What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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    What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 36 437

  • Meutia
    Meutia 11 minutes ago

    The tallest guy was like so educated in language I'm like surprised lmao how did you find him

  • Larry A
    Larry A Hour ago

    Why the blindfold???
    Your not gonna see Google translate infront of you are you lol idk why I wrote this

  • PandaGaming Lt
    PandaGaming Lt Hour ago

    Black dude randomly: CYKA

  • Daelyne Driver
    Daelyne Driver Hour ago

    That's cool my family is native American

  • корейский венегрет

    Ахахахах, так странно говорит по русски😂😂

  • Alex Axe
    Alex Axe 3 hours ago

    7:04 This guy has terrible accent. Oh my god... Whatever, don’t think this is how Russian language sounds. Oh my god.

  • Sophia Leal
    Sophia Leal 3 hours ago

    the dutch lady reall had me confused because it sounded very similar to english but at the same time it sounded nothing like it

  • sanyensi1
    sanyensi1 3 hours ago

    Why do people want to be insulted whats the deal with that lmao

  • что по голосу?

    I'm Russian and couldn't understand what this dude says without subtitles

  • udit gupta
    udit gupta 3 hours ago

    The guy at 9:31, I thought he is speaking hindi or urdu but genuinely, he wasn't. Well, I get it, he is based in KANSAS.😂😂

  • Zain Gaming
    Zain Gaming 3 hours ago

    That fat woman is hella racist

  • Lusine Galstyan
    Lusine Galstyan 3 hours ago

    The Russian wasn't that good.He has an horrible accent.

  • Reminasa du24
    Reminasa du24 4 hours ago

    Aii congoo🇨🇩

  • Cook
    Cook 4 hours ago +1

    “Where you from?”

  • Jasmin Amezcua
    Jasmin Amezcua 4 hours ago +1

    @13:12 That was awk

  • CoolKem C
    CoolKem C 4 hours ago

    Love hearing the macaw language. America you missed an opportunity to have had generations speaking Native American languages

  • Jasmin Amezcua
    Jasmin Amezcua 5 hours ago +1

    @10:35 Im sorry yall but that girl irked me through the whole video

  • Erjan
    Erjan 5 hours ago +1

    This Dutch is very weird. Can you ask someone without a accent?😂

  • Diinfoin
    Diinfoin 5 hours ago +1

    my country have 700 languages...😁... (Indonesia 🇮🇩)

  • Galyna Aghata
    Galyna Aghata 6 hours ago

    OMG. The first guy spoke Russian and ask her if she would have sex with him. Awwww

  • Idk who?
    Idk who? 7 hours ago


  • Mike Bargs
    Mike Bargs 8 hours ago

    This black guy speaking Russian is awful

  • Lil Benz
    Lil Benz 8 hours ago

    Wtf there is a mongolian that Urnaa wooiooooow how the hell

  • Mike Bargs
    Mike Bargs 8 hours ago

    Damn yana 🤪😍🥴🤤

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or is the Mongolian/Flemish girl fucking fine as hell😂

  • ben samcro
    ben samcro 8 hours ago


  • Jennifer Grim
    Jennifer Grim 9 hours ago +1

    I got the Russian immediately, even though I don't speak Russian, ah the wonders of Hetalia (it's an anime)

  • Bilal Ibrahim
    Bilal Ibrahim 9 hours ago

    WOAHH SO YALL THINK ARABIC SOUNDS like KHHHHH bro like arabic doesn't sound that harsh

  • Betty V.
    Betty V. 9 hours ago

    "What do I do, what do I do, what do I do, what do I do, What do I do"
    I'm dying XD

  • vSkapeii
    vSkapeii 10 hours ago

    Ngl the tall guy looks like offbrand Keanu Reeves

  • sopheak hean
    sopheak hean 10 hours ago

    The Cambodian guy isn't bad but not fluent in Khmer.

  • Petite Sylvie
    Petite Sylvie 10 hours ago

    oh gosh, dutch and flemish are so cool and fun as well :)))

  • Unicorn Pie
    Unicorn Pie 10 hours ago

    In polish "suka" its bitch too

  • Leila Catic
    Leila Catic 10 hours ago

    “Owl fucker”😂😂

  • KWT Pro Gamer
    KWT Pro Gamer 10 hours ago

    WoW , That is so SMOKY

  • The Batman
    The Batman 10 hours ago

    That guy didn’t sound fluent in Urdu

  • Whattatwist
    Whattatwist 11 hours ago

    That mongolian chick cute

  • BaG begginers
    BaG begginers 11 hours ago

    Хахахахаха Переспать меня сделать миньет ору

  • Bossman CALL
    Bossman CALL 11 hours ago

    Bruh, Mongolian women are like super hot

  • Angelina Hoang
    Angelina Hoang 11 hours ago

    what kina sims

  • Nob Gamezr
    Nob Gamezr 12 hours ago

    What the language in 9min?

  • Carmen Heneghan
    Carmen Heneghan 12 hours ago

    Dutch sounds like sim language

  • ϟϟ
    ϟϟ 12 hours ago

    Is the russian part a joke ?

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand 13 hours ago

    Guy speaking Urdu*
    Spanish lady: where are you from?
    guy speaking Urdu: Kansas
    Me: wtf, no idiot you're supposed to say Pakistan.

  • The fifa legend
    The fifa legend 13 hours ago

    That pakistani guy is weird and fat girl tooooo

  • xredd rosesx
    xredd rosesx 13 hours ago


  • Brian Santos
    Brian Santos 14 hours ago


  • The Sweet Forever
    The Sweet Forever 14 hours ago

    Wow. I’ve never heard the Native American language and now I want to hear more of it. This is interesting.

  • Sarah Asif
    Sarah Asif 14 hours ago

    my god that guy that spoke “urdu” was a damn disgrace. i couldn’t even guess the language & i speak fluent urdu-

  • OrangeCrush Gamer
    OrangeCrush Gamer 14 hours ago

    At 10:26. Kansas? Me too

  • Cameron Schichtel
    Cameron Schichtel 14 hours ago

    That chick in the jean skirt is Fuckin fine as hell

  • jonacube
    jonacube 14 hours ago

    Jaime Foxx speaks Russian?

  • Kanika kps
    Kanika kps 15 hours ago

    The last man who’s speaking Khmer ( Cambodian official language ) is surprised me ( I’m Khmer ) the way he’s pronounced are actually funny, I thought he speaking another language he’s probably raised in aboard LOL

  • Feeqah Freaq
    Feeqah Freaq 15 hours ago

    8:16 i heard " SSUKA" here. In Malaysia, suka means something i like.. for instance:---
    i like nasi lemak = "saya suka nasi lemak"
    I like to watch RUclip videos = saya suk menonton Video RUclip
    And Indonesia has the same meaning.. i guess we can't go to Russia then .. 😅

  • Josh Howard
    Josh Howard 15 hours ago

    Is that the Janitor from scrubs?!?!?

  • Blake Carr
    Blake Carr 15 hours ago

    So why is noone asking about Jean dress chick IG and plugs. Dafq

  • Rampage Bunny
    Rampage Bunny 16 hours ago

    Get me in there I'll go all gàidhlig on dem lol

  • n_nu
    n_nu 16 hours ago

    Russian guy had broken grammar

  • BloodPix
    BloodPix 16 hours ago

    "...Its DUTCH maybe..." X"D

  • justgeorge247
    justgeorge247 16 hours ago

    Have Hmong speaker next time, I know y'all from Seattle.

  • Erick Zamudio
    Erick Zamudio 16 hours ago

    This is some hard evidence to break the stereotype of being big and stupid because within the crowd there are individuals who really respect and admire nations in history,culture and admiration and one of those ways is language a

  • Jermaine Atencio
    Jermaine Atencio 16 hours ago +1

    I was going to be mad if there wasn’t any Native American speaker because I am part of the Navajo tribe

  • idan viknin
    idan viknin 16 hours ago +1

    Im from israel and the Hebrew lady spoke really brokenly and wrong

  • LP Jones
    LP Jones 17 hours ago

    10:57 he says he doesn't know the difference.... White person is "Gora". Horse is "Goda".

  • ♛ Huffdaddy™
    ♛ Huffdaddy™ 17 hours ago +1

    Girl in the blue dress is beautiful, I fell in love.

  • Levi Richards
    Levi Richards 17 hours ago

    It's funny how the Mexican Lady was like it sounds like "ajshdvsjdkfh" 😂 Hilarious as hell

  • Ahmed Adel
    Ahmed Adel 18 hours ago

    Hebrew it's not from middle east family and it will never be
    Free Palestine ✋

  • cool thanks
    cool thanks 18 hours ago

    If i were there i would of felt so small. Lol

  • Tesla's Revenge
    Tesla's Revenge 18 hours ago

    Ignorant black pos