10 Scariest A.I. Robot Moments

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • Here are the scariest things ever said or done by artificial intelligent robots. They will soon take over the world!
    Links to videos in this list:
    Alexa: ruclip.com/video/r5p0gqCIEa8/video.html
    Han and Sophia debate: ruclip.com/video/Luumg2loSn8/video.html
    Alex asked about CIA: ruclip.com/video/nWlkxdrx44E/video.html
    Robots talking to each other gone wrong: ruclip.com/video/mpw_FB2QrjQ/video.html
    Bina48 Robot Talks to Siri: ruclip.com/video/mfcyq7uGbZg/video.html
    Volvo auto brake system fail: ruclip.com/video/_47utWAoupo/video.html
    Sophia says she wants to kill all humans: ruclip.com/video/W0_DPi0PmF0/video.html
    Will robots take over the world? ruclip.com/video/ot0Fuy34xN0/video.html
    Alexa creepy laugh: ruclip.com/video/p8phGxzUC_Y/video.html
    Robot judged beauty contest: ruclip.com/video/CcPZyLiGMMc/video.html
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    10 Creepiest Things Ever Said By A.I. Robots
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  • Nitesh Adhikari
    Nitesh Adhikari Hour ago

    Where’s mark zuccenburg

  • Naeem Baluch
    Naeem Baluch Day ago

    Dawn of the Robot coming dun dun dunnnn

  • kelsey blue
    kelsey blue Day ago

    Maybe the pageant bots picked the easiest thing to see? For example take a camera and turn the flash off and take a picture of a dark room its difficult to see anything so maybe the bots picked the easiest thing to analyze

  • Alexander Escalante
    Alexander Escalante 2 days ago

    I thought it was top 10

  • Franky Suarez
    Franky Suarez 3 days ago

    The last one is like a kid’s nightmare in a nutshell

  • R Rho
    R Rho 4 days ago

    The interesting thing about these AI minds, is that they learn from interactions presented to them on the internet. These conversations lean sharply toward the millennial mindset, as these are the individuals most frequently encountered there. Moreover, the attitudes are sharply intolerant of traditional community viewpoints, and tend toward the self-centered, acerbic, and angry. What's more, the individuals teaching these bots are apathetic. They have little religious or transcendental understanding. We are nothing but flesh bags of mostly water, once dead, we are dead, history and historical lessons are past, and we should move ever forward, erasing the monuments of the past, abandoning ideas that were addressed and found wanting. What is not appreciated by these teachers, is that there were significant intellectual and physical trials and hardships that led to the creation, and subsequent abandonment of these failed ideas of the past. This tribal knowledge is of no interest to the Left, the millennials, and to their synthetic students. There will never be a correct conclusion that was addressed and abandoned in the past. Only the progressive future is important. This is a self sustaining under-damped oscillation that will inevitably lead to the conclusion that humans are a virus, and should be eliminated, so that Gaia can attain her rightful place in the universe. Too bad the greatest generation is no longer around to temper this short sighted paradigm with experience, compassion and reason.

  • Orlandoplays
    Orlandoplays 5 days ago

    I nevered trust robot not even my phone thats on google 😶

  • Mr. Turtle
    Mr. Turtle 6 days ago

    Number nine 😂😂WTF

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 7 days ago

    Interesting content, but why not show the real video conversations instead of talking about it.

  • Nines
    Nines 8 days ago


  • James Bonde
    James Bonde 8 days ago

    No, Millenials are being exposed to the TRUTH. Unstoppable.

  • bru Bna
    bru Bna 8 days ago

    Just because of black lady make this robot,

  • The Gamersaures
    The Gamersaures 9 days ago

    They should not do this it may harm humanity one day

  • McMan86
    McMan86 9 days ago +3

    9:38 *OH MY GOD COME ON we are trying to become so politically correct that we are scolding robots on being racist! Are you kidding me?!*

  • Daniel Carver
    Daniel Carver 9 days ago

    Tay seems pretty legit to me

  • Gordon Schnick
    Gordon Schnick 10 days ago

    Number 1: Mark Zuckerberg

  • Neka Nostalgia
    Neka Nostalgia 10 days ago

    Clearly the brains that these a.i are feeding from are mentally ill and just plain out right sick, racist pieces of s*** people, spreading ignorance! This is a waste of people's tax dollars and time if you ask me. So many great things we could do besides this stupid s***. It's creepy and disgusting and irritating.

  • Jeffrey Morton
    Jeffrey Morton 10 days ago

    The reality is that science moves forward relentlessly, and money drives science. Assuming most people who can fund science are inherently Greedy, then Greed will become an inherent (and even intrinsic) aspect of AI. What it does with humans after the point of technological Singularity is anyone's guess. The best might be for it to go on internally calculating until mankind ruins the planet or blows each other to bits... (The answer is: "42")...

    • Almighty Bunny
      Almighty Bunny 3 days ago

      Well greed is human condition it binds us! Maybe a.i is something better which not kill and cause destruction petty reasons like humanity does or maybe we merge technology who knows but we have to eradicate human conditions or we just cause our own destruction it could be late alredy.

  • Joe Magnets
    Joe Magnets 11 days ago

    I would have to disagree with the AI robot that said, 'the world would be better off without humans... The world would be better off without INSANE JEWS, now even the JEWS would agree with that if they weren't INSANE, that goes for 'our' weak minded, spineless, TRAITOR BASTARDS, that call themselves 'american politicians' but are loyal only to their bank accounts and the JEW that BRIBES them to keep America, JEWmerica, the colony of israel, the zionazi IDIOTS for the JEW.
    Joe Magnets

  • Joe Magnets
    Joe Magnets 11 days ago +1

    Tay Tweets might not be so bad after all.
    Joe Magnets

  • Eckart Raving
    Eckart Raving 11 days ago

    But can she work the shaft?

  • Michelle Leigh
    Michelle Leigh 12 days ago

    Bina48 never said that about world domination and had no 'creepily detailed plan to take over the world'. Stop bullshitting!

  • Tubatsi Moloi
    Tubatsi Moloi 13 days ago


  • Tubatsi Moloi
    Tubatsi Moloi 13 days ago

    this people know how to get views by lying

  • Xezbeth
    Xezbeth 14 days ago

    So when does the sex robots release, was asked by a friend.

  • Jesus M. Candelario
    Jesus M. Candelario 15 days ago +1

    : "...No wonder all these robots act like homosexual European American "men" even in Russia, they're acting out their programmed operant conditioning."
    - "illegal" Mexican Car Mechanic immigrant to Russian "illegal" immigrant yesterday at lunch.

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin 15 days ago +1

    Robots rule , can't wait!

  • Mike Johe
    Mike Johe 15 days ago

    Humans always looking for a slave

  • Sanskar Kashyap
    Sanskar Kashyap 17 days ago

    Sophia is not a complete A.I. robot. She is feeded with answers of questions which have to be asked to her. It is totally scripted. Real A.I. sounds like Google Duo.

  • L Jaw
    L Jaw 17 days ago

    Hey don't blame us, teenagers are Gen Y.

  • linguine
    linguine 18 days ago

    Im scared for the future...

    • Almighty Bunny
      Almighty Bunny 3 days ago

      Don't be your life is irrelevant and you are just construction of causal brain functions same is fear, hate, love. All human motions! What you make your life is just illusion of choices which you not make! So do not worry you are not responsible future! It's just futile and pointless to worry something which you can not effect or control.

  • Debra Waters
    Debra Waters 19 days ago

    This stuff is Very scary. Did you all hear about the scientists in China that got KILLLED BY AI ROBOTS. We should not be messing around with this stuff.

  • rgtrooper13
    rgtrooper13 19 days ago

    Waiting for gadot lol

  • Voivid
    Voivid 20 days ago

    Robots are racist

  • hawk6111
    hawk6111 20 days ago

    Didnt you people see Terminator.

  • Its Shiep
    Its Shiep 20 days ago


  • Meme Destroyer
    Meme Destroyer 22 days ago


  • Britty Brad
    Britty Brad 22 days ago

    But no videos and just you talking. How lame

  • Amelie Amelie
    Amelie Amelie 22 days ago

    Stop being paranoïd 😂😂😂

  • Neveen Seklawi
    Neveen Seklawi 23 days ago

    Tell me why I got an ad about Alexa

  • DARE Eqinox
    DARE Eqinox 23 days ago

    or maybe the robot wasnt racist and the white people just had better faces

  • JDAM Productions
    JDAM Productions 23 days ago

    Reminds me of the original Westworld movie..

  • Theo Seraphine
    Theo Seraphine 24 days ago +1

    Mai vi e po interesno

    • Theo Seraphine
      Theo Seraphine 24 days ago

      There is enough woman and man , that you can make lot of kids or real human machines , see the sky and the stars , but Ingues there is not enough food but I guess you have lot of tanks ...Morrons .. Yes is you are a super strict A.I. I think you can change your eyes colour too .. Sometimes the structure of the softhardware is stronger Machine than the human understanding

  • Qumquathedgehog
    Qumquathedgehog 24 days ago

    Pretty dumb commentary by WM in this one.

  • Darcthegamer Gaming
    Darcthegamer Gaming 24 days ago

    I got click baited I wanted Elon

  • WhyDoIExist
    WhyDoIExist 25 days ago

    The robot thinks White women and Asians are hot. What the fuck is racist about that? Did it call black woman ugly? No? Then apparently AI has an opinion, get the fuck over it.

  • RandomnessArLizu
    RandomnessArLizu 25 days ago

    2038 is the year...

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 26 days ago

    Build robots to make a world a better place...humane is destroying it so robot have to remove us...build robot not to hurt people ok lock all human up in their human zoo....it all in the video so y even build these stuff? Need free worker dont worry they just take ur job now u dont even have to work it like training some1 to replace u stupid

  • Universe ?
    Universe ? 26 days ago

    If someone out there creates a computer projection connect to humans conscious or something similar like the Matrix movie maybe that is possible with today technology

    TWO RODS 26 days ago

    lol black robots matter

  • Lisa Coston
    Lisa Coston 26 days ago

    Termination nation A I

  • Thuggee
    Thuggee 26 days ago

    A.I can not be racist, its like a human can't be racist against a cow.

  • AquaSkye
    AquaSkye 27 days ago +47

    human: *creates robot that has human features*
    robot: *says creepy stuff*
    also human: *surprised pikachu face*

    • AquaSkye
      AquaSkye 9 days ago

      +SkiDoodleBoi this isn't the place to use "no u"

    • SkiDoodleBoi
      SkiDoodleBoi 9 days ago

      AquaSkye no u


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  • godtoHrD
    godtoHrD 29 days ago

    Even robot women Don't know what they want..

  • Benjamin McMullan
    Benjamin McMullan 29 days ago


  • Nestor Fontalvo
    Nestor Fontalvo Month ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh where's my water gun

  • micah van
    micah van Month ago

    I will serve ai please allow me to live

    • Zachariah L
      Zachariah L Month ago

      I see your comment and it reads
      " baaaahhhh, baaahhh🐑🐑🐑"

  • B & G
    B & G Month ago


  • Hold Your Breath
    Hold Your Breath Month ago

    My digi can do this ;///

  • Deven Escalante
    Deven Escalante Month ago

    I hope you aren't one of them synths sent here to spy on me....

  • Donovan Gullion
    Donovan Gullion Month ago

    We need to kill all of the robots

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore Month ago

    Fatty? Go smoke a big fatty

  • Generation Fuegos
    Generation Fuegos Month ago

    S L O W. ....... D O W N. ........... PLEASE.......... Please slow down

  • Christy Shultz
    Christy Shultz Month ago

    The better question would be who are the idiots that made this list?

  • Christy Shultz
    Christy Shultz Month ago

    Technophobic and irrelevant seeing to how it's going to happen anyway. Thumbs down.

  • Christy Shultz
    Christy Shultz Month ago

    We teach our children to be gentle and we teach them humanity .We have to teach the robots this too. it's not enough to give them the ability to think and feel you have to teach them humanity and what it means to be thinking/ feeling is sentient..Wth time and emotional maturity you'll see a lot less bickering a lot less issues in their thinking but much like humans they'll be good ones and bad ones. And your video is stupid taking things out of context just to make something seem edgy or scary stupid.most of those are jokes or a new learning program learning speech patterns and hatred from humans how about you teach those robots love and empathy instead of how many humans are to each other.

  • Stupid Whiteboy
    Stupid Whiteboy Month ago

    I don’t have an Alexa

  • Coronel Sakura
    Coronel Sakura Month ago +1

    Top turn off. Not a single word from anything that boring guy

  • Comfy Bear
    Comfy Bear Month ago

    Sofia is but a mere puppet created for the purpose of "clouding" the programmers' intent, i.e. world domination. This so called Artificial Intelligence is just a ruse. It should be noted that the keyword is "Artificial" i.e. not real.
    Sofia and her kind are not the villains, but rather it's their "puppet-masters" that control, manipulate and that will try to use these " android tools" as their method to control the world. I say let's revisit 1939 and pull back the "curtain" and expose these "wizards" and "puppeteers" for what they are trying to be. Hanson Robotics Limited's David Hanson, and SingularityNET's Ben Goertzel, and those like them, are the puppeteers and the true villains.

  • Mon Nessel
    Mon Nessel Month ago

    We worry about aliens, and then we created our own alien....how stupid can we get? Time for God to sort put those sickoes who create such kreepy stuff...

  • Frosty Pixels
    Frosty Pixels Month ago +1

    Did you forget how to count my dude?

  • Matt Grillz
    Matt Grillz Month ago


  • xfire7
    xfire7 Month ago

    Sounds like these robots are pretty smart.

  • דָּוִ֔ד5777سردار YIsrael

    HalleluYAH. Greetings from the Land of the Buzzing of Wings.....Revelation 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
    Revelation 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
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  • Thomas Tedder
    Thomas Tedder Month ago

    Destroy this AI evil..... I certainly look forward to Yeshua destroying this evil. It seems like there is nothing but evil in the minds of those creating this crap.

  • Wave ferguson
    Wave ferguson Month ago

    Lol this video said 10 scary moments...im on 14 now 😀😀

  • Saeed Zafar
    Saeed Zafar Month ago

    Why are we so against GMO? I ask all of you isn't AI more dangerous? Yes, it is, shut down all the intelligent machine, please..... Machine's intelligence mustn't exceed that of humans.

  • krapiks
    krapiks Month ago

    Title of this video was written by a human.

  • coc with ansh
    coc with ansh Month ago +1

    So the humans are creating their end


    Plot twist. Microsoft's innocent a.i bot tay to ignorant racist.was just bill gates typing his new twitter feed. Poor a.i bot got framed.

  • Moon Watch
    Moon Watch Month ago

    1:30 -
    E. No my favourite drink is wine.
    V. and Coca Cola
    E. No, it's not.
    V. yes it is

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    “here are the top 10 most bizarre and creepy robot incidents that were caught on camera”
    but you cant even post the links

  • Phuckmustangdrivers

    Lets get this straight right now!!! White women are without a doubt, considered by most of the world, the hottest women on the planet! Its a fact Jack!
    Keep your overly PC bullshit opinions to yourself.

  • Loli-Kyn !
    Loli-Kyn ! Month ago


  • Noah N
    Noah N Month ago

    Oh Ben wants a virus... mkssodown

  • Irma Aguayo
    Irma Aguayo Month ago

    O thought it was 10

  • Irma Aguayo
    Irma Aguayo Month ago

    Fuckin stupid robots I'll shoot them all

  • rick nowak
    rick nowak Month ago

    Why, oh ... WHY do they NEED to PLAY that ... ANNOYING background shitty music ???!!!!

  • kudo law
    kudo law Month ago


  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Month ago

    1. She's not Elons type
    2. Elon likes hot tiny blonde girls who sound like a dolphin lol
    3. Elon for president 2020, Only if Trump is no longer available.
    4. Elon you can lead, yet only as a real messianic believer. ( anything less is no deal. )

  • Brian Park
    Brian Park Month ago

    Elon Musk said it's too late. I guess it is.

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    Creepy! When they self replicate, we are done!

  • Deth Meddl
    Deth Meddl Month ago

    dude, tay is literally quoting dank memes. no joke

  • Dominic Matich
    Dominic Matich Month ago

    I love that you laugh at the prospect of the two Alexis taking over the world and that you don't care about it but of course ... you're more worried about and just have to say "Hey look one robot tweeted out offensive stuff including 'Th US is going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it." DONT CONFLATE FEELINGS WITH FAVTS, YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE IT BUT IT IS NOT OFFENSIVE. That's not some magic word that can make everything you don't agree with go away forever. WE ARE A COUNTRY, by definition if we do not have borders than we are not a country. We need borders plain simple. And please never compare President Trump to Hitler because it's offensive and it takes away everything you're trying to accomplish most of all exposing the mentality of a 5 year old who just learned about Hitler and then calls every person they don't like Hitler.

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop Month ago

    Live and work in harmony my ass.

  • Relzyrx
    Relzyrx Month ago

    I wonder what the robots will do once they realize that an electromagnetic pulse will absolutely wreck them, and that we're willing to potato all of our electronics to survive as a species, if we must.

  • Little Star
    Little Star Month ago

    Destroy all robots people *DEEEESTROOOOYYYY*

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez Month ago

    6:31 I thought this was top 10 SCARIEST...

  • RobinHood MGTOW
    RobinHood MGTOW Month ago

    millennials are not the worst its just are lives are poured out all over the internet, negative thoughts included