Only a True Genius Can Name The Countries from the Emojis - 99% Fail

  • Published on Jul 19, 2017
  • Only a True Genius Can Name The Countries from the Emojis - 99% Fail
    This is a really unique quiz from Mind your Idiot. It is meant to test your intelligence in a really creative way.
    We use and chat with emojis everyday, but can you interpret them in another way other than how our brains are programmed.
    In this video, you'll be provided 13 questions which incorporate one, two or even three emojis/smileys/emoticons. You will be given another hint in form of text and you are then supposed to identify the country.
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Comments • 16 592

  • ZattyIzzyani/ Zattybrine

    I got all right

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat 2 days ago


  • T Mox
    T Mox 3 days ago

    The America one that started with an arm should have been Armenia.

  • T Mox
    T Mox 3 days ago +1

    Some of them weren’t even close. I got the ones that made sense.

  • Rafik Khan
    Rafik Khan 7 days ago

    emojis are so wrong....πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜΄βŽβŽβŽ

  • Just a Hungarian guy

    Wales is not a country.......

  • James H
    James H 9 days ago

    I’m a true genius..

  • Maher Al Khatib of the United Arab States

    I got them all right except the last one. And BTW it was all incorrect

  • Shanzah Adil
    Shanzah Adil 16 days ago


  • Anam Noor
    Anam Noor 17 days ago


  • Anam Noor
    Anam Noor 17 days ago


  • Anam Noor
    Anam Noor 17 days ago


  • Anam Noor
    Anam Noor 17 days ago


  • Anam Noor
    Anam Noor 17 days ago


  • Anam Noor
    Anam Noor 17 days ago


  • Lorylle Jabon
    Lorylle Jabon 19 days ago

    My get is 5

  • Bosanski Turk
    Bosanski Turk 19 days ago +1


  • Cedric 770
    Cedric 770 20 days ago

    Eik 2zo18eozom w i2iso lcpw9z cs

  • adhora's world
    adhora's world 20 days ago

    13 score

  • Kenn Gabriel Valdevia
    Kenn Gabriel Valdevia 22 days ago


  • lalita beeharry
    lalita beeharry 22 days ago


  • lalita beeharry
    lalita beeharry 22 days ago


  • lalita beeharry
    lalita beeharry 22 days ago


  • lalita beeharry
    lalita beeharry 22 days ago


  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan 23 days ago


  • OrangeLake 55488
    OrangeLake 55488 23 days ago

    How did I get from Iraq to Pakistan


  • dream of adventures
    dream of adventures 25 days ago

    All were very easy

  • Antonia Tjihepo
    Antonia Tjihepo 25 days ago

    😁Yay got 12 right😁

  • Random66684
    Random66684 26 days ago

    Pot U Gal wtf

  • Nicholas Hoffert
    Nicholas Hoffert 26 days ago


  • Spot State
    Spot State 27 days ago


  • μž₯메리
    μž₯메리 27 days ago

    O +Man

  • KoppΓ‘ny V
    KoppΓ‘ny V 27 days ago

    I have 10 points and i am not English i am Hungarian and 13 years old



  • Ardan Bintang
    Ardan Bintang 27 days ago

    I get 13 answers

  • Gacha Girly
    Gacha Girly 27 days ago

    well done

  • intan emu
    intan emu 28 days ago +1

    Bikin lagi oh

  • Annbug XD
    Annbug XD 28 days ago +1

    🐞Done 6 only!🐞

  • BOSS_ Tommey
    BOSS_ Tommey 29 days ago

    You Fuck

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh 29 days ago


  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh 29 days ago


  • Japans Hungry
    Japans Hungry 29 days ago

    I knew all in a haertbeat

  • BlueYoshPlayz 123
    BlueYoshPlayz 123 29 days ago

    I got 5

    EDWELYN GUY-AB Month ago

    You not beat philippines im not bad you ar bad malaysia boo

  • Piggington The great
    Piggington The great Month ago +1

    3 was just like 😑😑😑 same with seven

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark Month ago +3

    Arm+Re+Car = America
    (99% fail)?
    More like this is the 99% fail because this video is a failure

  • iiEclipsey xx
    iiEclipsey xx Month ago +1

    Question five- SOUP U RECEPTIONIST

  • Roshan Pal
    Roshan Pal Month ago +1

    Very bad

  • Kwan Linus
    Kwan Linus Month ago

    Q10. Totally unrelated to Britain and not one of its colonies.

  • Andri Hermawan
    Andri Hermawan Month ago +1

    Got 10 not bad

  • Aluzmar Perez
    Aluzmar Perez Month ago

    β­•πŸ‘€ Oman
    🐱ar Qatar
    🚷 Norway
    πŸ‘”β˜οΈ Taiwan
    πŸ₯˜uπŸ’ Portugal
    πŸ‘™z😷 Brazil
    πŸŽΆπŸ’β­• Singapore
    🎲a Dia
    🚣s🀘a Botswana
    πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§β˜”e Ukraine
    πŸ‹s Wales
    πŸ’ͺreπŸš— America
    πŸ˜‘β›½πŸš— Madagascar

  • Mayur Soni
    Mayur Soni Month ago

    Can you solve this
    you can move only one pencil and this should be a meaningful equation. You can't take one pencil off completely. "Not equals to" is not the solution.
    \/ | | = |
    Please place ✏️ in place of line
    I am not able to share the pic due to some technical issue

  • Z B
    Z B Month ago


  • Tru Gamer
    Tru Gamer Month ago

    Wales is constituent

  • Fausto Fernandez
    Fausto Fernandez Month ago

    Ridiculous. There's no country named Noway

  • Yoda
    Yoda Month ago

    I am normally a chill person but this got me really upset like no way how is that even going to reassemble Norway like wtf. These are all really shit. Dislike!

  • Meera Sondiya
    Meera Sondiya Month ago


  • Meera Sondiya
    Meera Sondiya Month ago


  • Meera Sondiya
    Meera Sondiya Month ago


  • Euphorious
    Euphorious Month ago


  • Meg Dupo
    Meg Dupo Month ago +1

    i answerd 9

  • Meg Dupo
    Meg Dupo Month ago +1

    i answerd 9

  • Sayyad Shoaib
    Sayyad Shoaib Month ago


  • Sayyad Shoaib
    Sayyad Shoaib Month ago


  • Umesh CR
    Umesh CR Month ago


  • Sb Tuang
    Sb Tuang Month ago


  • Choirul Anwar
    Choirul Anwar Month ago

    Serah lu dah...πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  • The3Picklez
    The3Picklez Month ago

    I got all. :5

  • Gacha Don Pedro also is Better than ItzGachaMoose

    100% Failed 8:33 Man Oman Is not a Contry

    • Kingdom of Prussia
      Kingdom of Prussia 29 days ago

      it country

    • Euphorious
      Euphorious Month ago

      It is god Damnit, learn your middle eastern geography. It's a middle eastern country close to Somalia, bordered by Saudi Arabia and Yemen
      Google it.
      I Hinksey it borders UAE but that might be Yemen.

  • Mimi Mermaid
    Mimi Mermaid Month ago

    four oman qatar ukrain madagascar whales

  • Dhika Haryanto
    Dhika Haryanto Month ago


  • ho tro phan mem
    ho tro phan mem Month ago


  • Bogdi
    Bogdi Month ago

    Way more fun ==>>

  • funnyvideosIG
    funnyvideosIG Month ago

    For Cuba why TF did U put a dice u couldve put a cube shape

  • Ricardo Cardoso
    Ricardo Cardoso Month ago

    10.5 (armrecar -> america) bad spell

  • Amir Khansari
    Amir Khansari Month ago


  • X Cresxendo X
    X Cresxendo X Month ago

    O:00 and 2:55 were correct..

  • Will TV
    Will TV Month ago


  • M.Y.H. Mapping
    M.Y.H. Mapping Month ago

    I only got Cuba and America incorrect.

  • Minerva Rivera
    Minerva Rivera Month ago +3

    1. Oman
    2. Catar
    3. Noway
    4. Tieone
    5. Potugirl
    6. Brazill
    7. Singapeo
    8. Cubea
    9. Boatsonea
    10. Ukraine
    11. Whales
    12. Armrecar
    13. Madgascar
    Trump is the president of armrecar

  • Katherine Solberg
    Katherine Solberg Month ago

    I got all 13 right.

  • Nico N
    Nico N Month ago


  • Cookie Kawaii
    Cookie Kawaii Month ago

    3:13 americans = racist
    Why you put a bra in my country

  • virat Wisetsingh
    virat Wisetsingh Month ago

    Taiwan is a part of China not country

  • Irfan Zhafif
    Irfan Zhafif Month ago

    Now 11

  • Irfan Zhafif
    Irfan Zhafif Month ago

    Got 2

  • sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog Month ago

    Me 13

  • Reyansh
    Reyansh Month ago

    I GOT 13 / 13 OMG

  • Gacha galendez i love Galendez

    i got nothing wrong

  • Jenalyn Tanchongco
    Jenalyn Tanchongco Month ago

    Its so easy im like an expert of flags because i am

  • karimun Akter
    karimun Akter Month ago

    13/13 easy pesy

  • Asha Bisht
    Asha Bisht Month ago

    1= Oman

  • sonia ordas
    sonia ordas Month ago

    i guessed all

  • William Gauthier
    William Gauthier Month ago

    It's a die not a cube.

  • William Gauthier
    William Gauthier Month ago +1

    You should have put an ore not an O.

  • William Gauthier
    William Gauthier Month ago +1

    The person is not ill it's a doctor.

  • William Gauthier
    William Gauthier Month ago

    It's not one that's a finger.

  • William Gauthier
    William Gauthier Month ago +1

    Screw this stupid test. Is says no man but you say the answer is Norway. This is stupid.

  • Sunita Khoria
    Sunita Khoria Month ago

    My bro is a true genius

  • Kp Dubey
    Kp Dubey Month ago