Flume - Jewel

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Flume - Jewel
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    I made a mixtape with some of my favorite artists.
    It’s 38 minutes of music, with a visualizer created by Jonathan Zawada.
    We hope you enjoy :)
    Full mixtape visualizer here: flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/RUclip
    Mixed by Eric J Dubowsky
    Mastered by Matt Colton
    Shot by: Matsu
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Comments • 912

  • william graw
    william graw 7 hours ago

    No doubt Flume’s vortex is full

  • Lil Mty
    Lil Mty 7 days ago

    After 1:45 thats just "wow"
    Realy great song guys 👌

  • trustparadox
    trustparadox 8 days ago

    is this flume's butt

  • Vartika Kejriwal
    Vartika Kejriwal 10 days ago

    But is that a girl?

  • Bartosz Gbiorczyk
    Bartosz Gbiorczyk 10 days ago

    I just love this so much

  • Tatyel Music
    Tatyel Music 12 days ago

    Suena a Future Bass Kawai

  • Killkor
    Killkor 12 days ago

    This is gonna be good :)

  • Robert
    Robert 13 days ago

    Middle East chanting vibes... anyone?

  • Filetric
    Filetric 14 days ago

    All my frind say its ducked up and found nothing good or interesting but its so good

  • Hitesh Vishnu
    Hitesh Vishnu 14 days ago +2

    Wow! You're always so ahead of our time!!
    You're music is always so fresh and original. Never disappoints.

  • Majula Dark S.
    Majula Dark S. 16 days ago +1


  • tb504david
    tb504david 19 days ago

    Spend the night on the highway hitting this cruisetune bust that shit out on the Ramp

  • innerbloom
    innerbloom 20 days ago

    i always get hype at 0:53

  • Amy L
    Amy L 23 days ago +2

    This song makes me feel some type of way...

  • Mr. Olli
    Mr. Olli 24 days ago +1

    ohhh man these sounds are fucking killing

  • ESKARTT Yiming
    ESKARTT Yiming 24 days ago


  • Yung Swaggot
    Yung Swaggot 24 days ago

    Best track on the mixtape IMO, so ethereal to me for some reason

  • Maciej Kopczyk
    Maciej Kopczyk 25 days ago

    I'm not just hear the song I feel it. It's fuckin Opus Magnum

  • Ishmael Morris
    Ishmael Morris 29 days ago

    That break down tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • YeetThosYetis YawYeet

    I hope you don’t mind me putting this in one of my videos I will put it in the dsc

  • Shannon Mallon
    Shannon Mallon Month ago

    Am I the only one who got Animal Crossing town tunes vibe in the beginning? Ahaha

  • Rowan Early
    Rowan Early Month ago

    90% sure this song was made from bagpipes 🤷

  • Dah Dah
    Dah Dah Month ago +2

    2:48 - 3:05 is absolutely mind blowing.

  • Jess Chavez
    Jess Chavez Month ago

    Teal ♥

  • Elionaldo J.r
    Elionaldo J.r Month ago

    I think that that music really fits with my video. I hope you like it: ruclip.com/video/IDEoyKEU5As/video.html

  • Rui
    Rui Month ago

    What a melody porco dio

  • osito boom eran
    osito boom eran Month ago


  • aj hall
    aj hall Month ago

    its spelled juul

  • Hooked on Cronic
    Hooked on Cronic Month ago

    This Track gives the best eargasms

  • Milo Escobar
    Milo Escobar Month ago


  • Spoonish_
    Spoonish_ Month ago

    1:50 i hear eeehhh n*gga

  • Michela Valenti
    Michela Valenti Month ago

    Obsessed since the day this came out ♥️
    I fucking missed you!

  • SkinnyGenes
    SkinnyGenes Month ago

    G.O.A.T 🌹

  • Ian Coetzee, Health Consultant.

    I want to smash my fucking fist into a wall until my knuckle bones are visibly showing .

  • silhouette
    silhouette Month ago

    My favourite off of the mixtape

  • K3ith Price
    K3ith Price Month ago

    This sounds like a satellite falling into a volcano.

  • Roti Wokeman
    Roti Wokeman Month ago

    There have to be more tracks like this out there.

  • ayedhatyaygo
    ayedhatyaygo Month ago


  • Ran LaVa
    Ran LaVa Month ago

    Flume eating Peyote is the Jewel.

    ANGELUX波 Month ago +1


  • Sajat Ahmed
    Sajat Ahmed Month ago

    I been waiting for this

  • Joel Embiid
    Joel Embiid Month ago +1

    Just realized that is flume sitting.

  • Y2Kvids
    Y2Kvids Month ago

    Song of the Year 2019

  • Azmee Cruz
    Azmee Cruz Month ago

    2:00-2:10 with airpods. yes

  • Jeilan Devanesan
    Jeilan Devanesan Month ago

    Zamn, this guy is so fire!! Everything he touches, holy

  • Beebo! At the Disco

    My personal favorite from the mixtape

  • Samantha Kaviyakone

    a fan music video ❤️ ruclip.com/video/HJts-YPwSCc/video.html

  • ashes
    ashes Month ago

    I never knew I could love a song so much

  • Game-Force
    Game-Force Month ago

    This song deserves soo much more views!!

  • Thales Gonçalves
    Thales Gonçalves 2 months ago

    At 1:43 it feels like a machine is trying to communicate with us humans

  • Cifa69
    Cifa69 2 months ago

    i love your work, powerfull at original 1:40

  • sniper rival
    sniper rival 2 months ago

    *Those toes tho😍*

  • parijuana1
    parijuana1 2 months ago


  • mastakrafsta
    mastakrafsta 2 months ago

    What daaaaa fuckkkkkk. I am in heaven

  • Brosephstalin
    Brosephstalin 2 months ago

    These songs are so fucking underrated

  • Martinho Tavares
    Martinho Tavares 2 months ago

    Best song in the mixtape

  • Fortisimo
    Fortisimo 2 months ago

    Anyone in 2045?

  • Marius Kopp
    Marius Kopp 2 months ago


  • Gabe Laws
    Gabe Laws 2 months ago


  • 150 limited
    150 limited 2 months ago +2

    Amazing track!! Flume is on fire! 🔥🔥

  • Deven Maltez
    Deven Maltez 2 months ago

    Who lives in the pineapple under the sea

  • Priyank
    Priyank 2 months ago

    check flume's jewel with the visuals I made ☺️

  • Thalita Geovana
    Thalita Geovana 2 months ago

    so boa fiotis

  • Jared Hale
    Jared Hale 2 months ago

    SBTRKT and Flume collab would be life changing

  • Syresin
    Syresin 2 months ago

    i like the part when the wind flows through the robe

  • Juan Calderon
    Juan Calderon 2 months ago

    Can not explain the feeling this gives me, but damn..

  • Kabir
    Kabir 2 months ago

    goosebumps and motivation

  • Kyle Rulka
    Kyle Rulka 2 months ago

    Anyone know where I can find more music that has a similar sound to 1:43? I really like the vibe of that part

  • Nina Voronina
    Nina Voronina 2 months ago

    It sounds like Slugabed, but cleansed and crystallized

  • Robb, son of Otto
    Robb, son of Otto 2 months ago

    Imagine if Flume and Clams Casino teamed up for a track, holy fuck.

  • DanielAmaro
    DanielAmaro 2 months ago

    This song... A mix of feels

  • Elliot Bell
    Elliot Bell 2 months ago

    This sounds dumb

  • Gregor Graschitz
    Gregor Graschitz 2 months ago +2

    Your music is insane and epic at one time! Always next level! I was at 2 concerts already and you crushed it everytime - filled with adrenalin, goosbumps and good vibes!

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas 2 months ago +1

    This song is remarkably good, Flume never fails to provide the most b-e-a-utiful and eclectic music. FLUME, THANK YOUUU FOR ALWAYS PRODUCING SUCH A GREAT VARIETY OF GORGEOUS SOUNDING MUSIC.

  • Tadi Wantwadi
    Tadi Wantwadi 2 months ago


  • Disector
    Disector 2 months ago


  • Jaemi Chaser
    Jaemi Chaser 2 months ago


  • Ushiab
    Ushiab 2 months ago


  • Kasia Cherry
    Kasia Cherry 2 months ago

    I'm melted... Seriously... ❤️❤️

  • Melissa Sümer
    Melissa Sümer 2 months ago

    This is awesome.

  • Lessur Films
    Lessur Films 2 months ago +1

    I grew up listening to two artists, Mac Miller and Flume. Thank you for this project, I needed new music that could drown out the craziness of life.

    • Dimo
      Dimo 2 months ago +1

      Lessur Films
      Me!! Totally! And god i miss Mac ;(

  • SugarGamesTV
    SugarGamesTV 2 months ago +1

    looking like R2D2 from Star Wars sing a song

  • Pop 1er
    Pop 1er 2 months ago

    i'm looking this bathrobe if anyone knows where i can found it !

  • Adam Swanson
    Adam Swanson 2 months ago +1

    welcome back old friend, we've missed you.

  • Donald Draper
    Donald Draper 2 months ago

    It's been 800 years...

  • lil nugs
    lil nugs 2 months ago

    *hands raised making weird movements in my driveway as my car is parked*

  • x xx
    x xx 2 months ago

    Sample and hold is a great modulation

  • 10.000 subs without video's?

    what kind of genre is this? i really love it

  • mcszr huk min kk
    mcszr huk min kk 2 months ago

    Thank you,your music is ...can not describe

  • Luân
    Luân 2 months ago

    my ears were blessed. Love!

  • Angelo Xyronne
    Angelo Xyronne 2 months ago

    This music is good for making cinematic shots. I can imagine doing some cinematography and adding this song gives the video more dope and gives chills to everyone 💯💯

  • stan btskz
    stan btskz 2 months ago +1

    “you just gotta sit there and not move at all”

  • KRT
    KRT 2 months ago +1

    i got my ears on you, Flume.

  • Jimmario Macon
    Jimmario Macon 2 months ago

    By far my fav, the way the drums set up is perfect

  • Marta Orpik
    Marta Orpik 2 months ago

    I'm so in love with this one that it makes me cry

  • Batman
    Batman 2 months ago +3

    This song is gorgeous and masterfully produced. Probably my favorite from this mixtape.

  • Rasco
    Rasco 2 months ago


  • rawaz kamal
    rawaz kamal 2 months ago


  • Nimrod
    Nimrod 2 months ago

    I wonder if this video made so we can appreciate Flume fetish towards feet?