I Ate McDonald's for a Week and LOST WEIGHT!

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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  • Cara Swanson
    Cara Swanson 10 days ago

    Omg I did that too and I lost weight it really works

  • Ry The Guy
    Ry The Guy 10 days ago +1

    I fillmed myself on a McDonalds Only diet last October and lost 16 pounds in 30 Days :) Love your channel, check out my McDiet on my channel

  • Frenchie & The Chows
    Frenchie & The Chows 10 days ago +3

    Hey love your vids - I know a guy who ate McDonalds for a month and lost 16 pounds he's a RUclipr called "Ry The Guy"

  • KayJayS
    KayJayS 13 days ago

    😫 McDonald’s uses the same ingredients as you making them yourself idk why y’all think it’s not

  • cats are cute
    cats are cute 13 days ago

    Any Mcdonald random burger = 20 apples at lest

  • cats are cute
    cats are cute 13 days ago

    "This is body after the mcdonald s diet" 56:05

  • Rosalind Nelson
    Rosalind Nelson 14 days ago

    I get what you are saying but pasta is not necessarily considered a healthy food. I love you Trish lol not hate just clearing this up so people who are trying to lose weight don’t just eat pasta or something 😂❤️

  • Jasmine Wright
    Jasmine Wright 15 days ago

    Has she never heard of Super Size Me?

  • Tehila Setton
    Tehila Setton 15 days ago

    i clicked on this at lighting speed

  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn 15 days ago

    You need to try a breakfast on a bun (BOB) from Whataburger for a week. If you ever come to Texas!

  • Rafael VLOZbRo
    Rafael VLOZbRo 16 days ago

    Literally a hour

  • Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd
    Nicki Daisy Reddwoodd 16 days ago

    Short fingernails look the best.

  • kelli belle
    kelli belle 16 days ago

    It sounded like she said there should be an egg white option - I’m pretty sure there’s still one that’s called the ‘egg white delight’

  • lil’ nugget
    lil’ nugget 16 days ago

    I think I did this diet when I was a sophomore in high school because I was a lazy bitch and always on my period.

  • Isabelle Brown
    Isabelle Brown 16 days ago +2

    she used the same before photo as the celery juice diet video

  • Jesus Ibarra
    Jesus Ibarra 17 days ago


  • carroline gough
    carroline gough 17 days ago

    i lost 10 pounds by just eating 1 big strawberry with 2 small ones and 1/2 of blueberries. i lost 10 pounds in less than a week

  • carroline gough
    carroline gough 17 days ago

    i lost 10 pounds by just eating 1 big strawberry with 2 small ones and 1/2 of blueberries. i lost 10 pounds in less than a week

  • Shashara Sims
    Shashara Sims 17 days ago +1

    She craving fast food

  • Shashara Sims
    Shashara Sims 17 days ago +1

    You can't lost weight eating fast food

  • Ye Jin Euh
    Ye Jin Euh 17 days ago


  • vanessa wietczak
    vanessa wietczak 18 days ago

    Looking good girl

  • Elizabeth Ashley
    Elizabeth Ashley 19 days ago +1

    According to Trish, McDonalds has an astigmatism; when the shape of your eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. Y'learn something new every day.

  • Sandylphan
    Sandylphan 19 days ago

    What have i been doing wrong lol

  • Natalie Muñoz
    Natalie Muñoz 19 days ago

    You’re addicted to food and extreme restricting isn’t going to fix it. You need therapy. Listening to you talk in circles about food is like listening to a drug addict

  • Watermel0n
    Watermel0n 19 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does she look way prettier without makeup?

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B 19 days ago

    No it's not good for you if it comes from McDonald's lol

  • That bubbly Yeemø
    That bubbly Yeemø 19 days ago

    Hey uh I do this and it doesn’t happen?

  • Skye_is_da_ limit
    Skye_is_da_ limit 19 days ago +1

    Your boobs look bigger when your slimmer 😂

  • Sky Fly
    Sky Fly 19 days ago

    All you need to do is make sure you get in good healthy meals throughout the day and stop eating at 4pm. It’s simple. I think I read where after 4 you put your body in ketosis which helps with weight loss. Also, adding mct oil and bone broth to your routine... you’re set.
    I just got off a 22 day water fast and yea losing almost 30 lbs in 3 weeks is insane but I can’t eat as much now. Lol.

  • danielle rosa
    danielle rosa 20 days ago +5

    idk how ppl stop eating at 4pm... or even 8pm. im starvinggggg by 10pm 😫

    • J
      J 17 days ago

      I know 😔 I have to stop eating at six because I have to take my medicine on an empty stomach and it's horrible!

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 20 days ago

    3:25 “McDonald’s has such a bad astigmatism”

  • Ashlee Slavey
    Ashlee Slavey 20 days ago

    What kind of fuckery is this

  • D Pietrowski
    D Pietrowski 20 days ago

    Get a sausage and egg biscuit with cheese. Sooo good

  • D Pietrowski
    D Pietrowski 20 days ago

    Trish. Did u literally get out of bed and drive to mcD's

  • Nevaeh Martin
    Nevaeh Martin 20 days ago

    Trish, you’re transformation is great , your body looks amazing, but please don’t starve yourself, I’m not a dietitian, I’m not saying you have a eating disorder, but a lot of people that try to lose weight end up having one, please be safe, love u❤️

  • Jaimee Sit
    Jaimee Sit 20 days ago

    Trisha genuinely this is out of love and concern for you!! I'm concerned that you are not getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your body to function. Eating less will really not help you lose weight, and if it does it's an extremely unhealthy way to do so. Please talk to a nutritionist! Listen and care for your body, don't act against it. ALSO, eating that much of one thing is not good as well. Even celery juice!! You need to have a variety of nutrients.

  • Estefania Maldonado
    Estefania Maldonado 21 day ago +6

    I feel like cocaine should get big props for this🤣

  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris 21 day ago

    They do have an egg white option. 💚 It's an egg white delight you can order with just the egg and it's exactly the same as an egg mc muffin just egg white instead.

  • ProActif Fitness
    ProActif Fitness 21 day ago

    the reason why you were not hungry is because it was protein in the morning, Keep your celery juicing please

  • mia xox
    mia xox 21 day ago

    It’s sad to know people who try this and think they would loose weight bye eating McDonald’s

  • mais um inscrito
    mais um inscrito 21 day ago

    ohh the american way of life

  • siobhan
    siobhan 21 day ago

    honestly i dont understand why no youtuber hasnt called trish out her promoting such an unhealthy life style, like crash diets, lollipop suppressants and her lack of education on food is so damaging especially for her young audience, like you can tell she really only cares about what makes the most views and not her 'fans'

  • Arkadi Grigoryan
    Arkadi Grigoryan 21 day ago

    Omg I thought it was Britney for a minute

  • Corina Rodriguez
    Corina Rodriguez 22 days ago

    Trish, do you know what being "fatphobic" means? I think with your videos lately you should probably learn the definition and become familiar with it and maybe bring it up the next time you *hopefully* visit your therapist!

  • Allyxx
    Allyxx 22 days ago +4

    I was judging her for a second, and then I realised I was watching this while scooping nutella out of a jar with my finger and eating it

    • YamiAlex224
      YamiAlex224 8 days ago +1

      Im drinking coke while eating 2 things of ramen noodles AFTER i did an egg diet. Shit did i pull a trish

  • Allyxx
    Allyxx 22 days ago +1

    "This is my egg mcmuffin channel" hahahaha

  • Meldoesmakeup
    Meldoesmakeup 22 days ago +1

    Not to be mean but the finger sucking grosses me out so bad. I have to skip that. Like is greasy fingers really that irresistible? 🤢

  • Baby Ally
    Baby Ally 22 days ago

    she makes her weight loss so much more complicated than it needs to be, eat clean and workout.

  • Jade Bowling
    Jade Bowling 22 days ago

    Just call it eating McDonald’s breakfast

  • Jade Bowling
    Jade Bowling 22 days ago +1

    The chewing tho 🤢 and the big lips looks vile

  • Jade Bowling
    Jade Bowling 22 days ago

    The black eyes and messy hair tho in public

  • Caitlin Daly
    Caitlin Daly 22 days ago

    So great to know she doesn't know what a hairbrush is 👌

  • Peacock Princess Vlogs

    shane where u at

    MURR DOG 22 days ago


  • Davon Griffin
    Davon Griffin 22 days ago

    Eating McDonald’s make people bigger not skinny and McDonald’s food is nasty 🤢 the only way people get skinny is by working out you 🤥 but you are ever pretty but are you single???

  • Marissa Kelley
    Marissa Kelley 23 days ago

    Everyone hates on McDonald’s for no reason. Sure there are a lot of bad food you can order there just like any fast food place but there are healthier, low cal options as well. If you’re gonna order the Big Mac that’s obviously high cal but if you order the 280 calorie sausage McMuffin then that’s another story.. have some accountability. Choose wisely.

  • Tegan 1804
    Tegan 1804 23 days ago

    My parents probably thought I was watching saint I should be because of the noises she makes 😂😂

  • Angelica Munoz
    Angelica Munoz 23 days ago

    Trisha you should try the Apple cider vinegar thing!

  • heather todd
    heather todd 23 days ago

    I feel like you obsess over weight every video that has poped up in my recs has been all your different weight loss bleh.

  • danielle mccollough
    danielle mccollough 23 days ago +1

    Has anyone noticed that the before picture in the thumbnail is the same as last weeks thumbnail before picture?

  • alex hokanson
    alex hokanson 23 days ago

    if you combine the insane bike pump farts video with this, its epic

  • DrRisk01
    DrRisk01 23 days ago

    Trish is so fucking pretty

  • DrRisk01
    DrRisk01 23 days ago

    I agree with you. Certain fast fills me up the entire day

  • ItsSarah
    ItsSarah 23 days ago

    The beeping from her car is so annoying

  • Shook Slay
    Shook Slay 24 days ago +3

    Ad : How many weight do you want to lose?
    Trisha : Yes

    • YamiAlex224
      YamiAlex224 8 days ago +1

      I got a weight loss ad on her 10,000 calorie mukbang video and i put down my soda and cried

  • chillinebony
    chillinebony 24 days ago

    You look amazing!

  • My Pet World
    My Pet World 24 days ago


  • Louis Peterson
    Louis Peterson 24 days ago +2

    Easy work. Just count calories. Eat whatever you want

  • Kevin_92
    Kevin_92 24 days ago

    Man I hate when Mcdonalds gets a bad stigmatism

  • Yazmira Diaz
    Yazmira Diaz 24 days ago

    Let's make a track together... I'll rap for you. Call me Yaz

  • Angie M
    Angie M 24 days ago +1

    When you don’t have enough nutrients in your body your body will bloat so let’s not listen to her lol

  • Angie M
    Angie M 24 days ago

    She’s delusional lol that’s your body telling you your hungry and you need to feed it , girl eating Greek yogurt and fresh fruit will not make you fat it’ll give you energy and you won’t be Tired . You like carbs try switching it to healthy carbs and you’ll feel satisfied and your full . The move you move the more you need to eat your body will stop dropping weight

  • icedwhite mocha
    icedwhite mocha 24 days ago

    How tall is Trisha? She doesn't look 199. She kinda looks bigger than that

  • StormPlayz
    StormPlayz 24 days ago +3

    Love how everyone turns into a nutritionist when she uploads a food video

  • Infinity
    Infinity 25 days ago

    I don't watch movies because they are long but I'd watch Trish talking about egg mc muffin for an hour. 🙂🙂

  • Gabrielle Elali
    Gabrielle Elali 25 days ago

    can i just say that she looks beautiful without makeup

  • Xavi Atkinson
    Xavi Atkinson 25 days ago

    Should gain 60 pounds, get chubby

  • Kimberly Darquea
    Kimberly Darquea 25 days ago

    does she not realize mcdonald’s has all day breakfast

  • Victoriya
    Victoriya 25 days ago

    It's so so sad how ignorant she is when it comes to nutrition ): she doesn't need to fast or diet or anything crazy like that. If she would just stop eating out and cook at home, eat her veggies, be more active she'd be fine. She's so unhealthy and probably malnourished.

  • Alex Bandy
    Alex Bandy 25 days ago +23

    You should try a Vegan diet for a week. That way you can get used to eating more veggies and fruits.

  • Araya K
    Araya K 25 days ago

    She could die

  • Freeman
    Freeman 25 days ago +5


    Trish: i have a theory... 🤔

  • how long can you make your name on here? Damn

    Oh what freelee is going to say to this.....

  • Lejla Islamovic
    Lejla Islamovic 25 days ago

    So annoying and stupid

  • Reyna Celeste W
    Reyna Celeste W 26 days ago

    Okay but Trisha you are so adorable. Not awkward! ❤ so bubbly and loving.

  • Thimble Fox
    Thimble Fox 26 days ago

    you are definitely getting a lot skinnier than you were a couple months ago

  • Jay_baby _lacy
    Jay_baby _lacy 26 days ago

    Best thing for you to do Trisha is eat a lot, but in low calories. So lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day to keep full, and just cook at home. You can make a better egg sandwich at home, that dry stuff you got going on aint it sis. Then your going to be so hungry, you’ll end up binging because you can’t live your life on a diet

  • ALove _train
    ALove _train 26 days ago

    You lost weight because there’s no nutrients so you’re killing yourself

  • maria kunis
    maria kunis 26 days ago

    my fav troller lol

  • Mom Eats and advice
    Mom Eats and advice 26 days ago +2

    California weather though ❤️

  • Mom Eats and advice
    Mom Eats and advice 26 days ago

    Me today with chips and cupcakes

  • Val Pal
    Val Pal 26 days ago

    Me after saying I want to eat healthy:

  • Elizabeth Jetty
    Elizabeth Jetty 26 days ago

    You are honestly looking really good Trish

  • Jessica Jem
    Jessica Jem 26 days ago

    Triiiiissssshhhhh, just because something is protein does not mean it is good for you!! the opposite actually, in no way is bacon or cheese healthy, it has been proven to cause cancer and heart disease. Hearing you refer to anything from mcdonalds being healthy is so frustrating! These fad diets are not going to work! :)

  • Zoe
    Zoe 26 days ago


  • Elizabeth Rey
    Elizabeth Rey 27 days ago

    Story time....NOT clickbait. I’ve been watching Trisha ever since she and Jason started dating. I’ve literally gained 14lbs watching her Mukbangs and now this b%^£> is losing weight? Oh hell no. lol

  • Natalie Robinson
    Natalie Robinson 27 days ago

    i cant even watch her anymore.... she looks like a fucking mess, and starving yourself and then shoving your face with bad food doesn’t help you lose weight at all

  • pwpay10
    pwpay10 27 days ago

    THESE COMMENTS!!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • cat lover
    cat lover 27 days ago +3

    McDonald's food has a LOT of calories. Plus, its not actually very healthy. Its fine on occassion but I definitely recommend some home cooked meals with a variety of fresh ingredients. You should try some kind of food diary that guides you on which food groups you should include in your meals and how many calories to limit yourself to.

    • cat lover
      cat lover 22 days ago

      I was not aware that there were alot of low cal options. That's good. And yes. Choosing wisely is always a good philosophy. :)

    • Marissa Kelley
      Marissa Kelley 23 days ago

      cat lover there are plenty of low cal options at McDonald’s. Choose wisely.