Era Istrefi - Redrum feat. Felix Snow (Official Video)

  • Опубликовано:  3 месяца назад
  • Era Istrefi's New Single "Redrum feat. Felix Snow" Available Now!

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    Director: Millicent Hailes
    Producer: Austin Barbera
    Production Company: SixTwentySix Productions
    Executive Producers: Austin Barbera & Jake Krask
    Directors Rep: LasBandas (Jen Herrera)
    Director of Photography: Luis “Panch” Perez
    First AD: Kenneth Taylor
    Production Manager: Christ Varonos
    Gaffer: Corrin Hodgson
    Key Grip: Jimmy Viera
    Production Designer: Skye Jones
    Stunt Driver: Tony Snegoff
    Stylist: Alexandra Mandelkorn
    Hair: Marina
    Make Up: Noel Nichols
    Manicurist: Sarah Chue
    Editor: Jen Kennedy
    Colorist: Marcy Robinson

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    Ultra Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in New York City. Ultra's current roster includes Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, Kygo, OMI, Deorro, The Bloody Beetroots, Lil Jon, Above & Beyond, Hot Since 82, Paul van Dyk, Faul, Chris Lake, Klingande, Bakermat, Carnage, Mr Probz, Flosstradamus, Hardwell, Henry Krinkle, Chris Malinchak, Storm Queen, Congorock, Adrian Lux, Axwell, and others. Ultra has featured releases from the aforementioned artists and many others including Tiësto, deadmau5, Avicii, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sasha & John Digweed, and others.

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  • Длительность: 2:53
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  • Ümit Arslan
    Ümit Arslan 2 часа назад

    Wooow ! Perfect cool music :) Greetings from Turkey

  • Rehanna tuconnais
    Rehanna tuconnais 3 часа назад

    Albanaise girl

  • Hernando Cruz
    Hernando Cruz 5 часов назад

    she is like shakyra rihanna, bebe rexa sia etc

  • Salllee Henley
    Salllee Henley 6 часов назад

    rihanna needs to collab ! i love era . she's a great artist , i support her so much . 💕

  • María Dz
    María Dz 10 часов назад

    beautiful! ❤❤

  • Doge
    Doge 11 часов назад

    I hate it that people are calling her... OMG RIHHANA AND SIA'S VOICE TWIN OMG OMG!!!... era is whole another person ...she has her own personality ....just stop now please

  • Йоана Богданова
    Йоана Богданова 11 часов назад

    Wow I love you😍😘👧😻🙌💑👯👍💓💕💖💞💟💗💝💄👠👗👛👝👑👒👙👚

  • VA GaminG
    VA GaminG 13 часов назад

    Greetings from gjylekar

  • Valentina Dimitrova
    Valentina Dimitrova 13 часов назад


  • Iza Bell
    Iza Bell 18 часов назад

    Love you girl ! ❤️ good job 👍😇

  • Enesa Rexhepi
    Enesa Rexhepi 18 часов назад


  • Conny Pettersson Pettersson
    Conny Pettersson Pettersson 19 часов назад


  • Philippe Delacroix
    Philippe Delacroix 23 часа назад

    Era c'è poco da fare sei la più figa delle fighe

  • Nomava Baleni
    Nomava Baleni 23 часа назад

    South Africa🙋* Love this women 😍😘

  • aylin memmedova
    aylin memmedova 23 часа назад

    Azərbaycanlı yoxdu????

  • Albert Bierhoff
    Albert Bierhoff 1 день назад

    Greetings from TURKEY ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    NDNG AİLESİ 1 день назад

    Türkleeeeeer nerdesiniiiiiiz :D

  • SEVİMLİ ve Gerizekalı
    SEVİMLİ ve Gerizekalı 1 день назад

    👑🕶️🏆beast 1#

  • h Corri
    h Corri 1 день назад

    Bravo era je shum e mir

  • Просто Я
    Просто Я 1 день назад


  • Gjirafa Official
    Gjirafa Official 1 день назад

    nuk pi komentojn Shqiptart ma

  • Kerim Cicek
    Kerim Cicek 1 день назад

    I Love U Era

  • mihaela ghita
    mihaela ghita 1 день назад

    Super song!! Super Era Istrefi!!

  • fôfô bęąüţy
    fôfô bęąüţy 2 дня назад

    her voice same rihanna ,and this song it's so cool😍

  • Daksh TV
    Daksh TV 2 дня назад

    Redrum = murdeR 🤔🤔🤔😜😜😜

  • boran parmaksız
    boran parmaksız 2 дня назад

    bi ses cikartin gencler yokmu turk

  • Hiç Sorma
    Hiç Sorma 2 дня назад

    bana şarkı gönder

  • Dima95
    Dima95 2 дня назад

    Dont listen to bad people( there are bad people in every country so there are many in Serbia too) who keep saying bad things forward ira or albania in general. Im Serb myself, and i got an Albanian friend who is one of the best people i ever met in my life. Its a lot up to you and your approach to other ppl. Dont let the past ruin the present, and dont spread hate where love is starting to grow. #RESPECT

    • Dima95
      Dima95 2 дня назад

      Exactly! Enjoy the music <3

    • Leta Nita
      Leta Nita 2 дня назад

      Dima95 well ur right. There are both good and bad people from both sides. Doesn't really matter what ethnicity u got to define if u are a good human being or not. I'm Albanian myself was very little when the war happened but I have a lot of friends and family that went trough the war. So I think for the people who maybe got traumatised by the war are the once having a problem with Serbs.
      But hey music is the place that should give us peace! No matter what language it is, it gives us peace!

      Greetings from kosova ✌🏼️

    • Dima95
      Dima95 2 дня назад

      Btw, ive been to a certain city in the Usa, in which albanians and serbs live literally in the same street and are family friends of each others there... seems hard to believe but its truth..

    • Dima95
      Dima95 2 дня назад

      Sadly ur right.

  • sofijemuja343 sofijemuja343
    sofijemuja343 sofijemuja343 2 дня назад


  • Fahad
    Fahad 2 дня назад

    I think my mild dark ethinicity will add extra beauty to her whites if we contact inch to inches with each other

  • Viny Raiden
    Viny Raiden 2 дня назад

    Red rum writing back means murder

  • Viny Raiden
    Viny Raiden 2 дня назад


  • jimbytheflyboy y
    jimbytheflyboy y 2 дня назад

    greetings from azia juglindore


    dislike from kosovo, obiliqali krye fort gjak nxet

  • Melissa Cramer
    Melissa Cramer 2 дня назад

    Greetings from Paraguay Era! <3

  • Elmir Asgerov
    Elmir Asgerov 3 дня назад

    her voice -pure sex

  • Miranda Hayatt
    Miranda Hayatt 3 дня назад

    Who put that wig on her head 😂😂

  • Mik Mik
    Mik Mik 3 дня назад

    Super! 😍❤️🎧 From Russia With Love!❤️

  • Meli Bodini
    Meli Bodini 3 дня назад

    you are the best era👑👑❤😍😍😍best song is this 😍😍❤❤❤❤👑👑🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋good luck😍😘😘

  • rey berisha
    rey berisha 3 дня назад

    youre the best😉forca🇦🇱greetings from Zürich

  • I hate u sorry i love you
    I hate u sorry i love you 3 дня назад


    HARGUN MATHARU 3 дня назад

    I just realised that Redrum is murder the other way... 😶😶😶

  • SWAG05
    SWAG05 3 дня назад

    Fuck this is Sosia of Rihanna (W.T.F) ♥ ♥

  • DeniDIY
    DeniDIY 3 дня назад


  • Irina Ririto
    Irina Ririto 3 дня назад

    Greetings from Macedonia. Love this song ☝👌👏💝

  • otr group
    otr group 3 дня назад


  • Vaulson Neoleon
    Vaulson Neoleon 3 дня назад

    Redrum is backwards for Murder

  • lrs1226
    lrs1226 3 дня назад

    Oh Stephen King made this a thing in his stories, and it's a song.. I like this😂

  • Jota
    Jota 4 дня назад

    Poco se habla del pelucón que lleva en las escenas del coche derrapando...

  • Sanel Kec
    Sanel Kec 4 дня назад

    It's a very nice voice Love<33 serbia

  • Chahra Zad
    Chahra Zad 4 дня назад

    love it 💕💕💕💕💕 everything is reeeeed wth some wired clothes nd a messy hair is perfect for me really this song takes me to another world woww big up #Era 👍💕💖💖✌

  • Emre çiriş
    Emre çiriş 4 дня назад

    kadın efsoo

  • Hanane boufadene
    Hanane boufadene 4 дня назад

    the greatest Era fan from Algeria

  • Whozen2k
    Whozen2k 4 дня назад

    If you dont care about my money, let's meet.

  • Enea Dosti
    Enea Dosti 4 дня назад

    Pulë bardhoshe!

  • Mila Chang
    Mila Chang 4 дня назад

    Love Era!!! She's so different ❤ in every sense.

  • SeGi ツ
    SeGi ツ 4 дня назад

    Greeting from Kosovo(Serbia)

  • djali bukurosh
    djali bukurosh 4 дня назад

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤🌎🌎🌎❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍the best song of 2017 is redrum❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Юлка Ковачева
    Юлка Ковачева 4 дня назад


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    Meso Gjermanisht 4 дня назад


  • kayla knight
    kayla knight 4 дня назад

    Love 💝💋

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  • Zivim Ko Car
    Zivim Ko Car 5 дней назад

    Greetings from Serbia love this song. 💓Albania💓

  • Václav Pospíšil
    Václav Pospíšil 5 дней назад

    20 910 613 amaing

  • Дмитрий Шапирштейн

    Greetings from Russia!
    Nice voice! ❤

  • that otaku girl
    that otaku girl 5 дней назад

    I love This song

  • VesaGlitz JB
    VesaGlitz JB 5 дней назад

    this is art people...this is music

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 5 дней назад

    Türk'ler geliyorrrr . TÜRKS is coming

  • rainbow-butterfly
    rainbow-butterfly 5 дней назад

    Love her voice. Greetings from Belgium

  • Ertuğrul
    Ertuğrul 5 дней назад


  • hello fellas
    hello fellas 5 дней назад

    she's very instagram

  • Vildana Vildana
    Vildana Vildana 6 дней назад


  • veysel yildiz naklıyat antalya
    veysel yildiz naklıyat antalya 6 дней назад

    harika .................

  • Kellsun 27
    Kellsun 27 6 дней назад

    From which part of Serbia is she from?

    • Kellsun 27
      Kellsun 27 6 дней назад

      yesterday i saw that the map of serbia has kosovo in, but i also readed that kosovo is albania and that kosovo is an independent country. idk, i'm from south africa

    • Leta Nita
      Leta Nita 6 дней назад

      Ashanti Fokken Visser Serbia? Hmm never heard of it before? but in Albanian the word Serbia means trashcan.. U know a trashcan where u can throw ur garbage in.. Yeah that's what Serbia means in Albanian.
      Era is from Kosova Albania 😍

  • LEO
    LEO 6 дней назад

    redrum reversed is murder

  • Eric Jano
    Eric Jano 7 дней назад

    Love u Era 😘

  • lili shyta
    lili shyta 7 дней назад

    Era, kendo ca kenge Shqip, ta mari vesh njerezia qe ekziston nje komb I vjeter sa vet jeta me talente ne te gjitha fushat. Komshinjte na kane shtypur vrare perzene nga toka jone, per tu harruar perfundimisht si komb. Populli me I shkelur ne bote. Jemi krenar me punen the talentin tend Era istrefi.

  • zyb
    zyb 7 дней назад

    мне кажется что 20 миллионов просмотров накрутил я

  • AnasALderee AZore
    AnasALderee AZore 7 дней назад

    ديري دايج بالمانيا مر من هنا جخه 😜

  • Avatar Musik edward11
    Avatar Musik edward11 7 дней назад

    ohaa turk yok ilk defaa 😂😂😂😂 jsjsj

  • BTS Army123
    BTS Army123 7 дней назад

    the video reminds me of bebe, her face reminds me of bella thorne, her voice is like rihanna

  • Leunora Shala
    Leunora Shala 7 дней назад

    bravo era istrefi krejt bota po te degjon :-D

  • Sunny Sale
    Sunny Sale 7 дней назад

    Does someone else think that the outfit she wear at the car looks like from the anime cross angi? xD

    SNIPER 7 дней назад

    Vampire Makeup 😁😁

  • Etnik OMG
    Etnik OMG 7 дней назад

    Era Istrefi -Redrum
    I don't care 'bout your money
    Or your fancy cars
    some people call me bunny
    I can shout you like a star
    sweetlike honey,sticking like gum
    Chew you like a cannibal
    red,redrum (5x)

    If you be diablo
    Then I'll leave you hollow
    where I go you follow
    so you better act right
    my love is bittersweet
    but I can show you haven
    But first get on your knees
    Close your eyes and count it seven
    I don't care if you are a peasnar or a king
    if you're with me then you're everything

    you tease for all the drama
    can fix my heart with all your comments
    you drive so fast,don't care 'bout my mama
    as if we're gonna make it
    and I'm tok glad for all your bullshit
    but you got something that I don't quit
    so let's pretend like we're too perfect
    as if we're gonna make it (3x)

  • Çağlayan Sakarya
    Çağlayan Sakarya 7 дней назад

    Greetings from Turkey.

  • Afreen- BTS Obsessed
    Afreen- BTS Obsessed 7 дней назад

    Greetings from India!!

  • Diellza Ajrullahi
    Diellza Ajrullahi 7 дней назад

    I don't care about your money
    Or your fancy cars
    Some people call me bunny
    I can shoot you like a star
    Sweet like honey, sticky like gum
    Chew you like a cannibal, red, redrum

    Chew you like a cannibal, red, redrum
    Chew you like a cannibal, red, redrum
    Chew you like a cannibal, red, redrum

    Chew you like a cannibal, red, redrum

    If you be diablo
    Then I'll leave you hollow
    Where I go, you follow
    So you better act right
    My love is bittersweet
    But I can show you heaven
    But first get on your knees
    Close your eyes and count to seven
    I don't care if you're a peasant or a king
    If you're with me then you're everything

    You tease for all the drama
    Can fix my heart with all your comments
    You drive so fast, don't care about my mama
    As if we're gonna make it
    And I'm too good for all your bullshit
    But you got something that I don't quit
    So let's pretend like we're too perfect
    As if we're gonna make it

    As if we're gonna make it
    As if we're gonna make it

  • hiba twiz
    hiba twiz 8 дней назад

    waw is virigod

  • Динара Мустафина Мустафина

    проста класс очень классная песня

  • Raonak Seemin
    Raonak Seemin 8 дней назад


  • Sefedin Ibrahimi
    Sefedin Ibrahimi 8 дней назад


  • Everything with Key
    Everything with Key 8 дней назад

    " I don't care if your a Peasant or a King ,if your with me your everything" 😊 wow some powerful words!🙌🙌❤❤

  • 태 태
    태 태 8 дней назад

    her voice is so beautiful i really appreciate it🤗♥️
    greetings from south korea♥️

  • ha Y
    ha Y 8 дней назад


  • Agim Parduzi
    Agim Parduzi 8 дней назад


  • Edison Bahtijari
    Edison Bahtijari 8 дней назад

    era kenga shum e mir

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    wonhoerror 4team 8 дней назад

    greetings from Brazil ❤