DDG Ex Tiana Want That Old Thing BACKKKKK 😍

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
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    DDG Ex Tiana Want That Old Thing BACKKKKK 😍
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Comments • 886

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams Month ago +1383

    You’re right. I don’t think Kennedy wanted DDG back when they got back together over the summer. She saw he was moving on and didn’t wanna accept that so she went in for more. Kennedy never seemed to like him like he liked her, and ever since she got her body done she’s turned into a different person. Its nothing wrong with that but she shouldn’t have played with him. U can tell that breakup was her decision and not his

    • SCGANG
      SCGANG Month ago

      Jessica Williams that’s what I’m saying , I swear u can see when someone is feeling u the same way when him and Kennedy was in a video Kennedy was so of and like I don’t know , she doesn’t want him but she can see him with another woman !

    • Nicks Bricks
      Nicks Bricks Month ago

      Jessica Williams umm no that nigga got a whole baby on the way so please the nigga was cheating

    • Snoozy
      Snoozy Month ago

      Jessica Williams Fr

    • KaMarrious Bell
      KaMarrious Bell Month ago

      Shut your ass up quit bashing niggas

    • Ki'mani Thomas
      Ki'mani Thomas Month ago

      Ray Kim 💯💯

  • Babyshadow 2
    Babyshadow 2 14 days ago

    Bryson tiller ‘’ I want thing back bring it to me’

  • Shontees TV
    Shontees TV 27 days ago

    Tiana beautiful asf thooo

  • Roadto1ksubs with0posts

    Who would leave kennedy cymone?? Like bre comon

  • Candi Sweets
    Candi Sweets Month ago

    I dnt wanna see him collab with other females nope not for it 👎🏾

  • YRN xcvi
    YRN xcvi Month ago

    Tianna is bad asl

    TELL THE TRUTH Month ago

    Fake news he was never with tiana he paid her to play a role. you dumb bitch

  • Roxky
    Roxky Month ago +1

    They didn’t have chemistry lol.

  • Neshia Neshia james

    I think ddg felt threatened by the medicine video dude that kenndy was callabing with.

  • Amari Jones
    Amari Jones Month ago

    Don’t Jilly date my boi deshaun Watson ?

  • cain .1k
    cain .1k Month ago

    My nigga bossed upped now they on his shit

  • poetmm
    poetmm Month ago +1

    DDG and Kennedy are in there 20s early 20s they are young kids typically them dating and falling off and dating is quite normal for their age but at some point, it will get old quick. They just need to let each other go have fun and meet up again once they are in there 30s lol

  • Life x Tresha
    Life x Tresha Month ago

    I don’t know why y’all all so worried about THEY business🤷🏽‍♀️ if you don’t know the whole story don’t say shit about it🤝💯PERIOD

  • Sherrie2
    Sherrie2 Month ago

    They are young and sometimes when you think you're ready to settle down you're not. If it's meant for them to be a forever couple it will happen. Right now they both got a different mindset on things. Neither one of them are perfect, no one is. We all are human and know our heart. Once they have both reached where they wanna be in there careers, they'll settle down and make time for a real commitment. Even if it's not with one another.

  • Gilligan 123
    Gilligan 123 Month ago

    Kennedy has two suckers,Ddg and tweezy. She only stick with them to keep her relevant......she says she's private but look at her with her ex when ddg showed a video how she was showing him nothing but affection and with ddg he has to beg like her dogg fendi.....thats why ddg bought her that dog so he won't be the only one begging for her attention. The video with her ex she show effortless love.....with ddg it's a strain and this dude had nothing compared to ddg......love is not forced and he will never know cause Kennedy is using him like tweezy but with sex.

  • Kennedy Jattan
    Kennedy Jattan Month ago

    Tiana way badder than that clout chasing kennedy

  • authentic baby
    authentic baby Month ago

    I actually think they’re meant too be they’re just young now a days people don’t want too settle down until they’re 40 for some reason.

  • Valerie Rise
    Valerie Rise Month ago

    Who is on the bench lol move on the both k and d let him go.

  • Snoozy
    Snoozy Month ago +1

    Tianna sexy asf would have been a way better gf than Kennedy

  • Snoozy
    Snoozy Month ago +1

    I never really liked Kennedy anyway

  • Joshua Hale
    Joshua Hale Month ago

    stop with the drama reportin and get a fuckin life

  • Mari Posa
    Mari Posa Month ago

    Who is SURPRISED they broke up ONCE again??! Probably preteens and teenagers, but any mature, experienced person knew this was going to happen and eventually they will permanently go their seperate ways.

  • Young Dagger dick
    Young Dagger dick Month ago

    Tiana is more attractive then Kennedy don’t @ me

  • Lique16 Princess
    Lique16 Princess Month ago

    Y’all know they gone be back together 😂

  • thegegefamilly ge
    thegegefamilly ge Month ago

    “N your views is drop in” 😂😂😂😂

  • NJHD
    NJHD Month ago

    Mans have so many beautiful women in his catalog

  • Rasha Mcneill
    Rasha Mcneill Month ago

    FUCK ALL THAT!!! Tiana bad as fuck

  • Kleiberg Linares
    Kleiberg Linares Month ago

    This video is pure cap🧢

  • El Rogish
    El Rogish Month ago +1

    this video funny as hell!

    SAINT Month ago

    Can y’all shut the fuck up and leave my nigga DDG alone.

  • Drevon Taylor
    Drevon Taylor Month ago

    he already bought her a wraith

  • Jailen Fleming
    Jailen Fleming Month ago

    y’all people have to think RUclip is for content quality content GTFO Dey dick😭

  • Yugl
    Yugl Month ago

    Nigga y tf would he do sum for his ex they not together fuck ha birthday If yo ex had a b day u not finna give af 💀💀

  • Nard & Micka
    Nard & Micka Month ago

    Yal weird, and Yal opinions don’t matter lol Yal feel so entitled to other ppls lives & for dat Yal neva gon be successful... 🤣🤣 worry bout wtf u got only $12.76 in yo bank account

  • Lhenns
    Lhenns Month ago +2

    Funny how yall making all these accusations without actually knowing what happened

  • kevin keyes
    kevin keyes Month ago

    imagine stalkin someone life for a vid for views... couldnt b me😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Chris Banks
    Chris Banks Month ago +1

    How you got a pic of them texting

  • JD
    JD Month ago

    Why tf would ddg apologize to Tiana when she a gold digger. Smfh

  • hope marie
    hope marie Month ago

    Ddg should have just stayed with Tiana. Right now I don't think her parents gonna accept him again, like u hurt my daughter hellur.....

  • Shenelva Pansa
    Shenelva Pansa Month ago

    I feel as if kennedy using ddg at this point. You can tell how ddg gets excited when talking about a family and she’s not. Maybe she’s not ready, which is ok but don’t hold on to him. Let him go!

    • serenity james
      serenity james Month ago

      She wants marriage first , and he wants to start a family before marriage

  • Ashley Fonce
    Ashley Fonce Month ago

    DDG is a rich CHILD, ain't no real relationships. KenKilla better make her COIN & leave him be

  • P Turbo
    P Turbo Month ago

    Shut up bitch

  • L E W
    L E W Month ago

    Bro fuck what anyone thinks he’s living his life. If he makes a mistake he’ll bounce back like come on it’s DDG we talkin bout💯🐐

  • Danielle Bando
    Danielle Bando Month ago

    And I think you should stfu

  • Raldo
    Raldo Month ago

    What we can say is DDG has tried the bad bitches

  • Lovely Blossom
    Lovely Blossom Month ago

    I feel they both just need time to mature an get to know themselves better ❤️💯🙌🏾 they’ll be together again soon I couldn’t see anyone more fit for they goofy asses

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda Month ago +1

    I mean the gurl ddg ex is cool I used to watch her on vine she a dope gurl I mean I could see her and Kennedy being friends and this is coming from a gurl so

  • Sandra Plumer
    Sandra Plumer Month ago +1

    Let me say this why he need to apologize to someone that he Express to the world he said it his self he was moving to fast with Tianna and was still in love with Kennedy.....why women have to be so negative towards eachother when you finally learn your worth has a woman YOU'LL NOT PUT UP WITH BULLSHIT POOR OR RICH.... Kennedy always had her own and still do I think when a woman feed up she's done if you not stupid! If you read there Twitter's months ago they been DONE but trying work it out I guess! If you look up Jilly situation she went into depression for 2 years because Duane Murphy plays for the Spurs call her out has been a Goldigger they quit... and as far as her been in his video a bet you one cent he got permission from Kennedy, Jilly needed that money Kennedy is the type of woman will let you hang yourself but knows her worth... them making a video says they just friends is cool until they are done we has supporters has to support their decision allow them to explore other things do they still love eachother yes and personally its possibly they'll get back together who knows DDG doesnt trust anyone at this time especially another woman these thristy ass clout chasers he said not me!!!!! And I feel like DDG and Kennedy will call eachother for advice! Let's leave them alone they both are mental emotional drain I'm praying for the them 😘

  • Dibby Drey
    Dibby Drey Month ago

    This is what happens to nice guys...don’t be too nice to a girl ,.they don’t like that...it never works

  • Melz BX
    Melz BX Month ago

    Tiana dad a racist

  • Brittney Boyd
    Brittney Boyd Month ago

    I think DDG didn’t want the relationship to end and during the entire time with Kennedy it felt like he liked Kennedy more than Kennedy likes him I feel like it was her decision to stop the relationship 💯❓

  • k&k squad
    k&k squad Month ago

    DDG and JILLY please be together

  • Lil T
    Lil T Month ago +1

    Out of all thumbnails why would you use this one 😂

  • Showtime Ro16
    Showtime Ro16 Month ago

    Kennedy been playing this nigga its obviously it’s a 1 sided relationship

  • cupcake Cupcake
    cupcake Cupcake Month ago +1

    Alll this video saying they av breaken up is alll a lie
    Do u guys know what DDG and Kennedy are doing behind our back
    I still know they are still together and they will surely be together weather rain or shine

  • BoboTV
    BoboTV Month ago

    Imagine giving this much of a fuck about somebody else’s life lmao

  • Rochel
    Rochel Month ago

    I liked him with Tiana to be honest. I love Kennedy but DDG and Tiana was a really good match. They don't have to be in a relationship just make videos have fun and enjoy their youth. Life is short

  • G OD
    G OD Month ago

    Kennedy is a thottiana

  • Leah Zeigler
    Leah Zeigler Month ago +2

    Won't watch ddg anymore,I'm sure slot of people won't he was petty to her.she loved him.

    • Shenelva Pansa
      Shenelva Pansa Month ago

      Well I keep watching ddg. Not like he’s losing anything🙄

    • Chocolante
      Chocolante Month ago

      Leah Zeigler I always say that and he proved that. He’s to cocky for my liking

  • Lauren D
    Lauren D Month ago

    I wouldn’t say Kennedy is the problem. she knows he’s blown up and has a bunch of money and that gets the attention of many females.. she may be insecure about it and not want to deal with all the attention he’s getting because he could be treating her a certain way that she doesn’t like when other women are all over him. She did post drock before but it’s a lot more women that ddg posted in my opinion.