HAIM - Summer Girl

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • HAIM - Summer Girl
    Listen: HAIM.lnk.to/SummerGirlVD
    Performed by
    Danielle Haim
    Este Haim
    Alana Haim
    Henry Solomon
    Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
    Recording Produced by: Danielle Haim, Rostam Batmanglij, and Ariel Rechtshaid
    Producers: Sara Murphy, Erica Frauman
    Editor: Andy Jurgensen
    Recording Mixed by: Rostam Batmanglij, Ariel Rechtshaid, and Shawn Everett
    Recording Mastered by: Emily Lazar
    Production Company: Ghoulardi Film Company
    UPM: Kat Barnette
    Camera / Steadicam Operator: Colin Anderson
    1st Assistant Camera: Steve Cueva
    2nd Assistant Camera: Jozo Zovko
    Gaffer: Danny Durr
    Key Grip: Jeff Kunkel
    Loaders: Drey Jordan Singer, Hadyn Pazanti
    Production Coordinator: Lauren Andrade
    Wardrobe: Rebecca Grice
    Playback & Other Stuff: Victoria Kunkel
    Production Assistant: EJ Smith
    Colorists: Mike Sowa, Phil Beckner
    DI Producer: Jason Pelham
    Jules McLean
    Panavision Cameras: Lori Killam
    Light Force
    Kodak: Anne Hubbell
    Color and Prints by: Fotokem
    Filmed on location at VOX Studios, New Beverly Cinema, Canters Deli, Ventura Blvd., California
    June 8 & 9, 2019

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  • Carey Germana
    Carey Germana 4 hours ago

    Still churning out good stuff influenced by other good stuff. Keep you mojo ladies we love it 😍💯‼️

  • JMN 123
    JMN 123 9 hours ago

    I can hear the small part with rostam

  • François Lindemann

    Nice use of Lou Reed’s bass line. Even the choice of the barytone saxophone behind. The video clip should have been the same quality as the music and lyrics, but isn’t...

  • Rolf Speckgens
    Rolf Speckgens Day ago

    ..Squidward is playing the sax.

  • transamination
    transamination Day ago


  • Kassia Alves
    Kassia Alves Day ago

    I loved, influence jazz is great

  • Isaac Bobonis
    Isaac Bobonis 2 days ago

    Anyone from Supergirl S5E03?

  • StickItToTheMan 26
    StickItToTheMan 26 2 days ago

    I absolutely hated Haim until I heard this. If they keep making music like this I’m a fan.

  • Safira-Neo of Spartaka

    I need you too.... and always by side you. :) Keep Going

  • King Tamayo
    King Tamayo 3 days ago

    Lena Headey brought me here.

  • In Space
    In Space 3 days ago

    Hey babe take a walk on the wild side

  • Steve Costello
    Steve Costello 3 days ago

    Laid back horizontal west coast groove

  • bill farley
    bill farley 3 days ago +1

    Did they acknowledge and pay Lou Reed’s estate? Nice song but stolen nonetheless.

    • g m
      g m Day ago

      does lou reed own the copy right to the words 'do do do do'

  • Christopher Richards
    Christopher Richards 3 days ago +3

    Harriet Wheeler and The Sundays would've KILLED this song


    Even if I had my pick of which of them to date, I couldnt... ok. Danielle it is. She is smoking! Este "bass face " Haim has really grown on me too though! Their music is more addictive than cocaine!

  • S Hurzz
    S Hurzz 4 days ago

    Blink 182’s what’s my age again is quaking

  • Joseph Worrall
    Joseph Worrall 4 days ago

    Esty is mt favorite

  • Timothy Sharpen
    Timothy Sharpen 5 days ago

    Such a laid-back song I really like it good on you haim

  • pauliefromphilly
    pauliefromphilly 6 days ago +2

    Why am I just now hearing this

  • Damon Salvatore
    Damon Salvatore 6 days ago

    Like it a lot, it reminds me of Beth Orton stuff from 1996 Trailer Park album, and Lou Reed too.

  • Del lado de lo independiente

    Top 2019!

  • King Rebel
    King Rebel 7 days ago

    This song is incredible it brings back so much memories of my uncle, the way she sings is how my uncle formats his sounds. He learnt me how to play bass guitar Amazing!!

  • Bergen Buschmeyer
    Bergen Buschmeyer 7 days ago +3

    *when it's freezing in the morning and by the afternoon you're boiling*

  • guido zanola
    guido zanola 8 days ago

    Loving it! 🇮🇹 😘

  • Jeff Mosey
    Jeff Mosey 8 days ago +1

    You rather borrowed the beat didn't ya?

  • moesaphine
    moesaphine 9 days ago +1

    Wow these girls can only get better and better

  • Coe Uechtritz
    Coe Uechtritz 10 days ago

    also este seems to be wearing like a nicotine patch 3:13

  • Coe Uechtritz
    Coe Uechtritz 10 days ago

    opening beat sounds like remember me by blue boy

  • Josi Almeida
    Josi Almeida 11 days ago

    Their masterpiece

  • peter lewis
    peter lewis 11 days ago

    I like this,

  • Migs Reviews
    Migs Reviews 12 days ago

    um......... what is this?

  • fashakin banke
    fashakin banke 12 days ago


  • Dick Thomas
    Dick Thomas 13 days ago

    Crank yankers sign

  • titlewave
    titlewave 13 days ago

    SUPER Joni/Carole vibes with this one...so damn good

  • Florence Rose
    Florence Rose 13 days ago

    Haim and Lana are KILLING IT with their evolved creative maturity!!! Gorgeous production, compliments vocals perfectly

  • Santiago Solis
    Santiago Solis 13 days ago

    Thanks Mr. Toño for introducing me to this song! llor da vast!

  • mark stouffer
    mark stouffer 13 days ago +2

    What with Climate Change this is perfect late summer groove for me here in ATL.

  • screwyootube1
    screwyootube1 14 days ago

    Took me a couple of listens, but I love it! Very pretty song... LOVE HAIM!

  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee 14 days ago

    ok... keep going.... and the video ends.... :(

  • Brad Ketchen
    Brad Ketchen 14 days ago

    The video doesn't make any sense from what the song is about. Video's are history.

  • LON009
    LON009 14 days ago

    These girls really like to walk.

    • Deji Adeleye
      Deji Adeleye 13 days ago

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Scott
    Scott 14 days ago

    Fucking love these. How has it took me so long to find them?

  • Nat Dee
    Nat Dee 15 days ago

    human suitcases

    CRACK FOX 15 days ago

    Great tune. Video is like a poor mans Pharcyde-Drop but I still like it

  • Adriana Perulli
    Adriana Perulli 15 days ago +1


  • gs425
    gs425 16 days ago +1

    Lovely song. Very Suzanne Vega. Nice nips too !

  • Kay Yams
    Kay Yams 16 days ago

    Insulin pump? Awesome!

  • Fur Queue
    Fur Queue 16 days ago +1

    So is this Hanson but female, ripping off Portishead's sound 3 decades later? What's the point? Music is lost.
    These sloppy boring entitled women look like music exec's kids. All entitlement, no soul.

  • nishbrown
    nishbrown 16 days ago

    Put it back on.
    You are marketed trash.

  • Lukasz Witkowski
    Lukasz Witkowski 17 days ago

    I’ve seen HAIM few years back, they were performing on LATITUDE festival (UK). I still don’t get it. They are utterly boring. Not even taking layers upon layers of clothing can save this song. Forgettable.

  • stenltu
    stenltu 17 days ago

    sampled Mura Masa - What If I Go?

  • A Lowden
    A Lowden 17 days ago

    More like boring cunts try to make music.

  • Billy Buttlord
    Billy Buttlord 17 days ago

    Boring background music for shops. Yawn

  • Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor 18 days ago

    They need to introduce a law that if you have no butt like haim you can't wear those shorts

  • Luke Harley
    Luke Harley 18 days ago +4

    Sounds like such a timeless/classic tune already!

    PIZZA 18 days ago +1

    Boring & Mediocre

  • Danny Brooks AKA DJ Danzki

    I thought this was Suzanne Vega

  • CultOfPersonality091
    CultOfPersonality091 19 days ago

    I remember that location, from THE LUMINEERS' OPHELIA music video. Check it out

  • ron
    ron 19 days ago

    if they bitchfight alot?

  • Min Jibangi
    Min Jibangi 19 days ago +2

    I came here after jhope listened to this