2017 Volvo S90 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The new Volvo S90 luxury sedan is a beautiful car, but its lackluster driving experience raises questions about whether it can compete with rivals in the luxury mid-sized sedan segment. 

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Автор Ash Ram ( назад)
you know that moment when you see a girl with a pretty face but no ass ,, yeah Exactly

Автор Commentator541 ( назад)
Wow, you guys are liars.

Автор DarkPa1adin ( назад)
so is it recommended? compared to other brands like BMW Audi Jaguar Mercedes Bens?

Автор Shao Yu Mai Wang ( назад)
I'm glad Volvo is offering a wagon version of this. Any wagon choices should be applauded in North America's barren wagon marketplace! I also have to say I like the overall design of this interior versus the overly swoopy, cluttered, asymmetrical messes offered by some other manufacturers, although it could do with a few MORE buttons so you aren't constantly using the touch screen.

Автор Carpediem06 ( назад)
Great vid by the new reviewer, but I've a feeling she just didn't know her way round the infotainment system cause u know - girsl and tech stereotypically . :)

Автор Casanova Frankenstein ( назад)
Some Chinese company bought Volvo a while back. Some are still built in Sweden but some are build in China. How can you tell where your Volvo was built?

Автор IP MAN ( назад)
volvo is known for transmission issue and we all be known for transmission issue. they do not have a good residual value either.

Автор ssisakl ( назад)
whats wrong with the infotainment system? its a touch screen works like an ipad, i dont see how its bad

Автор Aurora Jones ( назад)
I think id rather buy a Lincoln Continental.

Автор acrum04 ( назад)
The infotainment sucks??? lol CR staff must not know how to use Apple or Google products. When I sat in the new Volvo, I instantly could figure my way around the infotainment system. Super intuitive and quick.

Автор Jarl Ballin' ( назад)
The wagon looks far better imo...

Автор Nick Vielbig ( назад)
Rear end of this car is absolutely horrible.

Автор Kalvin Yu ( назад)
Why has the priority shifted from practicality, usability to driving experience? I've sat in an S90 and the transmission tunnel is remarkably high for a FWD styled vehicle. Driving experience is subjective and people should be encouraged to book a test drive. Important measurements should be: do passengers get car sick or cramped feet during long trips? Those things matter to real and prospect owners.

Автор K_Q_ J_H ( назад)
Straight up the best in class.

Автор Ron Horton ( назад)

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