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  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • @ralphsepe
    Gotti is a 2018 American biographical crime drama film directed by Kevin Connolly, and written by Lem Dobbs and Leo Rossi. The film is about the life of New York City mobster John Gotti and his son, John A. Gotti, and stars John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Pruitt Taylor Vince.
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  • N M
    N M 15 minutes ago

    I had that suit.

  • Aaron DeVoria
    Aaron DeVoria 9 hours ago

    Once again, just great!

  • Poppa G
    Poppa G 23 hours ago

    really not a fan of the sketeches you have had added in your recent reviews not to be a dick but they are kinda nostlgia critic levels of unfunny

  • Tyson Tremblay
    Tyson Tremblay Day ago

    I love Ralph's Addams Family costume.

  • Spicy Nose
    Spicy Nose Day ago

    Ralph I’m sorry but you are not a movie maker. Yet you criticize films as if you are, and call yourself one. What work do you have under your belt you pretentious child?

  • XenomorphLV426
    XenomorphLV426 Day ago

    Never thought anyone could make reviews as good as redlettermedia

  • Dawson Garret
    Dawson Garret 2 days ago

    11:42 Hey, Ralph, I have been to jail. ALL ROOMS are boring

  • Jon
    Jon 2 days ago

    King Candy is a better crime film than Gotti.

  • F N
    F N 3 days ago

    John Travolta? Jesus fucking christ.

  • Andhie Yusuf
    Andhie Yusuf 4 days ago

    Let's face it, Gotti's living relative sponsored this movie and they can't accept the criticism

  • Eljar Kalland-Berg
    Eljar Kalland-Berg 4 days ago

    gotti the fat fucking thotti

  • MrBladeFilms
    MrBladeFilms 6 days ago

    Those fuckin' wigs Travolta wears..

  • Nikki
    Nikki 7 days ago

    Ah badda bing badda boom gotta make uh gotti moveh

  • XXXConnorIzCulXXX
    XXXConnorIzCulXXX 8 days ago

    Please don’t shoot in Cincinnati, that’s my home town

  • Josh Flynn
    Josh Flynn 8 days ago

    I've lost hope for John. He's in a cult and he was in this 😢

  • Doge Boge
    Doge Boge 9 days ago

    The characters in the little raplh skits have more character develpment in general

  • Rupert Pumpkin
    Rupert Pumpkin 10 days ago

    Subbed from the intro alone.

  • Young In
    Young In 10 days ago +2

    I unironically enjoy the ralphthemoviemaker cinematic universe more than DC’s

  • Young In
    Young In 10 days ago

    How do you mess up a mobster movie so horrifically when some of the best pieces of film on Earth and the best TV series are italian gangster movies?

  • Young In
    Young In 10 days ago

    “New York’s the greatest phhucking city in the world”

  • The Berg
    The Berg 11 days ago

    pitbull is a fucking bozo

  • Homero Castellanos
    Homero Castellanos 11 days ago

    Comparing Goodfellas to Gotti is like comparing Batman the Dark Knight to Batman Vs Superman. Gotti doesn't even deserve to be called a movie it's just a fucking waste of time. I guess film making is hard. Great video though. More please.

  • Bäume
    Bäume 11 days ago

    The Sopranos is the best tv show ever

  • sebisntreal
    sebisntreal 11 days ago

    Travolta. - Uwe Boll

  • Ginja X
    Ginja X 11 days ago

    didn't gotti only have like a 1.6m opening weekend or smth

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 12 days ago

    That clip of John Travolta freaking out Ralph critise the film is that from gotti or something else?

  • Greg Murray
    Greg Murray 13 days ago +1

    That's the best Italian gangster parody of the trope I've ever seen 20:15

  • OhElvira
    OhElvira 14 days ago +1

    John Gotti single handedly ruined the Gambino family.

  • skyguy193
    skyguy193 15 days ago

    You are always so nitpicking, Ralph!

    PURPLE PRESENT 15 days ago +1

    Could you imagine if they’ve gotten vanilla ice to do the soundtrack for goodfellas.

  • Frank Carr
    Frank Carr 16 days ago

    Roger Ebert was dead when this film came out---you lying cunt. Fuck you.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 16 days ago +2

    Dude I'm being serious, it's rumored that the guy who killed Gotti's son was sawed in half with a chainsaw.

  • Robby
    Robby 16 days ago

    I remembered watching this movie saying to myself “okay so he is a family man... what else? Why did people care”

    PURPLE PRESENT 17 days ago

    Top 10 movie quotes of all time
    #1: lemme tell you something, New York is the greatest fucking city in the world

  • Desemitizer
    Desemitizer 18 days ago +1

    Isn't it Cultural Appropriation for a Jew to portray an Italian?

  • Omnarrator
    Omnarrator 18 days ago

    I'm not defending the film by any means but is it really fair comparing a film that got a 0% on rotten tomatoes to The Godfather?

  • Scruffy Looking Brantforder

    I love that Makin is just a thing now.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 19 days ago

    "Tony Saprano is racist because he get mad at a box of rice"
    5 minute later
    "Why doesn't this movie have more scenes of Italian people eating spaghetti?!"

  • Phil Michaels
    Phil Michaels 19 days ago +2

    Plot twist: They don't have food in this film because their craft services were shut down by Charles Stiles.

  • cthulhuhuhu
    cthulhuhuhu 19 days ago

    it's so true about the food bit. even the gangster anime 91 days, the Italian gangsters are eating lots of food. Heck, one showdown happens at an Italian restaurant.

  • Constant Anxiety Attacks

    (((they))) don't want you to see this movie

  • Chester Apricot
    Chester Apricot 20 days ago

    ralphy baby, is the opening song the song from boogie nights?

  • GiancarloFXBBTx.
    GiancarloFXBBTx. 20 days ago

    The worst part of the movie was the soundtrack by a Hispanic.

  • Kanjo Racer
    Kanjo Racer 21 day ago +1

    The real reason Travolta took on this part?... He got to kiss men

  • karlwashere123
    karlwashere123 21 day ago +2

    People who portray John Gotti portray him as a relatively intelligent man. But if you listen to the recordings and the video of the jail conferences you quickly learn the man was dumb as a box of rocks. He ran his mouth about everything. Hence all the easy charges he accumulated.

  • TheRoach182
    TheRoach182 21 day ago

    Man the ending to this video was hilarious!!! :) And more entertaining than Gotti!

  • Rubashow
    Rubashow 21 day ago

    You might not be responsible for the direction of a horrible movie but you also weren't married to Nikki Cox in her prime ...

  • Cory Summers
    Cory Summers 21 day ago

    Travolta, your not gotti, your john Travolta, and Travolta trying to be gotti is hilarious!! I'll sever your head LOL...…….

  • Rubashow
    Rubashow 21 day ago

    This has nothing to do with the video, but whenever I see John Travolta I have this echoing voice in my had, laughing and telling me "Within this options for renewal" over and over again.

  • CremeCabbage
    CremeCabbage 22 days ago

    Thank you very much for this, it's been on my watchlist and I'm glad I won't have to waste time on it

  • Ian Gallagher
    Ian Gallagher 22 days ago

    I'm exhausted and haven't slept in like 24 hours and I've got it in my head that Ralph should do reviews in ASMR. I'm addicted to these.

  • ImWholeWheat
    ImWholeWheat 22 days ago

    Good fellas v gotti dawn of justice

  • Enzo Sperandio
    Enzo Sperandio 22 days ago

    You had me at No Food

  • bitchboi carlos
    bitchboi carlos 22 days ago

    what's that outro song?

  • cecollins68
    cecollins68 22 days ago +1

    I actually liked the original movie gotti that came out in 1992 it was a masterpiece. you can actually watch it here on RUclip rather than pay money for this site.

  • stephen allen
    stephen allen 23 days ago

    Hey love a little bit of Figaro in these videos haha

  • OldGerard
    OldGerard 23 days ago

    Goddamnit... why does Pitbull get any work ever?

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins 23 days ago

    Legitimately the worst casting choice of all time.

  • Neo Cruz
    Neo Cruz 23 days ago +1

    How Quinton Tarantino's new movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is going to start 0:00-0:18

  • boo galoo
    boo galoo 23 days ago

    It’s so cringey when mainstream media starts using terms like internet troll in their advertising ...ugh. This is actually the second time I’ve seen this happen

  • robert ball
    robert ball 23 days ago

    I want to watch Goodfellas now.

  • V. M.
    V. M. 23 days ago

    Id love to see ralph direct a short film or a movie based on the chin or "the oddfather" or based on the chin. Ive yet to see a movie related to that weirdo gangster

  • Marty Jackson
    Marty Jackson 23 days ago

    At the very beginning, that’s music from Boogie Nights, right?

  • Lord Colin
    Lord Colin 23 days ago

    Obstruction of justice? That is a real thing?

  • Bruiser Brown
    Bruiser Brown 23 days ago

    Well I mean the dems....

  • Anthony Gronock
    Anthony Gronock 24 days ago

    I would have loved for you to compare it with the armond asante hbo Gotti biopic

  • douglas mitchell
    douglas mitchell 24 days ago

    I don’t think John Travolta was the best choice to play Gotti. Sure he’s old, but he’s broader and less fat than the real John Gotti! This film makes me hate the Gotti family! Kevin Connolly is a hack.

  • Axbix _
    Axbix _ 24 days ago

    It was so nice of Ralph to include his little brother in the end skit.

  • DKing
    DKing 24 days ago

    Is it just me or are the muzzle flash effects in the scene at 12:33 really really bad? It looks like he’s pulling the trigger so at the headshot angle but there’s only one muzzle flash. Holy shit.

  • Michael
    Michael 24 days ago

    1:37 is nobody going to point out that the picture is obviously doctored? You can clearly see a photoshop attempt at adding in the face lmao

  • Lucas Nunes
    Lucas Nunes 24 days ago

    Just noticed now that Ralph has a Sub-Zero poster framed on the wall, he does have good taste

  • mike home slice
    mike home slice 24 days ago

    "lemme tell you some'n
    New Yawk is tha greatest fuckinmg city in the worl"

  • Metawarp
    Metawarp 25 days ago +1


  • TheShadowfire204
    TheShadowfire204 25 days ago

    Your face kinda reminds me of Glenn from Mad Men in that Scientology picture

  • TheShadowfire204
    TheShadowfire204 25 days ago


  • ChumBucket 08
    ChumBucket 08 25 days ago

    John gotti is friends with my stepdad

  • Bread Lover Camp
    Bread Lover Camp 25 days ago +1

    *deez nuts*

  • Tabby
    Tabby 25 days ago

    Ralph would play the best psychopathic villain ever with that glare of his 👏👏

  • JaiDon Music
    JaiDon Music 26 days ago

    Can't help it ilike this niga ralphthemovieniga... Even with his blatant racism.. Aint no token black guy in this movie😂😂😂

  • nathan3560
    nathan3560 26 days ago +1


  • Spoods 'The Milkman' Milkano

    Was that visiting area the same one from Arrested Development?

  • Adam D. Magdaleno
    Adam D. Magdaleno 26 days ago

    Whoever is sitting on the raw film of this movie should release it on google drive so people can edit this properly without pitbull.

  • Poop Cold
    Poop Cold 26 days ago

    Goodfellas is the perfect gangster movie Scorsese is 1 my favorite director I actually live up the block from his house also remember Scorsese directed taxi driver he understands the underground genre 20 years of experience after west side Story he knows how to make movies about crime and good ones at that also this is coming from a 16 year old so if a 16 year old gets this idk how Hollywood doesn't at this point problem with this movie is they use a bad formula for a praised character who is a household name if I made a movie about Charles Manson (I plan on it) and decided to not give the audience the impression they hav and create my own boring realiry for the character noone likes it in order for this movie to work or formula u would need to swap the headline character to someone noone cares about he's too big and by now u hav to create a larger than life type ego for him to get this script right

  • Poop Cold
    Poop Cold 26 days ago

    For the love of Christ don't say goodfellas and gotti in the same sentence

  • t z
    t z 26 days ago

    ay.. ralphathemoviemaker the 1st ac doesn't zoom in.. that would be the cam op

  • Sea_Bloody
    Sea_Bloody 26 days ago

    That ending segment was beautiful, great work

  • Paul Zenco
    Paul Zenco 26 days ago

    You used the intro score to Boogie Nights directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The music was composed by Jon Brion. Do you have the rights to use that music? The musician s permisión?

  • wurstbrotmitbutter
    wurstbrotmitbutter 27 days ago

    You are so great....
    Why do you keep ruining your stuff with your awful cutaways? Leave that shit to hacks like Doug Walker

  • Colin Griffin
    Colin Griffin 27 days ago +1

    “Take the cannoli”

  • Even Bjælgerud
    Even Bjælgerud 27 days ago +1

    ralph looks so badass at 20.54

  • Alfonso Florio
    Alfonso Florio 28 days ago +1

    can't say if the movie was a piece of shit because it was just unwatchable. watch 5 seconds. cringe. skip 5 minutes. watch 5 more seconds cringe again etc. etc.

  • w4ki
    w4ki 28 days ago

    Gotti and Chips crossover when?

  • Grand Ol' Duke
    Grand Ol' Duke 28 days ago +1

    Rest in peace Antonio. He died too soon

  • Dominic
    Dominic 29 days ago

    Hey who's this shmuck they got watchin over Ralphie? He barely even moves his hands when he talks!

  • ॐ Child Of Nature ॐ
    ॐ Child Of Nature ॐ 29 days ago +5

    I enjoyed your impression of Beetlejuice.
    Wasn't sure what it had to do with Gotti though.

  • TheGodfather101
    TheGodfather101 29 days ago

    Its spelled "maddonne".

  • HPS-47
    HPS-47 29 days ago +2

    As somebody who is very Italian living in a very Italian populated town I gotta say Ralph understands us 100%, I dont think I have ever had a conversation with my family that wasnt over diner, I have seldom met my friends and not eaten with them, THE FOOD IS US, WE ARE FOOD, CONSUME ME!

  • 1113 Cntrl
    1113 Cntrl 29 days ago +1

    How the fuck do you only do four years for murder?

  • Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey Month ago

    The Italian mobster bit at the end is a better mob movie than gotti

  • Peppon
    Peppon Month ago

    John Travolta never had the makings of a varsity athlete.