Dave Chapelle: terrorists on the plane


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Автор Armani Nguon ( назад)
LOL that salute at the end

Автор LizardKing1324 ( назад)
Jesus look at the fans! This is the most I've ever seen a comedian kill it. The laughs and claps are HUGE and they're trying to give him a standing ovation throughout the jokes... Legendary

Автор arrgh garry ( назад)
come here nigger baby ..fucking spot on about Bush the cunt

Автор Abdul Ahmed ( назад)
he is chinesse why he ia talkin lile that haha

Автор Francis Reynolds ( назад)
Marion Barry had a documented in office crack addiction. The only documentation that George Bush snorted cocaine was when he was in college decades before he was president. 5:08 for the black community's response.

Автор Duro Ajayi ( назад)
"sign the treaty mane.... I'll suck yo dick"

Автор Christmas snow ( назад)
dave chappelle will always be my number one all time comedian

Автор Matty S ( назад)
'I think those black guys are gonna try and save us'....mmmm mmmm

I died.

Автор Joseph Scott ( назад)
"Chappelle is just the funniest guy ever." -- Norm Macdonald, 2014.

Автор Matt Warden ( назад)
It white person voice sounds like Obama

Автор Cirby Shottas ( назад)
"come here little nigga baby" lol

Автор oak mitchell ( назад)
what happen to this Chappelle.his Netflix shit is terrible.

Автор Dot Pr ( назад)
shout out to ray ray and big Steve 😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😂😂😂

Автор Ali Haydar ( назад)
send some newports lmfao

Автор Rod Stiffington ( назад)

Автор Mark ( назад)
another dumb ass coconut , fucking clinton disciples, your all better for society used as fertilizer

Автор receo11 ( назад)
You need something of value to negotiate with.

Автор Shane Sprague ( назад)
Dave Chappell is the shit.

Автор wallstreetfox3 ( назад)
Has anybody been to Yellow Springs, Ohio where he is from? Youngs dairy has the best brownies.

Автор Fire Marshall Bill ( назад)
Dave Chappell is hilarious

Автор TheMegaGamingWizard ( назад)
whole vid is gold

Автор jac of harts ( назад)
Almost as good as Luan Loud

Автор karl pietrzak ( назад)
love the jokes but a little to political

Автор Robert Carran ( назад)
I'd vote for Clinton? Does Dave know how many blacks were jailed because of his policies? Really sad.

Автор Browny ( назад)
Only read the title and I know this is gonna be funny as fuck

Автор silver sniper ( назад)
This was not funny

Автор Harry Robertson ( назад)
effort psychological equity team seek greatly lucky cheek retain grow.

Автор Chiefshadow4 ( назад)
Too low energy for a big time comedian. Used to think he was funny, till I grew up.

Автор Bee Whistler ( назад)
Okay, he's not wrong about the voting, but the reason white people don't want to say who they're voting for is that we're all conditioned to avoid the subject because everyone has at least one politics obsessed opinionated dickweed relative or friend who won't just leave it the hell alone if you want to vote for someone they don't like. Like they will ask you who you're voting for just so they can have something to rant about, it's never meant to be a discussion, it's all about showing off why they're smarter and your candidate is a criminal and a fool and so are you for voting for them, telling you you're throwing your vote away if you go third party, etc. So yeah, after a while when someone asks, your knee jerk response is "The hell? Like I'm gonna admit it, I know your freaking game!"

Автор Sheila Ber ( назад)
I enjoyed Dave Chapelle's comedy very much. He's indeed very talented.

Автор Blake Jordan ( назад)
"I think those black guys are gonna try to save us."

Автор don donnie ( назад)

Автор Luis Gomez ( назад)

Автор essie finch ( назад)

Автор Big Swing Face ( назад)
Why? Because no one, not even stinking lousy terrorists, want to deal with blacks.

Автор Sami alamry ( назад)
black people are funny and gentle

Автор Rafael Fernandes ( назад)
ahahahaha come here little nigga baby. Damn Dave is lit!!!

Автор Kiyoki Fujin ( назад)
5:50 ".... Sign the treaty baby..! I'll suck your dick!" I literally lost it, I laughed so hard!

Автор 0 0 ( назад)
Because you can't pay ransom with ebt. We all know this even isis.

Автор Nikki Sokol ( назад)
The man is a comic genius. And yes he does that white diction perfectly.

Автор Randy Hendrix ( назад)
so I was fucking my wife in the ass.. Dave! lmao

Автор Scott Stevens ( назад)
Really it's not black on white it's rich on poor especially in nz

Автор Scott Stevens ( назад)
No they kill the black people first call they don't think black people are the bargaining chips.

Автор spudnic88 ( назад)
that nigga crazy

Автор Manav Sharma ( назад)
this guy is funny

Автор Anisa J ( назад)
We may not be able to have a coke head president but we can have an oompa loompa president.

Автор Charles Lee ( назад)
Clinton threw the black father in prison and replaced him with a welfare state.

Автор USS Trekky ( назад)
He wasn't funny in Con Air, and he's not funny now...

Автор adamatomic41 ( назад)
Interestingly, I bet he had no problem with Obama having admitted to doing cocaine in the past.

Автор David Honan ( назад)

Автор Grant Goldberg ( назад)
The reason you never see it is two fold: one, nobody would pay any money for black people. They're broke and so is everyone they know. Two, blacks are too lazy to get off there welfare collecting asses to go anywhere besides the corner store for malt liquor and fried chicken.

Автор redcomic619 ( назад)
How times have changed. White people have no problem sharing their views now. Before you even hear anything out of their mouth, you'll see a big ass Trump sticker in your face as you drive behind them on the highway.

Автор Arnold Swaggernigger ( назад)
That is funny as fuck 😀😀😀😁

Автор djmocha7 ( назад)
8:55 "And to top it off--" what? Don't end the video like that. I wanna know

Автор toe-tuk ( назад)
ole dave hasn't figured it out yet,, its bc they are brothas,,  most people from the middle east are half blood negros that's why

Автор DUSTY1373 ( назад)

Автор Matthew5to8 ( назад)
Ovomit also snorted cocaine.

Автор Mr Wagner ( назад)
Dave Chapelle: why terrorists won't take black people as hostage

Автор MrSmart199 ( назад)
why do i keep getting Dave in my suggestions? Oh yeah because hes fucking awesome!

Автор Matthew Hudson ( назад)
Clinton's for prison

Автор James Haburn ( назад)
How can you dislike this? Seriously.

Автор ese.hombre ( назад)
Is it because no one would pay the ramsom?

Автор glenn yarzagaray ( назад)
he got every time hahahaha

Автор thatbigtimeg ( назад)
lmao this is always gonna be funny

Автор Jimmy Watts ( назад)
Greatest comedian of all time not even close

Автор brother man bill jeff ( назад)
There are plenty of pictures of Black people being executed by terroris on the internet... idiot

Автор Brandon Webb ( назад)
"Bitch my family's here!"

Автор Zirx ( назад)
Clinton is why black people are poor lol irony

Автор Do Bo ( назад)
DAve talks about sucking dick. The audience stands up to give him standing ovation. Typical niggers lol

Автор enemay ( назад)
This some racist shit Dave, but it's funny cause it's true. XD

Автор GoddessBlueYozakura ( назад)
Lmao @ send some Newports!

Автор Suyash Awasthi ( назад)
His terrorist accent is no good. Sounds more Indian than middle eastern.

Автор GardenState Pusher ( назад)

Автор JuventusFC05 ( назад)
Dave is a comedy legend

Автор Dylan L. ( назад)
Because terrorists are weak and black people will fight back but white people won't.

Автор G Kab ( назад)
I tried to laugh, I really tried!

Автор handofmidas 27 ( назад)
im sirry i dont mean to offend anyone but how should i call them w out offending them?...kinda serious here thanks

Автор PRBBEUSMC ( назад)
Im glad this nigger got hooked on heroin.

Автор Joanne Wilson ( назад)
Bill Clinton was a coke head president hahaha.

Автор juan Blancas ( назад)
best in my eyes hands down. this brother legit

Автор Moif ( назад)
I wish America would have taken Dave's advice about paying attention to a presidential candidate's character...

Автор Emoji T ( назад)

Автор aftmost mender 3 ( назад)

Автор Karabo Ramosamo ( назад)
The crowd is amazing! You can tell they won't regret buying their tickets

Автор Bob Troll Heath ( назад)
They enslave you guys not take you for ransome lol

Автор Man Fig ( назад)
"Sign the treaty baby." Lmao!

Автор kuribo1 ( назад)
One of the navy sailors on the TWA flight back in 1985 was a black dude...just saying.

Автор Matthew Sunday ( назад)
content thief

Автор davey crockett ( назад)
Clinton has a black son dim wits yes a bastard not acknowledged.

Автор go2mikerenzi ( назад)
wow ..what a racist nigger!

Автор isz v ( назад)
who wants Dave Chappelle back

Автор WanderingStar ( назад)
"That might be fine for a mayor..." RIP Rob Ford

Автор Jon Madison ( назад)
@3:51 hahahahahahhAHAHAHHAAHAHAAAHHH

Автор Vincent Kline ( назад)
D.C. is a rare talent... an American treasure🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 a leader for the beleaugered masses to hear and learn from.

Автор ArabMusic23 ( назад)
Oh my fucking god I can't stop laughing hahahahaha

Автор David Blaine ( назад)
Fuck Clinton!

Автор Akif Abidi ( назад)
If this dude took one look at trumps character😂😂

Автор Melancholia09 ( назад)
Hmmm Letsee.....the last video I saw where a black person asked a white person who they voted for ended with the 5 blacks stomping the shit out of the white person. So.....Dave wonders why we keep our "Political Affiliations" to ourselves?

Автор Hari Arja ( назад)
Respect ✊🏼 😊

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