Come along as I bring you on a journey of my first job as a line cook for a restaurant that actually serves The World's Greatest Cheeseburger. It's unfortunate that the name might sound facetious, but if you could try it for yourself you might just agree that it is in fact The World's Greatest.

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Автор DangerousSilence ( назад)
you guys are my favorite on YouTube EVER, even when you're not making awesome giant food you are just as entertaining

Автор C Miranda ( назад)
Bin n out

Автор CheatTerra ( назад)
The nastalgia... I left NY 6 years ago, man I miss abotts.

Автор clash with nano ( назад)

Автор BillVol ( назад)
Just now finding your channel. Loving it! Hopefully will get to try Bill Gray's sometime.

Автор Thats A Wrap ( назад)
the niece is cute

Автор Logan Snyder ( назад)
there is a great burger join in North Carolina called Melvin's best burger I have ever had

Автор Alex Roberts ( назад)
that homie watching JP clean the grill is NOT IMPRESSED

Автор KingBukari 23 ( назад)
Emma can get this dick

Автор Shariah Robin ( назад)
My name is 5 guys

Автор Hunter Saunders ( назад)
Make something with cheese it's!

Автор QUEEN ASH ( назад)
I want to try this so bad

Автор F0xx Nation -F3nnek- ( назад)
Poutine Burger??

Автор Nicholas Savvides ( назад)
I love youuuuu

Автор Radio Amankwah ( назад)
Shake shack burger

Автор Andrew Braudrick ( назад)
you should make the Four Cheese Whopper from Burger King

Автор Britani Miller ( назад)
Love that place we always go to sea breeze and then Bill Gray's for dinner and dessert it is always good food

Автор mythoughts foryou ( назад)
Blue Dot P'cola FL

Автор Moop 145 ( назад)
Why the fuck do I watch these videos it makes me hungry

Автор Jordan Peckham ( назад)
My initials are J.P.


Автор Leekimleng Nov ( назад)
This video almost made me starve to deah

Автор Robert Small ( назад)
nice to see all that food gone to waste, really??

Автор Caz Jr ( назад)
Big Mac

Автор Mathias Vittrup Pedersen ( назад)

Автор Drone Strike ( назад)
Can we just remove JP from the show. Please

Автор Open Session ( назад)
In and outer burgers in California

Автор Jousef Race ( назад)
this video is bad

Автор Nitrous XPXP ( назад)
Gordon Ramsey would be the judge of that

Автор MiniatureFir8 Studios ( назад)
Nervous Julia is adorable 🤗

Автор bayingjase2006 ( назад)
She's NEVER had a real job before??? Must be nice!

Автор Eaddy's Industries ( назад)
You guys from Rochester, that what's up we have great food here! You should do one at my restaurant, Zoc's Gourmet Burgers & Shakes?

Автор Jacob tampa ( назад)
have they done Nick Tahoes?

Автор juggernaut theskydiver ( назад)
that was a great metal gear edit.

Автор Weesh Woosh ( назад)
is J.P married to JULIA ? what's their relationship.

Автор real one ( назад)
lmaaaaaoooo over exited china doll

Автор Newfie Chick ( назад)
are they married ?

Автор Kyle T123 ( назад)
My favorite fast food place is a little place called "Arts" in Montevideo Minnesota

Автор Shadewing ( назад)
"Sorry you can't go in the back and cook" (JP is a retired employee) JP's mind: Don't think about it too much too much too mucchhh XD im joking sorry i love references :P (Comeback me if you want, I don't care)

Автор Xcaliber Trekker ( назад)
10 seconds my azz that cheese was no where near melted .  I would have sent it back and demanded a whole new burger freshly prepared.  Ha ha just kidding you get what you pay for with nasty dives like these.  Meaning super low quality, nothing near fresh , and the word healthy isn't in the vocab of any of the employees.  Still probably tastes good and will be fine as long as you only eat there a few times a year.

Автор tate mahar ( назад)
my grandma is friends with the guy who owns Bill Grays. Also you drove past Seabreeze! I love the jack rabbit. i was born in Irondiquoit

Автор roll up ( назад)
Wish we had a place like that down here

Автор fsp394 ( назад)
lol put water in the water cup

Автор Sheng Long ( назад)
Damn, he's a pro, he cooks better under pressure xD Next time for a new recipe video put a trail of hot coal around him to win the versus and improve his skills wahahahha.

Автор Marie Mittermeier ( назад)
Your niece is so pretty omg

Автор daniel ghee ( назад)
make this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jason Grey ( назад)
Griffs the best Burger in Shreveport

Автор Jason Grey ( назад)
I Like the Happyy mood yall give off!
i Will Subscribe ^~^

Автор Niko Trbojević ( назад)
Mc donalts

Автор Michael Williams ( назад)
Julia was actually excited. lol

Автор URUSOIMI ( назад)
White 'American Cheese' is the cancer of all restaurants. Think how big these half-ass little chains would be with yellow American cheese. I aint eating that white cheap shit. Hate me if you want but 80 % of America feels that way.

Автор Nicko Valencia ( назад)
Pause at 4:56!

Автор Jonee Matthews ( назад)
my cityyyyyyyyyyyyy😍😍😍

Автор Pablo Arevalo ( назад)
What is that song in the background

Автор 106272 ( назад)
My fav is the Krusty Crab 🦀

Автор RazaMV ( назад)
that flip was amazing

Автор Thomas Kristin ( назад)
five guys

Автор Skull Gamer ( назад)
Ur more worth than a billion $s JP ur an amazing cook

Автор Erik Berg ( назад)
My favorite burger is the double cheeseburger with bacon and toppings from Five Guy's. Pure heaven.

Автор Blue Moon Airsoft ( назад)
so i can get the bread here in Rochester MN

Автор Calvin Nguyen ( назад)
What song is that at the end ???

Автор Boonyakorn Chaisittikul ( назад)
JP I hate you

Автор THEKKADENVIDS ( назад)
i dont habe a fast food restruant buger
cuz i rarley go to fast food.
but my favorite burger is the wisly river burger. from red robin lol

Автор Jason Chen ( назад)

Автор Atlas ( назад)
This is so cringe, fucking nice! I can use this material.

Автор Omar Game station ( назад)

Автор cidhighwind68 ( назад)
Julia is fucking adorable lol

Автор ThatOnePerson xD ( назад)

Автор γεωργια κ. ( назад)

Автор ong marcell ( назад)
cheese burger in burger king

Автор billybobjoe2100 ( назад)
my favorite burger is five guys, the 2nd best burger

Автор Maury Garcia ( назад)
you guys should email them to make one of those stores in San Diego California

Автор Nosebomb ( назад)
these guys are in rochester?

Автор Madden Mobile Beast YT ( назад)
What about when Emma watches this and sees that you said you don't like her

Автор TheCartern7 ( назад)

Автор AKUMA K 86 ( назад)
she is so cute

Автор Cesar Perez ( назад)
Ok... not a fan of hot sauce, but I'm going to have to go there next time I go to NY!

Автор deedee harris ( назад)
I would love to try this place out build one in Houston Mr.Grays. looks way better than Whataburger any day.

Автор Daniel Ndazirengeye ( назад)
Big mac

Автор Daniel Ndazirengeye ( назад)

Автор Kaiji ( назад)
wtf that scared the shit out of me at 00:36 careful

Автор Fukc Nimmers ( назад)
Hodads in OB california 👌👌

Автор Srikrishnan Sridhar ( назад)
the real life spongebob squarepants...

Автор HoH SiS ( назад)
Ima rape about nine little girls

Автор Anthony Jackson ( назад)
ok. what is a hot sauce? legit question. is it spicy hot? or temp hot?

Автор TitaniumSoldier89 ( назад)
I was at that same Bill Grays yesterday... Nice shot of Seabreeze

Автор New Time Vlogsp ( назад)
Steak 'n Shake has great burgers

Автор Hit Cosmix ( назад)
my favorite burger is whataburger's jalepeno burger with spicy pizza

Автор Awesomejo05 Blueflames ( назад)
jp was fast makeing the food lol he stole a fry

Автор Mekhi Green ( назад)
I live in Rochester and I go to that bill grays all the time

Автор 4pipesrlz ( назад)
What kind of cheese is that?

Автор Austin Pocock ( назад)
The best fast food burger has to be chillys bacon burger

Автор Adam Carter ( назад)

Автор Matthew Robinson ( назад)
Get the fuck outta here, I graduated with Steve... I wish I knew you guys were in town for this. Big Fan of you's!!

Автор yugioh guy ( назад)
I really wish that this place was in Texas

Автор Paul Baquirin ( назад)
As for my favorite burger, I've had a few, but I would have to say wither the Classic Double Cheeseburger from Hardee's or the Classic Smashburger from Smashburger(but, I haven't had the chance of going to either of these too often to get a real sense of how everything is on their menus) lol

Автор Paul Baquirin ( назад)
I live in Northern VA, so I've never heard of this place.. but this looks SO GOOD. Reminds me of my days of working at McDonalds, 'cept this is way fancier lolll

Автор JD Marx ( назад)
is there anywhere I can buy the bill gray hot sauce online and ship it to my house?

Автор DeaDLYLong ( назад)
U look like over excited China doll

Автор Ola Talks ( назад)
You are the coolest uncle ever.

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