Vivid Sydney 2018 Light Show - Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Customs House, MCA & More

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • Vivid Sydney - Sydney Australia
    Vivid Sydney Celebrates 10 years of amazing light shows and displays around Sydney Harbour, Featuring The Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Customs house and more around the Harbour and Into The Royal Botanic Gardens.
    Sydney Australia Travel Vlog
    Sydney Australia - Vivid Lights
    Music: Nimbus - Eveningland
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  • Jino Lighting
    Jino Lighting Month ago

    Really amazing!

  • Alex CIS
    Alex CIS 2 months ago +1

    Great job! 👍

  • Mateen Ullah
    Mateen Ullah 7 months ago +1

    Its wonderfull
    Love to watch on😍

  • Sue McArthur
    Sue McArthur 7 months ago +1

    great video

  • Savannahs Toy Box HD
    Savannahs Toy Box HD 7 months ago +1

    Nice video

  • Harry Hamburger
    Harry Hamburger 8 months ago +1

    I feel like Americans don't know that this exists so I think we should show them. They could be amazed

  • feddythechamp
    feddythechamp 8 months ago

    Who sponsors these festival? There is obviously a lot of time , energy and money invested in it. I wish i would get a chance someday to visit this festival.

  • Rithy_ Gaming
    Rithy_ Gaming 9 months ago +1

    I went to see it, It was so cool

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake Year ago +1

    I watch a lot of from Vids they are Wonderful . You Completely capture the Beauty of my home.

  • de boom
    de boom Year ago +1

    I will have my own birthday on 18.08.2019 so for my own birthday i need to saving my own money to go to my city of dream sydney... 5 years on planning next years i will go there having fun in de city...wish me a luck years to come

    • SchwarzeWitwe2
      SchwarzeWitwe2 9 months ago

      We welcome you!
      Don't stay in the City (downtown); it dies after 5 pm. Look for places in the Inner West or Eastern suburbs.
      Best way to see the Harbour is to take the ferry from Circular Quay (which is where this video is) to Manly.

  • Blue Marshall
    Blue Marshall Year ago

    Sydney!!!!!!!!!!! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • CodeDoyle
    CodeDoyle Year ago +2

    One of the artists behind this I believe is Zawhatthe. Very awesome display

  • steve whittall
    steve whittall Year ago

    hey we cant have horse racing light show on sails because its historic sight but you can have lights for homosexuals lessos and like degenerates wheres the sence eh give me the horses anyday

    • Nimblee
      Nimblee Year ago

      That wasn't vivid. That was ScoMo being an idiot.

    • Natgrapher
      Natgrapher  Year ago

      Pretty sure that's not the intention for Vivid Sydney, it's a 'Light Show'

  • yixing shentu
    yixing shentu Year ago

    Thank you provide video!

  • msyettab1
    msyettab1 Year ago

    My family is planning our trip to Sydney. Is the VIVID SYDNEY only once a year? if so, when does it take place?

    • dʒeɪms
      dʒeɪms 8 months ago

      24th may this year

    • Blue Marshall
      Blue Marshall Year ago

      Every Saturday night on the right side of the Opera House. 😀

    • Natgrapher
      Natgrapher  Year ago +1

      Yeah once a year between May - June for about 2 weeks

    • That_Artsy_Monieee
      That_Artsy_Monieee Year ago

      Usually in June, and I think it lasts for about maybe a week

  • NavyKing HD
    NavyKing HD Year ago +1

    Best city on earth

  • lønley chichi
    lønley chichi Year ago +2

    I WAS THERE! i saw the Botanical Gardens as well :D

  • sharonxjiang
    sharonxjiang Year ago +2

    I love all your footage!! How did you find the crowds this year? I felt that it was more packed than ever!!

  • Panda_GirlPVP
    Panda_GirlPVP Year ago

    I am so annoyed! Just before the 25th I went to perform in the opera house on the 24th and our school just has to miss it! WHHHYYYYYYY???

  • [Im_n00b-
    [Im_n00b- Year ago +3

    Amazing I’m going too 🤗 because I live in Australia nsw

  • Adam – Citizens of Everywhere

    Beautiful video of Sydney! Great job capturing the show, we subscribed! Looking forward to seeing more - hopefully you can check out our channel as well :) Keep up the good work!

  • Gacha By Al3x
    Gacha By Al3x Year ago +2

    I was there I whent there because I live in austraila sydeny nsw

  • Matthias Blome
    Matthias Blome Year ago

    Great job! I really like your style of editing. Check out my video :) hope you like it!

  • Forhad Hossain
    Forhad Hossain Year ago


  • Forhad Hossain
    Forhad Hossain Year ago

    I want to go ther.but how can I go?give me some tips

  • Nine Cs
    Nine Cs Year ago


  • Love makes the world go round

    Thanku 😊👍 i really miss seeing this now that I've moved to the west coast 😣 it's really quite spectacular! 😁👌

  • Jean Huard
    Jean Huard Year ago +1

    Amazing light show!

  • Myfunnylife TV
    Myfunnylife TV Year ago

    Another fantastic video guys :)

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett Year ago +1

    Beautiful images. The Clarity is stunning. I set my computer on Full Screen and I'm there...with a musical score in the background. You can't get that in plain ol' reality, only in augmented reality. Nice.

  • Kirra Does What?!
    Kirra Does What?! Year ago +2

    Wow!! 👍👍 so pretty!

  • Evan Cute
    Evan Cute Year ago

    Where's that which country?

  • Elena P
    Elena P Year ago +1


  • BasketPropellors
    BasketPropellors Year ago +2

    I've went there, so Beautiful :')

  • DEREK 777
    DEREK 777 Year ago +1

    That is the day I got here and I saw most of those lights

  • ClassRoutines
    ClassRoutines Year ago +1

    Wonderful art work, imagination & colour. Like 57 + subbed 143. Visit me and subscribe back if you like my video.

  • Natgrapher
    Natgrapher  Year ago +5

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  • sidnee07
    sidnee07 Year ago +4

    Nice openning of Vivid Sydney 2018

  • Jacob Rendina
    Jacob Rendina Year ago +2

    nice edit!!