Don't Pull the Wrong Rope! | Punishment or Prize??

  • Hey guys! In this video we have a bunch of random mystery items behind a curtain. We choose which rope to pull and deal with the punishment, or prize! Which was your favorite mystery item? What other random items should we use next time? Let us know down below!
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Comments • 80

  • CMDT Vlogs
    CMDT Vlogs 6 hours ago

    4:48 😂💀 Bobby tho and his hair💀

  • Liam Wood
    Liam Wood 2 days ago

    My teacher: Liam you got an F

    Also my teacher: DROPPING THE BOMB ON YOU!!!!!

  • jvotruba
    jvotruba 2 days ago

    :48 had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrea Lamey
    Andrea Lamey 3 days ago

    Bobby: I get to eat all of them
    Whitney: you get to smash it in his face

  • Bradley Bridge
    Bradley Bridge 3 days ago

    How did he know I’d watch it 7 times

  • Melissa Hoppman
    Melissa Hoppman 4 days ago

    i met to say hoo is joey

  • Melissa Hoppman
    Melissa Hoppman 4 days ago

    how is Joey

  • mendoza family mendoza

    Only og fans can't forget

  • Kellen Guglieri
    Kellen Guglieri 4 days ago

    cowboy bobby

  • Artie Tucker
    Artie Tucker 4 days ago

    Like imagine being shot with a fish

  • Artie Tucker
    Artie Tucker 4 days ago


  • Rasim Goyushov
    Rasim Goyushov 4 days ago

    00:47 lol

  • safaa malik
    safaa malik 6 days ago

    R.I.P bobby

  • shiloasi stacey
    shiloasi stacey 8 days ago

    Haha your amazing joe

  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo 10 days ago

    J-Fred is me hurts all his friends but nicely

  • Jenga Masters
    Jenga Masters 10 days ago

    I love cris

  • AscendedFlamingo101
    AscendedFlamingo101 13 days ago

    I lost it at the donuts

  • Cami Bear
    Cami Bear 13 days ago


  • Owen Weir
    Owen Weir 14 days ago +2

    joey= new fl man for eating half a dozen doughnuts

  • Repedtro
    Repedtro 15 days ago


  • BPTV-Gaming & More
    BPTV-Gaming & More 16 days ago

    Me with my friends: Mom can we have donuts? My mom: Sure! Me and my friends when we get them: 6:14

  • alexandru yt
    alexandru yt 16 days ago

    I think jeff from the dangie bros is bryan's brother

  • TWP Delta
    TWP Delta 16 days ago

    1:30 did anyone else notice that they switched hats

  • AaronAGC
    AaronAGC 18 days ago

    6:04 Joey not caring about his hypoglycemia...

  • Melissa Myers
    Melissa Myers 20 days ago +1

    Who is myself

  • BobAteMyWhale WhaleAteMyBob

    8:52 Don’t celebrate toooooo earlyyyy.

  • Sir John
    Sir John 22 days ago

    I want at least one bite from each of those cakes Bryan and Joey smashed in Bobby's face.


  • Electro7777
    Electro7777 22 days ago

    Chris for president!

  • Cheryl Holt
    Cheryl Holt 23 days ago

    Make two more of these these are so good I love how Brian get shot from the fish ha ha

  • Im Fatboy
    Im Fatboy 23 days ago

    9:20 best part

  • luniwin
    luniwin 23 days ago

    whats up with the american flags XD

  • Egg Roll
    Egg Roll 23 days ago

    I went to Krispie cream too

  • Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's biggest Fan

    Bryan "This is not going to come off" next video he is clean as a whistle.

  • S W I F T Y
    S W I F T Y 25 days ago

    Theres the Baker that made it

  • Kelli Lewis
    Kelli Lewis 26 days ago

    8:02 I can literally feel how cold that shirt is omg.

  • Colten Molten
    Colten Molten 26 days ago +5

    When Chris came from the curtain “This is America” started to play in my head.

  • Sir Meowston
    Sir Meowston 26 days ago

    No no no! Illegal! Illegal!

  • Spencer G
    Spencer G Month ago

    Bobby’s hair after the cakes 😂😂

  • Whale-less
    Whale-less Month ago

    I died from laughing so hard when Joey just kept eating pause thinks about life choices then continues to eat I would still laugh that’s the humor we need

  • Mask Q Raid
    Mask Q Raid Month ago

    9:20 thank me later

  • Bryce Foreman
    Bryce Foreman Month ago

    What sounds did you use in them
    I love them

  • MS Band Nerds
    MS Band Nerds Month ago +1

    What about your HYPOGLYCEMIA

  • General X Matter
    General X Matter Month ago +1

    Bro I don't care if you call me a weirdo but j-fred is looking so cute and innocent in the thumbnail I wish that no bad omen is there in his life and I hope he lives a happy life

  • Skye Spangle
    Skye Spangle Month ago

    6:19 how is j fred not fat

  • tripletfeb
    tripletfeb Month ago

    0:50 Joey legs 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Logan Bruckner
    Logan Bruckner Month ago

    5estezo etosbteoz ut

  • MillerGames
    MillerGames Month ago

    Is it just me or does Bobby look like your average 3rd grade baseball coach?

  • Mustafa Pro
    Mustafa Pro Month ago

    Only OG fans will remeber

  • Sir Geo
    Sir Geo Month ago +1

    4:55 what’s that song

  • Mr. Not Good
    Mr. Not Good Month ago +1

    5:21 only reason I’m watching this Chanel just to see Chris

  • Keekster19
    Keekster19 Month ago

    Get slapped with a fish

  • hillo my name jeff
    hillo my name jeff Month ago

    Donuts: dont be shy put some more put some more

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson Month ago

    But a tank with a fish in the cannon? Why...

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson Month ago

    Guy on a skateboard with a air pressure fired gun and an American helmet = A Tank From the States.

  • Aidan May
    Aidan May Month ago

    Bryan should actually grow a chin strap it doesn't look to bad.

  • Sassy Gecko
    Sassy Gecko Month ago +15

    Joey: **is told to pull an extra rope**
    Also Joey: **is hit with a rubber hand** aah-

  • Welvis Mendoza
    Welvis Mendoza Month ago

    Can you get 4 doughnuts for me

  • Freya Harley
    Freya Harley Month ago +1

    The comments are literally all about the donuts lol

  • Shalyn Chavis
    Shalyn Chavis Month ago

    the gie theas have the donut you need to gife a bese to everywun hus whuching like if you a grey

  • J Vids
    J Vids Month ago

    4:22 sorry Whitney but hotdogs are NOT a sandwich .

  • Faustus Animation
    Faustus Animation Month ago

    I got the brawburst ones so theire bigger

  • FNAF Friends World
    FNAF Friends World Month ago

    This is what happens to sore losers aka Bryan 9:18

  • Just Olivia
    Just Olivia Month ago +1

    I love how bobby is like you disgusting freak when he literally had a cake beard XD

  • ROBLOX Fanta Can
    ROBLOX Fanta Can Month ago

    F-Fred : * pulls pants up *
    ** censored **

  • Lucas Dullaghan
    Lucas Dullaghan Month ago +1

    I feel really bad boby

  • CaliKat
    CaliKat Month ago

    this is probably the only office that has to have a shower

  • Sarthak Agrawal
    Sarthak Agrawal Month ago

    9:20 i died

  • Bob Bernales
    Bob Bernales Month ago

    6:23 *' MERICA !!!*

  • Brand Matthews
    Brand Matthews Month ago

    What are edge points for?

  • Mr Albrecht
    Mr Albrecht Month ago

    not pronounced brotwurst it’s pronounced Brotvurst

  • Fast and Night furious
    Fast and Night furious Month ago +31

    “You get to smash four cakes in bobbies face”
    He should’ve passed the punishment on using his power of swappage

  • KDayZ_Leader -KDayz Kat

    6:41 Your Welcome

  • Springy Love
    Springy Love Month ago

    Here lies bobby died from getting slam on the face with cake

  • Jared Pierson
    Jared Pierson Month ago

    I usauly don't but I really feel bad for Brian😭

  • The Mr B
    The Mr B Month ago


  • coolman spaceguy
    coolman spaceguy Month ago +1

    That scene with Joey eating donuts is the most American thing ever

  • Clark Vang
    Clark Vang Month ago

    Lots of diabetes for Joey

  • Zerik Newman (student)

    Lucky u got glazed.
    Those ones sure my favorites

  • Elijah Daniel
    Elijah Daniel Month ago

    what are edge points?????