10 Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake Covers Up

  • Published on May 31, 2019
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    10 Really Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake "Fixes"
    As much fun as the new Aladdin movie is, there are several notable things that were left out from the original. Stuff that was a little too provocative for 2019. And for that reason, the creators decided that these things had to be, for lack of a better phrase… “fixed”.
    These are 10 Really Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake Covers Up.

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  • Cameron C
    Cameron C 34 minutes ago

    Forgot that in the remake Genie turned into a human. In the original he was still a genie with all his powers just with no master.

  • Kala Bell
    Kala Bell Day ago

    Speechless was a good song but I really hated that they broke out in a music video in the middle of the movie

  • Onac Proudmoore
    Onac Proudmoore 3 days ago

    None of the changes were "desperately needed" and none of them were "necessary" either.
    However this is the first time when political corectness didn't overrule good story writing. The changes are absolutely coherent with the main story, and making Jasmine's character stronger also enhances it. She is of royalty, had a good education and stuff, it absolutely makes sense for her to have a strong political voice.

  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 3 days ago

    This generation is very wimpy....they are cry babies. So sensitive, it's kind of annoying.

  • syrusriddick
    syrusriddick 3 days ago

    None. People are too bloody sensitive these days.

  • Stephanie Lane
    Stephanie Lane 4 days ago

    for me it was 2 things

    number 1 they didnt need to make jasmaine sultin its stupid and it ruins the point of the whole film in my poinion
    number 2 they changed the ending jafar dont turn into a snake at the end i was wating for it but i just didnt happen allaidn dose absoulutly nothing to jafar to defet him

  • Qui Gon Joe
    Qui Gon Joe 4 days ago

    All changes are unnecessary grow up

  • Monica Gonzalez
    Monica Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Boohoo you have to realize the time the movie was supposed to be taken place. Not in the 90’s people 😡 SMH

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose 5 days ago +1

    um but the villain isn’t hotter then the hero cause mena is HOT

  • amy Perez
    amy Perez 5 days ago

    I hate when ppl say she had goals, where yall not playing attention in the cartoon version

  • Jordan Skubish
    Jordan Skubish 5 days ago

    Jasmine the sultan?? Lmao really?? Society has really gone too far. Men are men! Girls are girls! Act it! What's next? Aladdin takes Jafar on the carpet ride? Sheesh.

  • Natalie Zayas-Bazan
    Natalie Zayas-Bazan 6 days ago

    This is why I was a don bluth kid. I dare them to try and sanitize those movies. They can’t.

  • Natalie Zayas-Bazan
    Natalie Zayas-Bazan 6 days ago

    The ‘where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face’ IS ACCURATE. Why would they mess with this? (I know why. Don’t answer this.)

  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 6 days ago

    So much hyper-PC bull shit. This story is of a time and place where women weren’t allowed to rise to power. There is nothing wrong with keeping that element as the is historical context (even though the whole thing is fantasy; but still, it’s based on old-school Middle East). Hell! Even countries in the Middle East East now don’t let women rule.

  • Kobie Atkinson
    Kobie Atkinson 7 days ago

    I would like to point out that the original story arch had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with who became sultan. The law referred to Jasmine only being allowed to marry a prince as a precaution against an impure BLOODLINE. It was all about the next generations - NOT Aladin or Jasmine themselves. That's why the Sultan's line is "whoever SHE may find worthy" rather than "whoever IS found worthy" or something similar.

  • Hiss Mau
    Hiss Mau 9 days ago

    i think there's a next movie of this
    We will see what

  • Hiss Mau
    Hiss Mau 9 days ago

    so, you like the movie ;)

  • Maureen Miaullis
    Maureen Miaullis 10 days ago

    I liked the original version better. The only change that it needed was the maid.

  • Syeal7
    Syeal7 10 days ago

    Like the idiot I am, I just now (at the age of 28) just realized that 'harem', comes from the arabic word which literally just means 'women'. Should be pronunciated like hareem, deep 'h' sound with an 'ee' like in the word 'deep'. Mind blowed myself a little there - thanks WickedBinge

  • The Switching Glaceon
    The Switching Glaceon 10 days ago

    The originals better anyways, I enjoyed the original film since the first second and my only complaint is the jafar liking jasmine thing but outside that it's great
    seen 5 mins of the remake and no enjoyment, I wanted it off, he meets jasmine too early and they removed the best line like "a horse with two rear ends is a rare sight indeed'' (or something like that)

  • pintxsized
    pintxsized 11 days ago

    I'm sorry, I know that it's recently been all about the nostalgia in tv and movies etc., but WHY did they bother to make Aladdin in 2019? if you have to change up so much just to release the movie in 2019, you're kind of ruining the all the nostalgia which I imagine was the goal in the first place. Upon it's release, I refused to see the remake once I found out that Jasmine had a handmaiden/friend, because Jasmine said it herself in the original; she's never had any real friends. Raja was her ONLY friend. For me, that's a huge change and not one I was keen on seeing. Then I even more recently found out that they gave Jasmine some sort of POWERS? are you kidding me? And then now, seeing this video of more changes that I didn't even realize were made, I'm even more disappointed. Why make the movie in 2019 if it's going to have to be this much different? They should have just left the movie in 1992.
    Thanks for ruining my favorite Disney movie by taking at least 90% of the actual nostalgia out of it.

  • Happily_ Deranged
    Happily_ Deranged 11 days ago

    I loved the new Aladdin so much it’s become one of my favorite movies but I think some of the changes were kinda dumb, especially the lyric changes.

  • Jessica Abbott
    Jessica Abbott 11 days ago

    One change I like is that the Sultan is not a bumbling idiot like in the original, but is actually serious and smart, although still getting manipulated/hypnotized by Jafar.

  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee 13 days ago

    was there a woman sultan? if so fine, if not, why did they have to change to make modern girls happy, i have to deal with the fact history will show black culture in lesser position generally. that was the past...to not have some accuracy when they are correcting everything else.... for political correctness is typical of humans who don't want to imagine people did bad things in the past...but i still enjoyed, yes including the extra lady for Jasmine. better all round. but cartoon Aladdin has its place.

  • Nala Nkadi
    Nala Nkadi 13 days ago

    Do all changes really need justification?

  • Mansoor Kemal
    Mansoor Kemal 14 days ago

    I think I understand that it’s a very different era now than it was back in the 1990s. We didn’t have the internet back then or social media so people weren’t really aware of how disturbing these things really were. I should be grateful that the modern versions cut out this kind of stuff that would just gave people nightmares if they were shown today.

  • Chappy 20
    Chappy 20 15 days ago

    Bruh...... the original animated film is about ALLIDAN and NOT JASMINE so duh there were no other female characters or character development for Jasmine; it wasnt about her. It was about Alladin and things back in the early 90' s were so different and people weren't as sensitive as they are now. Dont deny it cause that would just prove the sensitivity

  • AngelDRose
    AngelDRose 15 days ago

    Yeah. I still think Jafar would have been better older and creepy. That was the point. He was old and creepy. A side effect of being evil. Making him young and hot kind of defeats the purpose

  • Lena Vestling
    Lena Vestling 15 days ago

    The harem girls knew Aladdin's name because of rumors. I got it like they were some girls in training to become wives or girls living with their aunt or something (making sure they are getting married of course as a goal).

    FLASHFOTO 15 days ago

    Loved all the changes

  • Lady Day
    Lady Day 16 days ago

    I didn't like any of the changes....

  • a potterhead and army
    a potterhead and army 16 days ago

    Yea it doesn't mean villains must be less attractive than heroes it is their acting and storyline that matters
    In Harry Potter films tom Felton acted the character of malfoy and he is really handsome but that didn't stop me from hating him he acted well.
    Hate is what villains need that makes them real winners ❤

  • Jdbri Jbijb
    Jdbri Jbijb 16 days ago

    Middle eastern people dont call women sultan that is for men. When a women becomes sultan we call sultana not sultan. It like calling queen Elisabeth, king Elisabeth.

  • Wala'a Antar
    Wala'a Antar 22 days ago

    Well, the main problem is generalizing what you see in an " Arabian Night" fairy tale to the whole Arab culture. Don't judge nations by a Disney movie!

  • Mark Xavier Anderson
    Mark Xavier Anderson 24 days ago

    its stupid to change things from the original...people are just pussies...

  • Brent Ward
    Brent Ward 25 days ago

    The other detail that changed was how they dressed Jasmine. They dressed her more modestly than in the original version.

  • zahra zarqaa
    zahra zarqaa 28 days ago

    I understood the changes they made here and there but i was most disappointed with how they established movie!Aladdins character..like in the cartoon, he was the lowest of low in Agrabahs society right..a street rat..no one had his back, had no friends except Abu, which then (*i* think) leads to how important his friendship with genie and carpet were to him....but then yeah, all they made him was street-smart in the movie, which is fine but kinda takes away the contrast of his relationship with jasmine, i feel..a pairing of the lowest and highest in Agrabah society etc.
    Lol i watched the cartoon again immediately after the movie to do a side-by-side comparison and "refresh" my memory..but thats my biggest reason to give of why the movie felt a little flat to me..

  • Rahime Papatyacı
    Rahime Papatyacı 28 days ago

    Every thing is okey but still cant get the point that they changed friday to sunday. İt is a middle east story, do we reform it and pretend like it is not?

  • Aki La
    Aki La 28 days ago

    Unpopular opinion:
    I didn't like Will Smith as a Gennie. He's not impulsive and energetic enough.
    Only Jim Karrey would've pulled it out.

  • Piper
    Piper 29 days ago +2

    The thing I love most about the Aladdin remake (and honestly Beauty and the Beast too) is it brings the female characters a stronger role. Ultimately, making them *actual* characters. Changing Jasmine's main goal from wanting to marry whoever she wanted to becoming SULTAN? That's a huge character shift, and one that makes for an empowered woman and not a girl who only cares about who she gets to marry.

    Kudos to Disney for giving Jasmine the characterization she always deserved.

  • Kelly E
    Kelly E 29 days ago

    A woman sultan? glad the pussies got their feel goods, but disney really has never been much for good ideas anyway. That's why tjeir shit is just knock off money grabs, and the adults who laud of their pitiful garbage are stunted old children .

  • Kelly E
    Kelly E 29 days ago

    It's only offensive if it is done in malice or untrue. The whole world was barbaric then, and hand removal is FAR from unheard of.
    Jafar a negative stereotype? yeah, duh..... he was an evil wizard elder, shit this generation sucks.

  • Anya Lazorina
    Anya Lazorina Month ago

    0:47 Not provocative but sexist.

  • Esmy Pacheco
    Esmy Pacheco Month ago

    Jasmine and Jafar Yikes! Man Aladdin Gets Really Angry and Furious that the Battle with Jafar at the end of the movie it was very difficult and Very outstanding

  • Sven Olsen
    Sven Olsen Month ago

    Sorry, but the Genie will always belong to Robin Williams. That was his character, and no one else can do it justice. Not to say Will Smith didn't do a good job; he's a fantastic actor, but his performance will never match up to Robin Williams character.
    Also, all the SJW ass kissing with classic disney movie remakes must stop. Some things had to change, the female costumes were an obvious issue along with the lack of Jasmine's female servant/friend that she definitely would have had for the audience to enjoy the interaction between the two characters. But the lyrics changes did not need to happen, and the changes to Jafar watered down the creepiness-scariness of his character, his best quality in the original animated film in my personal opinion. The actor they chose was way too young, I would say that animated Jafar was around fifty, live action Jafar was thirty. The way animated Jafar treated Jasmine seemed to send a clear message to kids, "don't do this kids, it is wrong".

  • Tareq Tariq
    Tareq Tariq Month ago

    Aladdin 2019 is best than the original

  • Priscila Madeira
    Priscila Madeira Month ago

    I like the original one better. ☺️

  • Kat Wolf
    Kat Wolf Month ago

    I was disappointed they left out the part where Jasmine says "your beard, it's so, twisted..." That was my favorite line haha

  • Gabriel Jordan
    Gabriel Jordan Month ago

    I've noticed that a lot of movies that have been made in the last 15 years or so they tend to make it so we start identifying with the villain more versus always immediately rooting for the hero. (example - Joker from Dark Knight)

  • Lexi
    Lexi Month ago

    I mean I honestly think they over sensitive-ized( how ever u say it) this on certain parts but I do understand. And with what they did in the original movie with how they did it some of it was historically accurate. Btw I’m just stating my opinion so no hate plz!

  • Luna-Rika UwU
    Luna-Rika UwU Month ago

    I feel the lyrics were definitely changed for the better. It's more appealing for children (like my niece *cough coughzzz*) to sing along too.

  • Shahbaz Acosta
    Shahbaz Acosta Month ago

    Yall know what's crazy? In the ORIGINAL film the majority were complaining about the scene where Jasmean seduced Jafar. Saying it was inappropriate, "disgusting", shes 14 and hes 47, how its uncomfortable, "cant watch this" when really it was lowkey empowering because men are very lustful . As a girl she took advantage of that because it's a vulnerability for men. Now when they cut that scene out in the new film...its a problem, "I dont know why they didnt add the scene where Jasmean seduced Jafar". Maybe itd have been on there if people, the very ones that say "people are too sensitive nowadays" stop being sensitive themselves and look at the message and the female power that is mostly never acknowledged. It's also a remake....its not supposed to be an exact copy. Everything he listed was exactly criticized in the original. Now when they removed it in the remake to make it better since there were so much complaining it's a problem. People are never satisfied. Me personally I loved the film and have zero complaints.

  • ꧁Lil Fairy꧂
    ꧁Lil Fairy꧂ Month ago

    THE REMAKE SUUUUUUUUUCKED! Should've been called jasmine instead of Aladdin. 🙄

  • Dragon S
    Dragon S Month ago

    I don’t like the design of hafar in the new one. He is not as sinister looking as the original.

  • Xiānshēng F.R Sneep
    Xiānshēng F.R Sneep Month ago +1

    2;57 Bud iT is in almost all Arab countries the punishment of stealing is that your hand is chopped off

  • Karl Burdak
    Karl Burdak Month ago

    The villain is more attractive than the Hero?!?! O hell No!

  • Nicholas Sears
    Nicholas Sears Month ago

    Things I did not like about the new Aladdin
    1.skips jasmine leaving
    2. In the middle of Arabian nights in the new one they just have jafar at the cave of wonders it doesn’t show how they got there
    3. Jasmine so post to be lonely that’s why she runs away
    4.jafar was more evil in the original in the new one he’s not as evil

  • Jake Sangria
    Jake Sangria Month ago

    But slaves and marrying 14 year old girls are simply appropriate for the culture we're talking about you. Secondly and empowered female sultan ancient I wrapped?. Good luck with that women murdered her first day

  • Mina
    Mina Month ago

    I always thought jafar was handsome in the original. I think his powerful and mature stature is represented well/better in the cartoon. He is an accomplished and intimidating man. Live action didn't do him justice.
    As for the 2ndary characters looking "very ethnic", I think that's a misinterpretation. Anytime you see them trying to portray someone younger, they soften their features by making them a little more dainty to show youth. For example: the homeless children (do not have the "stereotype hooked noses"), the harem girls (meant to look like teens) etc. It's just how they draw younger characters.

  • SugaKookies A.R.M.Y

    So what I'm seeing from the comments is the remake is just a politically correct Aladdin. Everyone tries to politically correct everything which pretty much ruins it. The problem is people deny the facts and truth. Oof.