Hanayama Cast Box

I have a lot of mechanical puzzles. In this series, I will take you through my collection and why I think each puzzle is interesting.

In this video, I walk through the Hanayama Cast Box puzzle.

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Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
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Автор Naomi Stothard ( назад)
You're brilliant. I hope something great happens to you.

Автор Ya Boy Pigz ( назад)
I was never interested in puzzles before I stumbled across your channel... I'm hooked

Автор Bailey Allen ( назад)
I wasn't expecting a reveal! New to the channel, but I'm hooked on your videos ☺️

Автор Xight ( назад)
he looks just like a puzzle designer would look like

Автор Anush Salian ( назад)
I wanna buy but its too costly

Автор Justin Dyer ( назад)
Love the videos keep up the good work. 👍

Автор arielle pham ( назад)
you are exactly how i expect a puzzle maker to look, and talk. its like quirky and adorable

Автор Cone Head ( назад)
You should work for one of the 3 letter agencies in the decipher section. If you don't already do that, think about it!

Автор alex966319805 ( назад)
головоломка для дебилов?

Автор Jimmy Benjamin ( назад)
Wooo! Face reveal! Damn you must be a really smart guy!

Автор Chris Rodriguez ( назад)
This dude is the actual goat🙌🏼 keep up the great vids very entertaining lol

Автор Pat Clarke ( назад)
you should do your intro like this for every video

Автор TuongWuKong ( назад)
i heard "honey im a cat box"

Автор Behind You ( назад)
I have a question, it is not meant to be an insult, I'm just curious; what is your IQ? You seem quite intelligent and intuitive, and I'd like to know if that relates to your ability to complete these puzzles!

Автор Benjamin I Meszaros ( назад)
Hey! A face with the voice!

Автор Ismael Soria ( назад)
Hi, FLEB, just found your channel, so good. good video, I like this kind of puzzles a lot, Where can I find this one? is there any website for me to order it? Im from Mexico, thats why, I'd appreciate your answer. thanks.

Автор Holden King ( назад)
Thanks fleb, I think that what you do is super interesting and I respect you for how much you work

Автор Jacoyoyo ( назад)
Honey, i'm a cast box puzzle. Help

Автор Carp Etlick ( назад)
He looks like Irving from Resident Evil 5

Автор Francis Sims ( назад)
You've come a long way since this video! Love your vids

Автор Sugar Jay ( назад)
You ever gonna showcase your own designs? Even if you don't want to spoil them, it would be cool to see. I mean what does being a puzzle designer even mean? Do you sell your creations or share them at all? Or just make them to enter into competitions or what? Total noob on the subject, never even bothered to learn to solve a rubix cube, but I find your channel so fascinating.

Автор 6indy With a 6 ( назад)
It sounded like he said "honey I'm a cast box" 😂

Автор Blake Grant ( назад)
Amazing videos, and you are friggen cute! Much love

Автор xclimatexcoldxx ( назад)
I feel like it could have been much more complicated.

Автор burningangelic ( назад)
These are so cool.

Автор TheEgg185 ( назад)
I'm sad that due to my low intelligence, I am no good at driving puzzles.

Автор Johnny Lawrence ( назад)
Anyone else think this looks like a murder confession?

Автор Duck ( назад)
can you link some of your own puzzle so we would be able to look them up or even buy them? that would be just terrific

Автор cloud6060 ( назад)
Need more puzzle videos! I love them! keep uploading, please!

Автор mickymackatack ( назад)
Can I ask where you got your spoiler video made? It's awesome and I'd love to get something similar made for my company's videos

Автор Aron - ( назад)
I thank youtube suggestion videos for bringing me here. Awesome channel.

Автор carna110 ( назад)
I've been watching a lot of your vids, and only just found this one with your face in view. I totally squealed: "Hey it's FLEB!"

Автор British Cuber ( назад)

Автор Mack Hall ( назад)
I love your videos.

Автор ALI KHAN ( назад)
look Sheldon cooper

Автор Oliver Stone ( назад)
u have scary eays...i would not let my kids around u ... enyoane here get this vibe?

Автор Danky Panky ( назад)
he looks like the guy from Benchwarmers who is afraid of the sun

Автор ali Servan ( назад)
Is anypone else thinking "Fun with Flags" when watchung this/ O_o

Автор rizki hanamura ( назад)
i really like your channel... nice...

Автор mac thurmen ( назад)
your face seems like a puzzle to me

Автор SmidgePuppy ( назад)

Автор Logan Hueske ( назад)
I love your channel and this video currently has 666 likes which made me laugh

Автор Optimus Gamus ( назад)
What's your favorite puzzle from anytime

Автор jacobgoss91 ( назад)
I wonder how many unsolved murders happened in this guys home town...

Автор MOATivated ( назад)
Your brain is a puzzle how do u make puxxles

Автор Banuelos Aiden ( назад)
i love your channel

Автор Temmieluvluna ( назад)
your so smart !!!!!

Автор ******** *** ( назад)
god he's actually hot

Автор OhSoUnicornly ( назад)
Thought he said the "Honey, I'm a cast box" puzzle. x'D

Автор Cry Whit ( назад)
"Will you be my neighbor?..."

Автор miss clumsy ( назад)
i've always been the nerd at school and i thought I was alone but i guess im not the only one(im 10 btw)

Автор RazzaIsKing ( назад)
You definitely have people in your basement

Автор prototyp3lhs ( назад)
Are you old Luke from the Professor Layton series?

Автор Rahul Sridhar ( назад)
Are you an MIT alum? I see a brass rat on your ring finger.

Автор Hanan Amar ( назад)
Nice little puzzle. But now I'm curious why the cube has 4 screws on one of its sides. It seems to be a solid cast box, so why the screws?

Автор Elliot Pham ( назад)
If u ever get negative feedback that will honestly make me sad

Автор dish k ( назад)
You are very sweet and your content is equally good. Keep it up

Автор ecksdee ( назад)

Автор Nic Beckert ( назад)

Автор Andriy Khodakovskyy ( назад)
watching all your videos, hope you get more views, and show us more amazing puzzles

Автор Nikolas Sanchez ( назад)
This guy is going to blowkids minds away at family reunions and they'll always be looking forward to trying to solve more of his puzzles.

Автор Asher Woods ( назад)
Your channel is great.

Автор MaD MaX ( назад)
Welcome to Youtube Fleb. Interesting channel. Waiting for mor of your interesting videos.

Автор jacky hu ( назад)


Автор CaptainAwesomeNetwork ( назад)

Автор Michael Valentin ( назад)
awesome dude!!!!

Автор NETRO ( назад)
You kinda like Grand Illusions and Oscar Van Deventer

Автор NETRO ( назад)
I hope you can show us more of your puzzles

Автор NETRO ( назад)

Автор Armin Hodjikj ( назад)
Hi there, please email me at armin@rumble.com, we at Rumble are interested in licensing one of your videos. Thanks!

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