Halloween Nail Art with Matte Cat Eyes

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Hi,
    Today we’re doing some beautiful Halloween nails using the Cat’s Eye Gel Polish.
    I’ve already prepped Vanessa’s nails and applied my tips. I’m just going to overlay acrylic with an apex because this design is going to be entirely in gel polish.
    I’m going to start with Serious Black over all the nails. I’m then going to use the two cats eyes colours on the nails, using both colours together and use the magnet to create a little pattern on the nail. On the thumb, I’m going to create a little moon on the thumb with Snow White. I’m then going to Matte Top Coat all of the nails. They’re already looking spooky.
    For the spooky scene, we’re going to use Serious Black and draw grass, a scarecrow and a scary tree and a pumpkin on all of the nails. For the one with the moon, I’m going to draw bats and they’re going to get smaller the closer to the moon they are. I’m then going to use Snow White to draw on the eyes and mouth for the scarecrow and the pumpkin, and then use luminous orange over the top.
    I’ll finish with Matte Top Coat and cuticle oil.
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    Lots Of Love
    Kirsty XOXO
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    🏪🏪🏪🏪 - Products Used in This Video - 🏪🏪🏪🏪
    Natural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder - bit.ly/1XK8t6q
    Serious Black - UGGP-A0002 - bit.ly/2H61c0w
    Cracked Ice - UGGP-CE035 - bit.ly/2AaRCXj
    Extraterrestrial - UGGP-CE036 - bit.ly/2R4MLAM
    Urban Graffiti Ultra Matte Top Coat - bit.ly/2m1i9lU
    Snow White - UGGP-A0001 - bit.ly/2klaDBG
    Atomic Tangerine - UGGP-FE484 - bit.ly/2EohkfB
    Cuticle Oil - bit.ly/1RoQUZ
    🏪🏪🏪🏪 - Products Commonly Used - 🏪🏪🏪🏪
    Clear Acrylic Powder - bit.ly/1UhW386
    Urban Graffiti Top Coat - bit.ly/2iJ6nVJ
    Mega Gloss Sealer Gel - bit.ly/22C1Ne2
    Nail Prep/Dehydrator - bit.ly/1RwOkfn
    Acid Free Nail Primer - bit.ly/1Mks7oY
    Acid Based Nail Primer 15ml - - bit.ly/2KQpfRr
    Gel Residue Remover 120ml - bit.ly/1RijurP
    Maximum Adhesion - bit.ly/1UhGbm9
    240ml Medium Speed Acrylic Monomer - bit.ly/2s68f52
    480ml High Speed Acrylic Liquid - bit.ly/2s0gcbT
    Dotting Tool - bit.ly/1RHt6eZ
    240/240 Grit File - bit.ly/2HiwRxp
    180/180 Grit Nail File - bit.ly/2H5TPbN
    120/120 Grit File - bit.ly/2tROv2Y
    80/80 Grit File - bit.ly/2C6EtPX
    Buffer - bit.ly/1XJHaZZ
    Pure Acetone - bit.ly/1SrWpss
    Lint Free Wipe - bit.ly/1pHh9PN
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Comments • 229

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 5 days ago

    Instead of starting with the thumbnail, how about starting on the other end, the pinky, and that will avoid bending the fingernail into the thumb nail...???

  • Kat Sin
    Kat Sin 28 days ago

    im soo in love with this nail design, I wish I can get my nails done.

  • Amie De Angelis
    Amie De Angelis 29 days ago

    I love how the Matte Top Coat made the Cats Eyes look like velvet!!

  • Tegan Leigh
    Tegan Leigh Month ago

    My anxiety really went 📈 when she slanted the pot

  • Allison Holt
    Allison Holt Month ago

    how long does take you to do the none domaint hand x

  • Purpleness
    Purpleness Month ago +1

    I think kirsty should do a Male design on Adam's nails love anita xxx

  • alexa k
    alexa k Month ago

    She makes it look so easy

  • Cheryl Stevens
    Cheryl Stevens Month ago

    Kirsty you covered the best part. That moon 🌚 was so awesome !!!

  • Lydia Thaler
    Lydia Thaler Month ago

    Oh wow. Now I know why its called gel nails. ....

  • Someone Familiar
    Someone Familiar Month ago

    I feel like I was the only one yelling at the screen "shes denting it! Shes denting her nail! Stop touching your nails together!" Lol

  • Kristal MacDowall
    Kristal MacDowall Month ago

    Like you know when you’re listening to an artists album and a bad song comes on and you remind yourself that everyone has a junk song? Well it’s nothing like that when it comes to your work. How have you never done a junk set you’ve been here for years and it’s ALWAYS amazing!

  • Karenj Nails
    Karenj Nails Month ago

    Really interested to know how long these would take you start to finish ? Super talent

  • It's Havann
    It's Havann Month ago

    I'm sorry but Kirstie your application lately has been HORRIBLE... what is going on? On the first nail u did the whole right side of the cuticle barely had any powder. You could totally see the nail still. An the nails just look so boxed. Smh.. I'm so disappointed. An this isnt the only vid you've been slacking on. I had to stop watching. I still love u. Ur still amazing. I just sad. I miss the greatness in u. :(

  • KBeth
    KBeth Month ago

    YAY! It's Halloween time! LOL. Your still the best Kirsty! :)

  • prettylovelything
    prettylovelything Month ago

    Absolutely stunning, i love the cat eye effect under a matte coat 😍

  • Becky Andrews
    Becky Andrews Month ago

    Can you show us how you would do a square shape. I’m curious how it would be different to these 🤔

  • Carreon Carreon Jacinto

    Hola...soy tu admiradora....me encanta tu trabajo...porfa traducelo al español...eso me ayudarias mucho a entender mejor.. .porfavor...gracias

  • Meggin Ashley
    Meggin Ashley Month ago

    I love them! I need to buy a bunch of different nail polishes, and get a larger selection! I love your videos!

  • Tracy Albert
    Tracy Albert Month ago

    LOL I was cringing in pain for the brush and frustrated along with Kirsty. Adam you need to get a lesson from Kirsty and LISTEN to what she says. :)

    Ooh I love that matte top

  • Lauri Emerich
    Lauri Emerich Month ago

    Yes, yes, and yes! Adam will do better this time!!

  • Chris R
    Chris R Month ago

    Absolutely love these nails!! Love the matte finish on the cat's eye polish!!

  • Sue Stone
    Sue Stone Month ago

    Adam... Was the village Tanfield Lea? Xx

  • Cheryl Craggs
    Cheryl Craggs Month ago

    Wanted to see them in the dark!

  • Angela Reece
    Angela Reece Month ago

    Hi Kirsty, love your work sweet... Quick question? I need a new acrylic brush and am struggling which one to pick.. My current brush is the precision 8 from nsi.. please can you recommend lovely? Many thanks..xxx

  • Bethy HolaPussycat
    Bethy HolaPussycat Month ago

    Kirsty, It would be fab to see some Harris tweed or chanel tweed inspired designs

  • Shirley M
    Shirley M Month ago

    They are stunning nails ..xx

  • Siobhán K.
    Siobhán K. Month ago

    Gorgeous, and spooky!!! You make it look so easy to just whack on full Halloween art to tiny nails!!! Well impressive. x

  • Tasha22Bella
    Tasha22Bella Month ago

    I love this design but I am downright in love with the matt cat eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! It reminds me of those holograms you used to get as a kid...

  • Nails by Sarah Burchett

    My husband recently sculpted his first ever nail on me and I was shocked!!!! He has never made a nail before! I filmed it thinking he would be crap! Lol he was a natural!
    Love these Halloween nails! So cute!!!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Month ago +2

    “Destroyed the soul of the brush” 😂 Yes he did. He needs a do-over!

  • Rådyr på Flateby
    Rådyr på Flateby Month ago

    But but but... where are my lovely Kirsty-bloopers??? Always cracks me up! :)

  • Rådyr på Flateby
    Rådyr på Flateby Month ago

    Love your videos, really great for both learning and relaxing. But is there some trouble with the sound? Or is it my computer?

  • Sharon Moss
    Sharon Moss Month ago

    The most gorgeous colours ever!

  • Cynthia Webber
    Cynthia Webber Month ago

    Adam, you *know* Kirsty will never let you live down that poor brush. However, I think you should have another go; you've learned what you did incorrectly (and boy, did Kirsty let you know! LOL), so your next set will turn out much better.
    Lovely Halloween design on the nails! Kirsty, you are *the* nail goddess.

  • Sheila NoneYaBiz
    Sheila NoneYaBiz Month ago +1

    It looks like aurora borealis’s with it all matte. Oooooohhh you could use that to make like ghost faces appear when you move your nails in different angles 💯🥰. Beautiful set as always and I love your work. Where do you get your inspiration? Did you grow up around someone who was good at painting or any art? Thank you 😊

  • Lorraine Ferguson
    Lorraine Ferguson Month ago

    amazing design i love it!!!

  • Lorraine Ferguson
    Lorraine Ferguson Month ago

    Adam doing nails was awesome and very fun to watch!! I love the fun you all have great sense of humour

  • Yasa Yasa
    Yasa Yasa Month ago


  • Kristina Wondowassen

    Love this design.

  • Renee Sinnott
    Renee Sinnott Month ago

    Omg I want them ❤️

  • Michael Wadwell
    Michael Wadwell Month ago

    September what date

  • Karolina M
    Karolina M Month ago

    My naturally curved nails feel insulted xd

  • Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen Month ago

    Love it💖 i would love to see adam try again solo also another comment had a great idea a video of kristy teaching him right/wrongs *very good for us learning as well*😜 and question how would you go about getting rid of the base black peaking out at the cuticle?

  • Lena Lim
    Lena Lim Month ago +1

    I think you guys need to do a Chris and Adam rematch with them each getting same amount of days as practice lol :D

    • Lena Lim
      Lena Lim Month ago

      Naio Nails what if they both got trained by you (kirsty) to make it even :P

    • Naio Nails
      Naio Nails  Month ago

      I don't think Chris would stand a chance if that would be a case 😁

  • Merry Kay Milam
    Merry Kay Milam Month ago

    A headless Horseman would be good for a thumb nail I think..

  • swielichoski
    swielichoski Month ago

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE the Halloween nails. Your so talented Kristy.

  • Jane W
    Jane W Month ago

    Please do some early 2000’s duck nails

  • Cynthia Caywood
    Cynthia Caywood Month ago

    I love your work.

  • Debbie Shaw
    Debbie Shaw Month ago

    Amazing!! 👍♥️

  • Monica Price
    Monica Price Month ago

    Off topic. But was wondering if you could do a video on how to place two forms together to create an extra long extension. Much love💖

  • Khismet Rayne
    Khismet Rayne Month ago

    Just an aside, your info for the cure times says "mintue" instead of minute.

  • Wight Queen
    Wight Queen Month ago

    omg! these are awesome!!! xxx

  • Lori
    Lori Month ago

    Naio definitely has the BEST cat's eye polish !! Those colors are bomb and the "flash" is so clear...yup, the best (especially with that super matte top coat) Time to get out the credit card and get myself some treats..I can see that "frost" color on some winter nails....

  • SybilCreates
    SybilCreates Month ago

    Wow. Kirsty is so talented! She never fails to impress. 💜🧡👍🏾

  • Dania Herrera Hidalgo

    Wonderful! I love your job

  • Angie Bolton
    Angie Bolton Month ago

    AMAZING AS ALWAYS!! Love the matte over the cats eye, looks really cool!! Love your videos!! You’re so talented!! 🤗

    • Angie Bolton
      Angie Bolton Month ago

      Naio Nails You’re very welcome 🤗

    • Naio Nails
      Naio Nails  Month ago

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Angie 😊😘

  • ericamanda01
    ericamanda01 Month ago

    What a beautiful effect! I love the matte over the cats eye!

    • Naio Nails
      Naio Nails  Month ago

      It gives an unexpected effect, doesn't it? 😍

  • Michael Wadwell
    Michael Wadwell Month ago +1

    What Zodiac Sign are you hun

    • Naio Nails
      Naio Nails  Month ago

      Her birthday is in September, so I'm guessing her star sign is Libra 😊

  • Angelique80
    Angelique80 Month ago

    Spooky! Love them so much 😍👻

  • Kimberly Solomon
    Kimberly Solomon Month ago

    Awesome effects!