Phil Kessel ( The Journey of Phil the Thrill )

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Song By: Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove

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Автор sketchingdinosaur ( назад)
Freaking love Phil

Автор codruler45 ( назад)
Everyone acting like Toronto wanted him out. the toronto media made up some bullshit blaming kessel and phaneuf non stop, and retarded fans that dont know shit about hockey. People who actually followed hockey, knew kessel was no where near the problem. Everyone saying Fuck Toronto as a whole need to stop generalizing, majority of Toronto loved kessel, including me

Автор Kay ( назад)
kessel is my favourite all the way i just love how he turned his career around and it was with the team i support

Автор Oliver Cremeens ( назад)

Автор Crosby Lover ( назад)
phil is sooo much happier in Pittsburgh it shows

Автор cowscrazy ( назад)
He's weak. He couldn't handle the spotlight or the pressure. He needed the comfort of hiding behind other stars in Pittsburgh. There are leaders who make there name and others who just follow in there wake. Which is Phil?

Автор Brian Bilotti ( назад)
Great video. Phil is the man.

Автор Dylan Wilcox ( назад)
Fucking Toronto media/team. They expected Phil Kessel to play goal, defense and offense alone expecting him to do everything and the rest just to sit back? And they also wanted him to be the captain when he's never been assistant capt. yet. Fucking Toronto..... Pittsburgh thanks you.

Автор AlphaDog4Real ( назад)
I'm a Caps fan but i've always had respect for Phil Kessel

Автор ERIC FISHER ( назад)
doesn't have a James Neal type power with his wrister but Jesus Christ he is the American sniper Chris Kyle

Автор zoeylps ( назад)
i fell bad for him but now in penguins are helping him

Автор SupTestMan ( назад)

Автор ivan8771 ( назад)
Fuck the Leafs. Fuck that hack Steve Simmons and the entire Toronto media. Phil Kessel is a great player that had basically no support in Toronto for so many years. What a waste. So glad we traded for him. What a great move by Jimmy Rutherford. Stanley Cup Champs baby WOOOOOO

Автор Hawt Dawg ( назад)
Phil kessel is a Stanley Cup champion - obama

Автор DARTH VADER 101 ( назад)
im leafs fan and im going to miss guy playing for the leafs. shouldve traded dion ffs

Автор Dominik Bulka ( назад)
Phil Kessel is a Pittsburgh Penguin!

Автор nordiques8298 ( назад)
hahahahahah Thanks Toronto ! You guys are dumb as fuck !

Автор BritIronRebel ( назад)
The HBK line should NEVER be separated! What chemistry they had together.

Автор BritIronRebel ( назад)
Good video! Thanks to Phil for the material. It was nice to see all slo-mo on the goals....hockey is so beautiful when you can see the subtle things

Автор INISHMORE1974 ( назад)
Suck it Maple Queefs!!!

Автор livetotell100 ( назад)
Pittsburgh has a good chance to win the cup this year too.  They only lost two players that played in the playoffs.  Getting Kessel was one of the BEST moves Pittsburgh ever made.  It took a lot of pressure of  Malkin  and Crosby

Автор Campbell Kane ( назад)
It really cut into me as a caps fan seeing one of my all time favorite players basically eliminate us in game 6 but I'm so happy he's on a better team and now a Stanley Cup champion! Love you Phil!

Автор Adam Darren ( назад)
Kessel was never the problem in Toronto. You don't build a team around a scoring winger. Winning teams are built around elite, playmaking centers and defensemen. You need to have at least one of each. Chicago = Keith and Toews. LA = Kopitar and Muzzin (or Doughty although I believe Muzzin is better). Pitt = Crosby/Malkin and Letang.

Автор Kennard Sloan ( назад)
phil kessel is a stanley cup champion. believe that

Автор CHEL TV ( назад)
Great video. It really sucks to see how Toronto hated him and blamed him for everything. Toronto is the Kessel killer. Look at him now. Fuck Toronto.

Автор David McCalla ( назад)
As a die Leafs fan I'm so proud of this guy, so happy he won the cup. He was my favorite player on Toronto but I'm glad we traded him away. Anyways the trade worked out for both teams since the Pens won the cup and the Leafs got Auston Matthews. Great video man. Still miss ya Phil.

Автор Frank Wilson ( назад)
Exactly what the Pens needed, an iron man playoff performer adding goal scoring speedy depth.

Sullivan got Kessel clicking with Malkin & Hags, Malkin got injured and along came Bonino with Phil leading the line. HBK!!

What a season!

Автор ThatCrazySpringtrap ( назад)
Phil The Trill! A Stanley Cup Champions! Yes!

Автор Don Stanford ( назад)
Way to go Phil. You now have a Stanley Cup Ring which never would have happened in Toronto.

Автор Frank Wilson ( назад)
It's gonna be a lot of fun this year "DAMN RIGHT"

Hahahaha! Phil "The Thrill' Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion!

Автор Keshaun Scott ( назад)
My mom loved the music choice 😂😂 great vid

Автор Connor McMatthews ( назад)
Him and Hornqvist look the same with playoffs beards

Автор JT Hockey Productions ( назад)
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Автор Robbie Wright ( назад)
You're safe now Phil. Toronto can't hurt you anymore

Автор Spencer Gull ( назад)
I think this just proves.... Toronto was the problem. Pittsburgh was the solution

Автор Michael Allen ( назад)
Lmao dam right

Автор BigMark2.0 ( назад)
Well done!

Автор jmb_412 ( назад)
"Uncoachable, lazy, coach killer"

Wins a Stanley Cup the year after he's traded. GG Toronto.

Автор TheWillStrike ( назад)
Phil, deserves this I'm so happy he got his trophy.

Автор Kevin Corcoran ( назад)
nicely done!!

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