I Fed 10,000 Families For Thanksgiving!

  • Published on Nov 22, 2021
  • Thank you to Jennie-O for helping us make sure NOBODY goes hungry this Thanksgiving :)

    Beast Philanthropy Video Disclaimer
    This video was produced by Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company. Any revenue generated by this video will be donated to MrCharity, Inc. dba Beast Philanthropy, a North Carolina 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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  • Beast Philanthropy
    Beast Philanthropy  Month ago +17190


  • Milad Mirg
    Milad Mirg Month ago +33116

    Jimmy casually helping 10,000 people have an amazing thanksgiving

  • catherine donaldson
    catherine donaldson 22 days ago +65

    I’m 67 years old watch you guys with or without my grandson lol. Your videos always make me feel good. The saying you are only as happy as your saddest child also grandchildren lol. Just wanted you to know your views are not just younger generation. 😁

    • Petres
      Petres 3 days ago +1

      @Huh without 'old geezers' you would not born on this World. Respect them.

    • Huh
      Huh 3 days ago

      @Flippy Frogman I refuse

    • Flippy Frogman
      Flippy Frogman 3 days ago

      @Huh respect your elders, and everyone else

    • Huh
      Huh 4 days ago

      @{Natalie forever} Lol

    • {Natalie forever}
      {Natalie forever} 5 days ago

      @Huh old geezer 💀

  • krutwa oza
    krutwa oza 25 days ago +128

    I am vegan but I am happy that he is feeding the homeless in thanksgiving 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Owncascade
      Owncascade 6 days ago

      Yay a vegan that can appreciate philanthropy

    • KaKAo z
      KaKAo z 6 days ago


    • Who
      Who 6 days ago +1

      We need more vegans like you

    • SoMNoMW
      SoMNoMW 7 days ago +1

      The good ending

    • omegatone
      omegatone 9 days ago

      you’re the only good vegan I’ve met :]

  • Errol Maile
    Errol Maile 21 day ago +107

    I really don’t get why Jimmy gets so much hate it’s as if people think he’s worshiping the devil or something and anyone hating on him for helping people should really stop to think of how Jimmy is helping all these people during thanksgiving and the rest of the year whereas any of you haters reading this are complaining about the kindness of other people in the world all while doing absolutely nothing with your life. I know I should have kept out of this drama but it breaks my heart seeing that such a nice person is receiving all of this hate for giving people food.
    Anyways sorry this comment is late I kinda struggled to find a device which let me comment and if your seeing this Jimmy keep up the good work!

    • Yeet yeet yeat
      Yeet yeet yeat 12 days ago +2

      @Molten Bonnie bruh this person saying treat people better he could just keep his money but nope he gives it away

    • Molten Bonnie
      Molten Bonnie 16 days ago

      It's because the things he did in the past and how he treated people during challenges. For example, the circle video for $500,000, somebody was literally going crazy. And now I'm not saying I don't like Jimmy, he's my favorite youtuber in the whole world because how much good he does but I'm not gonna lie, he maybe could treat people a little better. And I know $500,000 dollars is a lot but why would he do the challenge and other challenges if he wanted to keep his money? And I know that he does say he loves giving away money. Jimmy if you see this, I love all your channels but please try and treat people a lot better during challenges.

      EVERYDAY LIFE OF EMMA 17 days ago +1

      amen to that!

  • AstronoMeme
    AstronoMeme 23 days ago +137

    To the annoying vegans: The world doesn't revolve around your ideas. Other people aren't vegans and have the right to do things you might disagree with. Turkey is a tradition and families eating the veggies which you said could feed more families would still be a miserable thanksgiving for them.

    • Mason 0529
      Mason 0529 6 days ago

      There still feeding people

    • fonke monke man
      fonke monke man 14 days ago

      @Winnie the pooh yes, everybody was not are

    • Symone
      Symone 14 days ago +1

      Exactly! I even think that they gave away some vegetables too. So the vegans argument was useless

    • Jbythunter
      Jbythunter 15 days ago

      @humble sure

    • Danna Boy
      Danna Boy 16 days ago

      @humble Nope I ate chicken yesterday

  • Check It Out
    Check It Out Month ago +2348

    Thank you Milad ❤️😊

  • My E'klectic Life
    My E'klectic Life Month ago +25

    Thank you Millad! Thank you Mr. beast! Thank you to all of the people that helped and donated and good people in the world that make things like this happen!

  • shadowtheimpure
    shadowtheimpure Month ago +41

    This. This is what should be done with success and fame. Noblesse oblige, it is the responsibility of those with to help those less fortunate. You are a king Mr. Beast, and a man amongst men.

  • Chuck Kelly
    Chuck Kelly 24 days ago +5

    I have been watching for a bit, and it makes heart feel good that someone is still out helping people and and trying to make a difference in peoples life. High five Beast..

  • Alfred Pesterkoff
    Alfred Pesterkoff 28 days ago +8

    Thank you milad. Thank you Jimmy and the boys. Your content is a tug of war between tears and smiles in the best way. Keep up the excellent work. Much respect and love

  • Savage Vlogs
    Savage Vlogs Month ago +1981

    Mr Beast Makes The World A Better Place ❤️

    • Kyle The Destroyer
      Kyle The Destroyer 15 days ago

      @FlqmeFox shhhh its a joke to insult the snowflake

    • FlqmeFox
      FlqmeFox 15 days ago

      @Kyle The Destroyer You actually kill more plants by eating meat as the animal ate a lot of plants

    • Matias garcia
      Matias garcia 25 days ago

      @Brian Downhouse It's not like HE killed the turkeys lol

    • Rajendra Kolambkar
      Rajendra Kolambkar Month ago

      @gg no ree duh, humans live in a civilized society, meaning that they have more rights than animals, herbivores are just a food source for carnivores and omnivores, and also I don't care if someone eats a dog or a cow,and you can't stop anyone from eating meat, it's our choice.

    • Aik van den Boogaard
      Aik van den Boogaard Month ago

      @Max Xd Well they could’ve gotten way more food if instead of eating the turkeys they would’ve eaten the food that was fed to the turkeys. If you want to have a world where everyone will have enough to eat, promoting eating meat will be counter productive. (And then we are not even talking about the enormous environmental damage that comes with the western meat eating consumption).

  • EndlessTroll
    EndlessTroll Month ago +14

    the fact jimmy actually went out of his way to feed a whole town is just beautiful

  • Mundo da Gigica
    Mundo da Gigica 23 days ago +2

    What an amazing action. Thank you to everyone involved. You make a difference in the world.

  • Sunset Mango
    Sunset Mango Month ago +16

    Honestly Jimmy what you are doing is really amazing! I know you are getting some hate from alot of vegans or vegetarians. But I say this that God made those turkeys to be eaten. And I assure you that those turkeys are not going to waste. Honestly I wish we had someone like you around when times were tough for our family. So it honestly makes me smile seeing people who need it. Get some food for the holidays. God bless and keep being kind

  • Jessica Cortez
    Jessica Cortez Month ago +5

    Thank you Darren and Jimmy! ( For helping people )

  • Koke
    Koke Month ago +1225

    Thank you Milad!

  • Bryan Roberts
    Bryan Roberts Month ago +5

    Damn Jimmy, absolutely awesome what you and your friends do for people.

  • Ahmed Albrati
    Ahmed Albrati Month ago +15

    People can’t even say thank you in this generation. Everything Jimmy did was donate tons of money that no one would ever do.

  • Josh Lambert
    Josh Lambert 12 days ago +1

    The things you do for others are amazing. Thanks for blessing others!

  • TikTok Family
    TikTok Family Month ago +4

    Jimmy is helping people to make their lives better. Great work Bro❤️

  • Shadow
    Shadow Month ago +873

    Thank You Milad!!!!!!

    • 𝖀𝖓𝖐𝖜𝖓
      𝖀𝖓𝖐𝖜𝖓 Month ago

      I Agree:)
      ruclip.com/video/FmYWbmuuAQ8/video.html . . .

    • MiladZaBest
      MiladZaBest Month ago

      My names milad so your welcome on behalf of milad

    • Sonic
      Sonic Month ago


    • Kōru
      Kōru Month ago

      Thank you Mika’s very cool

    • ̀
      ̀ Month ago

      You can still view dislikes on a vid, after RUclip removed them, someone made a video on it

  • FoxThings
    FoxThings Month ago +68

    Oh boy i hope this generous man doesn't get targeted by a group of vegans that run out of people to cancel

    • chen cohen
      chen cohen 27 days ago +5

      i mean, its more publicity and traffic for him. and for every vegan hating on him there will come a person saying ok if you hate him ill support him just because of that haha

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B Month ago +5

    Thank you for feeding people in need. That's awesome!

  • Playing Random Games
    Playing Random Games Month ago +5

    Well done Team Beast! That's a lot of bellies filled with good food 🤗 Wish we had people like you in our country though (The Netherlands). But no one cares here sadly. One day, if I become fitlhy rich, I'm definitely gonna give stuff away to people in need 🤪 The happiness and gratefulness from all the people is so awesome!

    Anyway, loved watching it again. Keep up the good work my guy!

  • Greg Rovithis
    Greg Rovithis 12 days ago

    Inspiring and amazing! A small spark of hope can totally start a huge fire of change. Together we can change the world! Thank you Mr. Beast and Jennie-O!

  • PJD510
    PJD510 Month ago +1259

    Thank you to Milad, Mrbeast and all the volunteers that made this possible!

  • Fumious
    Fumious 3 days ago

    Thanksgiving us honestly my favorite holiday of the year, it's all about making sure everyone's fed, that's why it's my favorite, I love food, couldn't imagine living without it for more then 3 days but I'd gladly go without it if I supported a cause in the process

    --Also thank's Milad!

    RIONEK 19 days ago +11

    such a kind and pure soul this man has

  • CounterWise
    CounterWise Month ago +3

    This is legit one of the coolest challenges Jimmy has done ✅ this was very good of Jimmy

  • Matt Barnao
    Matt Barnao 2 days ago +1

    The only thing bigger than is wallet is his heart ♥

  • ThatBoyWags
    ThatBoyWags Month ago +1017

    It makes absolutely zero sense how people hate on Jimmy. Their reasoning is because 'he doesn't need to spend all that money on videos', but that's his whole business plan. He said he doesn't want a dollar in his account when he dies. This man is changing the world and it's happening during our lifetime. Be thankful for him ❤️ and stay awesome Jimmy 💪👍

    • Sumeet Agrawal
      Sumeet Agrawal Month ago

      Cause he has money and somehow these days that's a bad thing no matter how much of it you give away.

    • Lynx
      Lynx Month ago

      vegans getting mad rn

    • Frozen Voltage
      Frozen Voltage Month ago

      @ThatBoyWags true, I recently read a blog about someone hating on him, it's too funny to read honestly.

    • ThatBoyWags
      ThatBoyWags Month ago +1

      @The Real Shaggy I see it on Twitter and Facebook the most. And it's really just older adults who don't understand the good he's doing in the world and only see one side of him. They see his other challenge videos and just think he's another rich RUclipr wasting money away. When in reality that's not it at all, everything he makes on this platform, he puts back into the community and the world.

    • The Real Shaggy
      The Real Shaggy Month ago +1

      Lmao everyone's saying why you shouldn't hate on him, but I've seen absolutely 0 hate on him.

  • Amelia Fiedler
    Amelia Fiedler 25 days ago +1

    We need more people like you. Keep doing good.

  • Mario Bejarano
    Mario Bejarano 13 days ago

    Thank you for doing this for people. You're amazing

  • teme
    teme 19 days ago +2

    Thanks you milad! And thanks for jimmy and her team for helping families lifes!

  • Ciara Eloise Dela Paz
    Ciara Eloise Dela Paz Month ago +1

    This is amazing, thank you Mr Beast! And certainly thank you Milad and everyone who helped.

  • Tatties Mcscone
    Tatties Mcscone Month ago +1228

    Screw the haters, Jimmy is literally his own charity giving away turkeys to people in need and making peoples thanksgiving

    • hammer+sickle
      hammer+sickle 22 days ago

      @Waffle 53 dumbo eating animals is bad because you kids don't know how many animals gets killed by humans.

    • Waffle 53
      Waffle 53 23 days ago

      How am I a Karen?, When you litterally insulted people eating meat?
      So when someone insults you? They are Karen?

    • hammer+sickle
      hammer+sickle 23 days ago

      @Waffle 53 7onn1 s121p 26*s

    • hammer+sickle
      hammer+sickle 23 days ago

      @Waffle 53 you mean you are a meat karen king

    • Waffle 53
      Waffle 53 24 days ago

      @hammer+sickle restart life, vegan Karen lemao

  • emmitt fore
    emmitt fore 22 days ago +2

    hi im a huge fan and i love all the work put into the world thank you for helping people out and people in need

  • Azdrijan Memedov
    Azdrijan Memedov 29 days ago

    Jimmy keep on creating such good content. Feed us all please.

  • Reis likes Lego
    Reis likes Lego 26 days ago +20

    I’m English so we don’t celebrate thanksgiving but everyone who donated are legends

  • Jlee NL
    Jlee NL 27 days ago

    Love this guy. No matter what channel he makes I support him! Keep it up jimmy! You and Elon Musk have to hook up in some way!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +683

    I really admire you jimmy

    • Sheik S
      Sheik S Month ago

      New channel

    • Luka Haukipuro
      Luka Haukipuro Month ago

      Do a video about soccer

    • VIPSHIVYT  Gaming
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    • Anti
      Anti Month ago

      Everyone read my name

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  • Lindy Gladden
    Lindy Gladden Month ago +1

    Hey Mr.Beast!! We love you so much!! Thank you for all of the service and work you do for our community!! It is my biggest dream to be in one of your videos!! Keep doing the awesome work. LU!!!!!

  • audreyannedwards
    audreyannedwards 28 days ago +1

    Thank you Mr Beast, you are a blessing to these people. Also thanks volunteers and Mlad.

  • Gejming dik_678
    Gejming dik_678 Month ago

    You are an amazing person world needs more of you Jimmy thank you Milad

  • Our expert's research group

    May god bless you and your family always live happy and healthy..Amen

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac Month ago +2060

    Yet people still have the audacity to critique this guy about the money he spends on a video honestly keep doing ur thing Jimmy your awesome!!

    • Vegan For Animals
      Vegan For Animals Month ago +1

      @Onyx_Chrome Do you eat animal products ? What makes your actions better than Peta if you are not vegan?

    • Onyx_Chrome
      Onyx_Chrome Month ago

      @TheJimprez”a scam” he gave away 1 million dollars to a stranger and you think he did that for the money no he obviously lost money he’s not in it for the money he just wants to help people why are people so stupid in this society

    • Onyx_Chrome
      Onyx_Chrome Month ago

      @Vegan For Animals you want to know something else peta did they killed kittens who dident get adopted

    • negko
      negko Month ago

      @Reyhan Andito YOU try earning 250 million.

    • Larry Sipe
      Larry Sipe Month ago

      @Vegan For Animals if this is what you do with your life, your on drugs

  • Shiftboi
    Shiftboi Month ago

    My respect for him increases everytime he uploads in this channel

  • Nix' milk carton
    Nix' milk carton 7 days ago +3

    Thank you Millad,MrBeast and the team👍

  • Blurry Jelly
    Blurry Jelly 4 days ago +2

    It’s not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Deepseagoblin
    Deepseagoblin 26 days ago +2

    Jimmy is such a nice person :)

  • Aiko i Emil
    Aiko i Emil Month ago +573

    Only channel I don't skip ads

    • Fei Bailey
      Fei Bailey 24 days ago

      What I don’t understand

    • Ruan Moleman
      Ruan Moleman Month ago

      @QubeFx then you should subscribe to YT Premium that way they earn the most.

    • Nightmare Kana
      Nightmare Kana Month ago

      @4k videos 2M dude

    • 4k videos 2M
      4k videos 2M Month ago

      How old should your mother be ❤️💝
      Subscribe- 150yrs
      Ignore- 60yrs

    • Cordialpoppy
      Cordialpoppy Month ago

      *1 hour ad*

  • MacFion
    MacFion 10 days ago

    I was a kid in a starving family when I was young, trust me, our only food concerns was getting food, we didn't give a damn what it was as long as it was edible. Thank you for helping the unfortunate. Trust me when I say, they couldn't give a damn what it was. Only half of one percent of the USA population - or 1.62 million, is Vegan, that's .05% the other 99.5% is ecstatic and not whining about it.

  • cailos
    cailos Day ago

    This man's heart is more pure than gold

  • EliProductions
    EliProductions 11 days ago

    Seeing the crew saving thousands of lives is about to be a normal thing to see in the future

  • Sledic
    Sledic Month ago

    Amazing that jimmy helps people in need

  • Mari The Dove
    Mari The Dove Month ago +270

    thank you Milad for the generous donation! you've helped lots of people :)

    • Towel_23
      Towel_23 Month ago


    • Towel_23
      Towel_23 Month ago

      Tommyinnit new channel


    I love this it’s always good to give back!

  • Chester Alan Generalao
    Chester Alan Generalao 24 days ago +1

    I'm too late but, thank you Milad ang Mr. Beast! Not from there, I'm from the Philippines but I enjoy your videos and the things you do to help people.

  • Dharshana Puppala
    Dharshana Puppala Month ago

    thank you jimmy for helping tons of people in need\

  • kyle wolf
    kyle wolf Month ago

    You are so nice and you deserve a lot. I didnt get to see my mom and brother on thanksgiving this year and i havent seen my mom in almost a month.

  • kicboygamer
    kicboygamer Month ago +2349

    This is just so sad, Jimmy helps so many people in need and also helps make this world a cleaner place yet he still gets hate from twitter stans.

    • Insert witty name here
      Insert witty name here 3 days ago

      @Papito Dan He most likely got them as a sponsored deal. I'm "implying" (factually stating) that he paid for them to be killed, thereby increasing demand. It's not very difficult to grasp.

      Kids don't care if they're eating turkeys - in fact, if you showed them footage of how shit actually goes down, most kids would be extremely upset and/or refuse to eat. Culture is not a valid excuse for exploitation or causing suffering.

    • Papito Dan
      Papito Dan 3 days ago

      @Insert witty name here reading your comments really makes me laugh lol it's like you're implying that mr beast hired some men to hunt those "poor" turkeys lmao. He probably bought it in the market so he didn't make them slaughter these oh so called poor turkeys, or let's say he ordered them from a farm. Why do you think those oh so poor turkeys were raised in the first place? If you don't know the reason then i can't argue with you as I don't have the capability to talk to such unintelligent being.

      Why have turkeys instead of other food? Maybe it's the symbol of Thanksgiving (terms of food) in their culture or maybe because most kids loves meat and thanksgiving is mainly for kids to be happy.

    • Hab’d Jamil
      Hab’d Jamil 9 days ago


    • Tomi Jay
      Tomi Jay 10 days ago

      @CRA3Z it doesn't help your body, it's bad for you.

    • CRA3Z
      CRA3Z 11 days ago

      @Tomi Jay Being Vegan is not bad, it actually jelps to your body, but when you just cancel somebody who eats meat..........

  • Kira Kiirshell
    Kira Kiirshell 15 days ago

    Jimmy casually helping 10,000 people have an amazing thanksgiving

  • Prathom Three
    Prathom Three 10 days ago

    Seems like this video could have been long enough to make a series. i know we would appreciate longer videos. This is the good stuff. :-) Thank you

  • Red Beast
    Red Beast 5 days ago

    Thank you for all the turkeys you gave away!

  • Casi 50
    Casi 50 Month ago

    Thank you for being you!!! Never change ^^ Im prob late but...Ty Millad!!! Ty for existing and ty for being the way you are.Ily

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter Month ago +5563

    This guy never ceases to amaze us

    • Graeme Johnson
      Graeme Johnson Month ago

      Makes 10 million a year..
      And donates sweet fuck all..
      It's the Church healing con...
      Wake up America..

    • Graeme Johnson
      Graeme Johnson Month ago

      @Hani Ouaaz if he wants to help the homeless, sell all his assets and feed and house them.. he makes millions on the internet, and does look at me charity.. fake as..
      Go to your local charity store.. who is behind the counter? Not some rich prick.. it will be a local battling person..
      Oh I have 10 years experience in Australia volunteering for the Salvation Army..
      Not one rich prick volunteers at our stores.. or donates..
      Yet the battlers do everything to help each other...

    • Hani Ouaaz
      Hani Ouaaz Month ago


    • Pan2Kill
      Pan2Kill Month ago


      NICOFISHY L2R2 Month ago +1

      estoy triste porque hoy no he conseguido ningún suscriptor 😭😭

  • Jemisattack
    Jemisattack Day ago

    its good to know that nice creature living out there

  • Emily Qiu
    Emily Qiu Month ago

    Now we know where all the turkeys went...(but seriously, this is amazing that you're helping so many people in need)

  • Kimiya Novin
    Kimiya Novin Month ago

    Milad is super cool for donating, props to him 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Squeëze Lemøn
    Squeëze Lemøn Month ago +3

    Jimmy is just out here being so kind but yet he still gets hate for what? Giving away free turkeys? 🤨

    • Sharad Kumar Singh
      Sharad Kumar Singh Month ago +1

      Stupid vegans who think every person on earth should eat plants. I feel bad for Vegans who are chill with people eating whatever they want.

  • Tokaint
    Tokaint Month ago +1768

    Helping people and entertaining. This one's exactly like what I imagined👍

    • ShadowNyx
      ShadowNyx Month ago

      @Vegan For Animals mr beast does not choose to hurt those birds. He chose to help and thats exactly why this channel exist. To help the people in need. He knows that vegan diets exist. But its thanksgiving and he chose turkey for a reason. Cuz he wants to help people with one of the iconic thankgiving food to homeless people. Not everytime veganism is the answer. Also the world would not be a better place if animals were not crammed. This is earth. There are only limited resources and space for people. So you cannot expect people to get a bigger soace. Thats not easy 100%

    • Vegan For Animals
      Vegan For Animals Month ago +1

      @ShadowNyx Zoonotic diseases most often stem from our exploitation of non-human animals to begin with, we would likely not be in this position if we had a vegan world where animals aren't so often crammed together in tight spaces (a breeding ground for disease).

      You can feed homeless people without abusing innocent birds. Mr Beast knows that vegan food exists he just chose to hurt birds rather than providing vegan food to those in need. Also the people in this video aren't homeless, they are just people who want a dead bird for various reasons.

    • ShadowNyx
      ShadowNyx Month ago

      @Vegan For Animals why feel bad for the turkey when you should feel bad abt the homeless people that has been affected by the pandemic around the world. Like seriously, you vegans only care abt the food when the pandemic is going on which is affecting everyone. Smh. Think before you react please

    • Darklorddestroyer14
      Darklorddestroyer14 Month ago +1

      @Vegan For Animals Too bad.

    • Kyle The Destroyer
      Kyle The Destroyer Month ago

      @Vegan For Animals vegetables have feelings to proven by a study basically insult plant
      Plant get sad and grow slow complement plant it get happy and grow fast therefore they are alive and feel therefore you are a hypocrite because plants are also alive and have done nothing wrong

      Bb burb

  • jonarden talde
    jonarden talde Month ago

    god bless mr.beast i admire you and your team for your kindness to the people especially to those who are in need

  • Toxuble
    Toxuble Month ago +4


    • Yeee
      Yeee Month ago

      This is a joke

  • Dani C
    Dani C Month ago +14

    Jimmy: Yup. Just another day of feeding thousands of people.
    All of us:HOW

    P.S. thank you Millad

  • George :DD
    George :DD Month ago +4

    The thing the world should be thankful for is Mr. Beast.

    And Milad. Thank you, Milad

  • tour326
    tour326 Month ago +2001

    Screw the haters, at least this food is going to people who need them.

    • Boba Fett
      Boba Fett Month ago

      @Creative Place clown

    • o
      o Month ago

      @Creative Place Ok

    • Creative Place
      Creative Place Month ago

      @o It's been proven that we can survive without meat

    • o
      o Month ago

      @Creative Place were pretty much doing the same thing eating them for survival.

    • o
      o Month ago

      @Creative Place were pretty much doing the same thing eating them for survival.


    You Always make people's day bright n beautiful

  • Grace Kalawailagi
    Grace Kalawailagi Month ago

    You are the best . God bless 🙏 you and your boys..❤️❤️❤️

  • Inny
    Inny Month ago +4

    It's so sad that Jimmy is helping all those people have a good time, and toxic vegans will call him out for it.

  • Cen†rxal
    Cen†rxal 28 days ago

    Your Awesome. Helping people in need. I thought somebody would say in the chat “I’m Vegan” Lol But i love y’all Jimmy Donaldson, and everybody else

  • Alice :3
    Alice :3 Month ago +768

    Jimmy: *being super kind cause hes buying turkeys to people who might not even be able to buy one*
    Vegan haters: *hating cause Jimmy is helping people*

    • Ada
      Ada 27 days ago

      I'm not hating on him, he is kind. I am hating on factory farming though, which is what allows so many turkeys to be available at this time of year. Please, look up factory farming, and I'm sure your perspective will change. I am not vegan, but I am against mass factory farming. It's literally horrific the pain and suffering these animals go through during their short lives. It's not as though they are well cared for and grow up on farms eating grass and seeds and getting good medical care - animals in factory farms get none of that. Some live in cages so small they can't even turn around, getting burns on their legs from their own urine because they can't move. It's so sad. I'm not against eating meat, but factory farming needs to stop, or better regulations brought in at least to prevent unnecessary suffering.

      HAVOC-GAMING-OP Month ago

      @LA_MOUSE Same 😂

    • grimley
      grimley Month ago

      @Ameya Dandgawhane haters who are vegan

    • Ameya Dandgawhane
      Ameya Dandgawhane Month ago +1

      Do you mean haters who are vegan or people who hate vegans??

    • Dream_fanz
      Dream_fanz Month ago


  • Sarles TV
    Sarles TV 6 days ago +1

    Jimmy you are a legend

  • ParkChimminiee
    ParkChimminiee 23 days ago +6

    No but like how is nobody talking about Tucker? HE’S SO CUTEEE

  • ErA Playz
    ErA Playz 7 days ago +1

    imagine what the vegan teacher would do after this

  • Mcglaiglai De ouf
    Mcglaiglai De ouf 6 days ago +1

    Thank you milad you’re a angel

  • Lascivo Fish
    Lascivo Fish Month ago +221

    He says “and there you have it” like he just finished reacting to a video, but really gave 10k people a Thanksgiving. Good guy.

    • Milon Raza
      Milon Raza Month ago

      If everyone gets a good home, I too will be a big RUclipr. I want everyone's love

    • Brandon Conway
      Brandon Conway Month ago

      That one lady took 5.

      MAXI RODRIGUEZ Month ago


  • Yahir Aguilar
    Yahir Aguilar 25 days ago

    Thank you Jimmy to give away food to people

  • TuqTon
    TuqTon 20 days ago +1

    I'm watching the entire channel. Austin Russell is a legend!!
    1/2/2022 Day 147

  • Greg Chancy
    Greg Chancy 22 days ago

    Love the videos, keep it up!

  • guy_with_phone
    guy_with_phone 28 days ago

    Jimmy has restored my faith in humanity

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson Month ago +348

    It’s so cool how much he is helping people. Thank you Millad!

    • Kolby Merrell
      Kolby Merrell 26 days ago

      I don't see you vegan donating money to charity. you guy possibly never raned a charity team tree or team sea . if you think Mr beast is worse than cop you are wrong.some cops killed black people for no reason at all.also it not his who killed the turkeys it the people who hurt the turkeys.

    • TheMcBoy59
      TheMcBoy59 Month ago

      @Dream_fanz the mcyt community sucks now

    • Dream_fanz
      Dream_fanz Month ago


    • Dream_fanz
      Dream_fanz Month ago

      Tommyinnit new channel

    • Evan Kong
      Evan Kong Month ago +1

      @みゆき 💕 I hate you bots.

  • Ninja Ahn
    Ninja Ahn 29 days ago

    Jimmy you are such a kind man and you could actually be a Saint

  • Callmemiles13
    Callmemiles13 5 days ago

    thank you milad, thank you Mr beast you helped so many people

  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen Month ago

    I had no idea this channel existed! This kind of content is the best part of MB and it's not even at 7 million subs

  • De Velez Hasta Siempre

    Soy de Argentina y estudio ingles, no hay mejor manera de aprender que viendo a Mr Beast 💪

  • Gamer Bro Vatty
    Gamer Bro Vatty Month ago +868

    this man can maintain a relationship, clean trash from seas, feed millions of people in need, make a whole a** tv show irl and also uploads regularly on all of his channels.. and could do many more things that i forgot to mention in this comment.... like he is a machine on its own..
    hats off to jimmy

  • khushbakht collection
    khushbakht collection Month ago +1

    You are such a kind man god bless you

  • DoubleTTGaming
    DoubleTTGaming Month ago +35

    Who hates that the vegan online community hated him for this or i should i say the next vegan teachers

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name 19 days ago +2

      I think it’s quite reasonable to point out the consequences Mr Beasts actions had. These were 10000 Turkeys from a factory farm. We should call that out so he doesn’t only help humans, but also doesn’t pay for people to hurt and kill turkeys. It’s honestly quite shocking how many people don’t even care in the slightest about the turkeys.

    • james gilmour
      james gilmour 26 days ago +1

      @Ada that's a very fair statement im happy that you pointed out the cruel reality of mass farming showing some points, why better then other people who would rather yell calling meat eaters killers.

    • Ada
      Ada 27 days ago +2

      I don't hate him at all, he is so kind for doing this, but I wish people educated themselves on the realities of factory farming which is what allows so many turkeys to be available at this time of year. Please, look up factory farming, and I'm sure your perspective will change. I am not vegan, but I am against mass factory farming. It's literally horrific the pain and suffering these animals go through during their short lives. It's not as though they are well cared for and grow up on farms eating grass and seeds and getting good medical care - animals in factory farms get none of that. Some live in cages so small they can't even turn around, getting burns on their legs from their own urine because they can't move. It's so sad. I'm not against eating meat, but factory farming needs to stop, or better regulations brought in at least to prevent unnecessary suffering.

  • Amari_meow meow
    Amari_meow meow 19 days ago +4

    Thank you Mlad!!!!!!

    Also for the vegans hating stfu. He had potatoes, yim yams, and the turkey.