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Cadenza - People (Official Video) ft. Jorja Smith, Dre Island

  • Опубликовано: 8 сен 2016
  • Cadenza - People ft. Jorja Smith & Dre Island (Official Video)
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    Cadenza - People ft. Jorja Smith & Dre Island (Lyrics)

    why you even telling me
    it's not like i don't know
    repeating on this history
    running in circles like I got no place to go

    so how you gonna say to me
    the streets are paved with gold
    i know the ins and outs of every opportunity
    and I'll never be the richest on the road

    people don't you see what's happening,
    people, aint nobody laughing oh no, but you know
    that we don't stand a chance at all
    people don't you see what's happening
    people aint nobody laughing but you know
    that we don't stand a chance at all

    and we aint doing nothing wrong
    but your finger points to blame
    when shadows are your enemies
    tell me how you gonna run away
    and oh well dress me as you please
    nothings ever what it seems
    i care, you care
    that we don't stand a chance at all
    so people can't you see what's happening
    aint nobody laughing oh no, but you know
    that we don't stand a chance at all

    what you gonna do when ja kingdom come
    cannot get away from the burning sun
    when your fiya a go blaze
    you better change your wa
    cos we don't stand a chance at all
    oh no
    that we don't stand a chance at all
    oh no
    that we don't stand a chance at all
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  • Jayesh Mistry
    Jayesh Mistry Месяц назад

    this is amazing...damn, i'm 2 years late

  • AboveitJ
    AboveitJ 2 месяца назад


  • Sarah Love
    Sarah Love 3 месяца назад

    BOOM TUNE 🌹👑👑👑👑

  • D G
    D G 4 месяца назад

    Amazing Jorja ❤

  • Nestea #OG
    Nestea #OG 5 месяцев назад

    Happy new year motherfuckers :) Nice music !

  • Sergei Bosyk
    Sergei Bosyk 8 месяцев назад

    What the song is even about?

  • praveen sharma
    praveen sharma 8 месяцев назад

    very very lovely

  • N I G G A
    N I G G A Год назад +2


  • Natasha Armstrong
    Natasha Armstrong Год назад +1

    Truley one of the best of England. girl your voice is mesmerising..... I should be sleeping if only I could bring myself to stop listening to your harmonious soulful self 🎶🎧💜

  • Jose Pantaleon
    Jose Pantaleon Год назад

    Allan Kingdom brought me here. fire artist

  • AC Wyatt
    AC Wyatt Год назад

    OMG this song is my new obsession

    LUADSANT Год назад

    simply w o w

  • Alice Mendes
    Alice Mendes Год назад +1

    Jorja Smith?

  • TYZ matos
    TYZ matos Год назад

    amazing song and video! jorja is a outstanding artist looove her music n vibes

  • drizzit71
    drizzit71 Год назад

    power ))

  • Yevhenii Lisyak
    Yevhenii Lisyak Год назад

    Pretty face o_O

  • cristina-calfucci
    cristina-calfucci Год назад

    What are you going to do when "Kingdom Come"
    Cause you cannot escape the burning sun (solar flash).
    Can't you see, people?
    You better change your way...
    Cause like this, we don't stand a chance at all...

  • X-Tonal
    X-Tonal Год назад +1

    This song takes one of it's vocal line from Damien Marley - Welcome to Jamrock. Good tune

  • KajuCasa
    KajuCasa Год назад


  • embo
    embo Год назад

    damn, shes a star!

  • Emawee Bob
    Emawee Bob Год назад


  • gandimore
    gandimore Год назад

    Why track is so short?

  • Blue Scorpion.!!
    Blue Scorpion.!! Год назад

    OMG loving this tune so much. It's amazing brilliant.!!💜

  • Carl Neale
    Carl Neale Год назад

    ooosh loving this, dre island is so sick and she can sing beautifully

  • TheLudwix
    TheLudwix Год назад

    What's this genre of D&B called? This goed hard & the bass is so smooth

  • Alexander Tangen
    Alexander Tangen Год назад

    I like that one guy he sounds like bettlejuice

  • Salve Salvana
    Salve Salvana Год назад

    How long will it take for this tune to blow up? 👍

  • Duuunja 6666
    Duuunja 6666 Год назад

    just to say i am here

  • farhad198
    farhad198 Год назад

    That dnb drop at the end is amazing
    Anyone know any similar tracks?

  • jay82bob
    jay82bob Год назад

    quite pissed off with how short this tune is tbh. they could have put another verse in and blagged another minute or two. zincs version is good.

  • NO KV
    NO KV Год назад +2

    She is new queen

  • L I L V C I F E R
    L I L V C I F E R Год назад


  • Jorja.marshall
    Jorja.marshall Год назад

    My name is jorja

  • J Aristo
    J Aristo Год назад


  • jay82bob
    jay82bob Год назад +7

    that fucking bassline though!! love the oldskool jungle sound to this tune!!!

  • Belle Kasprik
    Belle Kasprik Год назад +2

    she's amazing ♡♡

  • Rory Cunningham
    Rory Cunningham Год назад +1

    Jorja smith is fucking decent

  • Nedhani Espinoza
    Nedhani Espinoza Год назад +1


  • Emawee Bob
    Emawee Bob Год назад

    This deserves more views
    Does anyone know any other songs like this please???

  • your eternal reward
    your eternal reward Год назад


  • DnB JYNX
    DnB JYNX Год назад +1

    dj zinc remix is the one

  • Cameron IsCool
    Cameron IsCool Год назад +1

    How can her vocals be so mesmerising

  • - Ziyad
    - Ziyad Год назад +2

    UK rap is shit

    • Emawee Bob
      Emawee Bob Год назад +3

      Just like u in the bedroom ;)

  • yAkidAgain
    yAkidAgain Год назад +2

    The music, lyrics, beat, visual style for the video is nothing short of amazing.

  • an Englishman
    an Englishman Год назад


  • be gone thotty
    be gone thotty Год назад

    just showing off how early I am to this fucking awesome party

  • Hana
    Hana Год назад +1

    Where my Londoners at?

  • gabthegodly
    gabthegodly Год назад

    Thanks you vevo ad :)

  • Ebunoluwa Taiwo
    Ebunoluwa Taiwo Год назад

    love the first 13 seconds of this

  • mrsbiersack__
    mrsbiersack__ Год назад +4

    Just wanted to check in before this blows up ✌

  • Miss Tanz
    Miss Tanz Год назад +1


  • Sarah Foley
    Sarah Foley Год назад +3

    Her voice reminds me of Selah Sue

  • Content by Jordan
    Content by Jordan Год назад +2

    Just trowing in a comment before this blows

  • Claire Wade
    Claire Wade Год назад

    The beginning of this song is bugging me. What is the sample?

  • Hyoscine
    Hyoscine Год назад

    PSA: nobody cares about how you've been listening to this for longer than everyone else.

  • Synco FiveStar
    Synco FiveStar Год назад

    I got some new fire music over here on my channel! Come take a listen :)

  • amkazan
    amkazan Год назад

    looked for this video 2 weeks ago before it was uploaded

  • Petr pTq
    Petr pTq Год назад


  • Josh Sheppard
    Josh Sheppard Год назад +31

    Just saying I was here before it got big😉

    • Joe M
      Joe M 5 месяцев назад

      I'll be sure to write it on your headstone dude thanks for letting everyone know

    • H.T JR
      H.T JR Год назад

      She's about blow up with the Drake feature, proud of her

    • Wow 216
      Wow 216 Год назад

      Josh Sheppard me tooo

    • AHS FX
      AHS FX Год назад


    • Amandine
      Amandine Год назад

      You're not the onlu one 😜

  • Friezas _
    Friezas _ Год назад

    Brapapapa 👌🏻

  • lovely reika
    lovely reika Год назад +2

    i was here before u know what it is..

  • Jascetro the rappernier
    Jascetro the rappernier Год назад

    we haven't stood a chance since 1940

  • Jascetro the rappernier
    Jascetro the rappernier Год назад

    not bad

  • Emawee Bob
    Emawee Bob Год назад +1


  • Emawee Bob
    Emawee Bob Год назад +1

    We need more songs like this

  • William Ruel
    William Ruel Год назад +1

    Wow cool

  • Snookii Sosa
    Snookii Sosa Год назад +2

    this song is gonna trend give it a few weeks

  • abdi Mukhtar
    abdi Mukhtar Год назад +7

    surprised she's not on my trending on RUclip she should be on there 😕

    • cristina-calfucci
      cristina-calfucci Год назад +3

      It's only cause of the message she's trying to spread

  • sukrit dobhal
    sukrit dobhal Год назад

    on my block brought me here

  • giuli 1
    giuli 1 Год назад +1

    came before popular

  • J.
    J. Год назад +2

    This is amazing!! ❤️

  • 89
    89 Год назад +2

    She's the one🌹

  • Mark Pereira
    Mark Pereira Год назад


  • Mark Pereira
    Mark Pereira Год назад


  • Ofe e Oficial
    Ofe e Oficial Год назад

    bonita voz.....

  • Ofe e Oficial
    Ofe e Oficial Год назад +1


  • Leah Ellaby
    Leah Ellaby Год назад


  • Victor Williams
    Victor Williams Год назад +5


  • Ricardo Ortiz
    Ricardo Ortiz Год назад

    esto q tiene q ver con snoop dogg

  • Skye Rosanne
    Skye Rosanne Год назад +23

    Deserves so much more recognition😍

  • Jessica Bailey
    Jessica Bailey Год назад +1

    Hey! Dre look now before you say no think about it and talk about it w/ Em. You know the Periodic Table of Elements? I need to learn them and so does the world. So you know where I'm going with this... Think about, Talk about it.. You 2 are the Masters. (shhh!!we know you're the boss though) Em might be on a trip being Eclipse season and all!! lol erase this and that is on the HOUSE

  • Soph Floyd
    Soph Floyd Год назад +64

    This is sick and she is gorgeous

  • luna
    luna Год назад +2

    this is so dopeee

  • CbugEzz'sModz
    CbugEzz'sModz Год назад +3

    nice boobs bitch

    • GalacticUnicornStoner
      GalacticUnicornStoner 9 месяцев назад

      You fucking suck at trolling and grammer. KYS

    • CbugEzz'sModz
      CbugEzz'sModz Год назад

      DOOM US why u always tryibg to show bitches where is ur shit at so why dont sit back and stop commenting here cuz i will ingore yo ass and let u talk like doge fool get the message this bitch is nt a singer she just saying bullshits 270k lol vevo

    • DOOM US
      DOOM US Год назад +1

      Deadly Performance whatever. your mom's problem, not mine

    • CbugEzz'sModz
      CbugEzz'sModz Год назад

      DOOM US u mad ? is it ur sis or ur gf ? hmm well no so stay the fuck away punk idiot

    • DOOM US
      DOOM US Год назад +1

      Deadly Performance watch your tongue fuckwad

  • Albert Espinal
    Albert Espinal Год назад +1


  • zvan choko vish
    zvan choko vish Год назад


  • Diana Diana
    Diana Diana Год назад +6

    Love the beggining

  • Cris Vieira
    Cris Vieira Год назад +4


    APP ROVED Год назад +3

    here before it blows.

  • Tea-and-rain
    Tea-and-rain Год назад

    new best playlists on my channel

  • Peter Perkins
    Peter Perkins Год назад

    People!! ⚡️💯

  • Victoria DoRego
    Victoria DoRego Год назад +2


  • EsRa Özkutlu
    EsRa Özkutlu Год назад +1


  • Mustafa alsamaray
    Mustafa alsamaray Год назад

    From IRAQ with 🙌🏽💚🙌🏽

  • Arda Çetinkaya
    Arda Çetinkaya Год назад +2

    turkiyeden selam

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child Год назад +2

    love you Jorja ❤

  • Abrahim Hussain
    Abrahim Hussain Год назад +1

    Calm Tune

  • Karina Duré
    Karina Duré Год назад

    Yasssss I love Jorja 💞

  • Alexander Tangen
    Alexander Tangen Год назад +4

    Not bad.

  • Mr Plagia
    Mr Plagia Год назад +1

    j'adore ce song