What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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    What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 29 704

  • Khizo
    Khizo Day ago

    bro im russian, why is that dude talking so fucking bad in russian? you couldnt pick up a native russian guy? Comon.. sounds like im watching a american wannabe russian talking in russian.

  • nyaho prisca
    nyaho prisca Day ago

    Purple dude was nasty, but funny. I was on the floor dying of laughter 🤣

  • SoFlo Shylock@Pranks.tv

    The Russian speaking black guy had a pretty strong African accent

  • Nicole Oyunbileg

    Where my Mongolians at?

  • Donovan CAD
    Donovan CAD Day ago

    Raj can't speak with pretty woman, that's why he's struggling

  • Alexis Krasnova
    Alexis Krasnova Day ago

    I just wanna slap the "Russian" guy

  • YoungBlunt &Mizguided

    The Native American one is sad😭 only 7 of them.. and the black man in purple is interesting

  • Борис Бритва


  • makavich
    makavich Day ago

    the Mongolian chick and the shirt blue dress
    i need their accounts

  • lazyy_troll7
    lazyy_troll7 Day ago

    the urdu guy has more of an urdu accent while speaking english lol.

  • Jamil Rizvi
    Jamil Rizvi Day ago

    The dude who spoke Urdu sounded like he barely knew any.

  • manublet
    manublet Day ago

    the hebrew girl doesnt know hebrew

    ARCHIT MEHTA Day ago

    This is lame...most of the people don't even know about their languages and they are not a native people so nothing's fine with this...

  • Yassin Izly
    Yassin Izly Day ago

    As Dutch person it sound really weird

  • 1000 subscribers without videos

    This video makes me want to learn more and more languages than I already spoke.
    And considering that I already speak several languages.

  • janohermano
    janohermano Day ago

    Learning a language is easy !!!

  • Sami Stoyanov
    Sami Stoyanov Day ago

    6:45 boburklart nerd

  • Emily Bastian
    Emily Bastian Day ago

    It was a bit unfair to have Americans speaking and not native speakers because some of them were speaking the language with an American accent.

  • janohermano
    janohermano Day ago

    Why in these videos are they always offensive towards latinos

  • Asiya Parveen
    Asiya Parveen Day ago

    I speak urdu and English

  • Dværg Far
    Dværg Far Day ago

    i dont like this video. the people you have on is from all the country that really nobody knows and 1. you have no Scandinavia there is no one from Denmark, Norway or Sweden and 2 you dont have any from poland, romania and moldovia and what they speak in netherland and in Germany is close but not the same. when the girl that speak Deutsch Says no it Sounds like (nei) but what i know in Deutsch its more like (neiN) and just in general i could not hear what she was saying (i know i'm bad at english plz don't roast me)

  • shrek
    shrek Day ago

    11:06 netheeerllaanddas

  • shrek
    shrek Day ago

    7:09 whahahahah I'm dying

  • Cartoon jarsewt
    Cartoon jarsewt Day ago +1

    Can you do the part 3

  • shrek
    shrek Day ago

    Flamish is actually the language of the northern part of Belgium and is a form of Dutch. I live in the Netherlands so I understand it

  • Costa Alex
    Costa Alex Day ago

    So they couldn't find a Russian

  • xGSUltiSpiritx
    xGSUltiSpiritx Day ago

    festival of thic

  • Jay moreno
    Jay moreno Day ago

    Who else is cambodian

  • Pomato tato
    Pomato tato Day ago

    Black girl at 11:00 sounds like she from the sims

  • Abby Raice
    Abby Raice Day ago

    The israeli girl didn’t speak correct Hebrew... were some errors

  • Aditya Debnath
    Aditya Debnath Day ago +1

    Say hello,
    Whstdbdkdkdhsunsspscn ahhskskfpsmzbxbdusj

  • messi9991
    messi9991 Day ago

    Um, that guy in the purple is a fucking pig.

  • Harris Iqbal
    Harris Iqbal Day ago

    Ok I speak Urdu and that guy has a very heavy accent.. like someone born and raised in USA and barely speaks Urdu. I had to listen to it multiple times to catch it. I didn't catch it first and was shocked when he said Urdu. All good though. Interesting video.

  • malaika khan
    malaika khan Day ago

    the urdu guy didn’t really know how to speak urdu😂

  • Shreyas Basu
    Shreyas Basu Day ago +1

    The Indian guy is pretty bad

  • Ian Sylvester
    Ian Sylvester Day ago

    Put greek

  • a person
    a person Day ago

    Finally another one

  • Ryflick Gaming
    Ryflick Gaming Day ago


  • Haseeb Rahman Year 10

    ok urdu and hindi are like 98% the same, and his urdu accent was like......................... trash. thora sayy tara se bole, phir farak samaj aaye. (If he were to speak kinda properly, then the difference would be understood) (pakistani parents, dutch birth, english situation)

  • amandaaa
    amandaaa Day ago

    Holy shit that russian bitch hahahahahah

  • Sana jjang
    Sana jjang Day ago


  • Samuel Frerichs
    Samuel Frerichs Day ago +1

    Bro who spoke Russian made 10,000 grammar mistakes

  • Den Deun
    Den Deun Day ago

    Ik snap het nie, die vrouw die Vlaams sprak, komt die nu uit België ofzo. Want die zei gelijk ook da die uit Azië kwam. Ksnap der niks van

  • RT 2001
    RT 2001 Day ago

    Sorry but the Hebrew was a little strange

  • bb ww
    bb ww Day ago

    the tall guy reminds me of Josh Brolin

  • Levinho Levinho
    Levinho Levinho Day ago


  • Jean-Rene Filion

    That guy from cambodia saying that curse word, man it is totally different in vietnam. You say joy heu, something sounding to this and it means omg.

  • Austin Lomeli
    Austin Lomeli Day ago

    Yana in the jean skirt is beautiful

  • Marco Meijer
    Marco Meijer Day ago +1

    That Dutch was both fast and accented. I had trouble following it even though I'm a native speaker. It's fine when she slows down, though.

  • Marco2G
    Marco2G Day ago

    "I'm actually a good portion Mongolian"
    Well, missy, quite obviously that doesn't count for shit.

  • I like turtles
    I like turtles Day ago

    Damn two episodes yet still no Arabic

  • Eastern Anonymous 101

    Ukininayo amin hahahaha

  • Naomi Lanney
    Naomi Lanney Day ago

    I watch so many of these videos and I never see anybody speaking Irish and I wish there was 💓

  • a wild fuu
    a wild fuu Day ago +5

    "what the hell, man? what point are you making, bringing such a large white man?"

    *"that sounds cool"*

  • Kasper Joonatan
    Kasper Joonatan Day ago

    Would have been great if the Mongolian girl had spoken Swedish.

  • Sergey Shiryak
    Sergey Shiryak Day ago

    His Russian is so so but funny. LOL

  • Vivek Aarav
    Vivek Aarav Day ago

    The #girl who is #guessing where is she from. ?????

  • Krispeer
    Krispeer Day ago

    how the fuck he got a Degree in russian with that accent and bad grammar

  • Chopper
    Chopper Day ago +1

    the hebrew speaker was awful , she had many tense mistakes and the emphasis on the het was terrible , when she said "i love you" that was completly wrong , it was more like "i love she" , defently not a hebrew speaker.

  • Mango Tango
    Mango Tango Day ago +1

    Man, I thought the Mongolian girl was speaking Japanese the frick.

  • Garidi Tsogtsaikhan

    Seriously the language of Pushkin and Dostoevskii being reduced to such vulgar, uneducated and simply fucked up sentences. His pronunciation is wrong, grammar is worse than google translate. It's just plain disrespectful to the language and the culture itself.

  • Noah Smalburg
    Noah Smalburg 2 days ago

    I hear dutch

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 2 days ago

    Fuck the white fat bitch

  • Gavers23
    Gavers23 2 days ago

    Dudes, your Hebrew speaker can barely speak Hebrew. Not only is she mispronouncing words (not an accent issue, but actually saying the words incorrectly) she also uses incorrect grammar. That isn't how you say "I love you" she said something closer to "I love she".

  • Juven Paul Somcio
    Juven Paul Somcio 2 days ago

    the native American guy is handsome af

  • Shubham Dhaker
    Shubham Dhaker 2 days ago

    I cringed so hard on Urdu..

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto 2 days ago

    This is so beautifull

  • Thangminlian Hauzel
    Thangminlian Hauzel 2 days ago

    The urdu guys accent is so bad

  • TheSavagestShot 13 Merry Christmas

    10:26 this guy from Kansas? Same, great state but can be a bit scary

  • CYber GeNik
    CYber GeNik 2 days ago

    I like how they particularly found the 2 black people who spoke different languages for some reason instead of finding some random russian guy or girl from Belgium.

  • Xatron97
    Xatron97 2 days ago

    You guys should try the Hungarian language I think. Its a hard language for native English speakers, and its one of a kind language as well. Thanks! :) Nagyon örülnék neki ha kipróbálnátok a nyelvemet, és nagyon hálás lennék érte. Köszönöm szépen :)

  • :D寺田拓哉
    :D寺田拓哉 2 days ago

    Oof I thought that last one was thai

  • Emerson Abergel
    Emerson Abergel 2 days ago +1

    She said I love you wrong in Hebrew it’s pronounced ani oheb oatcha

  • Zeus
    Zeus 2 days ago

    Philippines got hundreds of native languages. Gonna be really surprised if one would be featured tho hahahaha especially Iloco from Northern Luzon

  • IEzrealI
    IEzrealI 2 days ago +1

    Me: I speak Chinese
    People: Chinese is not a actual language
    Me: I speak Mexican as well
    People who speak any type of Spanish: Joder?

    Me: I also speak American
    Americans: FUCK YEA

  • Senorajae
    Senorajae 2 days ago

    “Zimbabwean” 😂😂 Zimbabwean is a people not a language

  • jeongguk’s bunny teeth

    I would have only guessed the Russian one because I heard them say priviet

  • Jackie Hoyos Ponce
    Jackie Hoyos Ponce 2 days ago

    Get me the Native American Makah guys number pls and thank you lol

  • kiran gul
    kiran gul 2 days ago

    The one talking urduuu i fell in loveee cz i'm Pakistani come on mannn let's make fun of the gora's together

  • Chad Downs
    Chad Downs 2 days ago +1

    :You sound like a verry big white man
    (Takes off blindfold)
    : Dam i was way off

  • Shelby Robertson
    Shelby Robertson 2 days ago +1

    Pakistani man’s Urdu was terrible. What was that accent?

  • Ruilin Lin
    Ruilin Lin 2 days ago

    The guy doing Russian sucks at Russian haha

  • fattwat1
    fattwat1 2 days ago

    Pakistan man was a bit racist

  • Ryan Francis
    Ryan Francis 2 days ago

    This video makes me feel racist.

  • Niels Johan Kirkegaard

    try to get someone who speaks danish. I think it would be really fun

  • Kirby
    Kirby 2 days ago

    man that dutch was gorgeous.

  • Everybody Hates Roselin

    I speak khmer hehe

  • Bailey Derby
    Bailey Derby 2 days ago

    Russian guy couldn’t be creepier

  • Blake Geometrio
    Blake Geometrio 2 days ago

    Russian guy offended me and I wasn't even in the video.

  • Nancy Collins
    Nancy Collins 2 days ago

    A man in purple is very bad at Russian

  • Mads Laursen
    Mads Laursen 2 days ago

    have someone speak danish please

  • BadVibez Aliza
    BadVibez Aliza 2 days ago

    My dad is Jewish and speaks Hebrew but he hasnt taught me any so i dont know any words in Hebrew. 🤧🤷🏽‍♀️

    • magistic maya
      magistic maya Day ago

      #notspon lol but i highly reccomend doulingo you can learn Hebrew from English from the basics.
      I learn French that way and it's very educational.

  • Charlotte Playz
    Charlotte Playz 2 days ago

    the second girl's English voice was sooo pretty!!

  • Julianna T
    Julianna T 2 days ago

    Yo black russian guy was nasty. Stop whispering nasty things. thats gross

  • Overthink
    Overthink 2 days ago

    the Hebrew speaking was treble she didn't know anything....

  • Professor R. Chaos
    Professor R. Chaos 2 days ago

    I wish the guy speaking “Russian” used a more elevated sentences to represent such a beautiful language.
    I love and study linguistics, and Russian is a culture and language that I am fascinated but and I wish this man represented it in a less vulgar and more beautiful way.

  • sebastian larsen
    sebastian larsen 2 days ago

    i'd like to see one with, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian just to really throw them off!

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 2 days ago

    Pakistan guy is stupid chutiya. Urdu is mix of Hindi and Pharsian and Develop and found in India Only. Also he don't know how to speak his pakistani language. Porki Stupid. lol

  • maayan shafrir
    maayan shafrir 2 days ago

    The Hebrew was full of mistakes

  • Ron Feldman
    Ron Feldman 2 days ago

    The Hebrew is like Google translate IST a shit hebrow