DEEP CLEANING A Disgusting Dodge Durango! Complete Disaster Car Detailing Transformation!

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    DEEP CLEANING A Disgusting Dodge Durango! Complete Disaster Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 20 of a Dodge Durango that is beyond description of how filthy and nasty it was on the inside! It hasn't been cleaned on the inside in 7 years and is caked in dirt, grease, hay, and God knows what! This detail took a total of 9.5 hours to complete due to the size and amount of parts needed to have cleaned.
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  • Stauffer Garage
    Stauffer Garage  2 months ago +550

    Good Morning Everyone! I need you to guess how much change I found in this detail! The first person who gets it or the one the closest will get a free set of FOX CLEAN Detailing Brushes!

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  • DJ-G E
    DJ-G E 7 hours ago

    Cuanto dinero cuesta un trabajo as穩?

  • hi ro
    hi ro 12 hours ago


  • 刺謔科
    刺謔科 Day ago


  • Live Life Happy.

    @stauffergarage You shouldve used a Magic eraser in that center console!

  • James
    James Day ago

    Nasty ass car

  • Aggelos Vrv
    Aggelos Vrv Day ago


  • Katt Grimmrick
    Katt Grimmrick 2 days ago

    When quarantine gets so bad, you watch a dude deep clean a car

    • Lindsey Shaw
      Lindsey Shaw 2 days ago

      Katt Grimmrick and I ran right outside and detailed the shizz out of my car

    GEO'S FARM 2 days ago

    95 cents

  • Isaac Cameron Chacun

    Is there a reason you did the extraction process on the bottom of the seat before the back rest? Would it not make more sense to do the higher part first?

  • Tanner Putt
    Tanner Putt 2 days ago

    Drill is that a 20v lithium? Just picked up mine today at lowes

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton 3 days ago

    Does anyone know what the piano music is from at 16:00 ?

  • Fernando Diaz
    Fernando Diaz 4 days ago

    With cars this filthy, makes you wonder what their house looks like

  • Jafar Qasem
    Jafar Qasem 5 days ago

    Great and great work in record time. In addition to impressive results, is there a way to contact you?

  • Francesca Andreou
    Francesca Andreou 6 days ago

    I dont know why but your videos always help me fall asleep so relaxing

  • Mohamad Alhamoody
    Mohamad Alhamoody 6 days ago

  • J Ralph
    J Ralph 6 days ago

    That Yellow Lug Nut possibly came from a Nascar racecar.

  • Paula Larsen
    Paula Larsen 6 days ago


  • The Reality Game
    The Reality Game 6 days ago +1

    Why do these videos put me to sleep?

  • Trace Campbell
    Trace Campbell 6 days ago

    18.75 change

  • Its_ Fused
    Its_ Fused 6 days ago

    Hi I wanted to ask you what would you use to clean the inside roof of the car with ? The purpose Cleaner? Or the carpet cleaner ??

    • Rama Nrusimhadevara
      Rama Nrusimhadevara 5 days ago

      Its_ Fused best use carpet cleaner and apc on plastics or trim pieces.

  • valentina quintero
    valentina quintero 7 days ago

    No entiendo porque hay personas que dejan su carro llegar hasta ese punto 丐

  • Charlie_Joseph
    Charlie_Joseph 7 days ago

    3.89 change

  • Shayla Wilson
    Shayla Wilson 7 days ago

    atleast $5 in change

  • Inger
    Inger 8 days ago

    Why don't you roll the seats all the way back before cleaning them to make sure you expose all of it

  • Eris Clark
    Eris Clark 8 days ago


  • 訄邽郇邽郕
    訄邽郇邽郕 8 days ago

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  • yanna rao
    yanna rao 8 days ago

    42 cents

  • Morgan Mackay
    Morgan Mackay 8 days ago

    I watch these videos at like 1 in the morning and tell myself Im going to clean my car tommorow but never actually happens

  • Marko Jovanovi
    Marko Jovanovi 8 days ago

    How much money you take for all this work?

  • audrie klure
    audrie klure 9 days ago


  • Samirah Ahmed
    Samirah Ahmed 9 days ago

    These car detailing vids are more natural and fun than the detailing geek guy

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes 9 days ago +2

    Holy cow I didnt realize how many people do not take care of their vehicles.

  • seeburgm100a
    seeburgm100a 9 days ago

    Beyond disgusting.. those seats are a perfect example of why I like good old vinyl or leather seats.

  • Fernando Rodrigues
    Fernando Rodrigues 9 days ago

    I only know that the owner of this car, abuses the right to be a pig... And a pig is a compliment to a guy like that.

  • Silvia Bachini
    Silvia Bachini 9 days ago

    why are this people so dirty ???

  • D I A N A
    D I A N A 10 days ago

    This type of deepcleaning is my obsession. I have a good career but i would love to just buy all this stuff anf work. I am just scared i wont have customers..

  • Doug Plemons
    Doug Plemons 10 days ago

    I'd just set this Dodge on fire. It's nasty.

  • Andy Guinn
    Andy Guinn 10 days ago

    I dont see how people can afford the amount of work that goes into these detailing jobs because if I was doing all that I would have to get about $750 at least. This mans putting in a whole day on one vehicle!

  • Annika Herrick
    Annika Herrick 10 days ago

    Wow is it just me or did anyone think the name of the channel was "suffer garage"

  • Danya
    Danya 10 days ago

    I hope u r getting paid enough for this

  • Mr Oblivious tb
    Mr Oblivious tb 10 days ago

    6 through 100 dollars in change

  • Mr Oblivious tb
    Mr Oblivious tb 10 days ago

    5 dollars in change

  • Mr Oblivious tb
    Mr Oblivious tb 10 days ago

    4 dollars in change

  • Mr Oblivious tb
    Mr Oblivious tb 10 days ago

    3 dollars in change

  • Mr Oblivious tb
    Mr Oblivious tb 10 days ago

    2 dollars in change

  • Mr Oblivious tb
    Mr Oblivious tb 10 days ago

    1 dollar in change

  • D Medina
    D Medina 11 days ago

    Do you ever do seat belts?

  • 媢堥堭
    媢堥堭 11 days ago

    堭塈堶 堻

  • ShrugLord90
    ShrugLord90 11 days ago

    how much for your service?

  • 郅迮郕訄郇迡 苭訄邽郇

    Why did you wear shorts on tights?

  • OwlBeMeganJo
    OwlBeMeganJo 11 days ago

    I can only imagine what these peoples houses look like

  • dariusdrums
    dariusdrums 11 days ago

    Hey just curious how much do you charge.?? Sheesh! Do anyone know.? I wanna guess, $400?

  • Anna in Vermont U.S.A
    Anna in Vermont U.S.A 11 days ago +1

    You are bad azz. This is such hard work. You do a great job..

  • Adem Jumerovski
    Adem Jumerovski 11 days ago

    love your videos

  • goodmaninabadtime117
    goodmaninabadtime117 12 days ago

    Guess how much change you found? Nah. The real question is how many used condoms? Also, its a dodge was it worth the money for them to detail it?

  • Invalid Username
    Invalid Username 12 days ago

    52 cents

  • G00ober
    G00ober 12 days ago

    Tim McGraw, what the fuck

  • naome Dominguez
    naome Dominguez 12 days ago


  • Chad Hart
    Chad Hart 12 days ago

    Shouldn't you have tipped the seats back/reclined it to get the crevasses?

  • Zack Abadie
    Zack Abadie 13 days ago

    $2.31 found in change

  • Michael Gallardo
    Michael Gallardo 13 days ago +1

    Running out of videos to watch today we had alot of rain and my wife took the minivan and my son does not want me to start detailing till he is here .....binge watching videos

  • idkwuisp 76
    idkwuisp 76 13 days ago

    Man i was waiting for you to brush the yellow ass rubber mats...

  • DJWerkz
    DJWerkz 13 days ago

    What would be the going rate for a 70 minute ozone generator treatment of a vehicle interior?

  • Terry Atkinson
    Terry Atkinson 13 days ago

    Great job pal from England

  • tetrambs
    tetrambs 13 days ago

    5 dollars and 35 cents is my guess.

  • Jeannine Gruber
    Jeannine Gruber 13 days ago

    57 cents

  • Matt Deneault
    Matt Deneault 14 days ago


  • Capricon Cap
    Capricon Cap 14 days ago

    Man, How come you always get the title, "Dirtiest detail ever"?? Or am I seeing the same video again and again? Or are you guys different channels?? Whatever, I guess that trend is over. At least am not attracted to that now.

  • Brandon Finch
    Brandon Finch 14 days ago

    1 dollar and 76 cents

  • Elly van Wissen
    Elly van Wissen 14 days ago

    $ 14,36

  • RangerX
    RangerX 14 days ago

    30 something dollar worth of coins

  • Vadim Fuks
    Vadim Fuks 14 days ago

    Wow, people are pigs. Thanks for your's videos.

  • A B C
    A B C 14 days ago

    Awesome job!!!
    Guess you didn't do the outside??

  • Babak Shahrokhinejad
    Babak Shahrokhinejad 15 days ago +1

    Actually using steam cleaner is such a good idea but you have to use its soft bristle brush too to get the best results. Best of luck man.

  • Erin Schultz
    Erin Schultz 15 days ago

    Do you buy these trashed cars, detail them and then sell?

  • Deanna Cauley
    Deanna Cauley 15 days ago

    He's good people live locally I'd let him do mine

  • Deanna Cauley
    Deanna Cauley 15 days ago

    I wonder if that leakage on the center console could be nicotine

  • Abby Louise Rexroth
    Abby Louise Rexroth 15 days ago

    How many cars can you detail with the detail brushes before you have to replace your own set?