I Got My Makeup Collection Professionally Organized

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • It's time.... to declutter. I've been seeing decluttering and professional organization videos all over the 'Tube recently and I wanted to join in on the ~fun~! So I found some professional organizers to help me go through my entire makeup collection and declutter, sort, organize and build a whole new beauty room. I know, I have a lipstick problem.
    You can check out Practically Perfect here!
    Here are the decluttering videos mentioned!
    Tati's video: ruclip.com/video/vcOey1EfR54/video.html
    Gabbie's video: ruclip.com/video/Uy7yJdq1yhg/video.html
    Laura Lee's decluttering video: ruclip.com/video/LMy2TtKCs7w/video.html
    Michelle Khare's organization video: ruclip.com/video/CPjWgk0UXps/video.html
    MissLizHeart's KonMari video: ruclip.com/video/yCQhe5MVbLo/video.html
    Shaaanxo's decluttering video: ruclip.com/video/3AeZBnJn_tY/video.html
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +22387

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i know, i have a problem... what do you guys think of my new ~beauty room~? did i wrangle my lipsticks or did they wrangle me? also, would you like to see more room makeovers or decluttering videos?? xoxo, saf

  • Idk _Art
    Idk _Art 3 hours ago

    Sniffle sniffle

    Edit: I Know this doesn’t make any sense like at all 🙃

  • Mirella Arteaga
    Mirella Arteaga 10 hours ago

    Pause at 15:31...

  • Butt Banana
    Butt Banana 10 hours ago

    For some reason it’s really satisfying to watch something getting organized...

  • Xxqueenxxpoland Beauty
    Xxqueenxxpoland Beauty 11 hours ago

    Can’t believe in all that you didn’t mention her baby bump

  • Hashtag
    Hashtag 14 hours ago +1

    Your old or broken make-up you could keep the box and use it again after cleaning it for making new one DIY

  • Kaybee 's Monster
    Kaybee 's Monster 14 hours ago

    11:07 I thought of something else other than little soldiers

  • Fiona Fazbear
    Fiona Fazbear 17 hours ago

    My friend did the drinking game every time you said organised...

    He’s now wasted

  • thingsyouwontknow

    6:40 into the video while playing the drinkin game with water and I already drowned one liter.

  • Honey O
    Honey O 2 days ago

    all that make up...... hoarding. Donate to charity.

  • Molly Murray
    Molly Murray 2 days ago

    You don’t look old this is my 5 time watching this video I love it so much

  • Tasha VanHuss
    Tasha VanHuss 2 days ago


  • Sleepy Bread
    Sleepy Bread 2 days ago

    If I had found this channel earlier, I would have legit gone to her house, snuck into wherever she keeps her trash, and stolen some of that makeup cause....ya girl's poor 😎

  • jarin tasnim
    jarin tasnim 2 days ago

    me: watches vids like these...huh that tip is really usefull..i can use that to organize mine
    also me: has one foundation, two lipsticks, one bursh

  • Amelia A
    Amelia A 3 days ago

    I usually love Safiya's videos but this one just gives me major anxiety

  • H Khan
    H Khan 3 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • Lily Guzevich
    Lily Guzevich 4 days ago

    I think it needs some play buttons or paintings

  • Changlix For life
    Changlix For life 4 days ago

    First Safiya, why do you want to kill birds?

  • Ellie Josi
    Ellie Josi 4 days ago +1

    I wonder how much cash would all of the lipstick be lol

  • S. Kenzig
    S. Kenzig 4 days ago

    It's been a year Saf!! It is time for a collection video dang it!!!!!

    DON’T CLICK ON ME 5 days ago +4

    She has more makeup than my local sephora

  • Dey Si !
    Dey Si ! 6 days ago

    Only Americans!

  • Kimora Chua
    Kimora Chua 6 days ago

    i love how tyler is the only boy there

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske 6 days ago +1

    Blush death: Fare thee well, softspoken blush. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day...
    Foundation death: goodbye.

  • xXGab_Yt Xx
    xXGab_Yt Xx 7 days ago

    I wonder if this is still alive

  • Sue Richards
    Sue Richards 7 days ago

    Were did you get that pokemon makup at and please send me some!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Diabetic Doggo
    Diabetic Doggo 7 days ago

    16:23 we love our diabetic sisterrrrr

  • Witchlet Eos
    Witchlet Eos 7 days ago +1

    I need them to organize my whole room

  • The Word Of Creativity And Exploration

    can you publish your own makeup pallette

  • Lucie Dyer
    Lucie Dyer 8 days ago

    I dare someone to count how many times she says lipstick 😂

  • Sue Richards
    Sue Richards 8 days ago

    Were in the name of harneny did you get the pokemon makup???????🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Sue Richards
    Sue Richards 8 days ago

    Pikac pillow

  • Purple stars02 Biggest fan

    And I thought I had a lot of lipstick

  • Kari Snowden
    Kari Snowden 9 days ago

    Buying make up from the 99 Cents store for a whole week

  • MommySkya
    MommySkya 9 days ago

    just give em to me puhhhleeeaasssseee :))

  • Tasoq
    Tasoq 9 days ago

    Totally using that lipstick swatch idea

  • Potato Trash
    Potato Trash 9 days ago

    I own 2 lipsticks lol

  • Bouncecolor News
    Bouncecolor News 10 days ago +1

    Can I share my method of organizing with you? One product of each type in a tiny basket....

  • BrightBlue
    BrightBlue 10 days ago +1

    It don't make no kinda sense for one person to have that many lipsticks 😂

  • Henning Bakken
    Henning Bakken 10 days ago

    where did you by the Mirror?

  • Anar Asembaeva
    Anar Asembaeva 10 days ago

    -I’ve been wearing this dress for 4 days

  • Anna Parsons
    Anna Parsons 10 days ago +1

    What about a beauty box comparison video

  • Debra Rodriguez Estrada
    Debra Rodriguez Estrada 11 days ago +1

    Where can I buy a beautiful garment just like the one you are wearing in the intro? Thank you

  • Kaelyn Rose
    Kaelyn Rose 11 days ago

    And I thought my mom was crazy about makeup O_o

  • Tutorialz YT
    Tutorialz YT 11 days ago

    How long do you think the drawers will stay this organized?

  • Cutie Lolly
    Cutie Lolly 11 days ago

    I'm handy cap

    • Cutie Lolly
      Cutie Lolly 11 days ago

      Some one get the fourth he was being mean to me because of some dum movie

  • Cutie Lolly
    Cutie Lolly 11 days ago


  • Amelia Caldwell
    Amelia Caldwell 11 days ago


  • Shahzaib azhar
    Shahzaib azhar 11 days ago

    You are always wearing black clothes

  • elaine conlan
    elaine conlan 12 days ago

    Safiya can I just say I have been watching all your videos several times over xx luv your content and your hubby to be and kitty kat haha xx I have spoken with your merch comp as need some plus size UK xx

  • Raina Saldivar
    Raina Saldivar 12 days ago

    Maybe it’s a cancer thing to hoard lip products. My birthday is two days after yours and I also hoard lip products

  • Angeline Gaigneur
    Angeline Gaigneur 13 days ago

    I love the way you talk Safiya, its so cool, the expressions, you do lol, love your videos, are you married yet??? there has been no update lately

  • TiffanyMarie
    TiffanyMarie 13 days ago

    The color organizing stickers for the lipsticks, is SUPER smart

  • Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan 13 days ago

    How many children and women have to die before "porn" isn't a joke? If you really were doing "drawer porn," it would be drawers filled with shit and covered with the blood of murdered children. Thanks for making clear that you don't give a damn about the murder, trafficking and exploitation of innocent people.

    • Kyra M
      Kyra M 4 days ago

      Oh my lord, this is peak levels of dumb

    • yeojin the world
      yeojin the world 10 days ago +1

      Kell Brigan do you even know what porn is

  • Grace Munos
    Grace Munos 14 days ago +1

    Holy crap that’s a lot of makeup

  • Los Kerry
    Los Kerry 14 days ago

    Oh my gosh. I just got in the lion king play as Nala and she kept making refrences 😂

  • Jennifer Bailey
    Jennifer Bailey 14 days ago

    Is Tyler your boyfriend.

  • Kayleigh Fitzpatrick
    Kayleigh Fitzpatrick 14 days ago

    who else did the drinking game with the word organization because she specificly told us not to do that ?

  • Sanvi Chaudhari
    Sanvi Chaudhari 14 days ago

    Me : Just scrolling through the videos
    Also me :sees all the videos of simplynaillogical amd SafiyaNygard

  • Dacyr
    Dacyr 14 days ago

    I literally have 2 lipsticks and she has like 1k