US fires missiles at Syrian military base near Homs in response to ’Assad’s chem attack’

  • Опубликовано: 7 апр 2017
  • The US has launched 50 to 60 Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian military base near Homs after President Donald Trump ordered the strikes in response for the chemical attack in Idlib, blaming the incident on President Bashar Assad. READ MORE:
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Комментарии • 1 583

  • koko sky
    koko sky 2 месяца назад

    What a stupid move to attack with out any proof . now russia will find a good excuse to attack n kill as many as they wish.

  • Harry Dickenson
    Harry Dickenson 2 месяца назад

    Fucking SAD ASS

  • Mr Moneysign
    Mr Moneysign 6 месяцев назад

    So this is what Trump is truly up to

  • Prathamesh Deshmukh
    Prathamesh Deshmukh 8 месяцев назад

    he hi internet provider to noko

  • jean carlo Vasquez
    jean carlo Vasquez Год назад

    Why you dont attack Assad like you did with Sadam Hoesein but now atacking the place and people Assad ordered the chemical bombing

  • shatter boxx twist
    shatter boxx twist Год назад

    long live king Don! !

  • Deepak Bajaj
    Deepak Bajaj Год назад

    i m from india nd i think this ia a right stand by donald trum
    r u seeing the chemical atacks victims photos there r many childs
    oh god we r human???

  • Chicken Pick
    Chicken Pick Год назад

    damn trump. just gave Syria hell

  • mohammed harshak
    mohammed harshak Год назад

    america and israel want to kill assad .all this fuckng drama. news anchors are big liars .
    they will kill assad
    they killed saddam
    they killed gaddafi...
    they will kill assad.

  • Dr. Tiggy
    Dr. Tiggy Год назад

    "Punish for ALLEGATIONS" - that is how ridiculous this world has become.

  • HakuChan Yuuki
    HakuChan Yuuki Год назад

    what are the jew elite planning?

  • Subby 88
    Subby 88 Год назад

    As a Muslim I must say, this is probably the best thing Trump has ever done in his life. He may not be perfect but there is hope that he may finally help put an end to the brutal Assad regime.
    I also hope that Russia and Iran get to their senses. They are both great countries but it's a shame that they chose to support such a tyrant who has killed so many.

  • Shahril Mohd
    Shahril Mohd Год назад

    I'm Moslem and i support Trump. Hell with zionist and fake Shia Moslem including ISIS.

  • Ryan Dresser
    Ryan Dresser Год назад

    trump wants war

  • Castanon 74
    Castanon 74 Год назад

    over 4 billion views isn't true because you can see how many views they have gotten over the years

  • Herr Wolf
    Herr Wolf Год назад

    Too bad none hit that little shithole to the west off the coast.

  • Iceman Chambers
    Iceman Chambers Год назад +1

    Its really really satisfying news. Also that was one of the greatest and rightful moves that USA did. Good Job US;greetings from Turkey . Death to Children murderer,Terrorist Assad..

  • Lorna Bandojo
    Lorna Bandojo Год назад +1

    rt..back off

  • Lorna Bandojo
    Lorna Bandojo Год назад


  • TheCecanbgd
    TheCecanbgd Год назад +1


  • nykl mail1
    nykl mail1 Год назад

    I feel betrayed by Trump. He was againts the war in syria in his campaing..He just did a Hillary Clinton move. Washington has ruined him.

  • Parra Painting
    Parra Painting Год назад

    i wonder how the trump lovers are going to justify this one..?

  • Hi
    Hi Год назад

    Donald Trump has fooled the American people 😂😂

  • scarvasa
    scarvasa Год назад

    u.s.a.= war criminals

  • Hawk Who Knows All
    Hawk Who Knows All Год назад

    USA Starts War From WORLD WAR 2 by using POLISH Puppets to SYRIAN WAR.......

  • Darth Vitiate
    Darth Vitiate Год назад

    With the Russians a policy of revanchism is in need

  • Juan Jose
    Juan Jose Год назад +1

    This is why I love trump😍❤️🇺🇸

  • chanctonbury63
    chanctonbury63 Год назад

    Well thats put pootys nose out of joint. What are you going to call him now?? Otrumpmonkey??

  • gimik2
    gimik2 Год назад

    Is Trump a real moron, who in spite of missing proof, he decided to punish Syria anyway, or he allows himself to be surrounded by too many worm-tongued Zionist snakes who brain wash him constantly?

    • gimik2
      gimik2 Год назад

      Pablo Jay
      I was just saying. I'm not a Trump suporter, nor did I vote for him. Not that the alternative was any better anyway.

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay Год назад

      The proof is there you just dont want to see it.

  • Lagz Moncz
    Lagz Moncz Год назад

    Some say Russia is more powerful than US, now this is an invitation to prove it.

  • Northern Sailor
    Northern Sailor Год назад

    I am happy with this move.

  • rothschild war bank
    rothschild war bank Год назад

    people forgot the month long

  • Fuckin A Jared
    Fuckin A Jared Год назад +1

    Is there any proof Assad done this? All I see on TV is "Assad targeted women and children (shows picture of school), then quote from John McCain" but no proof of anything? Just seems like smears and lies as usual from the narrative

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay Год назад

      Who do you think it was then? ISIS and rebel groups do not have the infrastructure to maintain and deploy Sarin nerve agent, its a very, very difficult weapon to store and use, you cant do it from a tent in the desert. A State player did this, no doubt.

  • mmmoroi
    mmmoroi Год назад +2

    Who in his right mind on earth is willing to provide the desperately-needed pretext to the Neocon war mongers for their military intevention? Shame on the mainstream commercial media except RT. We are fed up with staged "evidence" including waterbirds soaked in crude oil in the Gulf, daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to US pretentending to be otherwise claming in the US Congress, to have witnessed Sadam's troops killing dozens of premature babies out of their incubators, not to mention 45 minute dodgy dossier based on a postgraduate's dissertation. Trump must have been forced to to order this attack, threatened by "them" with the imminent impeachment. In any case, Trump has deeply betrayd voters who chose him, having now proved to be yet another stooge of global financiers.

  • Tanaka Tako
    Tanaka Tako Год назад

    9/11 express

  • A gHoSt
    A gHoSt Год назад

    tomahawk missile or cruise missile ??! are they same?

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay Год назад

      No, a Cruise missile is just a generic name for an autonomously guided self propelled missile.

  • hector bossio
    hector bossio Год назад +1

    Send missiles to the real terrorists, not the goverment of Syria. Trump must be controled now by the international mafia ( the same old mafia) some people know..

  • Yaghiyah Brenner
    Yaghiyah Brenner Год назад

    cruse missiles? 1 million a pop?. 50 million.

  • DrackulAss
    DrackulAss Год назад +3

    Different puppet, same masters!

  • Game Striker
    Game Striker Год назад

    This is a clear example of how Humans are flawed. He had the right idea, he had everything planned, he was steps ahead, the type of strong leader we need, and yet, by being so on edge, he made a fatal error by bombing the wrong people, and technically that wasn't his fault, false claims said it was Syria. Trump may not necessarily be for war, but as we saw, he clearly would not let any act of terrorism or violence upon our country, or our people, go unpunished. Humans make mistakes, it's just how we are, that being said I'm sure that Syria will retaliate in some way. All of this could have been avoided if people back in the old days could have lived normal lives, no crime, no wars, no violence, but nope. Ever since the old days there are grudges to be held, causing wars to turn nuclear over time, potentially causing a fallout into a post-apocalyptic world, where any remaining humans will practically have to survive off of crime and murder.
    "Humans are the main cause of extinctions in lots of species, let us not be the cause of our own."
    God bless you all.

  • Simply Magic
    Simply Magic Год назад

    Trump shows the world who is the BOSS. All of you bloody pussies shut your mouth and learn something. America has to do this or else no one will respect them. Well done CHIEF IN COMMAND.

  • rob willia
    rob willia Год назад +1

    Pfft Putin isn't stupid no chance of anything coming from the Russian side.

  • 48acar19
    48acar19 Год назад

    For the first time I am applauding Trump...

  • Javier  Lopez
    Javier Lopez Год назад

    Fucking shit. Fuck Donald Trump. WW3 is right around the corner.

  • Eagle 6
    Eagle 6 Год назад +1

    I am sure that Daesh is dancing in the streets right now

  • The Jokhadar
    The Jokhadar Год назад

    in your face putin and do something to save your face in the whole world come on putin

  • Triyono Yono
    Triyono Yono Год назад

    It is not balanced in force if US vs Suria. I hope US vs Rusia. I wonder why US always meddles other countries? Do not blame if terrorist will attack US to take revenge.

  • Abdullah AL
    Abdullah AL Год назад

    people talk about ww3 we are in it right now but it hasn't reached that level yet but for sure ww3 is happening before your eyes

  • Abdullah AL
    Abdullah AL Год назад

    this is ridiculous these fuxking attacks are coming from organisation set from the US or lets say the elites to show the world it's assad. think about it. Why blame assad when the terrorist are the ones to blame. people are ducking stupid and the US are talking about not hurting and killing humans when they are poisoning their own people. hypocrisy at its finest for sure and it's obvious. they are using tactics that common sense will see distinguish between right from wrong.

  • Василий Сиукаев
    Василий Сиукаев Год назад

    брехливые скоты

  • Wake up Sheeple
    Wake up Sheeple Год назад

    So the USA soldiers are illegal immigrants in Syria 🤔build a wall and send them back!
    Make Syria 🇸🇾 Great Again!

  • ネーナ・トリニティ
    ネーナ・トリニティ Год назад +1

    Impeach Trump now!

  • Banana Bandana
    Banana Bandana Год назад +1

    I'm not reenlisting.

  • Louis Kyiacou
    Louis Kyiacou Год назад

    there are three main things we need to be aware of the truth, lies and the order

  • László Nagy
    László Nagy Год назад +2


  • border lord
    border lord Год назад

    don't forget the nearly 200 people murdered by usa in Mosul,why would Assad kill his own people,false flag,again.dont forget usa use of agent orange in Vietnam

  • zoidberg smith
    zoidberg smith Год назад

    only thing that's stops us people from attacking the governments is the army and police, I don't understand why the army and police are such bitches for the government

  • Cedar Park SC
    Cedar Park SC Год назад

    lot of trolls in the comment section

  • Ryan Killeleagh
    Ryan Killeleagh Год назад

    when will people learn. Washington will never change.
    i say this coming. Sorry but no president is going to change Washington. at least Kennedy died for something. he was the last true president

  • Pablo Jay
    Pablo Jay Год назад

    Now do you see why Trump was the worst choice imaginable, what part of Iraq, war on terror, and Republicans do you muppets not understand? They are war hawks, Putin has allowed his childish dislike of Clinton to help him make the worst move of his Presidency.
    I have been trying to tell you idiots this since before the election, Putin backed the wrong horse. The Dems dont do war, the Repubs live for it.
    Now you shall reap the whirlwind for your stupidity. Karma is a bitch, the best part is Putin actually tried to meddle in the election to get Trump into power lmao.

  • Shelly Coria
    Shelly Coria Год назад

    that air field is abandoned.

  • Jay steven
    Jay steven Год назад +5

    Trump is a Jewish puppet 👍

  • jaggededges
    jaggededges Год назад

    Voted for Trump, This was a really bad move. Nothing to help people just screwing the average citizen exactly what he promised not to do..... another war Anybody else pissed yet?

  • Beavis Jones
    Beavis Jones Год назад

    More thumbs down than thumbs up that seems to me people don't want us bombing anyone right now

  • christofer MacFistifur
    christofer MacFistifur Год назад

    AIPAC has spoken and Donald must obey. Remember what happened in 1963.

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez Год назад

    It is good that Americans realized once and for all that all politicians lie during campaign and when elected they do whatever they really stand for from the beginning regardless. Trump is not different; he simply lied in order to get elected and now we are seeing what he really stood for from the beginning.

  • manuelflorencio98
    manuelflorencio98 Год назад +1


  • UniqueCo
    UniqueCo Год назад

    Go Putin Go dismantle the MOSSAD CIA USA F*** TRUMP from Ireland

  • If sambo was easy It would be called jiu jitsu

    How the hell they know that it's Assad regime who did the chem attack ? And why i would trust the same intelligence agency who falsified and told us lies about the sadam nuclear project just to invade Iraq for Oil ? Dont be naive ppl Assad is wining in every front and it's not in his favor to kill innocent Syrian citizens .. the big winner after those gaz attacks and us strikes is ISIS and the Israeli intelligence... no mire word needed ✌️

    • H Blast
      H Blast Год назад +1

      TRUE BRO !

  • Travis Witter
    Travis Witter Год назад

    kill kill kill

  • GhostGrind
    GhostGrind Год назад

    Was Russia warned of the missile attack or not? I keep getting conflicting reports.

  • Ronda Kelly
    Ronda Kelly Год назад +1

    Get it over with all counties bomb Damascus turn it to dust.

  • Max Havelaar
    Max Havelaar Год назад

    Maddog Trump in action. Putin has no choice but to allow the Syrians to use the S300 missile defense system.

  • Warchief Swan
    Warchief Swan Год назад +1

    Yay! Happy day!

  • Stomping Partridge
    Stomping Partridge Год назад

    Bullshit, the Syrian government gassed no one.

  • Arif Khañ
    Arif Khañ Год назад

    i fuck bashar dog

  • Ashraf Zahra
    Ashraf Zahra Год назад

    If babies are dieing fuck it I'll fly a bomber if they want me too.

  • Indian Scam Support
    Indian Scam Support Год назад +1

    Where's the evidence that Bashar ordered and have gassed his own people? What is the purpose of him doing that? Why didn't they launch one single missile at ISIS this whole time?

  • timespaice
    timespaice Год назад

    Russia have to nuke US now. That 's how it works usually, Trump will be soon the president of the Desert of America. GJ muslims ur dream will come true.

  • Drake Minus
    Drake Minus Год назад

    nuclear war!!!!!!!😖😖😢😲😳

  • Murcielago SV
    Murcielago SV Год назад

    Think of it like this trump just bombed the Syrian version of pearl harbor. THERE WILL BE RETALIATION.

  • Jeffery Connor
    Jeffery Connor Год назад

    USA= U Should Ask (before bombimg...)
    How moronic!!
    God help us!!

  • Bill Farris
    Bill Farris Год назад +1

    Trump just another pawn for new world order. sorry I voted for him.

  • ALecksalex1
    ALecksalex1 Год назад

    We're going to win. God bless America. Fuck the Assad regime

  • CinaBun
    CinaBun Год назад

    Is the world turning into fallout

  • TheKeithvidz
    TheKeithvidz Год назад

    america needs to find the aggressive, strong nation to pick on

  • billy ramsden
    billy ramsden Год назад

    you spelled home wrong dipshit. go on google maps and look at that shit. no homes anywhere fuck stick

  • Alex Huxley
    Alex Huxley Год назад

    More likely our “friends” in the Alphabet Agencies behind this nonsense.

  • laurie hamilton
    laurie hamilton Год назад

    Way to go Trump that's what our world needs is more Blood & guts as my father would say.

  • 武居貴裕
    武居貴裕 Год назад +1

    It is no need to do. Stop immediately

  • Giorgio Cooper
    Giorgio Cooper Год назад

    So we voted for Trump because Hillary was going to bomb Syria ...... who in the world told you this none sense ?????

  • KH Cam
    KH Cam Год назад

    Fuck u US

  • Sam Holden
    Sam Holden Год назад

    Why does America always like been in middle east?!?

  • Shape5Shifter
    Shape5Shifter Год назад

    nuke assad and show him what chemical weapons are really 4 u fucking cowards. get rid off this scummm and continue on isis daaesh but I think the world is happy seeing muslims blow each other

  • Shape5Shifter
    Shape5Shifter Год назад

    nuk that fucking dictator

    AQUA BOMBS Год назад

    Put your big boy pants on pussies... go trump.......🇺🇸💪🏻🇺🇸

  • Lob
    Lob Год назад +2

    trump reveals himself as another zionist neocon rat, just like Hillary and all the other warmongerers in the U.S government. This should not come as a surprise to anybody.

  • commando azbo
    commando azbo Год назад

    People are saying they are disappointed with the Trump. Didn't they know that Trump and Hillary are puppets of the zionist bankers. People need to unite and fight and protect humanity from these evil people.

  • cryptobradley200
    cryptobradley200 Год назад

    rt--u guys start telling real news-we no not want war with russia u guys have great looking women