• Published on Jul 9, 2019
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Comments • 1 451

  • Master Shish
    Master Shish 4 days ago

    an i the only one that notices how baked blaziken is

  • Tejas Lokesh
    Tejas Lokesh 6 days ago

    i love u FaZe clan

  • Elektro XBL
    Elektro XBL 6 days ago

    0:00 they tryna be cray

  • Shahid Asmi
    Shahid Asmi 6 days ago

    If u want adapt keep farting in his vids HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON SO ADAPT CAN FLEX HIS FART 💨

  • Fakhri Erwin
    Fakhri Erwin 7 days ago

    This make my fist want to punch my monitor

  • gareth teo
    gareth teo 9 days ago

    Rug could just leave faze tbh

  • Ava J.
    Ava J. 9 days ago

    Alex: *farts*

  • Ezra Cauler
    Ezra Cauler 11 days ago

    Blaze a puss

  • SG B.O.T.Z
    SG B.O.T.Z 13 days ago

    #3:35 lol

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 14 days ago +1

    This shit was funny af

    THATSHORTGABE 14 days ago +1

    tenser: “let me think of words”
    rules: “should be one word at a time”
    tenser: “NLE CHOPPA”
    everyone: “thats not a word”

  • Cakoo Papa
    Cakoo Papa 14 days ago

    What wuz adapt singing in the beginning

  • Infinity Trigzz
    Infinity Trigzz 14 days ago

    I love how confused Apex was 4:16

  • dank
    dank 15 days ago +1

    Temper :wassup
    Blaze :let's gooo!!!

  • skyler volgs
    skyler volgs 16 days ago +1

    Tensor nle Choppa mito dang it wasn't I must have been really close tensor no just no

  • Adan Esquivel
    Adan Esquivel 16 days ago

    Why always rug

  • JuicySaxx
    JuicySaxx 17 days ago


    uhh *chocolate*

  • Mortello Angelo
    Mortello Angelo 18 days ago

    4:38 why tf does blaze look 8 feet tall when he’s only 6’1

  • Clintoral
    Clintoral 24 days ago

    I watch faze clan videos to cringe at blaziken

  • Bionic Karma
    Bionic Karma 25 days ago

    This vid has 666k views wtf lol

  • bruneh
    bruneh 25 days ago

    tenser couldve said tupac

  • Aislinn Hess
    Aislinn Hess 26 days ago

    i love that tenserr said NLE choppa

  • Aislinn Hess
    Aislinn Hess 26 days ago

    temper is the most attractive human being

  • peachy peach
    peachy peach 26 days ago

    5:45 teeqo face has me dead

  • MechaDestroyer OP
    MechaDestroyer OP 26 days ago


  • Diego YUHH
    Diego YUHH 27 days ago

    hahaha I took the top off lmao

  • Ocean Bethel
    Ocean Bethel 29 days ago +1

    Apex short 1

  • EX DEE
    EX DEE Month ago

    blaziken a faggot lol

  • Sierra Solis
    Sierra Solis Month ago

    Blaze : Eminem
    Me : RAP !
    Lmao that one frustrated me the most 🤣🤣🤣

  • UJ WR
    UJ WR Month ago +1

    4:05 i was eating noodles and i spit all of it out lol

  • Braxton Duncan
    Braxton Duncan Month ago

    Alex farting made this video 10x better.

  • DJplayzzz
    DJplayzzz Month ago +1

    Where is mongraal and highsky

  • Damian Bobadilla
    Damian Bobadilla Month ago


  • Damian Bobadilla
    Damian Bobadilla Month ago

    4:40 lmao

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales Month ago

    Yo low key I like Adapt’s new look (No cap)

  • Elie Nasr
    Elie Nasr Month ago

    What’s the app called

  • Jean Viloria
    Jean Viloria Month ago


  • Primacie // Isaiah
    Primacie // Isaiah Month ago +1

    What the fart right now

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago +1

    2:02 Lmfao.

  • Bryson lynce
    Bryson lynce Month ago

    Last word was perfect to just say LOGIC. where’s the rattpack?

  • Cow with no videos with 1000 Subscribers

    Gabe tv kissed you sub to me to undo

  • Fluid_Drip
    Fluid_Drip Month ago +1

    Is it me or did teeqo lose his accent

  • Itz Yellowleaf
    Itz Yellowleaf Month ago

    Watch tenser’s zone wars vid called “Zone wars with pp gang”
    Then go to 9:11
    What’s the same

  • GiLAD
    GiLAD Month ago

    Blaze adapt and tommy are bakedddd

  • Aint _Nerd
    Aint _Nerd Month ago

    Make another one LOL this was EPIC

  • noah the gamer kid
    noah the gamer kid Month ago

    The fortnite guy is challenging all of FaZe Clan

  • Kdawg 015
    Kdawg 015 Month ago

    This video was fucking hilarious

  • Ravee
    Ravee Month ago

    Why didn't they say Yachty on the rap one? Mans literally on FaZe.

  • Darwin Bartolo
    Darwin Bartolo Month ago

    I joined face clan

  • Warrior Sergio
    Warrior Sergio Month ago

    For up they could have just said Faze

  • Danny Saucedo
    Danny Saucedo Month ago

    Faze retards

  • Hal Alal
    Hal Alal Month ago

    They really be copying sidemen rn

  • Tyler Chamberlain
    Tyler Chamberlain Month ago

    Yo I got the same shorts as nico it however u spell that guys name

  • Marco F
    Marco F Month ago

    I would’ve said 23 for the third one

  • Farpos123
    Farpos123 Month ago


  • JumpX Stream
    JumpX Stream Month ago

    Wait this Danger word game was on Ellen but with a different name idk which one came first Ellen or Faze 😐

  • Connor Brennan
    Connor Brennan Month ago

    APEX AND ADAPT all the way mannnn

  • Ramses Alvarez
    Ramses Alvarez Month ago

    7:54 I was thinking of that

  • atzy 07
    atzy 07 Month ago

    Are teeqo swedish

  • jeb flynn
    jeb flynn Month ago

    Hawaiian pizza does not have pepperoni

  • jeb flynn
    jeb flynn Month ago

    why did he say box?? i’m so confused

  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball Month ago +8

    This whole vid was just adapt flexing his farting skills 😂😂

  • Abid Hodzic
    Abid Hodzic Month ago +2

    I laughed when adapt was singing in the beginning

  • TV10 HD
    TV10 HD Month ago

    This is Ellen’s idea

  • Sleez OG
    Sleez OG Month ago

    Teeqo will win

  • Patricia Vejmolová

    Mito: That means I was really close.
    Everyone: No. 😂😂

  • Irrelevant
    Irrelevant Month ago

    Adapt:James charles

  • Fruity Monstaa
    Fruity Monstaa Month ago

    Can’t believe no one said stinker when adapt farded 💀💀

  • Diego Marquez
    Diego Marquez Month ago

    When he said nle Choppa I was dead

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd Month ago

    Nle Choppa

  • adrianlaflame
    adrianlaflame Month ago

    5:45 Teeqo’s reaction hahahaha

  • Lil Tani
    Lil Tani Month ago +1

    yo there should be an faze concert
    like all the faze members that released a song or something they sing it

  • pêx Pippzi
    pêx Pippzi Month ago

    i farted

  • Impulse
    Impulse Month ago +1

    Adapt please shave

  • Ingrid Sosa
    Ingrid Sosa Month ago

    alex ugly