• Published on Mar 1, 2017
  • It's a sad video to watch back because I made the decision to move from my best friends in town, but at least we can see each other on the internet. Please subscribe to these guys because they love doing what they do and I enjoy watching them do what they do best... being Poor.
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  • Burley Ant
    Burley Ant 2 days ago

    Three ways of Sonic....
    1.The video game of Sonic the Hedgehog
    2.A fast food restaurant called Sonic Drive In
    3.The amazing blue Chevrolet Sonic car the boys are using and driving😀😅😂😊☺💣💥

  • Avery Rizzi
    Avery Rizzi 21 day ago

    After watching this I want a salad.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 months ago

    You should ask for Extreme Tots

  • January B
    January B 5 months ago

    Desserts and drinks only. Their food isn't worth the trip.

  • snowtigress26
    snowtigress26 8 months ago

    Yes! Please do a vid of footlong chilli cheese dog! They shut our sonic down where i live...also would like to know how they do the mango slushie with nerds!

  • Dezzi Love
    Dezzi Love 10 months ago

    I love y'all goofballs

  • Matthew Hayes-Fraser
    Matthew Hayes-Fraser 10 months ago

    Is so cool jp

  • Joycon Boi Z
    Joycon Boi Z 11 months ago

    Buffalo sauce is gross

  • Renel Perez
    Renel Perez 11 months ago


  • ChibiPanda8888
    ChibiPanda8888 Year ago

    The only things I like at Sonic are the milkshakes and the sundaes and the drinks. Nothing else. I used to work there, and it was a bad experience, so I haven't been back much since.

  • IanBrian YT v2.0
    IanBrian YT v2.0 Year ago


  • Shooky Cooky
    Shooky Cooky Year ago

    The guy with the bread is weird

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Year ago

    I've never been to Sonic and when I ask my sisters how it is, they both tell me not to go there, because the food sucks, or so they say. Is there a reason you guysmoved to Florida, other than the weather?

  • ZetroZero
    ZetroZero Year ago

    Julia is so pretty .0.

  • Calvin Corrigan
    Calvin Corrigan Year ago

    4:03 thats what he / it said

  • Tristin Breland
    Tristin Breland Year ago

    It has more detail in his origin

  • Fandom Loving Trash

    At the end of the day....their asses exploded

  • Universal_ME
    Universal_ME Year ago

    I don't like julia no matter how hard i try

  • Adam Cross
    Adam Cross Year ago

    You should make the worlds most spiceist boneless wings

    MCTRINA1 Year ago

    PSA: Please tip your Car hop when you visit Sonic. Thank you and have a GREAT DAY! !!!


    @ 2:21 number 15 burger King foot lettuce. That last thing you want on your burger King burger is someones foot fungus but that might be actually what you gat

  • Alvin Chen
    Alvin Chen Year ago

    He is racist 1:00

  • Joycon Boi Z
    Joycon Boi Z Year ago

    Sega is the stupidest excuse for a video game company EVER!!

  • SaiyanJesus
    SaiyanJesus Year ago

    4 big guys and 1 poor car

  • Beani & Miso
    Beani & Miso Year ago


  • Humble
    Humble Year ago

    God damn Sonic puns

  • Bree Babii
    Bree Babii Year ago +1

    at sonic

  • chris emerson
    chris emerson Year ago

    Jp just paid for thier food

  • Benjiboy Flory
    Benjiboy Flory Year ago

    eating sonic at sonic in a sonic while playing sonic

  • Lord Gunther
    Lord Gunther Year ago

    Their 🅱️oneless wings are amazing

  • Slade Davis FISHING

    Hellthy junk food your videos are awesome!!

  • Emarie Strang
    Emarie Strang Year ago

    This makes so hungry cause there are no fast food places where I live only two little stoers😢

  • dcotis 22
    dcotis 22 Year ago

    Don't disrespect salads

  • eehnis
    eehnis Year ago

    Sad life

  • Brad Tizzard
    Brad Tizzard Year ago

    Me when I saw the title ...??????😞😞😞

  • CupcakeArtist 07
    CupcakeArtist 07 Year ago

    I miss Sonics! I live in Maryland now and i used to live in Atlanta Georgia

  • Gracelynn Duecker

    Mr.Needle Mouse
    I now know what i am gonna name my hedgehog

    Jk maybe....

  • alex15 crazy
    alex15 crazy Year ago

    As someone who doesnt eat beef, idk why im watching this lmao

  • Kermit just Flipped you off

    They didn't even play sonic

  • SMB Lux
    SMB Lux Year ago

    What next? Eating SubWay in a Subway, while playing Subway surfers?

  • The Maj and Cay Cay Show

    Make a giant donut

  • AppleSocks
    AppleSocks Year ago

    number three mild number 7 large tea alt tea root beer side of oni rings hotdog

  • antier-_-
    antier-_- Year ago

    B O N E L E S S W I N G S

  • The Great Chimera

    Julia's tiny little ass only lifting he bar tf

  • d a i f u k u
    d a i f u k u Year ago

    They make sure it 🅱️oneless

  • Toru the Red Fox
    Toru the Red Fox Year ago

    the first fact isn't exactly game canon
    it's only pre-reboot comic canon

  • Aqua Emerald
    Aqua Emerald Year ago

    Guys, guys. They're going to Sonic, playing sonic in a sonic and eating chilidogs.

  • Kiernan Sullivan
    Kiernan Sullivan Year ago

    "They're actually shaped like a wing. Are they *B O N E L E S S* ?"

  • challenges
    challenges Year ago

    when he says i feel so fat right now :D its probably because he is fat infact there all fat the bumper was dragging along the ground could you see the sparks coming from the bottom off the car ?? car was coughing trying to carry 4 supersize men

  • Voodoo
    Voodoo Year ago

    Eating Sonic, in a Sonic, wearing Sonic, while playing Sonic, with Sonic, the blue painted hedgehog.

  • Bryan O’Neill
    Bryan O’Neill Year ago

    Can you please do a giant Dunkin donut with cream filling

  • Kaylinn Rosas
    Kaylinn Rosas Year ago

    2:59 😂😂😂

  • KingDaniel Maliro

    4:25 that face

  • Yxng_jason05
    Yxng_jason05 Year ago

    Is it me or did any one just felt like grabbing their food because you were hungry

  • Grady Grove
    Grady Grove Year ago

    its okay guys he got a diet coke

    SKYLOZ Year ago

    Julia is working out while jp and his friends are eating sonic in a sonic playing sonic

    SKYLOZ Year ago

    Julia is working out while the jps friends eating sonic in a sonic playing sonic

  • Rosie Hecker
    Rosie Hecker Year ago

    lol. muricans just think placing such an abundant menu is their right. xD sooo many things to choose from. §freedom anyone can pick and choose whatever they want from the whole entire menu. lol.

  • Normal Studios
    Normal Studios Year ago

    it would be better if they ate sonic in a sonic playing sonic and holding a sonic screwdriver

    A VERY KIND GUY Year ago

    Jp is T H I C C

  • mid night society

    yay facing food

  • TC Mega Lucario
    TC Mega Lucario 2 years ago


  • TheHuntBegins05 Stogner

    Don't let sonic eat those onion rings, he will become...

    Sonic XXL.

  • LordPhill Project
    LordPhill Project 2 years ago

    That's what I always do on Sonic's birthday: Going to Sonic, Playing Sonic, Driving in a Sonic! (While drinking gin and tonic) Isn't that Ironic! :)

  • E_MAR Angels
    E_MAR Angels 2 years ago

    just watch until this video gets flagged for food porn

  • Gianna Bredice
    Gianna Bredice 2 years ago

    Giant resses peanut butter cup

  • Gianna Bredice
    Gianna Bredice 2 years ago

    Giant skittle!!

  • Deathskull 15459
    Deathskull 15459 2 years ago

    The hotdog looks like a chili cheese dog, which Sonic like to eat.

  • Travis Baduel
    Travis Baduel 2 years ago

    why r there fat homosexual in 1 car

  • Art Z
    Art Z 2 years ago

    greasy shits

  • Rob Johns
    Rob Johns 2 years ago +1

    Sonic sonic sonicicicicicicic son con sonic

  • SirLukeThe1
    SirLukeThe1 2 years ago

    haha "I'm going to ruin his upholstery" LOL

  • Darwin Waterson
    Darwin Waterson 2 years ago +1

    wow you're order was bigger than big Smock's

  • Sinaan Sm
    Sinaan Sm 2 years ago

    If u wanna make a huge hot dog u have to take it from david from david parody

  • kris hauenstein
    kris hauenstein 2 years ago

    so all the guys are hit and then there is her lol

  • Swimming Pineapple
    Swimming Pineapple 2 years ago

    Julia's workout isn't that hard 😂

  • Jenna Gamer
    Jenna Gamer 2 years ago

    did u guys do biggest pringles that will be cool

  • Jenna Gamer
    Jenna Gamer 2 years ago

    omg jp fergot his keys omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • aleckz o
    aleckz o 2 years ago

    Gotta get those chili dogs!

  • SpoderbananA Gaming
    SpoderbananA Gaming 2 years ago


  • KesorodaBlk
    KesorodaBlk 2 years ago

    I found what I was looking for. Sort of.

  • The action Dogs
    The action Dogs 2 years ago

    Where I live you have to go to vegas for sonic #LA

  • Elphunk
    Elphunk 2 years ago

    Nothing better than watching 4 fat guys eating fast food!

  • Evan Coffey
    Evan Coffey 2 years ago

    Really trying hard for that ad revenue eh?

  • jess Veenstra
    jess Veenstra 2 years ago

    i'll have you know that salads are bad for you not good do not feed into the lies

  • Ioakeim Sogiakas
    Ioakeim Sogiakas 2 years ago

    make maltesers

  • Joetron5x Overload
    Joetron5x Overload 2 years ago

    I hope they still live in Oneonta

  • Joetron5x Overload
    Joetron5x Overload 2 years ago

    hey heathly junk food guys do you know anyone named tammy clarson

  • Joetron5x Overload
    Joetron5x Overload 2 years ago

    omg that's does look like hater

  • Joetron5x Overload
    Joetron5x Overload 2 years ago

    I can't tell if that's hater my moms friend in the car with them

  • Joetron5x Overload
    Joetron5x Overload 2 years ago

    I can't tell if that's hater my moms friend in the car with them

  • Joetron5x Overload
    Joetron5x Overload 2 years ago

    this is so funny that I am not the only RUclipr in my town because I live in Oneonta to you. I saw these guys before

  • Richard Blot
    Richard Blot 2 years ago


  • Spouki Bouki
    Spouki Bouki 2 years ago

    My mouth watered this whole video

  • Niah Pena
    Niah Pena 2 years ago

    giant cinnamon bun

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 2 years ago

    Now I want to eat Sonic food

  • Bouncy
    Bouncy 2 years ago

    I think that you guys should make a burger a mix of ghost peppers and carolina reapers

  • Bouncy
    Bouncy 2 years ago

    I feel like Julia could have lifted more

  • Russet Cactus
    Russet Cactus 2 years ago

    Those were fake fact about sonic. Right? cause Sonic was originally gonna be a dog.

    • AceRay 24
      AceRay 24 2 years ago

      look up dykg and you will find the answer
      is jackie chan a porn star???

  • Senti Hetep
    Senti Hetep 2 years ago

    as a sonic fan that first fact is not cannon