Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: February 27th 2019

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • With a quality of life update on March 6th and our next big content announcement coming on Sea of Thieves' first year anniversary, Joe has plenty to talk about in this week's Dev Update video! Visit the official game site at
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  • The Pirate Council Official Hub

    0:08 - Next game update coming next week
    0:17 - Sword combat delay coming in + block fixes.
    0:46 - New mercenary voyages incoming.
    1:14 - Mercenary ship cosmetics being taken out of shop.
    1:24 - Mercenary friends play free cosmetics coming in the update.
    1:36 - Pioneers is becoming opt in and details.
    2:37 - Sea of thieves 1st birthday reward details.
    3:18 - Wrap up.
    We'll be posting these timestamps on EVERY Sea of Thieves video to make YOUR viewing experience easier. Happy sailing from the crews of The Pirate Council!

  • Radiations Fallout
    Radiations Fallout 8 months ago

    It's sad that this is a dead game now... It was great to play before they started pandering to console...

  • DanielsVids
    DanielsVids 10 months ago +1

    I hope legends get a few weapon skins or more cosmetics, maybe even some new voyages as well!

  • paul gib
    paul gib 10 months ago +1

    You should police greiffers or figure a way to punish them, because some grieffer just joined my open crew named LaimBushen23x and blow up all my gun powders on our ship causing use to sink. Then he blocked me after I confronted him about it the coward turned victim real fast. Typical sewer rat SJW causes trouble then calls harassment aka victim smh😏 Don't forget LaimBushen23x you griefed me🤔

  • Jean-Benoit Lavigne
    Jean-Benoit Lavigne 10 months ago

    2:50. F-Y!!!! Rushing players till the 20th to reach the pirate legend title to get limited-time rewards is a lame excuse to play your game! Everybody should get the rewards! Not only streamers whos got nothing else in life but to play 24hrs a day this overpriced/unfinished game.

  • Davide Spagocci
    Davide Spagocci 10 months ago

    Hello i want to ask this to the official sea of thieves team:
    is now possible to:
    1)reach a safe zone for pause the game and or logoff without lose the resources inside the ship? (For example same in elite dangerous multiplayer online game can do?)
    2) save the mission progress status before to log off? (For example same in elite dangerous multiplayer online game can do?)

  • Riccardo Errico
    Riccardo Errico 10 months ago

    What about PS4?

  • Andre Zielasko
    Andre Zielasko 10 months ago

    And what about the crossplay filter?? How to play only with XBox players?

  • Drelly The Bean
    Drelly The Bean 10 months ago

    Where’s the update it’s the 6th

  • yaboijugee
    yaboijugee 10 months ago

    When is keyboard and mouse support coming to Xbox one?

  • jesus Silva
    jesus Silva 10 months ago

    I’m a pioneer and I think it’s dumb your gonna have so many pioneers that they just gonna be a lot of feed back your y’all aren’t going to be able to tell if it’s good feedback or bad feedback if u keep the list short u have feedback that’s easy to look through and actually get feedback that’s useful not just 10k people crying about glitches but that’s just me

  • Kayden ward
    Kayden ward 10 months ago

    Finally I was tired of still getting hit when I blocked

  • Gavin Griffiths
    Gavin Griffiths 10 months ago

    Have been getting back into the game a bit recently and love some of the changes i missed but I think with all the new threats in the waters a PVE server option could be very viable now.
    Also hitting pirate legend within the first YEAR?! I hit it before hungering deep and its taken a year to get some reward for that?

  • Colt Clark
    Colt Clark 10 months ago

    Please extend the time to reach Pirate Legend, im so close but i dont think im going to make it!!! :(

  • Adularks
    Adularks 10 months ago

    keyboard and mouse support for xbox? space and numbers work but now WASD or mouse?

    T-NAIRA 10 months ago +7

    Bring new ships, Island, and citys or town. Who aggre with me?

  • that one guy
    that one guy 10 months ago

    I think that a bounty system would be a good idea along with a possibility to build a fleet with friends

  • Fyonn Fitzgerald
    Fyonn Fitzgerald 10 months ago

    Why did you make the ships like they are now?

    • Edibola -
      Edibola - 10 months ago +1

      Fyonn Fitzgerald for future updates, (fishing maybe)

  • Sky blue
    Sky blue 10 months ago

    If Pioneer will be opt in for everybody, what exactly is the point of having an NDA?

  • aaron johnson
    aaron johnson 10 months ago

    Xbox player here looking for a crew to help get to pirate legend! Lowest reputation is 32

  • Tiazz
    Tiazz 10 months ago

    PS4 please??

  • xd Mini
    xd Mini 10 months ago

    When is this game comming to croatia I cant wait to play it ?????

  • caleb5b
    caleb5b 10 months ago


  • Jordan Short -
    Jordan Short - 10 months ago

    Add boat attachments and pets

  • Kuiil
    Kuiil 10 months ago

    Lol seems like rare adds a delay to everything (including content)

  • Katzengott
    Katzengott 10 months ago +2

    Did i understand this right: We can purchase all items from the Mercenary Pack (DLC) with gold soon?

  • Sondre Omdal
    Sondre Omdal 10 months ago

    Hit pirate legend 2 weeks ago, glad to hear im getting additional bonuses for the grind :D

  • Spurvinator
    Spurvinator 10 months ago

    Are you going to fix this soon?

  • Robin Jones
    Robin Jones 10 months ago +5

    More people in servers. Going around the map and only spotting 3 different sloops is no so fun and interactive.

    • Coraldiamond 192
      Coraldiamond 192 10 months ago

      Robin Jones I’m fine with not having a lot of ships in one server. Makes it easier to do quests without someone interrupting you every 5 minutes.

    • Cheesy Boiled Nipples -
      Cheesy Boiled Nipples - 10 months ago +1

      Robin Jones facts, they should add more ships to servers or at least prioritize filling up a server to the brink of it before putting players in a fresh server

  • Chauncy
    Chauncy 10 months ago

    Somebody suggested it this on another update, but how about new character appearance modification after choosing our pirate? Being able to remake our faces would be nice, or improving our teeth, etc.

  • Jacob Reed
    Jacob Reed 10 months ago

    Why do you guys do weekly updates? I've been playing almost 2 months now and the only thing you guys have done is make combat worse. Maybe spend less time on streams and empty updates and more time actually improving the game and adding content? thanks....

  • Wylee Foster
    Wylee Foster 10 months ago +2

    Can I get unbanned from your sea of thieves discord server please all I did was put this Bob skeleton thing one time

  • Rodrinator75
    Rodrinator75 10 months ago

    Please make Sea of Thieves COME TO PS4 please I love the gameeeee

    • Gel Pen
      Gel Pen 10 months ago

      That will never happen

  • Hunter14 G
    Hunter14 G 10 months ago +1

    please add 3rd person option

  • Nic Wright
    Nic Wright 10 months ago

    It troubles me how Joe Neate says March the “6th”.

  • Knight hood
    Knight hood 10 months ago

    Ever since the update my game freezes idk why though my Xbox isn't overheating and my internet works fine any suggestions to fix it?

  • Pseudo
    Pseudo 10 months ago

    Add grand exchange from RuneScape please.

  • NYX_Dished
    NYX_Dished 10 months ago

    It’s to expensive on widows bro

  • Mc Paszczur
    Mc Paszczur 10 months ago

    why from this new update all the time I'm cramming the game to the desktop after 10-20 minutes?

  • Awful TeamSkills
    Awful TeamSkills 10 months ago

    I swear if i dont get a pirate legend eye of reach skin ima cry

  • Seiban Kakac
    Seiban Kakac 10 months ago

    Hey can you guys please add the chained cannon balls, and add the lower cannons because the things are there for them, and you guys should make the crew size way bigger for like the galleons, just a big suggestion

  • mustfears
    mustfears 10 months ago

    Take the blunder buss out of the game

  • Noobface
    Noobface 10 months ago

    Add some new items

  • HeyItsSlayer
    HeyItsSlayer 10 months ago

    They Need To Add A New Boss But It's A Giant Whale And It Lives In A Underground Cave And If You Make Alot Of Noise And Shoot Cannons And Stuff It Will Circle Your Ship 3 Times And If You Don't Shoot In In The Eye A Certain Number Of Times Then It Will Swallow Your Boat Whole And You Will Be Able To Explore The Cave And If You Survive It Will Have Outstanding Loot

  • Reaper Rose
    Reaper Rose 10 months ago

    Why not leave swords op and bring back double gun? All should be fair then

  • Nøbødy
    Nøbødy 10 months ago +2


  • Rogue Razac
    Rogue Razac 10 months ago

    I just received this message on my screen at devil's Ridge at 4:53 pm
    "The world is changing, new dangers there be
    Between boundless sky and treacherous sea
    On rolling waves with sails unfurled
    Ships come to plunder this new world"
    Any idea of what this means?

    • Gel Pen
      Gel Pen 10 months ago

      Rogue Razac it means nothing

    • Edward Topa
      Edward Topa 10 months ago +1

      Merging server, cause the lack of ppl on both instance servers.

  • Matthew Riddle
    Matthew Riddle 10 months ago

    Will there be names for ships later in the game??

  • Joshua Jensen
    Joshua Jensen 10 months ago

    Please fix eye of reach too

  • Joshua Jensen
    Joshua Jensen 10 months ago

    Will you guys add visual prompts for gunfire, skelly barrels, volcanic eruption my deaf homie is struggling. #nodiscrimination also pre written chat wheels would be dope

  • Edward Topa
    Edward Topa 10 months ago

    Is Microsoft going to sue Fortnite over season 8 a shameless copy of your devs great work over Sea of Thieves?

  • Gamez WithJamez
    Gamez WithJamez 10 months ago

    I love this game sadly I cant play it anymore it is to much money for xbox if you make it cheaper I will buy the game

  • Anderson Littleton
    Anderson Littleton 10 months ago

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to SOT
    Happy Birthday to you

  • Skyler Jauregui
    Skyler Jauregui 10 months ago +1

    Hey...could we look into fixing the spawning in issue taking you to a different island when your ship is still alive? Skeletons on forts spawning in floors or phasing in walls?

  • Jack Sunderland
    Jack Sunderland 10 months ago +1

    I have had a ton of fun with this game but it wasn’t without tons of struggle. You guys really need to clean up the countless bugs before you continue adding new, likely flawed content. I mean come on... barrels sinking when you arrive, skeletons not spawning or glitching in to walls, long black screens, the list goes on. This game is fun but it’s frustrating to think that it was 60 dollars and improvements are this slow.

  • Taylor Blue
    Taylor Blue 10 months ago

    Please add better loot for higher levels I'm struggling to get Pirate Legend

  • Cheesey Toco
    Cheesey Toco 10 months ago

    I have at least rep 40 in everything I'll actually cry if I cant get PL by the 20th

  • Jake Scott
    Jake Scott 10 months ago

    You ruined SoT combat. My friends and I have all quit because of it. Its so clunky now. This use to be great to play but now its just annoying. You catered to the casuals. GG

  • ColdLimits
    ColdLimits 10 months ago

    You know what would be nice lower loading time

  • Lethal x Raider
    Lethal x Raider 10 months ago

    Can you at least add keyboard and mouse plz to xbox