Film Theory: Jurassic World Was An INSIDE JOB! (Jurassic World)

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  • Doge the indestructible
    Doge the indestructible 51 секунду назад

    You know what else was a inside job? 9/11

  • Sarah Wojcik
    Sarah Wojcik 34 минуты назад

    there is going to be a new movie of Jurassic world the fallen kingdom!

  • Rinat Camal
    Rinat Camal Час назад

    "Why are you driving so slow?" that question killed!!!! Nailed it! Subscribed! !

  • Ashton Kimball
    Ashton Kimball Час назад

    Henwy Wu

  • Sephiroth Fitzwater
    Sephiroth Fitzwater 3 часа назад

    wow OK Mat how in the world do you do these theories?! YOU ARE SO GOOD every detail always has another detail to back it up nothing in the theories don't make sense everything is compelling and it helps me speculate on the same subject but different details, for example, say you were doing a FNaF theory i watch your video and TaDa it's compelling but then i go thinking about other aspects of the game that with those details in your video or on GTLive so thank you mat for being the best theorist i have ever seen and watched sense your FIRST ever doctor who theory!! but i started out on game theory for a while aaaaannnnndddd wow.

  • Tony Bamanaboni
    Tony Bamanaboni 3 часа назад

    wait, if body heat is regulated by how much light hits you, then wouldnt being camouflaged make you cooler? the light passes right through you, not hitting you at all. you might be saying "well the light doesnt pass through the dinosaur, it just sets its colours to make it as if nothing was there, but the light still hits it." well youd be wrong, because there is no shadow, and if light hits something, a shadow is produced, but you can see when it is camouflaged in the jungle that there is absolutely no shadow.

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie 3 часа назад

    Why WU lying ok I'm off

  • silentwraith
    silentwraith 4 часа назад

    Mat are you Norwegian?

  • Dylan Randall
    Dylan Randall 6 часов назад

    If the I rex is 3 and is as big as a adult rex how big would it be when its 25 aka the average total age of a rex.

  • User Channel
    User Channel 6 часов назад +1

    What if groot was an immortal tree god like how red skull said in the first captain America movie

  • ASarcasticallyNicePerson
    ASarcasticallyNicePerson 7 часов назад

    WOW nice work guys
    On the other hand, thanks for spoiling the whole series, you twats.

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach 7 часов назад

    Wait! I have to rewatch kurrasic world now before seeing this
    *3 hours later*

    I completly aggre matpat!

  • justin so
    justin so 7 часов назад

    At 6:04 you are wrong when dr wu explained the genes he also said :"the cuttlefish genes were added to help the I Rex withstand increased growth rate " increased growth rate so in these three years the I Rex could have gotten a much more experienced brain growth rate thus it can think of such a plan

  • Sinister Warrior
    Sinister Warrior 8 часов назад

    But they are making Jurassic world fallen kingdom maybe you can explain after what happened

  • Ryan LeFave
    Ryan LeFave 11 часов назад

    Just to echo some of the other comments here, I don't think this theory is all that controversial. It's possible that the i-rex was released on purpose, but that doesn't change anything in the plot. H. Wu is obviously a villain. A dinosaur with some special abilities wouldn't need to be particularly intelligent to evade the system, he most likely tried every method, and this was the first that worked.

  • YoyoFire
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  • Danica Princess
    Danica Princess 12 часов назад

    I'm mat I think what you think was biosin because biosin was trying to steal all Amber on the ingen and trying to steal jurrasic park and turn it to jurrasic world

  • solo dragon
    solo dragon 12 часов назад

    Can you make an ark survival evolved theory on that game theory

  • FrigusAvis
    FrigusAvis 12 часов назад

    "Nature gave us the most effective killing weapons."
    One word: Predator

  • Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
    Gamingnerd19 Emonerd 13 часов назад

    Now I’m ready to theorize about the next movie

  • Matthew Schwebes
    Matthew Schwebes 14 часов назад +10

    So Verizon instead of just killing net Neutrality but also funded “idea someone who literally has the smallest brain size possible knows is a bad idea” seems accurate for there plan to rule the world they do need something to kill that mouse

  • Molly Linnen
    Molly Linnen 14 часов назад

    the first minute of this video talking about how Claire can outrun the t rex is entirely wrong. Jurassic Park fits completely in the cannon of Jurassic World, right? In the first Jurassic Park film, in the scene where the scientists see the dinosaurs for the first time, they ask how fast the animals go, to which John Hammond clearly replies "we've clocked the t rex at 37". This t rex has been confirmed to be the very same one in Jurassic World, aka the one that chases Claire in Jurassic World is the exact animal that has been seen going 37mph so it is more than capable of outrunning her. Scientists in real life might say that this isn't possible, but going off the cannon of the movies, the t rex could easily outrun any human. So no, the jeep wasn't driving slowly.

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 15 часов назад

    Another inside job was 9/11

  • Xplodenator
    Xplodenator 15 часов назад

    No one noticed this until now?! I thought it was obvious!

  • Hayden Lauritzen
    Hayden Lauritzen 16 часов назад

    If dinosaurs were mesothermic, couldn't the debunk the entire theory as they could be able to camouflage and regulate temperature

  • Osiris
    Osiris 16 часов назад

    Wants to help the company survive
    Realises massive dinosaur into a place with Thousands of people

  • Brendon Harris
    Brendon Harris 16 часов назад

    Have u made a theory about sonic is metal sonic in the future buuuuuuuut from the past you see metal in the sonic games is always saying he is the real sonic from the past and the sonic you see is in a different dimension because in the sonic comic seiries sonic has about 1000 other Sonic's in other dimensions which leads me to he question how does it work? If you read an issue sorry I'll tell u the issue later sonic gets captured by Nack the weasel and Dr. Robotnic turns sonic into a metal sonic and knuckles goes into a BROKEN roboticiser and turns himself into robo knucks . Also in sonic heros metal madness metal said he isn't afraid and is now knowing what he now is and accepting it and having to watch a sonic he fights beside to beat robo robotnic and he's desstroyed until he returns and gets killed and has himself into a computer and selecting one of his other created body's he put together and guess which one he chooses yup doctor eggmans body Strange that I'm a ten year old and i know all of this just from playing the sonic games and reading the comics ha 😎

  • Mr. Spaghetti man
    Mr. Spaghetti man 17 часов назад

    10/10 video plz do more on dinosaurs!!

  • zxG777
    zxG777 17 часов назад

    The bigger theory, Mr Robot and Jurassic Park share the same universe. White Rose == Henry Wu, the project in the Kongo is cloning!!

  • Williams Figueroa
    Williams Figueroa 18 часов назад +2

    Mat Pat, the I rex was fused with veloceraptor and the veloceraptor has the brain the size of a orange... Big enough to know what the cameras did.

  • Hos Lagerblad
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  • Joseph Franklin
    Joseph Franklin 19 часов назад

    The back round music is so bad

  • Joseph Labrada
    Joseph Labrada 20 часов назад

    MATPAT they weren't driving slow because in Jurassic Park John Hammond said they clocked the T-Rex 20 or 20 miles per hour

  • Nacho Swag
    Nacho Swag 20 часов назад

    if theory park existed i whould go every weekend

  • Zeljkoprivatni
    Zeljkoprivatni 21 час назад

    I think I shaw a I-rex in his cage😨😨

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    why the fuck hasnt universal hired your ass yet?

  • PastBlast80s
    PastBlast80s 22 часа назад

    Dear matpat if you have played any of the jurrasic park builder games you would know that after completing one of the missions hammond tells you that after you put a security tower up becuase a reporter was worried about the parks safety so hammond tells you to make security tower and collect coins after doing so hammond congradulates you and says the reporter was about to do somthing with this info but then he says he bribed the reporter by giving him a job at he commincations center showing that most of the employees know about the dangers but still let civillians go there.DISTURBING.Also do a theory on hupia in the jurrasic park series

  • lego batman
    lego batman День назад

    Yoda is back in star wars the last Jedi.

  • Spangly Skate4
    Spangly Skate4 День назад

    If henry wu planed it why would he give the I Rex raptor DNA as then the filed test for the raptors failed as the I Rex became the new alpha and the raptors attacked the solders that they were with

  • Banana Doggo420
    Banana Doggo420 День назад

    knock knock
    Who's dere?
    Hen-wii Who?
    Uh I think you mean Wu
    No, who

  • Banana Doggo420
    Banana Doggo420 День назад

    You should do: Is there any way the "dancing disease" could be real? (From Kingsman 2)

  • Random User
    Random User День назад

    You're just overthinking it, the movie maker probably just didn't do too much research. It's probably just a good way to make the movie more interesting

  • 7thPendulum
    7thPendulum День назад

    Maybe....we....are.....the.....MONSTERS! OH GOD!! What have we BECOME!!!! (XD)

  • JT B
    JT B День назад

    The walls of the enclosure are pretty white, so I wouldn't rule it out that it could cool down sufficiently and camouflage at the same time.

  • I hate jacksfilms lol
    I hate jacksfilms lol День назад

    Oryx and Crake, anyone?

  • Gustenz
    Gustenz День назад

    thanks for the snake photo...

  • william perry
    william perry День назад

    I think Masrani survived

  • Lala Sparkle
    Lala Sparkle День назад

    Literally just noticed that "Henry wu" is Huang from Law and Order:SVU

  • Oviie Mbem
    Oviie Mbem День назад

    Sadly even that mutant T-Rex can't win againt the owner of the sea, he got eaten by bigger and stronger predator.

    BENJAMIN BOWLBY День назад


  • that one guy
    that one guy День назад

    did anybody else see gayjin goomba at 1:49

  • that one guy
    that one guy День назад

    "why are you driving so slow" I call dibs

  • The Random Ones
    The Random Ones День назад

    That was actually the greatest intro I’ve ever seen

  • ShadowChared
    ShadowChared День назад

    Hey Matpat your next theory channel should be The Conspiracy Theorists

  • Zayny Zayny
    Zayny Zayny День назад

    Find something that will surprise us in Toy story

  • Afrojake358
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    Yes I also watch rick and morty.

  • The Ark Titan
    The Ark Titan День назад

    Jurassic park
    Jurassic world
    Jurassic galaxy:
    Dinosaurs in space😂😂😂😂

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  • noscoperbob, lol
    noscoperbob, lol День назад +1

    If a frog was to go green and not take off any heat signatures that means the I Rex can go green and hide with trees and not give off any heat signatures

  • Andrea Holt
    Andrea Holt День назад

    Can you please do a prediction theory for Avengers Infinity War?

  • StephanoAnator 5
    StephanoAnator 5 День назад

    Jurassic world ad on a jarassic world theory coincidence I think not

  • Ethan H
    Ethan H День назад

    Matpaaaat I've got got a guardian of the galaxy theory you, could we make a tree sentient and come to life and move and say I am groot
    I'll leaves to you matpat
    Pls could you make into a theory it would make my day

  • Ray Dominic Abasolo
    Ray Dominic Abasolo 2 дня назад

    ahahahahaha human DNA for Super Genius ability?

  • Zachary Edwards-Zoars
    Zachary Edwards-Zoars 2 дня назад

    That fact at the end, I've known that for two years. It's called "Mesothermal"

  • tallgoo
    tallgoo 2 дня назад +1

    The irrelevant-Rex

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX 2 дня назад

    I liked this theory the first time I saw it on Cracked After Hours...3 and a half years ago. The inside job portion in that video was about The Lost World...but still. Think about in the hell did the t-rex in The Lost World kill the people on the boat? It's impossible.

  • Alexzander95
    Alexzander95 2 дня назад

    I would fucking love to watch Jurassic United Nations.

  • Great Scott, Mcfly
    Great Scott, Mcfly 2 дня назад

    To answer the question in the beginning about why they're driving so slow, those cars are meant to be on a track at a specific speed. Off that track, I'd imagine that it's not meant to go faster than 15 miles an hour due to safety issues. Boom, plausible adrenaline pumping scene from Jurassic 1.

  • that girl
    that girl 2 дня назад

    So… Film Theory…
    With Game Theory's logo on the doors…

  • S'R Art
    S'R Art 2 дня назад

    You need to make a video about season 3 episode 8 on rick and morty where they show evil morty being the president of the city ..they show it on the last minutes in the pictures floating in space

  • Jaziro
    Jaziro 2 дня назад

    The movie was so bad and full of plotholes you could come up with just about anything theory to fill in the inconsistencies and the irony is, it'd still be better than what we got. The military wants to raise an army of velociraptors? FOH!

  • Jeremiah Fry
    Jeremiah Fry 2 дня назад

    My favorite era is cenozoic

  • Stephen Walters
    Stephen Walters 2 дня назад

    The jeeps are ment for tours not high speed chases

  • RM Bee
    RM Bee 2 дня назад

    Note: Cuddlefish genes were implanted to "help it sustain an accelerated growth rate". Nothing in there about camouflage. Saying that it can therefore camouflage is like saying that the dinosaur should have a long neck because they used the genes for manufacturing certain blood proteins from a giraffe.

  • LadyArmand2
    LadyArmand2 2 дня назад

    The Verizon branding really makes this!

  • Drayton Desmarais
    Drayton Desmarais 2 дня назад


  • thedinosaurking
    thedinosaurking 2 дня назад

    We need more dinosuar also maybe Godzilla the sieres

  • Kai Shockley
    Kai Shockley 2 дня назад

    🎶Dino tale wo hu🎶

  • Stephanie Sealey
    Stephanie Sealey 2 дня назад

    Could you please do a Jurassic world next

  • biggest Sonic fan and more
    biggest Sonic fan and more 2 дня назад +1

    Film Theory I'm not too much of a scientist but again keys in the movie they basically say they're able to splice dinosaur DNA with other dinosaurs and living animals and it's been the thing that you don't say how the dinosaurs came back they splice DNA with other animals and then it gave birth somehow to dinosaurs but here's the thing there's always room for you tations and like in the original movie they say that the Frog were the frogs DNA that they use for the dinosaurs had a tendency of changing sex and lots of them died which the dinosaurs did and what's the say that the dinosaur did you take somehow and possibly got smarter and was able to use his powers or at the same time

  • Spiderwilliam13
    Spiderwilliam13 2 дня назад

    Wait isn't kind of obvious that Wu betrayed everyone at the end of the movie? Considering that he runs away with the rest of the dinosaur DNA in a suspicious helicopter.

  • joaquin vincent
    joaquin vincent 2 дня назад

    You know the video is going to be good when ir has conspiracy in it

  • Pi VN
    Pi VN 2 дня назад

    Another point you forgot. When Nick and Clair enters the I-Rex building people were working outside, but when the I Rex escaped there were no workers. Almost like if someone told them to leave. Also if you're working and a dino is walking by, it would be something you'll tell your boss. There were no screaming builders outside, so they knew the I rex didn't get out.

  • The Liz Show!
    The Liz Show! 2 дня назад

    Hey, this was posted on my 12th birthday!

  • Flames
    Flames 2 дня назад

    George Bush did 9/11 it was an inside job.

  • Squishball 572
    Squishball 572 2 дня назад

    The i rex is a cold blooded animal right SO THATS MEANS USING HEAT SENSORS IS A FUCKING DUMB ASS MOVE

  • Frank Taylor
    Frank Taylor 2 дня назад

    They really didn't try to hide that he was a bad guy in the movie, and kind of implied it happened on purpose (though they didn't think it would have had such a huge impact on everything).

  • Hayyan Hadi
    Hayyan Hadi 2 дня назад

    yaaa now do a how to train your dragon thereoy

  • maybe whenever
    maybe whenever 2 дня назад

    Anything about how Wu takes some eggs with him when he escapes? So yeah, DO THAT THEORY.

  • Darcspeagal Reactions
    Darcspeagal Reactions 2 дня назад

    Wasnt all this obvious in the movie how is this a theory

  • Rohan Tiwari
    Rohan Tiwari 2 дня назад

    In the 4th minute of the video it is said I-Rex could not camouflage and cheat thermal sensor at the same time and that it needs to lighten its colour to decrease body heat. Mr. Masrani and Claire did see him and pointed out that it is white so that explains I-REX was trying to reduce her body heat by changing into white and it didn't camouflage at that moment but his behind the trees. It can camouflage was found later on in the movie when ACU tried to capture it when I-REX had clawed out her tracker. Correct me if I'm wrong!!

  • amasingfatass
    amasingfatass 2 дня назад

    I have a film theory for you. Can you prove if Shaggy from Scooby Doo was actually on drugs?

  • TheDinosaurJockey
    TheDinosaurJockey 2 дня назад

    they're driving so slow cuz that year model of jeep is total shit

  • trueedge2097
    trueedge2097 2 дня назад

    All right. It's my turn again, MatPat. You fail here.
    First, Rexy was clocked at 35 mph in the first movie. So this Rex is much faster than would have been and largely due to genetic manipulation. In other words, we can't just look at research on the T Rex. These dinos are not typical. All bets are off.
    Second, Claire isn't outrunning Rexy. It is catching up to her when she reaches the Spinosaurus skeleton. She is just barely making it. Not to mention she modifies her wardrobe when Owen fussed at her. It's not much to assume those heels would have been snapped off at some point. No problem to address here.
    Third, Indominous is never seen using two traits at once. All we know is that she is hiding from thermal imagery. There is nothing about camouflaging at this point. It is only after Assert Containment encounters it that the trait is seen. In other words, Owen and Claire are not seeing it for another reason and it is likely quite simple.
    The enclosure is huge, full of vegetation, and the creature has full range of motion there. It is simply lying down underneath the canopy where it cannot be seen due to overgrowth. All it has to do is hide. This is backed up by Owen. He never mentions the creature'a camo ability when he reaches the control room. That's because he didn't witness it decloak. No two traits are in use here.
    I am also reminded of something Spock said once. "All things being equal, Mr. Scott, I would agree. But things are not equal. This one can." A perfect way to sum up what is happening in JW. None of these creatures follow a normal genetic playbook. So we can't assume to know anything about how they will operate. This one probably can use two traits at once.
    I am on board with conspiracy thinking, but we probably don't need it. Indominous has an accelerated growth rate. Even though she is only three, she likely behaves as if an adolescent. In other words, we don't need her to know anything about cameras and thermal sensing. She is likely just beginning to understand her body and its features. She is experimenting with her own traits as part of her maturity.
    And I personally doubt the company would resort to purposely destroying an expensive asset. Sure, operatong costs and everything but there is a much simpler solution. One that has been attempted before actually. Simply move the park closer to America. Hammond said he should have built in Orlando. The board would likely have looked move rather than abandon. International travel is part of what is hurting ticket sales. Many pay the higher prices at Disney World but fewer would pay those prices at Tokyo Disney. That's why most Americans use the parks stateside. International airfare and accommodation is far more expensive.
    So no. Theory fail. Sorry.

  • Bowsers dragon
    Bowsers dragon 3 дня назад

    I thought this was beavers thing awww...

  • Turbo apples 123
    Turbo apples 123 3 дня назад

    why is the ig part in german?

  • Jacob Holmes
    Jacob Holmes 3 дня назад

    Last day to talk about Saving Net Neutrality...


    May the i-rex can turn hers bory tempeture into light becaming glass clear.

  • theodore siao
    theodore siao 3 дня назад

    The I-REX the newest breakthrough in dinosaur technology buy now for only1'00000000000000000000000000000'0000000000000000$ dollars and that's just for the charger

  • bkLEGION3000
    bkLEGION3000 3 дня назад +16

    UM.....I thought that this WAS the plot for the movie. I mean, I don't think this is a theory, I thought that this was literally what the movie was about. It was pretty obvious that they set the I-Rex free as a test for the raptor pack. Just because you can change your body temp doesn't mean you have ZERO body temp. Pretty sure they wouldn't have put cameras in that couldn't detect the dino an ANY heat level. That would just be stupid.