I Met A Toxic 9 Year Old in Fortnite Squad Fill, So I 1v1d him... (RAGE)

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • I Met A Toxic 9 Year Old in Fortnite Squad Fills, So I 1v1d him... (RAGE)
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  • 3 aidi stripz
    3 aidi stripz 2 days ago

    We were all default skins when we began the game

  • TJK2019 Kelly
    TJK2019 Kelly 5 days ago +1

    Toxic player: *misses every shot and was aiming at the air*
    The dude trying to make a vid: *shoots him at the head when he was their for legit 5 secs*
    The toxic player: YoUr ObViOuSlY hAcKiNg

  • Odins Vater81
    Odins Vater81 5 days ago

    That kid is a real Noob, skins say nothing about the player.

  • Coco G
    Coco G 6 days ago

    I got it

  • No Name
    No Name 8 days ago +1

    His voice sounds so annoying for some reason he sounds like grandma

  • leader brodas ya
    leader brodas ya 9 days ago

    Defaults were the first skins in the game so their og

  • Fatanic Pov3r
    Fatanic Pov3r 10 days ago

    why you didnt show him renegade raider?

  • sham
    sham 12 days ago

    I joined in Season 9 and I’m better than this kid

  • mubashir Kassim
    mubashir Kassim 12 days ago

    The kid did not have a gun when they started

  • PnK Advents
    PnK Advents 14 days ago

    This is the point that Fortnite removes defaults just like Roblox removing guest

    MARIEL CUEVAS 14 days ago

    That kid is a b****

  • RamSLade On Blitz
    RamSLade On Blitz 15 days ago

    *cant aim while running lmao*

  • Da_Reaper #1
    Da_Reaper #1 15 days ago

    I love defaults

    DJ TEACAN 16 days ago

    4:10 that Heath nice👌👌

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 17 days ago +1

    Oh crap a person gets knocked

  • The Gaming Show K
    The Gaming Show K 17 days ago

    They say you are trash but your better

  • Groudon plays
    Groudon plays 17 days ago

    This kid sounds like my cousin.

  • Joseph stalin
    Joseph stalin 17 days ago

    The power of a default

  • Hyper JC
    Hyper JC 18 days ago

    You do this every video. Boring!

  • AdamCarminGamer093
    AdamCarminGamer093 19 days ago

    I’m 11 and I’m not one of those toxic kids

  • Revelotion World
    Revelotion World 19 days ago

    The headset is not half off doesn’t he mean half more money I saw it on this other website for $18.89 and I bought it

  • Ghost _
    Ghost _ 20 days ago

    That man seems like he started playing yesterday

  • Riser Tony
    Riser Tony 21 day ago +1

    Im tired of defaults you trash
    Me :Sorry its opposite day you nub

  • Daniel Manankichian
    Daniel Manankichian 23 days ago

    Default lives matter
    Like if u agree

  • Adriana Felix
    Adriana Felix 24 days ago


  • Jmaster 2205
    Jmaster 2205 25 days ago

    If that kid was any good he would have noticed that u have a xp boost meaning you had the battle pass

  • gieson playzYT
    gieson playzYT 26 days ago

    that kid is dum

  • hayleigh Keaton
    hayleigh Keaton 26 days ago

    You should report him

  • Gacha Mike
    Gacha Mike 27 days ago

    Kids these days

  • Elcid Maynard Pascual
    Elcid Maynard Pascual 28 days ago

    Did you know default is the rarest skin in fortnite

  • ZIH87 /JB_JOEF
    ZIH87 /JB_JOEF 28 days ago

    “It is super high-quality-“
    0:58 **literally shows a photo of someone breaking them with their bare hands**

  • Franklin Johnson
    Franklin Johnson 28 days ago

    Before you get v-bucks to get skins, YOU ARE A DEFAULT. Stop bullying what you once were.

  • Super Mario and Luigi Bros

    I wanna 1v1 that kid he is such a bot

    BRAWlandCLASH BG 29 days ago

    He isssss soooooo badddd

  • Doom Daz
    Doom Daz Month ago

    Dis KId BULly. Me I'm a default

  • MEME lord
    MEME lord Month ago

    This is totally set up lol

  • Natalia Tolentino
    Natalia Tolentino Month ago

    Kid i Beet you don .t have a mom

  • C.J the purplesilverninja

    Kids and adults.!!!!
    I met a crazy person! This kid got mad at me for a simple mistake

  • Don F
    Don F Month ago

    Anybody who uses the word "toxic" is the toxic person.
    The only people i ever hear say that word usually end up being that person.
    The guy lies on his way in to the game, and when a kid states the obvious, he starts lying even more.
    Whos toxic?

  • Savage_king 693
    Savage_king 693 Month ago

    I had one but my friend broke that mic

  • melvin10701 im new
    melvin10701 im new Month ago

    Defaults ar cute super cute

  • Dindo Tito
    Dindo Tito Month ago

    I like defaults there very cute

  • Martinus Skreden
    Martinus Skreden Month ago

    Dat KID is a wirdo

  • Judith Pena
    Judith Pena Month ago

    You put at the begining

  • BlueSlushie77 1
    BlueSlushie77 1 Month ago

    This kid is so bad

  • Annie Bravo
    Annie Bravo Month ago

    The kid was kinda not a toxic

  • Beaglejay
    Beaglejay Month ago

    Y did u stretch the video to 10 minutes 8:55

  • Lils Briselz
    Lils Briselz Month ago +1


  • alex pleass
    alex pleass Month ago

    I feel bad for him but at the same time I really dont feel bad for him

  • Preeti Jindal
    Preeti Jindal Month ago

    I like your vids and ideas

  • Carlos Romero
    Carlos Romero Month ago

    But I dont have money

  • Quirley Ftn
    Quirley Ftn Month ago

    **Tfue has entered the chat**

  • Jokester
    Jokester Month ago

    When u have to hit the 10min mark
    30seconds later

  • random game 0
    random game 0 Month ago

    Do they not kmow that default can be pro

  • MCDR Karma
    MCDR Karma Month ago

    Hey swift, I honestly dont think defaults are bad, cause I mostly get killed by defaults because they dont waste money on the game, but they are still good, the only way I can tell that they are bad, are if they are a bot

  • Juan Pano
    Juan Pano Month ago

    The toxic kid talking trash 🗑 because he’s a bot

  • Franzplays
    Franzplays Month ago

    I don't understand why people judge defaults like I mean, there's nothing special on skins (even though I have one) and not all defaults are bad. They just need some practise. Those bullies soon get karma from defaults.

  • Buron Binaku
    Buron Binaku Month ago

    This kid plays like an ai bot in fortnite chapter 2

  • ClassicMixer
    ClassicMixer Month ago

    FrIK FOrtNIte!!

  • Game Hax
    Game Hax Month ago

    So we can relate to:
    Bad people want a fight. (Bully)
    Good people want peace .(Swift)