"get in the bag" cat instantly regrets getting in the bag

Buddy the cat takes a bit of a slip while being to curious.

Also before the inevitable, "you tried to put your cat in a bag" comments, i did not plant the bag there in hopes this would happen. I was just enjoying my wings when he hopped up and I decided to film it because I know he likes getting in Trader Joes bags. I thought it would be a funny video with him climbing into a different bag that wasn't from Trader Joes, because we all know there are other places to shop besides Trader Joes. Which makes me think of all those mom and pop grocery stores that went out of business when Big Grocery came to town... Sad! =)

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- Temmie- Temmie (30 минут назад)
777 subscribers boy

VoldemortVoldemort (2 часа назад)
this is absolutely classic

sandnigger01sandnigger01 (4 часа назад)
what a pussy.

Bonnie's LifeBonnie's Life (4 часа назад)
Why does this man sound like shaggy

Bonnie's LifeBonnie's Life (4 часа назад)
Why does this man sound like shaggy

GankageddonGankageddon (4 часа назад)
Stupid cats.

GrinixGrinix (5 часов назад)
lmao fucking cats, always freaking out and making things worse.

JanietoogoodJanietoogood (5 часов назад)
I can't breathe

JanietoogoodJanietoogood (5 часов назад)
stop the tears in my eyes LOLLLL

mata schmatamata schmata (5 часов назад)
my favorite part of this video is how you're trying to be concerned and help but also struggling not to laugh your ass off

evolboostevolboost (9 часов назад)
cat drift mode engaged

Janeil NoldJaneil Nold (11 часов назад)
"I fucked up! I fucked up! Abort abort abort!"

Micah Murray 2112Micah Murray 2112 (12 часов назад)
so this is what single guys with cats do

SuhoeSuhoe (12 часов назад)
*slow heavy metal music plays*

Northern CaliNorthern Cali (13 часов назад)
wine glass had me 😥😥😥😅

DonDon (13 часов назад)
hahahahahaha that is so funny! i couldent stop laghing!!!!!!!

Omega UnknownOmega Unknown (13 часов назад)
get in the van. in the van.

NarutoBaby94NarutoBaby94 (14 часов назад)

Snowypancake ·Snowypancake · (15 часов назад)
I felt like the cat should've been named Nebby..

Shyanna ColemanShyanna Coleman (15 часов назад)
Did you get it in? If so, why did you let it out of the bag?

GoldFishGoldFish (17 часов назад)
The cat realized it was getting returned to Ming Court and was like Hell NAW NIGGA!

Kathrine BeKathrine Be (17 часов назад)
Stop drinking!!!

True fidget SpinnerTrue fidget Spinner (18 часов назад)

LuxicarLuxicar (19 часов назад)
I'm Shithead and I'm stuck in this bag.

Profile OneProfile One (19 часов назад)
hold on dude

Elle CElle C (20 часов назад)
This is the funniest commentary I've ever heard on a cat video. 😭

MelodiousBlitzMelodiousBlitz (21 час назад)
*Why Nebby hates bags*...

NEPMobileNEPMobile (21 час назад)
cats are retarded

im Kindaproblematicim Kindaproblematic (22 часа назад)
me but with life

Darth ScionDarth Scion (23 часа назад)
Seriously this happened to my cat and exact same thing happened, when I tried to chase her to get the bag off she tried to run down stairs and fell down the entire stair case. Now even years later if I shake a plastic bag she goes running down the hall on the opposite side of the house as the stairs and hides under my parents bed.

Chris NunezChris Nunez (1 день назад)
pokemon sun and moon looks great

S.a bakiS.a baki (1 день назад)
Stupid cat

John MoellerJohn Moeller (1 день назад)
at least the cat is obedient.

Masked ManateeMasked Manatee (1 день назад)

ShuikShuik (1 день назад)
Cat = Nebby from Pokemon Sun and Moon confirmed?

Muhammad IlhamMuhammad Ilham (1 день назад)
get in the bag neBBy

Gabriel MezaGabriel Meza (1 день назад)
Lillie be like

KtonriderKtonrider (1 день назад)
Video Camera skill level

Brent DozierBrent Dozier (1 день назад)
Cats are such Pussies -they are bugged out by everything,why is that?

Hindukush TheGreatHindukush TheGreat (1 день назад)
put him in a garbage bag and seal him inside a bookbag

dan's flirting facedan's flirting face (1 день назад)
this made me cry at 3am

DapperMonsterDapperMonster (1 день назад)
I love

• smol bean •• smol bean • (1 день назад)
nebby get in the bag

dalekdoctor1dalekdoctor1 (1 день назад)
aww poor cat, that's why nebby won't get in the bag :3

lamsorzlamsorz (1 день назад)
let's get the cat outta the bag

The Kengeki GoombahThe Kengeki Goombah (1 день назад)

TiaTia (1 день назад)
"hold on, dude"

MrChunckyMonckeyMrChunckyMonckey (1 день назад)
This man really let the cat out of the bag

JOE KIDDJOE KIDD (1 день назад)
cat videos with a million views,,,,,FUCK YOU,,,YOUTUBE !

heck lifeheck life (1 день назад)
_i n a b a g_

RandomDetritusRandomDetritus (1 день назад)
I'm just happy the wine didn't spill.

The CowboyThe Cowboy (1 день назад)
Keep recording and laughing, fucking idiot.

Anna GerlachAnna Gerlach (1 день назад)
Your poor cat lol

Anna MillerAnna Miller (1 день назад)

Queen MelissaQueen Melissa (1 день назад)
Nice house tour

LowElo TurtwigLowElo Turtwig (1 день назад)
the real life Lillie and nebby

Shane DixonShane Dixon (1 день назад)
that sounded kinky

Hearts 4 LyfeHearts 4 Lyfe (1 день назад)
I got sunshine in a bag

Lori ElhassaniLori Elhassani (1 день назад)
Probably why plastic bags are dangerous to animals in the wild :)

SimplyAnythingSimplyAnything (1 день назад)
That cat is me running from my responsibilities

Sky kunSky kun (1 день назад)
This. This is the reason Nebby doesn't like the bag,

Phylicia StevensPhylicia Stevens (1 день назад)
As an owner of a 12 year old cat, I can safely say that cats are retarded.

ProvisionsProvisions (1 день назад)
"Well the cat's outta the bag now!"

MikeXel1MikeXel1 (1 день назад)

IglooDwellerIglooDweller (1 день назад)
That escalated quickly.

Sam KingSam King (1 день назад)
Similar thing happened with my cat (also a white cat), but in the middle of the night. She got hooked on a bag handle and it spooked the dickens out of her as she tried to outrun it. Up the stairs, tore thru the bedroom waking me and the Mrs. up wondering, "What the?", back down the stairs, around the house, up the stairs and thru the bedroom again, round and round as fast as she could. Finally she got free and all was peaceful again.

2115virgo132115virgo13 (1 день назад)
My cat actually hurt his leg because of plastic bag! He is terrified of them now! But loves a good old fashion paper bag!!!

thesilentromanticthesilentromantic (1 день назад)
Thats what u get for getting in the bag Nebby

vannilla771vannilla771 (1 день назад)
This is ACTUALLY the best video that exists

TheLegend27TheLegend27 (1 день назад)
I got here from watching 9/11 documentaries. How does that happen? lol

Matt McDudeMatt McDude (1 день назад)
It was a lot funnier with the eurobeat

Super DumbassSuper Dumbass (1 день назад)
That's what I call a pussy

Emulators for PCEmulators for PC (1 день назад)
GET IN THE BAGGG *heavily breathing*

TheCrabcakeManTheCrabcakeMan (1 день назад)
Legends say that the cat is still running eternally from the plastic bag that changed his/her life.

Shadowfeather FrowncrestShadowfeather Frowncrest (1 день назад)
0:15 this is the moment the cat knew... it fucked up.

Josh LawJosh Law (1 день назад)
CAT : :Fuck Fuck Fuck !!!!!

Alexander SwensonAlexander Swenson (1 день назад)
He sounded like he was play fighting with his sibling and he hit him too hard. Then he started crying

R MR M (1 день назад)
I swear cats are retarded

xiaochicashxiaochicash (1 день назад)
they say he's still running from that bag to this day.

Realsquirtle97Realsquirtle97 (1 день назад)
The cat is in the bag

Ricebowl -Ricebowl - (1 день назад)
close your eyes and let your mind go wild

catdogfishdogcatscatdogfishdogcats (1 день назад)
"stop abusing yourself, stop abusing yourself" -Peta

Josie EashJosie Eash (1 день назад)

jon bandekjon bandek (1 день назад)
Question is, was it the hot wings in glendale?

GalatoRangerGalatoRanger (1 день назад)
The real crime is he didn't film in portrait.

krysta lindokrysta lindo (1 день назад)
I guess you could say...the cats out the bag.

LeZebreNinjaLeZebreNinja (1 день назад)
This video is two times in the playlist, be carefull Instant regret clicking this playlist (Memes) viewers

Bronze SilverBronze Silver (1 день назад)

LOL he went crazy

Keys1281Keys1281 (2 дня назад)
And we thought letting the cat OUT of the bag was bad.... Damn.

Tyson DynamiteTyson Dynamite (2 дня назад)
el gato loco

makrosemakrose (2 дня назад)
i just keep replaying the part where he falls off the table and he goes "oh my god" and i am *dying*

DootDootDootDoot (2 дня назад)
From that point on... Bags became Enemy #1

ThE WaRRioR AUgiEThE WaRRioR AUgiE (2 дня назад)

R ReR Re (2 дня назад)
now have your cat record you while you get in a bag

BRZYBRZY (2 дня назад)
At 0:15... Pumped Up Kicks Started In My Head Cooking Up A Meme😂

TheArchsage74TheArchsage74 (2 дня назад)
Get in the bag, Nebby

Uno coolkid2007Uno coolkid2007 (2 дня назад)
The new Nebby.

Random PersonRandom Person (2 дня назад)
Every one of my birthdays ended like this

Ryan PaulRyan Paul (2 дня назад)
this guy would kill it as a voice-over for an animated movie

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