FaZe Jarvis & FaZe Adapt Vs FaZe Rug & FaZe Kay (Fortnite Duos 1v1)

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • My 16 Year Old Little Brother Jarvis was Challenged to do a Fortnite 1v1 Against FaZe Members! LIKE this video for FaZe Sway & FaZe H1ghSky1 Vs FaZe Jarvis & FaZe Kay 1v1!
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Comments • 2 058

  • Alicia Rasmussen

    please do not cuss I want to watch you play Fortnite I gave you so much likes brom

  • Sebastian Martinez Arce

    Faze rug looks like a old man 👴

  • Samuel Trujillo
    Samuel Trujillo 2 days ago +1

    16:05 When your teacher kicks you out of class

  • ᴍᴀʀᴄᴏ ɢʀᴀɴᴀᴅᴏs

    How rug started the 1v1 tho

  • Skull_Geoark18
    Skull_Geoark18 3 days ago +1

    at 16:03 rug:what kay:what rug:what kay:what?

  • It’s Owen
    It’s Owen 3 days ago


  • It’s Owen
    It’s Owen 3 days ago


  • Quinten Yurkanin
    Quinten Yurkanin 4 days ago

    my brother killed jarvis once

  • KarateKid
    KarateKid 4 days ago

    Rug is literally me. Plays for a bit then sees the game is garbo and doesn't play anymore. 😂

  • gaming gaming
    gaming gaming 5 days ago

    Rest in pepperoni tilted towers

  • Ty
    Ty 6 days ago

    Bruh Jarvis is clearly gonna win because he is the only good one

  • TXC_ Instinct
    TXC_ Instinct 6 days ago +1


  • Anthony Baca-Sandoval

    I think jarvis is one of the best, but i think the best is tfue. Wanna see the two play

  • Omar Shehab
    Omar Shehab 6 days ago +1

    Kay: "Jarvis survives in scrims for an hour!"
    **5minutes later**
    Jarvis: I gOt sNipEd!!!

  • Paxton Aldridge
    Paxton Aldridge 6 days ago

    ThAt dErSeVeS oNe MiLLiOn LiKeS BrO

  • Isaiah Beasley
    Isaiah Beasley 7 days ago

    I’m pretty good at fortnite my self but Jarvis is clearly better... I would like to learn something from him

  • Lynn Sproule
    Lynn Sproule 8 days ago +1

    Does it hurt getting a tattoo live a like and live a dislike of it doesn't

  • ramzi abbas
    ramzi abbas 8 days ago

    10:8 faze kay says a s word

  • Death Lynks
    Death Lynks 8 days ago

  • Death Lynks
    Death Lynks 8 days ago

  • Calvin Blondin élève


  • Taquan Mckinney
    Taquan Mckinney 9 days ago

    Jarvis: standing still shooting
    Kay: that was insane bro

  • Fresh Menyt
    Fresh Menyt 10 days ago

    The only way that adapt lose rugs is that adapt does not play Xbox he play ps4

  • lcraig 0214
    lcraig 0214 10 days ago

    It is just be trash sometimes

  • PriMz Oh
    PriMz Oh 10 days ago

    Bruh ads on point

  • Ttv XredbladeX
    Ttv XredbladeX 11 days ago

    Faze Kay is such a bot 🤣🤣

  • xXMusketTeerGamingXx
    xXMusketTeerGamingXx 11 days ago

    Who’s a huge FaZe fan

  • xXMusketTeerGamingXx
    xXMusketTeerGamingXx 11 days ago

    Gotta love the FaZe family🤣🔥💯❤️

  • Aayan Jawad
    Aayan Jawad 11 days ago

    I wnat to get coached

  • stormrugger
    stormrugger 12 days ago

    How on earth is Kay in faze

  • Kid/dad Rages compilation

    I think he did not die because he jumped on the tire

  • Zharfan Adaniy
    Zharfan Adaniy 12 days ago +1

    Jarvis: *laughs*
    Kay: Omg Bro Ur Insane!

  • Op Clutch
    Op Clutch 12 days ago

    Faze Rug:Jarvis is literalley the best player in fortnite Faze Kay: Yeah he is probaly the best player in fortnite. what a joker, tfue is man. When it hapened: 2.09

  • YourCheekz-_-
    YourCheekz-_- 13 days ago

    He didn’t die Because he bounced on the tires


    No lie ruggy still got it

  • Adan Mireles
    Adan Mireles 13 days ago

    My favorite faZe member is rug

  • tun kuzy
    tun kuzy 13 days ago

    Wait Faze Rug is actually in FaZe!

  • Ken Pen
    Ken Pen 13 days ago

    They touch the tires then the gallons got

  • Ken Pen
    Ken Pen 13 days ago

    I was look what but I know how

  • Chronic Myster
    Chronic Myster 13 days ago

    5:48 rug:NIGGAH

  • Horizon_ 90’s
    Horizon_ 90’s 13 days ago

    Jarvis: hits rug
    Kay: aaaaaaaagh brooohoho bro that’s insane 🤯

  • Paddy Corrigan
    Paddy Corrigan 14 days ago

    Jarvis: *didnt read the contract*
    Kay: WoAH BrO tHAtS iNsANE tOtALlY FiRE bRO

  • olijadabeth
    olijadabeth 14 days ago

    two noobs 1v1

  • midgit gangster
    midgit gangster 14 days ago

    Kay didnt die because he bounced on the tires

  • Super-duper landon
    Super-duper landon 15 days ago

    Jarvis got lucky

  • Steve your a shower doger And Jayden

    Hwo looked at the likes when rug said if i kill you can we get 500k likes

  • Super Hat Trick
    Super Hat Trick 15 days ago +1

    jarvis can i 1v1 you plzzzz?

  • B- LO911
    B- LO911 15 days ago


  • sf n
    sf n 15 days ago

    Well rug was good he gave competition to Jarvis

  • JensonSnow FN
    JensonSnow FN 15 days ago

    He hit the tyres thats why he didnt die lmao

  • Alex Wall
    Alex Wall 15 days ago

    I wanna 1v1 Jarvis I can beat him

  • Ya Boi Dogg
    Ya Boi Dogg 15 days ago

    I don't like vids with Jarvis but, any other one is good but he's to stone faced.

  • Fraser Davis
    Fraser Davis 16 days ago +13

    Jarvis : **yawns**

  • beck beck
    beck beck 16 days ago

    And I broadcast on mixer at AvaragePlot9143

  • beck beck
    beck beck 16 days ago

    my epic is PlantingSum4644

  • beck beck
    beck beck 16 days ago

    Can I join FaZe

  • Anthony Rowan
    Anthony Rowan 16 days ago +1

    Family friendly???

  • Nathan Barz
    Nathan Barz 17 days ago

    FaZe Kay got lucky Jarvis is better

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever 17 days ago +1


  • Marko 15289
    Marko 15289 17 days ago +3

    School on Sunday

    That's depressing

  • Noah Guthals
    Noah Guthals 17 days ago

    FaZe rug needs to stop saying the f word

  • Brayden Gann
    Brayden Gann 18 days ago

    Discord:NinjasHyper2639. Anyone down to run duos?Here is my epic Dizzle207

  • Nek Minis
    Nek Minis 18 days ago

    Kay ,rug ,adapt kicked from faze they trash

  • Ahmed Al-waely
    Ahmed Al-waely 18 days ago

    Faze sway is better

  • Venomous Kombat
    Venomous Kombat 18 days ago +3

    Kay Jarvis is literally the best in the world

    Tfue Am I a joke to you!

  • Sync Shots
    Sync Shots 18 days ago

    You didn’t die because you hit the tires

  • Im Cheztoz
    Im Cheztoz 18 days ago

    Apex and sway vs Kay and Jarvis huhhhh ik I'm the not the only one who want it

  • Ayesha Muzammil
    Ayesha Muzammil 19 days ago +2

    *Jarvis moves*

    Kay: Yo! ThAt WaS EpIc AnD LeGeNdArY!

  • URG Sam
    URG Sam 19 days ago +1

    Jarvis: *launches fortnite*

  • shadow hunter65
    shadow hunter65 19 days ago

    Cause of the tire

  • Fortnite Beast
    Fortnite Beast 19 days ago

    Sorry I ment day

  • Fortnite Beast
    Fortnite Beast 19 days ago

    Can I join faze clan I play every say

  • Lucas Mok
    Lucas Mok 20 days ago

    I’ve never heard rug curse

  • cseagle pro
    cseagle pro 20 days ago +1

    James Charles Fucked You

    Like To Undo

  • Pauline Flux
    Pauline Flux 20 days ago

    Deep fried chicken 🐓

  • Christopher Burris
    Christopher Burris 20 days ago

    faze rug stop cuzzing dang

  • Karen Quan
    Karen Quan 20 days ago

    The girl in the back round is not better than rug

  • ツNokku
    ツNokku 20 days ago +1

    If rug dont play


    • ClashingWithMo
      ClashingWithMo 17 days ago

      ツNokku rug was recruited from a different game rugs now a vloger

  • Basir Niazi
    Basir Niazi 20 days ago

    juos or duos

  • Qeoza -
    Qeoza - 20 days ago

    Jarvis u suck

  • only once yole
    only once yole 21 day ago

    FaZE fazed

  • Stefan HD
    Stefan HD 21 day ago

    You were alive becuse of tiers

  • _ Swaunki _
    _ Swaunki _ 21 day ago

    when rug says he is addicted to fortnite yet he played 8 months ago

  • Rpbgoals
    Rpbgoals 22 days ago +1

    Rug sounds like a bot lol

  • FTC nosy
    FTC nosy 22 days ago

    How are three of these guys in faze smh

  • Gaming
    Gaming 22 days ago

    I Wanna Play But I Need 15$
    For Xbox Gold Pass

  • 0_0 Ez -_-
    0_0 Ez -_- 22 days ago

    You didn't die because u jumped at tires

  • Lanny
    Lanny 23 days ago +1

    When I heard the challenge I was like Jarvis you better not and then I was like woooow

  • Jarek Lyszyk
    Jarek Lyszyk 23 days ago

    Yum the page, and is not valid to be able the the the the the the best hihub8hhhbjjjjuhvlj7gihlhmjknohlb hbhyt, I have a look at it, but I think I have a look at it, but I think I have a look at it, but I think I have a look

  • Pickle4Real
    Pickle4Real 23 days ago

    No offense to anyone but faze is a gaming clan and when someone admits they haven’t played video games in months it’s not okay

  • Vice Fontes
    Vice Fontes 24 days ago

    U jumped in a tire

    KTAULBEE 04 24 days ago

    Adapt is better at cod

  • BM Productions
    BM Productions 24 days ago

    What are fraisers frames

  • Davin Mchone
    Davin Mchone 25 days ago +1

    Honestly not to be toxic but I thought they would be better

  • Shanon Williams
    Shanon Williams 26 days ago +1

    How y'all connect each on Xbox one and ps4

  • Ikonik Josh Granados
    Ikonik Josh Granados 26 days ago

    Kay 1v1 me

  • Paul Cornell
    Paul Cornell 26 days ago

    How r u in faze you suck

  • oG Elevate
    oG Elevate 27 days ago +2

    Do it again but both of you choose a random person from the street

    HENRY YT 27 days ago

    Next video make Jarvis 1v1 tfue or cloak please

  • Champ Fw
    Champ Fw 27 days ago

    I could beat faze rug and adapt