[TWICE - Feel Special] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190926 EP.636

  • - KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.636
    - TWICE - Feel Special
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    '최초공개' 퀸의 귀환 '트와이스'의 'Feel Special' 무대
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Comments • 80

  • ItsMeTrisha M
    ItsMeTrisha M 3 hours ago

    Why mina is not here?? 😭😭😭 what happened to her?

  • Bruno the German Shepherd

    I want Dahyun’s outfit

  • Night Bow
    Night Bow 19 hours ago

    Dahyun, we saw that eyebrow raise

  • melodyss
    melodyss 20 hours ago

    jeongyeon have a nice body but the stylist always give her dress that doesnt match well with her. they should give/put something special in her outfits.

  • Vĩ Lương
    Vĩ Lương 20 hours ago

    Where mina

  • Kim soo Yung
    Kim soo Yung Day ago

    tzuyuuuuu ily❤❤

  • Wataru
    Wataru Day ago

    Love their dance moves a lot

  • ghofrane mAIdfai

    Once and twice together everything will be fine forever ♡♡♡♡♡jihyoshi looks good ☆

  • Kamui Shiro
    Kamui Shiro Day ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks their outfits on stage look like utter shit...👀 and I'm not even talking about this one...I have yet to see any of their stage outfit that doesn't look like a pathetic joke in recent years...
    honestly...if it's not an outfit one would wear out on the streets then it's not gonna look good on stage...
    just because the outfits are flashy and they show skin doesn't make them look good...🤦‍♂️
    can't even believe people think their stylists "aren't playing"...imo they are playing with their outfits like kids playing with mud...thoughtless and messy...

  • Herol Jefri
    Herol Jefri Day ago +3

    Jeongyon always got dress that can’t show off her body line😒

  • lazer tag
    lazer tag Day ago

    they all sound the same, i can't tell them apart. if im just listening without the music video, jihyo sounds exactly like nayeon

  • Max
    Max Day ago

    They should have styled Jeongyeon with long sleeves like Chorong wore during 'Eung Eung' promotions if she's not fond of showing arms. I feel she's frequently covered up. That top was also too small, had it been bigger it would have looked...kinda better.

  • Shandy Ibrahim
    Shandy Ibrahim 2 days ago

    I dont really think that sana is comfortable in her dress,

  • Hayl3ys Com3t
    Hayl3ys Com3t 2 days ago

    I died at the fact that its all dudes shouting the fanchant😂😂

    • TF
      TF 2 days ago

      same i hate those male voices sadly they got many male fans in korea

  • ELIN H
    ELIN H 2 days ago

    Why are they sooo pretty oml

  • Amira Ebrahim
    Amira Ebrahim 2 days ago +1

    They seem sad that Mina is not there. Like they did great but there is a different feeling-especially when this song is about them being together

  • Amira Ebrahim
    Amira Ebrahim 2 days ago

    I’m fairly new to twice but I agree with the comments-it seems that jeoyeong tends to get the worse outfits. I liked her red outfit in fancy but that about it. She still manages to look good tho

  • Toprak Buluttekin
    Toprak Buluttekin 2 days ago

    Oh Mina is not there

  • Marie Oscaris
    Marie Oscaris 2 days ago

    Mom has new look

  • Sofia BR
    Sofia BR 2 days ago

    dear twice's stylist, it's not that hard to give jeongyeon good clothes

  • Zuzana Římská
    Zuzana Římská 2 days ago

    We love this song and we tried too -ruclip.com/video/sCXdYRRU930/video.html

  • KitKatLittleCat
    KitKatLittleCat 2 days ago +1

    This is my life, watching beautiful asian women in beautiful pastel clothes dancing beautifully and beautifully singing a beautiful song.

  • gAcHa AngEL
    gAcHa AngEL 2 days ago

    Чеён спела партию имён bts😂🤭

  • Lol lol
    Lol lol 2 days ago

    3:49-3:50-3:51 that transition from Dahyun to Jihyo is so Smooth 🤩

  • かわいすぎてドリアン破壊

    this dress was terrible😭😭😭

  • D S
    D S 3 days ago +1

    the thumbnail is so powerful

  • Adi Septiana
    Adi Septiana 3 days ago

    Not only Jeongyeon, but all of them have bad outfit

  • Thu PHM
    Thu PHM 3 days ago

    My girls so pretty,this song also meaningful

  • Im a Boy with Luv
    Im a Boy with Luv 3 days ago

    Kung ako si jeonyeon sinuot nalang nya ung gown ni amihan tas pasuot sa stylist ung suot nya ginagawa syang unan

  • شِيدا𖤐.
    شِيدا𖤐. 3 days ago +2

    اميراتيييي بموتتتت😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺.
    تشا تجننن طالعه مره حلوهه بشكل شعرها ذا😔!

  • 메타노이아
    메타노이아 3 days ago

    Look at my Jihyo and look at Jeongyeon. Yeah. Literally a purple jasmine vs a silk pillowcase.

  • Joselyn Carreño
    Joselyn Carreño 3 days ago

    ¡𝙗𝙧𝙤, 𝙟𝙞𝙮𝙝𝙤'𝙨 𝙫𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙪𝙪𝙪𝙪𝙪𝙪𝙡!

  • Ale ZC
    Ale ZC 3 days ago +1

    Best outfits ❤
    1. Momo
    2. Sana
    3. Tzuyu

  • Rafael Gaming
    Rafael Gaming 3 days ago +1

    Where is mina?

  • Medeu AmiroV
    Medeu AmiroV 3 days ago

    Where's Mina?

  • ああ
    ああ 3 days ago


  • Rainbow_Unicorns_ Eating_Globby_Food

    One of my favourite stage outfits for Feel Special, but I swear the stylist did Jeongyeon dirty.

  • Ozamae T.
    Ozamae T. 4 days ago +25


  • Ryan Ho
    Ryan Ho 4 days ago

    Jeongyeon be like 'Mina I'll borrow your Chaeyoung for a while' lol

  • mang
    mang 4 days ago

    BRO WHAT THE INTRO AND THE “twice, always together” BIT MADE ME CRY-

  • W Taka
    W Taka 5 days ago

    I love these girls!

  • Náthaly Eduarda Ferreira

    Cad e a mina jente 🤔😕

  • Camila Cutti
    Camila Cutti 5 days ago

    Beautiful Girls and Amazing Song TWICE QUEENS 😍😍😍👑👑👑

  • Nguyễn Ngọc Hảo

    I don't know but i think their outfits are really short and skimpy... And sometimes it makes me feel quite embarrassed... Am I too old? - from nonfan

  • Jeon Jeong Guk
    Jeon Jeong Guk 5 days ago +1

    Where's Mina?

  • x xxx
    x xxx 5 days ago

    I love their outfits here

    BHOUSZJING JING 6 days ago

    why they are only 8

  • Kiefer Kwon
    Kiefer Kwon 6 days ago


  • Keisha Putri
    Keisha Putri 6 days ago

    Where is Mina?

  • Luna Kim WTS
    Luna Kim WTS 6 days ago

    Chaeyoung 's vocals really made me chill this comeback

  • qtSponge
    qtSponge 6 days ago +6

    imagine how uncomfortable they felt performing in front of mostly men.

  • A St.Clair
    A St.Clair 6 days ago +7

    5 months later and I’m still pissed about Jeongyeon’s outfit like wtf

    • Kodumayil Shada
      Kodumayil Shada 4 days ago

      sm she is legit gorg and she gets a grandmas old curtain to wear.. Also annoyed about Sana's outfit, she looks so uncomfortable and keeps pulling it down, that ain't a dress to dance in

  • Keith Rogers
    Keith Rogers 6 days ago

    This in the first song I’ve heard by twice. I’m a new fan. Can someone put a time stamp with all of the members? So I can know who’s who. Especially the one with the black shirt haircut with the crop too and long pants

  • Keisuke Miyazaki
    Keisuke Miyazaki 6 days ago

  • Yamkelani Nhlumayo
    Yamkelani Nhlumayo 6 days ago

    Wait a minute... Jeongyeons outfit
    Wtf are they doing to the poor child?
    I really love all twice members but the stylists need to do better

  • Yamkelani Nhlumayo
    Yamkelani Nhlumayo 6 days ago

    Wow the Onces in the SK are living their best life
    I mean after hearing the mens deep voices in their fan chants i am shooketh
    It sounds so nice though

  • YeeT me now
    YeeT me now 6 days ago

    Tyuzu didn't come to play this comeback she and Nayeon did soo well.Their Visuals and Vocals stood out!

    BLACKPINK Rose 7 days ago +1

    Y’all notice how tired sana looks she must be stressed abt mina

  • lily v
    lily v 7 days ago +2

    Tonight I declare that Momo is officially my first girl crush.

  • Rhealyn Abella
    Rhealyn Abella 7 days ago

    dahyun slay!!!

  • Aleah Pasig
    Aleah Pasig 7 days ago

    1:46 what's her name?she's an angel

  • Heily Mcerical
    Heily Mcerical 7 days ago +135

    At this point I think Jimin is Jeongyeon’s stylists.

    • Amira Ebrahim
      Amira Ebrahim 2 days ago +9

      This joke is old...but not gonna lie I still chuckled

    • autcmnleaves
      autcmnleaves 3 days ago +4

      that’s quite an old joke though, it’s not really funny anymore

      2018 RVHS STU LIM JUN YOU 4 days ago

      @Heily Mcerical why

    • Blackpink Isthebest
      Blackpink Isthebest 5 days ago +1

      @Heily Mcerical ok

    • Heily Mcerical
      Heily Mcerical 5 days ago +33

      Blackpink Isthebest No, it’s just that onces and armys hace this joke that Jimin and Jeongyeon hate each other, and we all know that Jeongyeon stylist hates her. I am an army and i love all of them.

  • Aldrimar Blasini
    Aldrimar Blasini 7 days ago

    Where is Mina?
    ¿Donde esta Mina?

    LOVER LINK 7 days ago

    you can tell their sound is maturing, can't wait to see what this years bring

  • バスコ・ダ・ガマ


  • コンソメソープ


  • airi chan
    airi chan 7 days ago

    chaeyoung is so amazing with more lines😍💕💕

  • Im Nayeon 임 나연
    Im Nayeon 임 나연 7 days ago +5

    I think the most beautiful outfits are dahyun nayeon and momo's
    Normal chaeyoung, tzuyu,sana
    Worst jihyo and jeongyeon

    But in my opinion they are all deserve wear beautiful

  • Kayla Adelia Panerusan

    Stylist:Okay for Dahyun i give you a really pretty outfit and for Jeongyeon...
    Jeongyeon:You gonna give me a pretty outfit too right?
    Stylist:*Showing the pillow case
    Jeongyeon:It's okay i will stay shining 3:21

  • Shaz Nay Kim
    Shaz Nay Kim 8 days ago +2

    Nayeon and Jihyo😍😍😍

  • Kpop is Not Funny
    Kpop is Not Funny 8 days ago

    their fanboys are iconic peridot

  • Momoland lover \promize

    Who else feels special watching this 😀

  • irene bae
    irene bae 8 days ago


  • ahnaf gemok
    ahnaf gemok 8 days ago +1

    where mina

  • Tatus Hermawati
    Tatus Hermawati 8 days ago +8

    3:35 the fanchant on Dahyun's rap part was sooo...!!!!

  • 楊淑媜
    楊淑媜 8 days ago +5

    This most powerful fandom with most fanboys in Kpop.

  • A'arts
    A'arts 8 days ago


  • مريم ام عمر


  • DUYÊN Twice &Once
    DUYÊN Twice &Once 9 days ago +1

    15M fightinggg

  • Nangnang Ignacio
    Nangnang Ignacio 9 days ago +1

    If you see dahyun with a new hair color it's comeback time