2 months ago

    Moral of the story don't fuck with the Winchesters 😂

  • Nightcore And Speedpaints


  • Deborah Pancaro
    Deborah Pancaro 2 months ago

    OMG, I love Jensen Ackels

  • A Nobody named Josh
    A Nobody named Josh 2 months ago

    Jesus I cant believe Sarah ended up marrying Axel. The dude left her boyfriend to die, and played a part in his leaving pf time, but that didn't bother her in the slightest? Then berating him for running away from his problems and selling the mine? Bitch AXEL RAN AWAY WITH U, LEAVING HIM TO FUCKING DIE!! U DIDNT FACE SHIT, U JUST STAYED HOME!! The bitch even knew of the affair, and DID NOTHING!!

  • Mister Wuss
    Mister Wuss 2 months ago

    If Jason Forhese, Steve from Minecraft and Pyro from Team Fortresss 2 had a child, the miner would be that.

  • J Dos
    J Dos 2 months ago

    do the final ep of hill house

  • Driftdy
    Driftdy 2 months ago

    Who got the red and blue 3d glasses

  • Jay Mann
    Jay Mann 2 months ago

    lol i took my gf to this in college

  • slimsalamander
    slimsalamander 2 months ago

    I'd let Jensen Ackles kill me

  • Torch 13
    Torch 13 2 months ago


  • The Last IHE Parody
    The Last IHE Parody 2 months ago +1

    Pyro, the movie

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 2 months ago

    Oh hey, it's that lady from the Blacklist !

  • DragonSlicer
    DragonSlicer 2 months ago

    16:02 *Was not by sponsored by resident evil*

  • EvilHero91
    EvilHero91 2 months ago

    FoundFlix vs Dead Meat, place your bets

  • Autumn Palmer
    Autumn Palmer 2 months ago

    *you rang?*


  • Bryce Linnarz
    Bryce Linnarz 2 months ago

    I new it would be dean or Tom or whatever his name is

  • Ina Shkembi
    Ina Shkembi 2 months ago

    Can you do a video on the wailing? 2016 korean film.

  • Nala Wade
    Nala Wade 2 months ago

    Oh my boys😍😍

  • Kerrissa Rebekah
    Kerrissa Rebekah 3 months ago

    I love this channel... and i hope u get 100M subs and 100B views...

  • Astrithor
    Astrithor 3 months ago

    Eyyyy, I'm so glad you did this movie! Fun!

  • Loretto Ponton
    Loretto Ponton 3 months ago

    I always thought part of what made good this movie was that Jensen Ackles is an awesome actor, you really believe is the good guy and then when he becomes the bad guy you actually buy it too.

    But more importantly I couldn't stop watching and think I was in a Supernatural episode :P

  • Graycion Lee
    Graycion Lee 3 months ago


  • Thomas Willis
    Thomas Willis 3 months ago

    Any chance you could do 47 metres down its on Netflix iff you haven't seen it, at the end/? I did a fist pump then.... Well in case you haven't seen Im not doing any spoilers incase you choose to do it but yeah thanks for all your ending explained love the videos dude peace from the UK :)

  • Dany-G
    Dany-G 3 months ago

    The laundryyyy😂😂

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 3 months ago +5


    Resident evil fans get this...probably

  • gummybears1095
    gummybears1095 3 months ago

    “You rang?” 😂🤣

  • carlamaker™
    carlamaker™ 3 months ago

    What the heck , I've been trying to remember the name of this movie for years. It is the source of many of my childhood nightmares.

  • Manolo MUA
    Manolo MUA 3 months ago


  • Rusty R3volva
    Rusty R3volva 3 months ago

    'This is a mouse, that's not dirty', yeah that's what you say.
    Also, it looks like the maid was shoved into a drier, not a washing machine, since front loaders lock after it starts its cycle.

  • RocketDakota
    RocketDakota 3 months ago

    why did he slip into a kermit accent at 16:57

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 3 months ago

    This is what happens when the Canadians don't get their maple syrup