$17 Vs. $750 Facials • Ladylike

Lady tested, lady baby face.

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FACE HAUS - Studio City


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Автор Barbara Danley ( назад)
There is no science behind any of this. I would rather eat healthy, live healthy and hydrate-at 53 I still get compliments.
If things like this are relaxing to you and you can afford it, fine. Do what makes you happy.

Автор Jessica Bauer ( назад)
The best part of facials are being relaxed and feeling rested after. These seemed good for your skin but not relaxing.

Автор JoDIY ( назад)

Автор Yayzana dayan ( назад)
6:58 when the girl said bb cream saf's face was like "she's cheating at facials"

Автор Marissa Broadway ( назад)
4:20 Fred and Chantel's faces

Автор Daffa Naufal ( назад)
My Facial Are Free Ladies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор millhouse manastormerino kripperino ( назад)
I give amazing facials

Автор Warrior Dreams ( назад)
I want their job.

Автор JustAnotherCanuck ( назад)
That cleopatra facial sounds like the fuckin gimmick of the century...

Автор ObviouslyKaylee ( назад)
The 750 dollar facial is incredible.

Автор Christina Gray ( назад)
I hope no one sees this and thinks you actually put your IN the boiling water

Автор Anna R ( назад)
Just watching this made me feel relaxed

Автор Vicky Auditya Gunawan ( назад)
WOW so expensive. in indonesia you can get facial in the clinic only $5, Full Spa head to toe for 6 hours only $15.. my cousin from US shocked when know the price and the quality is same as at US. so do i :v

Автор Sabrina Deitrick ( назад)
"Cleopatra was named after the queen of Egypt" Was she not the queen on Egypt at one point??

Автор Lioness006 ( назад)
I love Pacifica products!

Автор erica huang ( назад)
750$ for a facial? I better come out looking like beyonce...

Автор Sunny Casellis ( назад)
Of course there is Truffle

Автор Lacey Gibelyou ( назад)

Автор You've got Mail ( назад)
I don't know how they did it...I hate it when people touch my face.

Автор irock yayy ( назад)
I REALLY ENJOYED THIS. thank u guys for sharing this with us. It's inspired me to go and do this with my sisters

Автор Secret Love ( назад)
if I had that gold stuff on my face I would walk in a pawn shop and try to sell my face

Автор Angela B ( назад)
The 'before' pictures looked better LMAO

Автор cuteness delusion 58 ( назад)
I want to get one of these mostly the huas one

Автор Zack Collins ( назад)
ill give you a facial for free 😝😝😝😂

Автор Eric Wang ( назад)
If I had to spend 750 on my face. I expect to come out there looking like beyonce

Автор beauty zjha ( назад)
I love safs voice so much. it's so nice and professional like a news casters voice. I love it.

Автор Tasha Notnagel ( назад)
They look exactly the same with each facial

Автор bright candy ( назад)
with 480p their faces don't look no different lol

Автор OksaNaStyle ( назад)
Freddies singing=priceless! haha >_<

Автор Aja Green ( назад)
the last one is bs. You're paying for the wine, limo, and sushi.

Автор x Isacorn x ( назад)
*_this video is so satisfying_*

Автор Kelly Peterson ( назад)
When Freddie was singing it sounded a lot like Ariel when Ursula stole her voice

Автор Aliya Kensler ( назад)
They could've put me in the vid. My skin is pretty bad.

Автор thelazyparent ( назад)
'we should nap' - 'yeah let's take a nap'
| ONE WEEK LATER | screen appears
me: omg they napped for a week???

Автор Marko Ivanovic ( назад)
facials 😉

Автор Jaydah Baron ( назад)
i got chills watching it

Автор Yuna Choi ( назад)
Skin will really look good after applying BB CREAM.

Автор Faith Lafary ( назад)
I've tried that cucumber mask, and it burned so bad I had to take it off 😩

Автор The Gifted Vegan ( назад)
The story with the blood is horrifying 😮

Автор Zoe Salischiker ( назад)
When you're scrolling through the comments just to find someone say something about Sofyia's Barney Stinson "quote"

Автор Min doesn't give an f Yoongi ( назад)
You can buy everything the last facial had on memebox lol

Автор Nadine Normann ( назад)
Do They pay for it themselves????

Автор kpola diner! ( назад)
I didn't see any changes

Автор Jenna Chu ( назад)
I fell asleep watching this😂

Автор Crystal Joyy ( назад)
the $55 facial seems worth it. I'd do that once a month.

Автор Cat Evergreen ( назад)
The middle was the most worth it in my opinion

Автор Emily O ( назад)
Here I am, using dollar store masks 😂 anyone else?? 😂😂

Автор Dewi Retika ( назад)
Who pays for $750 facial?

Автор Miranda marie ( назад)
Buzzfeed will never b the same without saf

Автор pizz a ( назад)

Автор Akame Dragneel ( назад)
Gold up in my teeth.

Автор Nihal ibu ( назад)
buzzfeed needs to change its way of treating its employees and its contracts with em. its a shame that alot of good video producers leave.

Автор Ashraya Suri ( назад)
Safiya said she left buzzfeed then how is she on ladylike?

Автор gabby radle ( назад)
Love buzzfeed

Автор AmayaTetsuki ( назад)
Suddenly my skin feels so much more dry and crappy, lmao.

Автор Andrew Bow ( назад)
Eminence products are great, that along with some regular chemical peels got rid of my horrible acne and back acne. Eventually got rid of the scars from it too. I should say I did it without gold or truffles.

Автор pink orchid ( назад)
it takes a week to see results.
you should of done it a month a part. thank you anyway for spending all this money for us to watch.

Автор Official 2D ( назад)
eyy dat gud facial nut

Автор Danisnotonchairs /Never will be\ ( назад)
The only face that had a difference that I saw was Freddie's..

Автор teddi13 cline ( назад)
I'm interested in the bb cream that was used!

Автор Harmony Brady ( назад)
I think that even though I didn't get the facials face haus looked the most worth it

Автор Grace Posey ( назад)
I love How when Sofia was telling the girls about the vampire facial they were freaking out and she was just fine!😍😜😭

Автор ThatSurgeonGamer ( назад)
Just watching this made me feel relaxed.

Автор Natalie Schlagel ( назад)
When they talked about the vampire facial I was surprised they didn't link to the video that they made with women getting it

Автор Regina From ARC ( назад)

Автор Kassandra Watts ( назад)
Their faces at 4:21 😂

Автор K. Loh ( назад)
BB cream right after the facial, just before shooting the "after" effect of their facials? Hmm.. I say the spa cheated.

Автор Contacted Micheal ( назад)
Me: alright so I have pretty dry skin. Employee: alright we'll do the lotion mask $55 and to make it better let's just add everything we have in stock $1347

Автор slay ( назад)
i can give them all free facial

Автор iloveyoufah ( назад)
Putting BB cream after facial is like cheating

Автор Yolanda cat ( назад)
when that target showed i was like omg thats the targer that shane dawson went

Автор Abi Alonso ( назад)
Just watching this was relaxing 😂💀😂

Автор Larry Wesley ( назад)
Non of these women had bad skin, therefore the results were negligible ... would've been nice to see someone with acne do this...

Автор friday13thirteen ( назад)
i feel like the last one was so tacky, like it was expensive for the sake of being expensive instead of being expensive because it's good. i'd prefer to go to the mid-priced place where they actually asked what their skin was like and tailored the facial to that rather than slapping on a bunch of "luxury" ingredients and claiming they would work miracles.

Автор Amelia Eigen ( назад)

Автор Emma 26.71 ( назад)
Where is the blond girl who works at the expensive place from ? Russia? Belarus? Ukraine? Poland?

Автор Hannah Amin ( назад)
I feel like the $750 facial would be cool for a hen night or something right before you get married. Just to make you feel a little more special.

Автор Tasnim Tabassum ( назад)
Safiya is still here?

Автор DerFor ( назад)
Is that the girl from the 36 Questions Video?

Автор Katherine Moore ( назад)
If you can do a facial yourself for under $20 it seems like kind of a ripoff to pay even $60 for one. You're basically paying someone $40 an hour to rub stuff on your face lol.

Автор Candylover Molly ( назад)
Cool video 😊

Автор CheesyTits ( назад)
Pfft suckers. I know a guy who can give you a facial for free :3

Автор Onision is a Pysco ( назад)
My facial is for free

Автор Raheel Ahmad ( назад)
every action you hear a faint "MMMMM"

Автор Yun Hyeong ( назад)
Freddie skin is so freaking clear AND SAYAT and CHANTEL like yall dont need facials lol

Автор Rene Barnes ( назад)
that didnt really answer the question of which really worked best or made the most difference,i didnt realize it was a video for which they just enjoyed more

Автор izzy izzy ( назад)
"Your going to feel skin burning fat" so can I put that on my belly 😂😂

Автор Sadie Lin ( назад)
Well at least they have a vampire facial now! And it's disgusting!

Автор Ruby Velarde ( назад)

Автор LaPieuvre Optimale ( назад)
The woman honey coated everything she said but in reality you can't do much to the skin in just one night. It takes time for things to actually take effect and for skin to actually improve.

Автор Leilani ( назад)
OMG SAF 😫😪♥️

Автор Rose Vampire ( назад)

Автор Rose Vampire ( назад)
Where do they get the money from

Автор Alli Pier ( назад)
that last girl made me crinhe because she said "skeeenn" so much

Автор Kris verden ( назад)
Thought it was porn :-/

Автор PferdeFan.9 ( назад)
watching the last was as relaxing as when you watch massage videos on youtube

Автор Ginny van Oss ( назад)
1$ facial *shows products for way more*

Автор Aui ( назад)
they should try watching a Korean Drama for a week (Goblin or Descendants of the Sun)... or 3 days (depends on how they love the kdrama 😂)❤

Автор Alreem Aldhaeni ( назад)
I feel like the expensive one made them worst

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