Game Theory: How RICH is a Pokemon Master?

  • Опубликовано: 19 май 2018
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    I want to be...the very best...and also very RICH!! Being a Pokemon Champion is the dream of many a child and adult, if we are being honest. Except, after you get past all the glory and the cute Pokemon, you have to wonder - is being a Pokemon Master a viable career choice? Can you survive on the money that you'd make? Well today Loyal Theorists, we are about to find out!!
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    Lindsey Lewis Час назад

    I've thought about being a Soul Reaper in Bleach, a Star Trek Captain, an ARKS member in PSO2, a Sith Lord from Star Wars, a Harry Potter Wizard, a vampire from Underworld, or a Saiyan from Dragonball. Not once have I ever wanted to be a Pokemon trainer.

  • Branden Baldassari
    Branden Baldassari 2 часа назад

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    I want Ash’s age although I don’t really care about pokemon it’s just nerdy and funny stuff ok

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    spencer Cillgore 8 часов назад

    Wait... for the BABY? MattPatt is having a kid?!?

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    I want ashes age!!! Tell me how old that 13 year old kid is!

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    Key Link 10 часов назад

    Umm what about the big nuggets/nuggets that you get in the alola region you get 50 big nuggets at the end of your game

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    James Dutterer 10 часов назад

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    How do you have the time to even research stuff and play games....

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    How come you left in transportation he doesn't get transported by car

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    You forgot Sinnoh bro

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    I want Ash's age!!!!1!!1!

  • Jack Slipher
    Jack Slipher 13 часов назад

    Hey just wanted to say something matpat left out Sinnoh in the video so I did a bit of research and the area of sinnoh is the northern most island of mainland japan

  • Miz Kiz
    Miz Kiz 13 часов назад

    So if you do not earn a lot, how do they make their money? Especially the parents who send their kids out. Is their some sort of underground pokemon selling mart? Some organ stealing society?

  • Magikarter Gaming
    Magikarter Gaming 14 часов назад

    He doesn't need transportation due to the fact you only walk

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    What if you use Pokémon to rob banks how much money will you get then

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    what about the amulet coin? It doubles the battle money!!!


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    Wadinator, The Vile День назад

    I knew you were going to use the vending machine to convert the currency! (Especially because that is an _incredibly_ specific idea.)

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    actually matpat the money in the game can be made a lot more by just using certain pokemon and ability like meowth

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    Ashes age please!

  • Ella Eder
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  • Sakureon -
    Sakureon - День назад

    Awesome theory dude, But what about inflation, as you were playing Red/Blue those time periods were 1996, so you would have to adjust for the currency changes, I assume you used current values lol.

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    Subzero 123 День назад

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    The Intro song is for all of the broke collage students out there

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  • Jasper
    Jasper День назад

    Guyana is also a in-game reference to an IRL place. From Leaf Green/ Fire Red Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.

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    real person День назад

    Ash won't do to well know

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  • Urameshii
    Urameshii День назад

    I know this is all gen1 so no hold items but Amulet Coin would certainly help, especially if you gave it to a meowth and payday your way through the whole game lol. I found this was a really interesting concept for a video and I really enjoyed it, though I'd be very interested to see a part 2 relating to the expenses of a Johto journey since it would give the option of an amulet coin and essentially 2 adventures it could make for a very different outcome

  • Penily
    Penily День назад

    I did find a bit of a flaw. You didn't take inflation into account. If you based all the numbers on Pokemon Red, then the currency would be what it was in the mid 90s. The pricing for everything would be a lot different compared to the averages of what it takes these days.

  • random person
    random person День назад

    The real question is why pikachu was holding a microphone when matpat was the one singing ○.○

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    JC Ho День назад

    I see why Team Rocket would rather steal and sell Pokemon rather than be a trainer!

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    I want Ash's age!!!!1!!1!

  • Dank memes r Dank
    Dank memes r Dank День назад

    I've literally gotten more money from lysandre's final 2 battles than the money you get from the elite four and Gary (cuz in Kalos lysandre gives u20,000 poke bucks every battle)

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  • Samer Alshaikh
    Samer Alshaikh День назад

    after facing the elite 4 82 times to fill up the pokedex and get 6 lvl100 pokes I have 999999. probably triple that if it wasn't capped.

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    Roselia Urbina День назад

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    Unless you use the Infinite Nugget Glitch in Pokemon FireRed.....
    How many Nuggets does that Team Rocket Grunt even have!!!!!!!?????

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