Guacamole - You Suck at Cooking (episode One Hundo)

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Guacamole is an avocado's highest honor. Every avocado grows up wishing they could become this transcendent, authentic guacamole. Although authentic is a relative term because it's made differently in different parts of Mexico, let alone different countries, let alone different planets.
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    How to Make This Guacamole
    Step 1: Watch the video
    Step 2: Follow the instructions
    Step 3: Check the description for the recipe
    Step 4: Take 3 avocados and do that stuff to them.
    Step 5: Add in ¾ teaspoon of salt if they're large, ½ teaspoon if they're small, if you're unsure start with a bit and add more later
    Step 6: Throw the cilantro in the trash if you have that genetic defect, otherwise, chop up a handful and throw it in the bowl with the avocado and squeeze a couple lime wedges in then chop up a deseeded tomato and add that in and around ⅓ to ½ cup finely chopped onion and then some jalapeño, don't be a baby, you love jalapeño but don't overdo it or you'll cry like a baby and it will also hurt on the way out.
    Step 7: Get some tortilla chips or eat it with a spoon.
    Step 8: Smash the subscribe button and also follow me on Instagram because I do different stuff there sometimes.
    Step 9: You've worked hard, take a nap why don't you.
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  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking  Month ago +5515

    And pretty much coincidentally, I’ve finally gotten around to making one of those internet websites
    with merch and stuff:
    Can’t thank all of you enough…those of you who have been here from the beginning
    and any of you who wandered in along the way: THANK YOU, I APPRECIATE YOU!

    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way 24 days ago

      @Jade master 9000 you can smd! Sob 😘

    • Jade master 9000
      Jade master 9000 24 days ago

      @Cooking My Way ya know I was WOULD do it but because you're being a cocky basturd I won't do it

    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way Month ago

      @Supernova gamer and your point is? Fresh starting doesn't mean to be bed. If you was trying to say this, you are pointless.

    • Supernova gamer
      Supernova gamer Month ago

      @Cooking My Way yeah u over here with the 63 viewers u got on ur past vid 👀

    • Jebadoiah
      Jebadoiah Month ago


  • kerberospanzer
    kerberospanzer 2 hours ago

    I would say you Suck but Primus owns that and well deserved:-)

  • kerberospanzer
    kerberospanzer 2 hours ago

    you are comfort food

  • Calsamic :D
    Calsamic :D 13 hours ago +1

    I’m allergic 2 avocado so idek why I’m even watching this.

  • Kyle Tidrick
    Kyle Tidrick 14 hours ago

    You need cilantro in guacamole it brings it all together just avocado’s like and cilantro would be good

  • bishop davis
    bishop davis 19 hours ago

    You forgot to use the RGOGSH chart!

  • lilykep
    lilykep Day ago

    Guess I'm just unlucky cause cilantro tastes like soap

  • Gregg Aldridge
    Gregg Aldridge Day ago

    This really needs raisins.

  • Meru Barowski
    Meru Barowski Day ago +1

    Wow... I watched from guacamole to guacamole... I FRICKIN DID IT FINALLY ONLY ACOUPLE LEFT TO WATCH EM ALL

  • Blippy
    Blippy Day ago

    Here we are again

  • Quang Anh Vu
    Quang Anh Vu Day ago

    do u really have a roomate?

  • Alektro
    Alektro Day ago

    Alternate title: You suck at cooking episode 1 but pg

  • deathbird
    deathbird Day ago +1

    Shout out to my single nucleotide polymorphism people

  • n-word passer
    n-word passer 2 days ago


  • Valerie D
    Valerie D 3 days ago

    The dash of jalapeño really got me

  • Eclipse Basher
    Eclipse Basher 4 days ago

    Wow, I finally made this and my god it....

    Could have used more lime

  • Night Of Wishes
    Night Of Wishes 5 days ago +1

    *_So like, what does it taste like normally?_*

    LIL CHEESE 6 days ago


  • The Count
    The Count 6 days ago


  • TheJorge2538
    TheJorge2538 7 days ago

    This are good funny videos but let’s this channel is not for cooking...

  • jojobrownie57
    jojobrownie57 7 days ago

    Needs some raisins

  • Prathamesh Chitre
    Prathamesh Chitre 7 days ago

    I remember how deastructive his first video ever was

  • Lucas Pollack-Hoyt
    Lucas Pollack-Hoyt 10 days ago

    I put garlic in my guacamole

  • Eclipse Flix
    Eclipse Flix 10 days ago

    I like how this was a redo of the first episode, but different

  • DiabloMinero
    DiabloMinero 12 days ago

    I don't love cilantro, but I don't have that SNP, it just has mediocre texture and tastes like a plant.

  • pepperoni pizza
    pepperoni pizza 12 days ago

    so your knife was posessed by a chef

  • MJ Guzman
    MJ Guzman 13 days ago

    I brought it to a party and my cousin said it needed cucumber...

  • sizquirt
    sizquirt 13 days ago

    I don’t have a roommate

  • Leon Donzo
    Leon Donzo 14 days ago

    Step 9!

  • Ovidiu Trifanescu
    Ovidiu Trifanescu 14 days ago

    I love "You Suck At Cooking" please make more videos!🥑

  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 16 days ago

    Why stop at two hits? 👽

  • Nevermore 45
    Nevermore 45 17 days ago

    2015: Choppity f*cking chop
    2019: Choppity flopping chop

  • Just a person
    Just a person 17 days ago

    Watch out for the lime mom...

  • Srinath Koilakonda
    Srinath Koilakonda 18 days ago

    you're gross!!

  • Jackson Lucas
    Jackson Lucas 19 days ago +8

    When you realize that episode one hundred and episode one are both quacamole

  • Dragonrewind4152
    Dragonrewind4152 19 days ago

    I have an uncle that will make guacamole that will blow your mind!

  • Blackie Chan
    Blackie Chan 19 days ago +1

    He’s like binging with babish, howtobasic and bill wurtz in one

  • account 112
    account 112 19 days ago

    yeah but
    *can you please cut the avocado*

  • Terence Osorio
    Terence Osorio 20 days ago

    I made a meal with this and 4 of your other recipes, and it was delicious! Keep making these videos, they're great!

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra 20 days ago

    I got worried when he said raisins

  • Katlin Carrol
    Katlin Carrol 22 days ago

    Robby sent me

  • c. gwakamole
    c. gwakamole 22 days ago +1

    All the references to the first episode got me shaking in my boots

  • Sara Winberg
    Sara Winberg 23 days ago

    Thank you for not cilantro shaming me

  • Mr DaBeaverSharkCookie

    I made this. It was good.

  • Lone Galaxy
    Lone Galaxy 24 days ago

    Thank you for not adding raisins
    adding raisins is a crime.

  • Fen
    Fen 25 days ago

    It's sad my sister doesn't like cilantro, it doesn't taste like soap to her, she just doesn't like the smell or taste naturally T-T. I on the other hand have eaten cilantro raw by the small plateful

  • Twi John
    Twi John 25 days ago

    I love the edits

  • Libelldrian
    Libelldrian 25 days ago

    G A R L I C ?

  • Aleksandar Volkanovski

    Waaaaaait, you're mom is you roommate?

  • mudokin
    mudokin 26 days ago

    I am gonna make this tonight for new years tacos

  • Channel 179
    Channel 179 26 days ago

    The season finale

  • kriso1997
    kriso1997 26 days ago

    Chopity fucking chop

  • Mari N
    Mari N 26 days ago

    0:55 SO THATS WHY

  • Hunter fishman
    Hunter fishman 26 days ago +1

    Never tried guacamole with 2 hits of acid, I just use shrooms or DMT in mine!

  • tt Gerv
    tt Gerv 26 days ago

    wow....that was...quite the experience

  • fishy
    fishy 27 days ago


  • McMel0ne
    McMel0ne 27 days ago

    Is the style the video is made in an homage to the guac video from PES?

  • mariela lopez
    mariela lopez 27 days ago

    I'm so happy you put some Chile and cilantro in your guacamoles 😋 it's part of the Mexican trinity, well at least on my part of the planet 😜

  • LittleLadyBugRug Love
    LittleLadyBugRug Love 27 days ago

    What if I use a three pronged fork?