Cleaning a dirty tanker truck with Nerta Super Wash

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • NERTA SUPER WASH is a strong alkaline and very concentrated prewash agent with a multi functional application in car- & truck cleaning.
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    Nerta is a leading independent manufacturer of professional cleaning products. We have built up our reputation over 45 years developing and manufacturing cleaning chemicals for the car and truck wash market that generate excellent results.
    Our activities are not limited to car and truck cleaning. We have developed a vast product range of cleaning chemicals and disinfection products for the food/hygiene industry, agriculture and for various professional applications.
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  • Nerta Official
    Nerta Official  2 months ago +206

    Hi everyone, we see there is a lot of discussion regarding the top to bottom washing of this truck.
    When washing a vehicle using conventional methods you firstly apply soap, wash using a sponge or a broom and then rinse off with water from the top to the bottom.
    Touchless washing is a bit different.
    Soap is applied through a high pressure foamer and then high pressure water is used as a “sponge or a broom". The water is worked back into fresh soap, either from the bottom to the top or backwards in the case of trucks and trailers etc. In this way, the soap is used more efficiently. (If you wash from the top down, you would simply wash the soap off the vehicle which defeats the purpose). Then rinse from the top down to finish the cleaning process.

      ALESMLN Day ago

      @TheRealPritchard 19 Heh, I'm wondering why we have to explain to a professional why he is rinsing in a way what is completely nonsense.🙄

    • TheRealPritchard 19
      TheRealPritchard 19 Day ago

      Lol the guy who’s does this every day has to explain himself to the professionals in the comments to probably sit about on their arses all day 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

      ALESMLN 10 days ago

      @zzz zzz Umm.. What? It doesn't matter if the "soap runs off". The surface with remaining dirt what wont fall off with falling water will be anyways pressure washed and loosened. So again, theres no point in rinsing from bottom to top.

    • zzz zzz
      zzz zzz 10 days ago

      @ALESMLN This is a high pressure and when the water beam is like a sponge .You ned soap to do that. If you start from the top all sope
      run off.

  • Miftakul Huda
    Miftakul Huda 2 hours ago


  • TyrannyTerminator
    TyrannyTerminator 8 hours ago

    This guy needs to learn how to clean, always top down, otherwise it can take twice as long.

  • tony hill
    tony hill Day ago

    Wait...u mean that a pressure washer helps clean a truck?!! AMAZING!

  • Бека снеков

    Мой шик хренов блять нитак моешь надо мыть сверху вынизь а не так

  • TheRealPritchard 19

    Lol the guy that does this every day for a living
    Has to argue with all the professionals on here who know ...FUCK ALL

  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p 2 days ago +1

    I bet it took the entire atlantic ocean to clean that truck

  • Selvan Selvan
    Selvan Selvan 2 days ago

    Witch type soap this

  • jocelyn bruces
    jocelyn bruces 3 days ago

    i'll get a chair for you..

  • The Diamond Dimanian

    why do they start at the bloody bottom, start from the top and you dont have to do the bottom TWICE..🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Semih Donmez
    Semih Donmez 3 days ago

    Biri şu dalyarağa yıkamaya yukardan başlanacağını söylesin 10 kat fazla su harcadı sığır çobanı

  • _ Abdu
    _ Abdu 7 days ago +1

    Why all car washing workers are *STUPID*

  • 1keykneedeep
    1keykneedeep 8 days ago

    I guess it does get clean - Using a 10,000psi hot water rinse.

  • Oslec Liedbag
    Oslec Liedbag 8 days ago

    Even my dogs know to always start at the very top

  • Derlorno Henry
    Derlorno Henry 8 days ago

    Which way should the toilet paper be installed? Over or under?

  • Frank Kuijpers
    Frank Kuijpers 8 days ago

    Why is he not wearing any protection. This stuff is quite aggressive on dirt and he inhales it just like that?

  • 到底到底
    到底到底 8 days ago

    這泡沫是不是一種藥水? 哪裡有賣?

  • Roberta Christeen
    Roberta Christeen 9 days ago

    did not even touch the top what a waste

  • Эльмира Шакушева

    Почему с низу верх моет?

  • Theresa Stevens
    Theresa Stevens 10 days ago

    Call me crazy I would LOVE this job again *edit did small car to full rig inside and out loved seeing it go from Beast to Beanty*

  • Danny Gonzales
    Danny Gonzales 10 days ago

    Was cold or hot water used in this video ?

  • Abdullah Ahmad
    Abdullah Ahmad 12 days ago

    Can you show the pressure machine?

  • Abdullah Ahmad
    Abdullah Ahmad 12 days ago

    What is the pressure of the water released from the gun??

  • Julija totentanz
    Julija totentanz 13 days ago


  • Sumaira Hameed
    Sumaira Hameed 13 days ago

    I can watch such videos all the day😊

  • Nesrine Rahmani
    Nesrine Rahmani 14 days ago

    dumb fuck

  • Jarek Nowak
    Jarek Nowak 15 days ago

    How much does it cost to wash a truck like this?

    • Jarek Nowak
      Jarek Nowak 11 days ago

      @gtgf86 Tack!

    • gtgf86
      gtgf86 12 days ago

      1000-1500 Swedish crowns (SEK) for a truck with trailer

  • Karthik A
    Karthik A 15 days ago

    I don't care if it's top to bottom or right to left. It's very satisfying to watch.. 😁

  • Reggina 1914
    Reggina 1914 16 days ago

    Why do you wash from the bottom up?🤦🏻‍♂️

  • garibo ka honey singh
    garibo ka honey singh 16 days ago


  • Ilyaz Kokumov
    Ilyaz Kokumov 17 days ago

    Почему моют снизу вверх?

  • Debu Roy
    Debu Roy 17 days ago

    Bro u should clean top to bottom

  • Mr. Reanu Keeves
    Mr. Reanu Keeves 18 days ago +1

    Somebody tell this dude to start from the top ! 😂😂

    • Mr. Reanu Keeves
      Mr. Reanu Keeves 14 days ago

      Curi0u50ne really?! I figured it would’ve been top to bottom cause basically if you’re washing it from the top you’re just carrying the dirt to the top and having to wash more towards the bottom?

    • Curi0u50ne
      Curi0u50ne 15 days ago +1

      He's doing it the right way, I was the same until I saw the how to vid

  • Anas saleh
    Anas saleh 18 days ago +3

    It is satisfying until you start from bottom to up

  • Harrison Katzz
    Harrison Katzz 19 days ago

    Why do you not wash the top?

  • Muhammad Aamir
    Muhammad Aamir 19 days ago

    U can save upto 40% water by going from top to bottom

  • Рома Макаренко

    Кто моет с низу в верх? Только дебил.

  • Bani Ayu
    Bani Ayu 23 days ago

    Never seen this before on indonesia would u like to build this car wash with that tools on my island call south borneo of Banjarmasin there a million truck here carrier of coal/soil/rock/sand n etc around every day
    Good business if any investor there want to start
    Big island big area n big change 🙏

  • ярослав
    ярослав 23 days ago

    почему мне уебать ему хочется

  • Сергей Колядич

    Какой-то рукажоп моет машину снизу верх

  • Jorge 46 Fernando
    Jorge 46 Fernando 25 days ago +1

    Estão precisando de lavadores de carros na Europa. Nunca vi levar o um carro, caminhão debaixo pra cima rsrsrs

    • Fernando Souza
      Fernando Souza 23 days ago +1

      Cara, pensei a mesma coisa, o negócio que eles gosta é de brincar com o jato kkkkkk

  • Shamar Morgan
    Shamar Morgan 25 days ago

    You should have started top to bottom because if u start at the bottom and u work your way up all that dirt will go down to were u have already cleared ok bro

  • Flávio Silva
    Flávio Silva 26 days ago

    Onde já se viu enxaguar de baixo p cima!!! Eita burrice.

  • Cavin Seo
    Cavin Seo 26 days ago

    up and down up&down please

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos 26 days ago

    There’s a top to bottom method yk the 1 all detailers use try it some time

    • zzz zzz
      zzz zzz 10 days ago

      Where is that Somalia,Uganda ???We in Sweden doit like the clip.

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves 27 days ago

    Sempre lavar de cima para baixo nunca de baixo para cima

  • Ramon Heard Jr
    Ramon Heard Jr 27 days ago +2

    what a waste of water. washing from the bottom up. Gravity my friend. he spent more time on the tires than the truck.

  • Maniak Gdl
    Maniak Gdl 27 days ago

    Se lava de arriba para abajo........

  • Paolo Ferrara
    Paolo Ferrara 29 days ago

    ora passaci la pelle di daino va..

  • framfull
    framfull 29 days ago

    Probably cleaner than his underwear!

    FUCK SHIT Month ago +1

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't want to teach you your work, but when you rinse with water, you still don't start the top, so dirty water doesn't come back on the part already washed down!!

  • Amirul Zahari
    Amirul Zahari Month ago +1

    Only genius people wash vechicle start ftom bottom🙄

  • nigel Gucci boy
    nigel Gucci boy Month ago +2

    im satisfied when im cleaning my car

  • Magnús Másson
    Magnús Másson Month ago

    Is this a music video ? 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Schulz Maximilian
    Schulz Maximilian Month ago

    Fängt bitte von oben an

  • Kill TheFlaws
    Kill TheFlaws Month ago

    Why the fuck would you go bottom to top? I mean, I understand they drive on the opposite of the road across the pond, but do they do everything ass backwards? lol

  • ven cent
    ven cent Month ago

    those idiots washing truck from bottom to the top what the fuck a joke 😂😂😂😂

  • MUSTAQEEM Shaikh
    MUSTAQEEM Shaikh Month ago

    I need the clean