Lionel Messi's perfect response to Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović's arrogance | Oh My Goal

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are as well-known for their talent as they are for their eccentricity. When Messi was asked about these two players’ capacity to show off, Lionel Messi had this brilliant answer, which is a good reminder that the Argentinian has an exceptional sense of team spirit.
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  • Oh My Goal - News
    Oh My Goal - News  Month ago +221

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    • Harish Ram
      Harish Ram 2 days ago

      The background music of Messi??? Tell me, I addicted to that

    • Naser Shehadeh
      Naser Shehadeh Month ago

      As Ronaldinho once said :
      Sempre Messi ❤

    • Abhishek Nath Choudhury
      Abhishek Nath Choudhury Month ago

      @LuCaS PLAYS hey bitch 😊

    • BiG sHaQ
      BiG sHaQ Month ago +1

      Who here came expecting Messi to give a savage response?
      Agree : Like
      Disagree : Comment (What did you expect?)

    • BiG sHaQ
      BiG sHaQ Month ago

      @Tim Hortons Cup Series hello

  • Prince Mohandas
    Prince Mohandas 2 minutes ago

    Juventus fan btw ;-) For me best player will be always Zlatan Ibrahimovic .. i know he may be behind messi and ronaldo in terms of scoring numbers but that doesnt matter cause i enjoy how the way he scores goals . Man .. i think nobody can do it in any generation ever not even messi and ronaldo.
    Messi and Cristiano are the best players everyone knows it ... but still there is always comparision . Anyways i always enjoyed their game rather than comparing .

  • Rishngainlang Kshair

    Zaltan admit that he can't be king when messi is here n left like a legend...respect

  • Luis fernandes
    Luis fernandes 5 hours ago

    Plus messi has no personality he just plain and boring

  • Luis fernandes
    Luis fernandes 6 hours ago

    Now zlatan is an arrogant litle prick dot u got it right never won champions s league or European championship Nor the midget for that matter , unlike Ronaldo European champion the nations league champ several champions league plus titles on all major european leagues and messi knows this very well probably that might b 1 of the reasons he doesn't talk himself up , he is a greate dribler dats about it for messi

  • Luis fernandes
    Luis fernandes 6 hours ago

    Or y is messi complaining until today that is Barca team is shit and wants neymar along side him what is that then he's just a tiny dushe that most people seem to like oh is humble lol..... and Ronaldo never asked for the statue or to redue it cause is ugly, would u mind put a link or something to see where did u get that info from. And Ronaldo talks himself up that's what people with attitude does am a nobody compared to them boys and I talk myself up at every chance its human nature , Cristiano is not on any enhancer like litle messi is growth hormone for example but no 1 talks about it , or last golden boot he got y ? The achive nothing this season or last Cristiano achieved far more and still they handed it to the midget fifa president makes no secret about is dislike for Ronaldo very unprofessional from them all

  • Luis fernandes
    Luis fernandes 6 hours ago

    So y did your love complain loads when is Argentina lost copa America he c blame every body from manager team mates fifa every body but he never said was is fault he cant play outside barca team missed alot of goals and was on the pitch like he didn't wanna b there , is body language was just like he didn't WANNA BE THERE messi is a pussy little fag

  • Sheikh Muhammad Raimul Islam

    He has a 6th ballon dor that no one else has

  • Hoover E Londono
    Hoover E Londono 6 hours ago

    Messi has 6 balon d oro ....mic drop GOAT 🐐

  • H
    H 9 hours ago

    Lmao this was stupid. Messi doesnt talk cuz he doesnt need to. Period.... He'd be talking shit if he was insecure about his status and whatnot.

  • NAMIR Clementino
    NAMIR Clementino 9 hours ago


  • Jhonson Lethoy
    Jhonson Lethoy 9 hours ago

    It's mind blowing how many people HATES humble players. They prefer an arrogant athlete that likes to dive like ronaldo.

    NAE_POLY 10 hours ago

    You know that’s not true it’s called being confident

  • Thanos K
    Thanos K 13 hours ago

    Arrogance could be both a bad thing and a good thing.Self-confident cant be bad though.

  • Chhabi Rana 18
    Chhabi Rana 18 15 hours ago

    Cr7 is king

  • A1 ISH
    A1 ISH 15 hours ago

    Ronaldo says I'm the best
    Ibrahimovic says I'm the best
    Messi just collects his 6th ballon d'or in silence 🤫🤫

  • SMC 920
    SMC 920 16 hours ago

    If u believe that u r the best in the world , there is nothing wrong with that

  • Ibrahim Alhashimi
    Ibrahim Alhashimi 16 hours ago

    Messi is the best

  • MorphiousD
    MorphiousD 17 hours ago

    I've heard from the time I was young, actions speak louder than words. As i grew older i heard, it's better to be silent and let people believe you're a fool than to open your mouth and let them know you are a fool. Humility is a rare and exceptional quality. Messi proves his ability on the field. And even even if he believes it in his heart he is not as narcissistic as someone who calls themselves a king.

  • AHR Digital
    AHR Digital 18 hours ago

    Oh my goal. Please do video , why ball is round.

  • Omkar Shinde
    Omkar Shinde 18 hours ago

    zlatan is always a messi fan, you nerd

  • Scorpio Snake
    Scorpio Snake 18 hours ago +1

    Messi doesn't need a personality , because all of us see ourselves in him . That's why he's the Best .

  • Mizeredi Sino
    Mizeredi Sino 23 hours ago

    Please do better screen writing.

  • Soham Chakravorty

    "Arrogance" and "personality".....does not help u play football......legends speak through their work

  • Trumpet Music
    Trumpet Music Day ago

    The real goat doesn't need to be arrogant because they know they are the goat. If you tell yourself and others that you are the goat, you aren't really sure.

  • harry potato
    harry potato Day ago +1

    oh my goal you are talking shit, messi shy but he have six balllon dors and score more free kicks than ronaldo and zaltan this year let him be himself and messi congratulation

  • blood mamba
    blood mamba Day ago

    Everybody is different and have their own personality,nothing is wrong with someone having the utmost belief and confidence in oneself.Ronaldo and Zlatan believed in their self before anybody else believed in them.

  • RochaMusic X
    RochaMusic X Day ago

    Bunch of bull. Anyone heard of false humility? Behind the scenes Messi gets as pissed for loosing as anyone else.

  • Joe TV
    Joe TV Day ago +2

    Literally no one:
    Leo: *talks with the football*
    6th Golden Boot & 6th Ballon d'or 🐐 💯🔥👽

  • beku beku
    beku beku Day ago

    When Ronaldo will stop playing nobody will talk about him. Messi will remember forever. He is the best in history.

  • Soumya Saha
    Soumya Saha Day ago +4

    He doesn’t need to say anything, he is the best footballer ever. Period.

  • lol
    lol Day ago

    1Brazilian Ronaldo the Goat
    2Pele maradona messi
    3ronaldinho zidane cruyff
    4christiano ibra henry van basteln...etc

  • naaiiiz
    naaiiiz Day ago

    Hhahaa the editing is perfect. Props

  • Samir Novruzov
    Samir Novruzov Day ago

    Messi in the world one.💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍❤❤❤

  • zidan khan
    zidan khan Day ago

    Ronaldo has self confidence, zalatan has arrogance but messi has magical power of football ❤❤

  • moniruzzaman shawon
    moniruzzaman shawon 2 days ago

    Messi has 6 ballon dors that nobody else has ..he is the greatest of all time

  • moniruzzaman shawon
    moniruzzaman shawon 2 days ago

    Who has got 6 ballon dors now😂

  • Arko xviii
    Arko xviii 2 days ago

    He is a footballer. Football should b his 1st priority. He understands that very well.

  • HikeRx
    HikeRx 2 days ago +1

    Messi is the GOAT as a player and for the level of talent he posseses he's incredibly humble and just a good all around human being. This makes me admire him even more.

  • Empanadat
    Empanadat 2 days ago +2

    The first rule about the GOAT club, you dont talk about the GOAT club

  • Gregorio Leonel Hernandez

    the best,very humble,no doubt messi is the best all around........

  • Adam Imran Amran
    Adam Imran Amran 2 days ago +1

    And Messi has a skill that nobody have

  • Nirbhay D
    Nirbhay D 2 days ago

    Ronaldo has self confidence , Zlatan is arrogant two different things ..

  • Hari Narayanan
    Hari Narayanan 2 days ago +2

    Messi : confident enough
    Ronaldo : over confident
    Ibrahamovic' : confidence is zlaten

  • g karthik
    g karthik 2 days ago

    The trail of fallen defenders says who he is.
    The 6th ballon d'or say who he is
    The goal of the century says who he is.
    He let his game do the talking rather like some arrogant pricks

  • Touhidul Islam Omi
    Touhidul Islam Omi 2 days ago

    It's about what you do in the pitch with your feet and your team, not what you do with your mouth

  • BLU Khedekar
    BLU Khedekar 2 days ago

    Messi has karma that they dont hav

  • Mohammad AL-Khatib
    Mohammad AL-Khatib 2 days ago

    Every generation has it's best player, but let's make it clear, Messi is the greatest footballer of all time.

  • Niladri Ghosh
    Niladri Ghosh 3 days ago

    I'm here after the sixth ofcourse leo is the best .. goku of dragon Ball

  • cesar rocha
    cesar rocha 3 days ago

    Nunca a hablado de ser el mejor porque el sabe que no lo es sabe que hay alguien mejor

  • cesar rocha
    cesar rocha 3 days ago

    Pinche enano ni deberia hablar balon otra vez robado mejor debia agachar la cabeza como en su seleccion o en los juegos mas importantes

  • Cula Flor
    Cula Flor 3 days ago


  • johnny rambo 69
    johnny rambo 69 3 days ago

    There has never been anyone as good as Messi is to this date in time, if there is someone going to be better than him in the future I hope to see him but I doubt it very much

  • Fran R.
    Fran R. 3 days ago

    Zlatan’s arrogance is the best thing ever. Ronaldo’s is just unfunny

  • Vetsi Kyo
    Vetsi Kyo 3 days ago

    CR7 is best

  • Jump Street Shop 66 Vaal Mall Vanderbijlpark

    Leo Messi, the greatest football player of all time.

  • Harish Ram
    Harish Ram 4 days ago

    Whats the background music of Messi @oh my goal

  • Deva Savant
    Deva Savant 4 days ago

    Messi, Rafa and Roger have really good attributes that they show in life. But the most important is humility. They never think they are better than anyone even when they have accomplished everything in their sports. They are truly the 🐐

  • Benjamin Benjamin
    Benjamin Benjamin 4 days ago

    We know and the whole world knows you are the best player, there's no other player who can be compare with you

  • paul walker
    paul walker 5 days ago +3

    Thats why he's the most loved football player ever in history and greatest too