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LA Film Fest (2013) - Fruitvale Station Trailer 1 - Michael B. Jordan Movie HD

  • Published on May 11, 2013
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    LA Film Fest (2013) - Fruitvale Station Trailer 1 - Michael B. Jordan Movie HD
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    Michael B. Jordan stars as Oscar, a young man detailed by police at an Oakland, CA BART station after a brawl on a train early on New Year's Day. The night ended in tragedy, and the cell phone cameras carried by many witnesses documented an almost inexplicable display of police force.
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    Ciarra Moné Year ago

    Michael B Jordan is a GREAT actor. So sorry for the loss life of Oscar Grant 💔

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  • Rikku !!
    Rikku !! Year ago

    This movie made me so mad. Not because it’s a bad film on the contrary but because this actually happened. So many injustices in the world. I’m glad they got to tell the story of Oscar. I hoped it reaches people so maybe someday things will be different.

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  • Mana ma
    Mana ma 3 years ago +4

    Ain't it funny that the other white folks who were also in the fight never got captured and told to come out? Fuck the police, such a corrupt system.

  • Paris Young
    Paris Young 4 years ago

    I wish he was my boyfriend I diz movie and I'm cute hot and no problem

    TAGZ MEDIA 4 years ago +9

    Such a great story such a sad ending R.I.P Oscar Grant

  • Makaveli _Hun
    Makaveli _Hun 4 years ago +1

    if ur an african american who lives in the states and ur constant state of mind is not anger then ur not seein whats happening.. FUCK THE POLICE

  • DannySRT
    DannySRT 4 years ago +2

    The policeman who shot him was meant to get a life sentence but only got 2 years because he apparently mistaken his gun for a taser. No justice done giving him 2 years only.

    • agenttheater5
      agenttheater5 4 years ago +1

      +DannySRT How...exactly...can you mistake a gun for a taser. I would have imagined that the shape was entirely different and that you wouldn't be allowed on the force unless you knew the difference!

    • Hunter Wright
      Hunter Wright 4 years ago +4

      He actually only received 11 months. This is a totally broken system, if you have a badge you're okay to do whatever.

  • נתנאל סהלו
    נתנאל סהלו 4 years ago

    הסרט הכי טוב שיש בעולם!!!!!!!!!
    בכיתי בסוף!!!!!!

  • Kay
    Kay 4 years ago

    Amazing Movie, 100/10, Perfectly Acted. This movie was really deep, and powerful. The cop is a fucking bitch for "mistakenly using his gun instead of tazer" surely you have to pull the trigger in irder to shoot, also only 11 months? The fucking bitch should of got death, i hope someone finds him and murders him and for him there will be a reason. Oscar was killed for NO reason.

  • Mozart Herbert
    Mozart Herbert 4 years ago +6

    Michael B. Jordan is so hot and gorgeous, I wish I had a boyfriend like him

  • Salvador Allende
    Salvador Allende 4 years ago +2

    Where is Wallace at???

  • lilyogurtpants
    lilyogurtpants 5 years ago

    this is the only movie i have seen that truly shows how the police really is in this world we live in

  • hatred giants
    hatred giants 5 years ago

    so sad story

  • TheAAMJR
    TheAAMJR 5 years ago +3

    Well-paced, well-crafted, and ultimately heartbreaking, Fruitvale Station is a short but timely film that tells an important story.

  • ElClimate
    ElClimate 5 years ago

    Saw this movie finally cause I lived through this through out the bay area but the ending made me cry and just reminded me of all the emotion that this situation stirred up good movie.

  • Blaise Life
    Blaise Life 5 years ago

    I never had for tears before expect for this one.

  • EbkAllDay5210
    EbkAllDay5210 5 years ago +3

    They should really require you to take a IQ test before you can make youtube comments because some of the shit people say is just stupid to put it lightly

  • BM
    BM 5 years ago

    to all, this is a gem. What's even more sad is that it's based on a true story. We all have flaws but the police is no exception.

  • iani1051989
    iani1051989 5 years ago

    usa police men are facked up man, they are facked up

  • stickmaster546
    stickmaster546 5 years ago

    Such a sad yet amazing movie, the ending had me in tears. R.I.P. Oscar Grant.

  • george13galatsi
    george13galatsi 5 years ago


  • Bandi
    Bandi 5 years ago

    You all same shit just different color, far as i know every single human that was and there will be on this planet has blood and flash, and police tell me they are protecting someone, this is worth of execution\electric chair if this was done on wight guy from side of black cop, shit would be all over news 100x more.
    And cop would get lifetime.

  • Nathan .DIBOKO
    Nathan .DIBOKO 5 years ago

    what the music please ?

  • Giovanni Garica
    Giovanni Garica 5 years ago

    Serious Sam I feel sorry for your mother giving birth to such an idiot

  • Giovanni Garica
    Giovanni Garica 5 years ago

    Serious Sam I feel sorry for your mother giving birth to such an idiot

  • Detzky Dub
    Detzky Dub 5 years ago +5

    This movie deserves an Oscar!! (See what I did there)

  • David Anga
    David Anga 5 years ago

    Glad I didn't see this trailer properly before watching the film really woulda ruined it for me 👎
    Great film nonetheless! Unfortunate story!

  • Dirk Pork
    Dirk Pork 5 years ago

    Whats the name of the song in this trailer ?