Binging with Babish: Pollo a la Plancha from Moonlight

Chiron is prepared a Cuban classic in the movie I don't really want to make fun of here in the description: Moonlight. Simple ingredients prepared simply often yield stunning results - will the chef's special rise to the occasion?

Special thanks to my buddy Steve for letting me use his gorgeous new kitchen!

Music: "See" by Tycho

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Автор N. Jones ( назад)
You should consider suggesting wine pairings when relevant-- I remember the characters in this movie drinking wine as this dish was enjoyed. Red, I believe?

Автор Julia Merollis ( назад)
I'd give anything for a one-week boot camp cooking lesson from you. I love cooking, but I don't have much experience.

Автор Alexander Santiago ( назад)
That is not sofrito .-.

Автор Hawat the Mentat ( назад)
Man your friend has a nice stove!

Автор King Kese ( назад)
Damn I would demolish that plate and I hate black beans .

Автор Ingrid Cabrera ( назад)
Sugar? Cayenne pepper? What Cuban recipe did you get this from because I can assure you that's not added to pollo a la plancha. And bacon to frijoles negros? Never seen that, although I'm sure it's tasty. Also the black beans need additional Olive oil added and vinegar! Also some oregano and cumin and a bay leaf, and you actually add a pinch of sugar to the black beans. Not traditionally Cuban. Could it be a recipe from another country? Still love ya though :) Half Cuban and born and raised in the 305. :D

Автор Chloe - ( назад)
the la la land gag, he really did that

Автор daisy mg ( назад)
what does patriarch mean? hahahhahahahhaahaha is this wat he said

Автор Blish ( назад)
Tycho +1

Автор Mayor Mcheese ( назад)
im from miami this literally this every dinner at home growing up lol

Автор Kalminocternas ( назад)
so I have watched many YouTube cooking videos and I love them... but I've never took the leap into actually trying to make them myself, although I love cooking and finding new and delicious recipes. this was the first I decided I HAD to try and it did not disappoint! I've followed your video exactly and have made this several times now. it's become a staple in my household and leftovers are used to make amazing wraps the next day. I just want to say thank you and keep up the awesome work you do. I look forward to all your videos and trying out more of your recipes!!!

Автор Mi Fann ( назад)
ingredient list?

Автор rana banana ( назад)
Community's buttered noodles!

Автор CummyInMyTummy ( назад)
My god he actually made the rice right

Автор Will Vincent ( назад)
Just made this for my family. The chicken was good but the beans were amazing

Автор Nataly López ( назад)
I love that music the you play in your videos " intro"

Автор Slug Kingsly ( назад)
Delaware? Only losers live in Delaware (I should know considering that's where I live).

Автор The Superlative ( назад)
Can you cook Walter White's meth next? 😜

Автор Alex Crowson ( назад)
My new favorite channel. Thank you for doing what you do.

Автор TheMyrmidons2012 ( назад)
OMG these videos are amazing Andrew! So glad I found them. Once I have finished my exams I am going to make some of these - keep them up!

Автор HellhoundUltraDX ( назад)
Raiding your friends liquor cabinet is the most important step.

Автор Diego Caballero ( назад)
i was binging all of your videos and i remember one where you called yourself oliver babish, so i wanted to ask, if your name actually is oliver, then why is your channel called andrew rea?

Автор General Greegus ( назад)
yeeeaaahhh boi

Автор chaostrich ( назад)
I love your videos so much and this looks delicious! I don't want to be that person, but just so you know, your description refers to Chiron, who is the character who eats the meal in the movie. Kevin is the one who makes it.

Автор MykDSGN ( назад)

Автор THE PATATO GAMEF ( назад)
I have an amazing tallent of making everything I cook good but I just don't always know how to know if something is bad to eat

Автор Meme Baz ( назад)
Omg your laugh. YES

Автор DjSeanTacos ( назад)
Is it 1 AM on a Sunday night? Yes
Do I have a final exam in 7 hours? Yes
Am I still going to stay up to re-watch all of the Binging with Babish videos? Absolutely yes.

Автор Celine Slam ( назад)
You should make The Secret Life of Walter Mitty's clementine cake

Автор Byron Juarez ( назад)
what is the recipe for the black beans?

Автор googlymoogly64 ( назад)
Made this tonight and it was bomb!! The beans were great... but the chicken was some of the best I'd ever had! Really great lime and garlic flavor, and so juicy.

Автор Screw You ( назад)
"I'd eat them for breakfast" duh, they're beans

Автор Marty McFly ( назад)
holy shit i live in delaware

Автор Jason Dahlke ( назад)
can you make Jays sandwich from modern family.

Автор Carlos Vergara ( назад)

Автор Quicksilver5001 ( назад)
New intro song please

Автор tara kreutzer ( назад)
chocolate pie from the help!!

Автор Sullendust ( назад)
Tycho rocking the background, awesome!

Автор greenlizardballs ( назад)
and make white cake from django unchained

Автор greenlizardballs ( назад)
yo make gus' chilean stew from breakin bad starring jesse and walt

Автор Noe Solana ( назад)
In love, can you make the sandwich from Spanglish?

Автор psaha21 ( назад)
I knew that la la land joke was coming😂

Автор Ivan Kalami ( назад)
loved the movie

Автор Christ Calzone ( назад)
You missed the plantains

Автор SilentPorpus83 ( назад)
So I got into this channel not too long ago and this was the first thing I cooked and it came out so well. My only mistakes were that I didn't use chicken breast, bacon, and white rice. It still tasted wonderful but I can't even imagine how good it's gonna be with bacon

Автор Who Really ( назад)
Best joke EVERY

Автор Francesco Botton ( назад)
I suggest the White cake from Django unchained

Автор TheDeeznuts121 ( назад)
Why isn't he at 1 mil already

Автор Sam l. ( назад)
"dear friend" yeah right

Автор CpT Awesome ( назад)
wow this took me at least an hour to make and you did it in 4 minutes ... talent

Автор Tad Pierre-Louis ( назад)
that chicken recipe looks bomb

Автор Cats12kitty cat ( назад)
WHY THE HECK AM I WATCHING A WHOLE Bunch OF FOOD related videos I'm suppose to be exercising ;-;

Автор nick lopez ( назад)
I have those same pots and pans! they are awesome

Автор Jovic Beltran ( назад)
Am I the only one that really hates beans?

Автор Anisa J ( назад)
Are these kitchens really that beautiful or is it just the camera that makes it appear that way? It's like a magazine cover.

Автор D. Foxx ( назад)
this video is better than the movie

Автор Polly Sweitzer ( назад)
new fave youtube channel!!!

Автор manystar ( назад)
Amazing channel...Could you please make Beef bourguignon from Julie & Julia? :)

Автор Caroline Sereno ( назад)
is this served w/ a side of gay tension? bc it should be! 😍

Автор Tiffany Ramos ( назад)
Hola Babish! Puerto Ricans use the sofrito in so many dishes. Beans, rice, stews, meats, etc. the only other thing we add is cilantro.

Автор jakeandbrian ( назад)
could you make tomate du saltimbanque from West wing?

Автор Sarah Ferreira ( назад)
Spanish food is always delicious

Автор Akshay Chan ( назад)
Eat Drink Man Woman ...PLZ

Автор Underneath The Bottle ( назад)
Always important to reassure that our friend's liquor cabinet is up to date 😉🍷

Автор ThatGermanView ( назад)
Oh and to be honest, the movie scene looks lke the most uninspired cooking ever and the plate looks like you slammed some canned beans, pre cooked rice and chicken together and chopped a bay leave on top so it looks like you made it yourself.

Your plate looks great tho and ofc your cooking was inspiring as always ;).

Автор ThatGermanView ( назад)
That beans are a base for my favourite dish at the moment:

Add chopped potatoes before you add the onions.
When you add the beans, crush some. Also add a bit of broth (beef recommended) and purreed tomatoes.
Let it simmer for 30 minutes to 2 hours on low heat.

The final product resembles something you (muricanos) would make as a chilli I suppose, but I only use very little chilli in this so I can still taste the rich flavour of the other ingredients.

Автор jose peralta ( назад)
I don't know how many times you heard this but you seriously have a Awsome beginning to your vids. it always puts a smile on my face... toss salad and scrambled eggs..

Автор jackplierPie ( назад)
I just want to say that you have inspired me, I was flip-floping with what I want to do in the future, but now I know, I'll make video games and I'll play them competitively too, and maybe teach cooking classes

Автор The Sneaky Strangler ( назад)
i know quantum soda isn't real or if you'd do something from a game but the Mississpi Quantum Pie? A fruity soda would work as that's what quantum is basically.

Автор Zed DEAD ( назад)
I love that you play my favorite bands in the background, Tycho is amazing!

Автор rachzen ( назад)
Thanks for this vid. Have you ever tried any of the pies from 'Waitress'?

Автор GMK Abel ( назад)
i love frijoles charros

Автор shane gates ( назад)
Nice Beaver! Thanks I just had it stuffed.

Автор Kenny Kwong ( назад)
Pro tip: cook your rice with broth!

Автор Aiden G ( назад)
emma stone was so good in that movie

Автор Marc DiSabatino ( назад)
I could watch you cook all day, also DE native here!

Автор Michael Gonzalez ( назад)
It's great to be Cuban from Miami, and have you dad cook this at least twice a week while growing up :) I miss this....

Автор Luna Moon ( назад)
This plate of food is something I'd typically would eat on a regular basis 😂

Автор Michael Lamentino ( назад)
i watch this, get hungry and order food that doesn't even compare to what you're making.

Автор Omega-Tech ( назад)
1:14 I love you

Автор Porkleaker ( назад)
Stop putting cilantro on everything!

Автор John S ( назад)
Interesting that your plate looks 10 times better than the plate from the clip. I wonder why?

Автор Batmans Protege ( назад)
only reason Moonlight one is because it had all the social cues

Автор David McEveley ( назад)
What are the black beans soaked in?

Автор Jon Skinner ( назад)
Holy crap, that chicken is so good! Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait for the next one!

Автор Andreas Moe ( назад)
make the omelette from the one hundred foot journey!

Автор ototanase94 ( назад)
can you make the pup fiction steak in the bar restaurant or their burgers in pulp fiction . sorry for my english

Автор Ryan Olsen ( назад)
Ayyyy where in DE were you? Not too often you hear people coming to visit us.

Автор TheSweedTimesThree ( назад)
No Maduros?!?!?!?!?

Автор Thund3rman80 ( назад)
about to watch all his vids agian for the 3 time

Автор Daniel Shinker ( назад)
Is there a written recipe?

Автор Antisimex ( назад)
What is the intro song?

Автор Rachel Frumkin ( назад)
Oliver you should do" tossed salad and scrambled eggs" duh.

Автор 80Fighter ( назад)
How do you figure out these recipes?

Автор Talia weiss ( назад)
Do something from hundred foot journey

Автор SeekThySocialist ( назад)
I died at that Oscars reference

Автор Chris Stadler ( назад)
Just made this, delicious and easy. Thanks man, love your channel!

Автор Jackie Perez ( назад)
been eating pollo a la plancha all my life! this is the best recreation ive seen by an american chef.. love it <3

Автор Alex Alcala ( назад)
You should do a collaboration with CinemaSins

Автор bananaspelledbackwards ( назад)
love the music you use as background in your videos. tycho is so soothing. and that ratatat track is catchy too

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