Italy Is Trying to Criminalize Migrant-Rescue Boats

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • In 2016, there were 10 NGOs operating rescue vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, the deadliest route for migrants trying to cross from Africa to Europe. Today, there are just three. That's mostly thanks to Italy's populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, an immigration hard-liner who's imposed harsh obstacles and penalties on humanitarian rescue boats.
    But some of the rescuers won't be deterred from what they see as their moral duty.
    “I don’t have any doubt that this is a thing that should be done. I will not sleep if I leave people at sea because someone is telling me that you should not do it,” said Anabel Montes Mier, who leads the Spanish rescue boat Open Arms.
    Mier is under investigation in Italy for a March 2018 rescue she carried out, and facing up to 12 years in prison if she’s convicted. She's among at least 38 people who have been investigated or charged with aiding illegal migration, an accusation that activists who rescue migrants are colluding with smugglers.
    Still, the Open Arms is continuing its rescue missions, even despite a new security decree from Salvini that gives him the power to ban migrant rescue ships from entering Italian territorial water unless they have his permission. Since the decree went into effect, two boats have defied it and entered the port of Lampedusa to disembark migrants. Both boats have been impounded, and their operators face fines of up to 50,000 euros.
    Mier and other activists say they’re protected under the International Law of the Sea and that taking migrants back to war-torn Libya would be a crime.
    VICE News talked to Mier along with a rescued Cameroon refugee - and some Italian locals who aren't sure if they should trust the NGOs.
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  • Tye Tass
    Tye Tass 17 hours ago

    How is this a bad thing

  • Mark James
    Mark James 4 days ago

    Italy is back on its way to very lovely vibrant multiculturalism, turning into a mix-raced place and march towards implementation of sya~riah.

  • Ayanda
    Ayanda 5 days ago

    Come to South Africa, BEE 👍😁 free education free housing free medical care

  • Clyde 8125
    Clyde 8125 5 days ago +1


  • zsolt pannon
    zsolt pannon 6 days ago

    You are still trying to push this fake shit news...nobody believes it anymore!Fuckheads!

  • RealEstate realestate

    I cannot believe my eyes what I am seeing . France )Micron,( Germany Merkel) Brussels must be taking bribes ( money under the table ) from someone to screw up Europe. They taking in 25% each (France and Germany)of the Ocean Viking boat of illegal people cargo ,from the Libyan mafia and helping the mafia get rich with every illegal person paying $700.00( these illegal people have the money to travel to the Libyan coast and must pay bus,train,airplane tickets and hotel room until they get a call from the Libyan mafia smugglers that there is a spot available on the rubber dingy for $ 700.00 dollars and fill up the rubber dingy and to be pushed out at sea and picked up by a boat and brought to Europe illegally . Everything is already set up. This is a big crime , more bigger than smuggling cigarettes and drugs. I cannot believe all of this is happening and nothing is being done about it . Put an end to this before it’s too late. Italy should seize all the boats and arrest the captain and the crew because they are in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and closer to the boats. This is a crime,bigger than cigarettes and drugs

  • 20xornothing
    20xornothing 11 days ago

    Send her dumb ass to Africa. Keep Italian Culture strong..

  • wacka2
    wacka2 12 days ago

    vice news is cancer

  • John McSween
    John McSween 17 days ago

    As they should.

  • Nick JD
    Nick JD 19 days ago

    Europe is finished.

  • crystalmtn01
    crystalmtn01 19 days ago +1

    NGO (globalist) ships need to be escorted back to where They came from and then sunk.

  • lopadops
    lopadops 23 days ago +1

    We should be doing this in UK, they leave FREE France to ILLEGALLY enter UK, NOT migrants...illegal immigrants!

  • Jim Dixon
    Jim Dixon 23 days ago +1

    If its risky - don't encourage it!

  • Jim Dixon
    Jim Dixon 23 days ago +1

    If its risky - don't encourage it!

  • Jim Dixon
    Jim Dixon 23 days ago +1

    They can 'rescue' them by returning them to Africa!

  • Jim Dixon
    Jim Dixon 23 days ago

    They can 'rescue' them by returning them to Africa!

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker 23 days ago

    Illegal immigrants threatened to throw themselves into the channel, if border force boats towed their dinghy back to France. The only situation where Muslims observe the women and children first rule.

  • Drew yung Kwei
    Drew yung Kwei 24 days ago +1

    So we should applaud those who would risk their lives so this invasion can continue to divide the people of Europe who are taxed and criminalized for not letting the millions of third world deviants devour their countries.

  • Nicholas Santangelo
    Nicholas Santangelo 26 days ago

    Angela's ristorante o trattoria, if that, is called the Saraceno or the saracen otherwise known as a Muslim in the times of the Crusaders. Little ironic or funny IMO.

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll 27 days ago +1

    Send them Israel research Barbara Spectre and IsraAID open borders for Israel we don't want them all this for the greater Israel project lock them up for years .

  • The Most Interesting Man On Youtube

    Good because they are ILLEGAL

  • victorianmelody46
    victorianmelody46 29 days ago

    The population in Africa is over 1.3 Billion which will double in the next 30 years. By 2100, more than half of the world's growth is expected to come from Africa, reaching 4.1 billion people by 2100 to claim over 1/3 of the world's population. The migration problems are just getting started!

  • Claudiu Balta
    Claudiu Balta Month ago +3

    Good job Italy! France and Spain could learn a thing or 2 from you guys

    • Edward Yan
      Edward Yan 4 days ago

      @Mark James Why is that?

    • Mark James
      Mark James 4 days ago

      Italy is back on its way to very lovely vibrant multiculturalism, turning into a mix-raced place and march towards implementation of sya~riah.

    • Edward Yan
      Edward Yan 29 days ago +1

      Forget about it, they're far too stupid

  • just so 1
    just so 1 Month ago +1

    Salvini will sort the mess out.

  • northrockboy
    northrockboy Month ago

    about time - forget impound - sink those ships - they are basically people pirates

  • Danielle Pere
    Danielle Pere Month ago

    It is a noble thing she is doing, but she should return the migrants to Africa..There is no war in the North of Africa

  • Blinkin Winkin And Nod

    You are encouraging these people and when you stop they will figure it out and stop coming. You think you’re helping but you’re not helping.

  • Blinkin Winkin And Nod

    The migrants are con artist they show up in your country with their hand out asking where their money and housing are they didn’t even receive that in their own country it should be criminal.

  • c ward
    c ward Month ago

    blue hair tattoed .... low rent .... put her on the boat with the migrants.... she won't last a minute...

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens Month ago

    How come there are so many people rich enough not to work and spend their days helping strangers?but never their own countrymen.

  • Panama Red
    Panama Red Month ago +1

    The NGO's are only legal because of a law that was written after ww2, however that law was never intended to facilitate a mass invasion of millions of Africans into Europe. These people (95% men) are super aggressive, often from Islamic countries like Sudan, bring with them attitudes of dominance and superiority of woman, most will never find work and resort to crime. In Australia our Labor government let in over 6000 Sudanese people in the early 2000's. Today their offspring top the crime statistics with daily car jackings, armed home invasions, murders, rapes...etc. They weren't forced to come to Australia like slaves in America. They had been provided with every comfort and support possible, and yet. I just don't think Africans are ready at this stage to live in Western countries.

  • RealEstate realestate

    good idea.

  • RealEstate realestate

    good idea.

  • RealEstate realestate

    good idea.

  • Antonello G Di Mattia

  • star cruiser
    star cruiser Month ago

    Human trafficing is a crime.

  • islam only
    islam only Month ago +1

    They should go to other rich countries like australia new zealand and united states etc

    • Chris Watson
      Chris Watson Month ago +1

      For the last 40 years, Australians have kept their fertility to fewer than two children per woman. That makes us very good global citizens. If the rest of the world had done the same, there would be no world refugee crisis. Why should people who have limited the size of their own families, have to support the progeny of the selfish, greedy Africans who can't keep it in their underwear.
      Sterilize the Africans and send them home.

  • mckappe
    mckappe Month ago +1

    Io sto con Salvini!

  • St Michael
    St Michael Month ago

    Why don’t they take him back to Libya? If they want to save them!

  • What The
    What The Month ago +4

    These ppl are taking advantage of an ancient maritime law to save ships in distress. Put the passengers in detention camps, imprison the crews and maximum sentence to captains, then sink the ship to inflict financial punishment to the human traffickers overseas.
    That was the only way to stem the flood illegally entering Australia, the human traffickers know the consequences and will lose their vessel.

  • TeeTauntYen
    TeeTauntYen Month ago

    Love you Open Arms. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lyra Nahoova
    Lyra Nahoova Month ago +7

    Good job Salvini don´t ever give in!! Save Europe!

    • Mark James
      Mark James 4 days ago

      Sorry - failed. There will now be a resumption of the tsunami of vibrants entering for who knows how long. With the average age of Italians well above mid 40s, and every increasing numbers of youth from south asia and north africa already residing in Italy, you know the future of Italy (same goes for the rest of Western Europe, Germany and the Nordics).

  • hello world
    hello world Month ago

    They are literally picking them off few miles away from African coast and taking them to Europe. Smugglers and human traffikers call NGO boats and tell them the location. Salvini is right.

  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett Month ago

    VICE news supports human trafficking.

  • eviken1982
    eviken1982 Month ago

    Those NGO'S are part of the smugglers. As long they are at sea they will keep on coming.

  • Glendene Foster
    Glendene Foster Month ago

    100 hundred
    For these people

  • dio dio
    dio dio Month ago

    a very good idea to interview a local woman who never left that island in her life(???). Anyway, the problem is not saving people (this is very good), the deal is that we can't afford to help them in Italy (we can't help our poor citizens) cause our economy sucks and we have a criminal rate so high that in some areas people are afraid to exit their homes during the night... bringing more foreign people make it more difficult still... we hosted so many desperate people during last 30 years that now we are so full of immigrants that Italy seems Italy no more. EU has to start a plan to help them in their countries or create a new plan to help this desperate people that think to come to Italy and find a paradise here... when hey will just find a place where 50% of the population does not want them and a good part of it will try to exploit them as "slaves", but this immigrants don't know the reality... the live in a dream that Europe means a good way of life... for sure they will survive any war they faced before but they will end up living a poor life...

    NOTE: to the Spanish girl... why don't you go to help people in Ceuta o Melilla, if you want to help people so bad

  • Alain Sadun
    Alain Sadun Month ago

    Italy is not trying to "criminalize" migrant rescue boats, but our ASSHOLE Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini.

    • Pan Cytryna
      Pan Cytryna Month ago +2

      Good. You should be happy.
      Why the hell you support illegal imigration

  • Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey Month ago +1

    Stop picking them up at Sea and they will stop coming. You are just enabling them and you should get maximum time in prison. You are as much of a criminal as they are. The government should come down on you with both feet.

  • Barts027
    Barts027 Month ago +1

    Well done to the Italian Govenment.

  • el toro
    el toro Month ago +1

    Keep coming to Europe to suck off the system and contribute absolutely nothing.Send them back ASAP!!!

  • Rafa BRIMZX
    Rafa BRIMZX Month ago

    Italy do well. SHIT OF HIPPYS

  • Themba Sapam
    Themba Sapam Month ago

    Capital punishment would be a nice step.

  • ScaredHitman086
    ScaredHitman086 Month ago +1

    Little confused, people are cramming themselves on small boats to escape to Italy. Why don't Italian officials just work with the rescue ships and take them safely back to there country?🤔 You wait for the boats to dock, then send them on boats back the other way. I mean you save lives and stop unregulated immigration. This seems like some next level BS we deal with in America. Like "I want a wall or give me death!" Brother, there are better solutions.

  • ressnar
    ressnar Month ago +1

    Why every radical communist has a green blue hair?

    • el toro
      el toro Month ago

      ressnar Because they’re mentally unstable

  • Björn Hedström
    Björn Hedström Month ago

    EU are full now and we cant take anymore now!

  • Björn Hedström
    Björn Hedström Month ago

    Torpedoes may do the job?

  • r3m0vR
    r3m0vR Month ago

    Remember Berlin, London, Brussels, Nizza...? Opfer.

  • Martin Shkreli
    Martin Shkreli Month ago +1

    Italy is for ITALIAN people! Stop trying to be the damn world police and allow these people to live the way they damn well choose. Matter of fact, allow the rest of us to live the way we choose to as well. Piss Off!

  • Drew yung Kwei
    Drew yung Kwei Month ago +1

    Two words " Sink It!" Dumping is a crime!