Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
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  • ZHC
    ZHC  18 days ago +15343

    I literally surprised MrBeast and the crew with custom iPhone 11s! Gonna be giving more away on my IG and Twitter!
    Follow me on IG and Twitter to keep up with updates!
    IG: @zhcomicart
    Twitter: @hsieh_zachary
    Giveaway ends on 12/10
    Thanks again lords mobile for sponsoring the vid!

    • Omar Medina
      Omar Medina Day ago

      ZHC, I love lords mobile

    • Isaiah Mendoza
      Isaiah Mendoza 18 days ago

      I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

    • TTV dudeyguy 11789
      TTV dudeyguy 11789 18 days ago

      Who won???

    • Hey SHANE
      Hey SHANE 18 days ago

      Woke up at 4:30am but this is a great experience lol

    • Ben Lev
      Ben Lev 18 days ago

      ZHC 🤩🤩

  • Siddhesh Gawade
    Siddhesh Gawade 7 hours ago

    U areee craszyy man big fan from india❤️❤️

  • Leez 97
    Leez 97 7 hours ago

    I really want it

  • Nickzz Prasad
    Nickzz Prasad 7 hours ago

    Kan a have Iphone

  • Claudia Jackson
    Claudia Jackson 8 hours ago

    Is the give away still going

  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee 8 hours ago

    "why's the logo in space, what'd he do wrong?", Mr. Beast asking the important questions.

  • kervie diaz
    kervie diaz 8 hours ago

    giv me 1

  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee 8 hours ago

    why isn't anyone talking about how satisfying the sounds are when he blasts through taking out the iphones from the cases?

  • Dont Sub to me
    Dont Sub to me 8 hours ago


  • Jay Curtis
    Jay Curtis 8 hours ago

    If it was being customised why did he need it be green haha

  • Shadan Ali
    Shadan Ali 8 hours ago

    9:53 to save your time

  • Alit sp
    Alit sp 8 hours ago


  • Bloxotrot BT
    Bloxotrot BT 9 hours ago

    Next year surprising trump with a IPhone 12 for winning the 2020 election

  • Diego Sancez
    Diego Sancez 9 hours ago

    I really want to upgrade my 📱

  • Victor Aguilar
    Victor Aguilar 9 hours ago


  • rahayu abdul rahman
    rahayu abdul rahman 9 hours ago

    I definitely want the iphone 11 because I don’t have any phone

  • Minimum_effort25
    Minimum_effort25 9 hours ago

    I lost your channel a long time ago and I found you once more, and I’m glad I did!

  • Sophie R
    Sophie R 9 hours ago +1

    Why’s he in space what did he do wrong? That got me I cracked up

  • Carlos Ballesteros
    Carlos Ballesteros 9 hours ago

    nice custamising

  • vanessa berba
    vanessa berba 9 hours ago

    I download lords Mobil also love the custom iPhone design

  • Michael Montie
    Michael Montie 10 hours ago


  • Jovan _ Jayvier
    Jovan _ Jayvier 10 hours ago

    Why is Garret wearing preston's merch

  • Bryant Turner
    Bryant Turner 10 hours ago +1


  • Azrien Anuar
    Azrien Anuar 10 hours ago

    I also you to customize an iphone for meeeee... With my name on it... And that i don't have to buy others cover phone😂just buy clear cover phone

  • Oizzy
    Oizzy 10 hours ago

    The box said “BO1”

  • Vizion Haxxar
    Vizion Haxxar 10 hours ago

    Its so weird that they have 50 iphone 11s to give away yet im here with an iPod touch

  • blackshadow2454
    blackshadow2454 10 hours ago +1

    Bruh don't you love it when people say they give away and you never win but your friend always wins

  • ortsacPH
    ortsacPH 10 hours ago +3

    The luckiest people in the world are Mr. Beast’s friends

  • Roberto Salas
    Roberto Salas 11 hours ago


  • Noirium
    Noirium 11 hours ago

    Chandler: About to surprise Jimmy
    *drops phone*

  • Yzzy
    Yzzy 11 hours ago


  • Juan Enrique Ortega Saavedra


  • Jasmin Lopez
    Jasmin Lopez 11 hours ago +1

    Love your vids

  • rahul yadav
    rahul yadav 11 hours ago +1

    Giving iphone 11 pro max

  • Magdalena zarganis
    Magdalena zarganis 11 hours ago

    Garrett is wearing Preston styles Merch

  • ItsWonka
    ItsWonka 11 hours ago

    I like how everyone ignores the handwritten note inside...

  • cheesebread TV
    cheesebread TV 12 hours ago

    can I have ur cracked iphone x instead LMAO

  • Fe Bastista
    Fe Bastista 12 hours ago

    Why does he have Preston ,erch

  • Sunil Borse
    Sunil Borse 12 hours ago

    Hi big fan from india

  • Epic Compilations
    Epic Compilations 12 hours ago

    Oh the tables have turned

  • Sis_ SpiLl_SoMe_TEA!
    Sis_ SpiLl_SoMe_TEA! 12 hours ago

    I wonder if their ever gonna notice the purple line connecting on their phones

  • Angelina Getsch
    Angelina Getsch 12 hours ago

    I wish this Christmas i get one of your iPhone bc my birthday is Christmas Eve

  • Angelina Getsch
    Angelina Getsch 12 hours ago

    Your so good i wish there was one with my name on it well but i love them all your good better then me.

  • omario Blake
    omario Blake 12 hours ago

    I just started to watch your channel so I don't know everyone's name but I saw your friend Waring preston styles merch

  • Muhdsyazwan shahril
    Muhdsyazwan shahril 12 hours ago


  • deni Nation 1x
    deni Nation 1x 13 hours ago


  • JettMotovlog
    JettMotovlog 13 hours ago

    I want iphone 11 :(

  • Tuferana Uslu
    Tuferana Uslu 13 hours ago +1


  • Roshan shrestha
    Roshan shrestha 13 hours ago


  • Roshan shrestha
    Roshan shrestha 13 hours ago


  • Itz_ Cats
    Itz_ Cats 13 hours ago

    Dora said "VAMONOS"
    in English is "LETS GO"

  • Maliah Weston
    Maliah Weston 13 hours ago

    or paint a case?

  • exe Flyht
    exe Flyht 13 hours ago

    Does color matter when you just spray paint them a different color

  • Alex Ipina
    Alex Ipina 13 hours ago


  • Alex Ipina
    Alex Ipina 13 hours ago

    i like yor

  • Alex Ipina
    Alex Ipina 13 hours ago


  • Henry Westmoreland
    Henry Westmoreland 13 hours ago

    I would deadass give the phone to my brother cause his phone is terrible and mine is cracked

  • Diane Stroman
    Diane Stroman 13 hours ago

    I want a iPhone