Fix Short Bitten Nails with Acrylic

  • Published on Jul 21, 2016
  • Suzie takes Grant's badly bitten short nails, and transforms them with Acrylic into a beautiful set of nails with style.
    Products used in this video:
    PRE-PRIME: Exclusive Nail Couture
    PRIMER: Exclusive Nail Couture
    FORM: Exclusive Nail Couture
    ETERNAL BEIGE: Exclusive Nail Couture
    Swan E-File
    CERAMIC BIT: Exclusive Nail Couture
    UV Base/Top Coat: UGLY DUCKLING
    Gel Polish #43: UGLY DUCKLING
    Glow LED Nail Dryer: VANITY PLANET
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    Enter your special discount code: SUZIESNAILS at checkout to get 70% off. You get a great Nail Dryer and help support my channel too, as I receive a small commission if you use the SUZIESNAILS discount code. I love this lamp so much that I purchased 10 for my Salon.
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  • el mariajin
    el mariajin 15 hours ago

    I've had a nail biting habit since I was like 3 (I'm 16 now), I still do have it and I do it without realizing, I've tried to stop and grow them out (the longest I've gone was 2 months) but they grow slowly and are too weak/thin and so they end up breaking since I've destroyed my nails for so long...............any tips on how to break this bad habit and help your nails grow stronger?

  • NeNa GeeZ
    NeNa GeeZ 17 hours ago

    I love it ♡

  • cherub
    cherub 19 hours ago

    looool omg grant is sooo me. i'm so bad i even bite thru ACRYLIC (tastes like shit btw).

  • Tasha Bush
    Tasha Bush Day ago

    Thank you Grant!

  • Juhidi Miller
    Juhidi Miller 2 days ago

    I love hearing her voice. It's so nostalgic and relaxing

  • Christina Roberto
    Christina Roberto 2 days ago

    Hey there, I’ve had this done and everything has been properly prepped but still lifting, can you explain why? I keep them very short, sometimes shorter than what you have done and rounded edges. My nails are thin as well, get back to me please I need your expertise

  • JaeLuhtrice XOxOoo
    JaeLuhtrice XOxOoo 3 days ago

    She was shitting on Grant 🤣🤣🤣🤣 “You just be munching on these two fingers a lot huh?l”

  • Oooh La La Andrea
    Oooh La La Andrea 3 days ago

    What does it mean if all Suzy's videos use forms but everytime I've gotten my nails done professionally, no one's ever used them on me!?

  • NotMary
    NotMary 4 days ago +1

    Is nobody gonna talk about his ring on his right hand ring finger? I want one too

  • Samantha Hartmann
    Samantha Hartmann 4 days ago

    My nails look like that sometimes... 😭

  • Gacha• • cookies
    Gacha• • cookies 5 days ago +5

    Who else felt uncomfortable when she did the cuticles😬

  • Ella The Killer
    Ella The Killer 6 days ago

    When you gf say *freindzone*💗💗💗💗on his cute boy face

  • Olga Lebedeva
    Olga Lebedeva 9 days ago

    🤦🏼‍♀️😢🤮💩no good

  • AJ Iler
    AJ Iler 11 days ago

    The liquid acrylic I use smells so bad like I have to go to a fume Hood just to use it

  • T S
    T S 13 days ago

    I don’t like them

  • Jessica Christensen
    Jessica Christensen 14 days ago

    Cringe . So much cringe ...

  • Jamdog Vernett
    Jamdog Vernett 16 days ago +1

    Susie: free nail estate.
    Grant: ooo yay, free.

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 16 days ago

    i think i've watched this vid 2 times
    first when i was 8 the next i think i was 11 and here i am 3 days before my 13th b day watching again

  • Sisterdaju9
    Sisterdaju9 17 days ago

    Is he gay?

  • Ira Cruz
    Ira Cruz 22 days ago

    You look like Valerie bartenelli

  • Otaku Bookworm
    Otaku Bookworm 23 days ago

    He has beautiful hands tho😳🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • LifeWith_ Oliver
    LifeWith_ Oliver 23 days ago

    At first I thought it was a girl

  • Avani 108
    Avani 108 23 days ago +1

    O watched this video years ago and she commented on my video of me asking “why are u doing it on a boy” and I was small and when she said” cause his nails a tiny “ and me and my brother were surprised that she commented on my comment

  • Tomoyo2201
    Tomoyo2201 24 days ago

    as a nail bitter.....i am tempted to go to a nail salon but i'm also not very good at comiting to i would be wondring if one can just get natural looking acrylic nails and just paint them if desired with normal nailpolish or would removing old nailpolish destroy the acrylic nails?? (also.....they do look kinda thic....don't know if i'd like that)

  • Princess Fondu
    Princess Fondu 24 days ago

    I never nail bite, but I used to bite the skin around the nail and chew my hair

  • Lexie Johnson
    Lexie Johnson 24 days ago +1

    This makes me want to do my boyfriends nails 😂

  • SheLuvs2Bits
    SheLuvs2Bits 24 days ago

    I'm a little late to suggest but cuticle remover fluid is awesome stuff.

  • Mysterious Shooter
    Mysterious Shooter 29 days ago

    I am boy and also want to do like this nail care,nail polishing, manicure and pedicure.

  • link link
    link link Month ago

    That's a bad chrome pouder but I loved the video

  • Ayeon
    Ayeon Month ago +1

    wow! His hands look so soft and pretty, why can't I have nice hands...stupid eczema

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian Month ago +3

    I love how open and honest Grant is about his nail biting. Just like, “yeah I totally go for the cuticle.” And “I might bite them after I leave”

  • S12 B
    S12 B Month ago

    i dont bite my nails, i just like gardening without gloves. the effect is basically the same. the dirt actually wears my nails down, but i do do my cuticles.

  • Christina D
    Christina D Month ago

    Haha he’s adorbs! And I love your videos! Thanks so much!

  • Natalie Olsby
    Natalie Olsby Month ago +2

    You should do a colab with Simply Nailogical! She would probably love this method!

    • Cecelia Aguallo
      Cecelia Aguallo 25 days ago

      Will have to look up the reference. I did nails 36 years ago (OMG!!! Now I feel REALLY OLDE!! Huh. I AM olde!).

  • Natalie Olsby
    Natalie Olsby Month ago +1


  • Monika Udvardy
    Monika Udvardy Month ago

    Suzie you are a magician!

  • Arie Grant
    Arie Grant Month ago

    My last name is Grant

  • Neeta Narsumayya
    Neeta Narsumayya Month ago


  • Helen Monaghan
    Helen Monaghan Month ago

    Erm wow. I dont know how I found this but what an INCREDIBLY soothing video. Youre amazing! New subscriber.

  • goodandgreen
    goodandgreen Month ago

    Favourite video ever!! Love that guy and how you are with him!!

  • AbbyX
    AbbyX Month ago

    Why 4 short, and one long???

  • Ashley Stark
    Ashley Stark Month ago

    I dont bite my nails but I'm a nurse and have to have them about this length max. Would love to see design tutorials for this length.

  • BelindaJason9294
    BelindaJason9294 Month ago

    I wouldn't want my nails done by this person I mean wow! how rude

  • Miss Riley
    Miss Riley Month ago

    Getting acrylics years ago is what actually got me to completely quit biting my nails, I never had the urge to bite at the acrylic so I just immediately stopped. So I continued to get them done until I was completely over the habit, and now I don't bite my natural nails, ever.

  • Devin Lockhart
    Devin Lockhart Month ago

    Idk why anyone would use an orange wood stick when we have access to great cuticle pushers. Odd. N eww at 5:54 I cringed. Hope that didn’t have anyone’s nail filings besides his own which is still gross !annnd, Those are illegal to use in USA bc there is NO way to sanitize them to use on multiple clients. Big no no!!!

    • Esther V.
      Esther V. 16 days ago

      She mentioned in a different video that the wood sticks are a lot softer than the metal tools and are easier to work with for her.

  • Rainy
    Rainy Month ago

    i think i love Grant

  • valeskita pazita !!
    valeskita pazita !! Month ago +2

    Me : Clicks on video oh my nails look like his since I eat them
    Her: hiS NAilS loOK disCUstING
    Me: looks at my nails 😭😭

  • valeskita pazita !!

    Everyone be honest who else was watching this while biting their nails like if you were 👍😁

  • Taric Alani
    Taric Alani Month ago +1

    I wish she wouldn't have used color and just showed as a sheer natural look, especially on a man.

  • Дарина Мюллер

    Что за ужас? Форма страшная, Один ноготь только нормальный.

  • Victoria Osborne
    Victoria Osborne Month ago

    "His nails are disgusting, which is good."

  • Fatema Zouaq
    Fatema Zouaq Month ago

    She’s so pretty, I looove watching her videos 🖤

  • Kryssii
    Kryssii Month ago

    I love Grant! He's so cute, funny & sweet to do this! > Love love love yr personality. You are not just pretty but u are adorably cute & fun! I'd so hang out with both of you!

  • Evon
    Evon Month ago +2

    12:36 lmao you guys are hilarious, love the nails!

  • aynoor Elhagagi
    aynoor Elhagagi Month ago

    God the pinky is great!

  • OOF Emely
    OOF Emely Month ago

    My nails don’t look that bad

  • Lisa ❤️
    Lisa ❤️ Month ago

    O...k.... this guy.. umm well no words

  • Mineral
    Mineral Month ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the coke nail...?

  • Cool Sisters
    Cool Sisters Month ago

    29 minutes of nail bitters being judged